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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  May 2, 2019 11:45pm-12:00am CEST

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this gandharva gyle was born and brought up here in berlin but his parents from indonesia i mean while he's a star there and lives between the two cultures this mix is reflected in his playing and especially in his latest album us see which is an eclectic blend of all sorts of music and sounds be talking to him in a minute but first let's hear his music. let it hit. these kind are we jaya is a news asian who doesn't like to be pigeonholed musically personally the berliner with indonesian roots is an exceptional violinist who finds inspiration outside the world of classical music a collective charismatic driven for him the music is all that matters. make music to touch people to move them and to reach a point where we ourselves are so touched on stage that we can move others it doesn't work any other way. indonesia
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is often visits his parents homeland appearances in commercials and t.v. shows have made him a real pop star here. back in cologne germany the giants wide ranging repertoire is especially focused on the works of johann sebastian bach but he also plays covers from pop stars the main ingredient is always authenticity. ai the giant began playing the violin when he was just four. he later studied violin versity of the arts and soon began collaborating with world class conductors like a. recording
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demos for his next album which will incorporate a colorful mix of styles the musicians are experimenting with a piece by italian baroque composer pietro antone. to. keep your eyes and ears open for a violinist iskhandar with jaya a musical maverick. joins me now and he just told me that he was just that you were just in i just returned from bali a beautiful. now you're a pop star in that part of the world. mostly playing classical music and so do they have a different attitude to classical music there is here. relaxed i feel like indonesia doesn't really have the tradition of having regular classical concerts that's why i enjoy so much playing you know bach beethoven brahms over there
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because people are thirsty and hungry for it i feel like they're sucking in every note that i play and it's something so special and outstanding for them to listen to pure classical music they don't have to start there you actually playing a classical piece perhaps in a different way than you might well i myself like to challenge my audience because i feel like it gives me a special energy when i feel that the audience has hear something that they don't hear every day so whenever i'm in indonesia of course i try and reach them on a very emotional level because people over there that's the only way you can take that in touch them over here i like to give a little bit of experimental challenging programs collaborating with all sorts of different artists out of my concert comfort zone and for me this is the most interesting thing to just reach out. and it's not just musical style your image
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is very important to you or i get that impression you you go. to a photo shoot you're on the front of cosmopolitan tommy hilfiger. does some of your clothes if you wanted to that's very important that well sort of happens i never force it into being it's just people sort of approach me if i want to be on an issue door and i kind of i don't refuse because it's. part of the spirit of our time i believe and why i say no to it's because as artists we have to be current we have to be relevant and we have to sort of get a grip of what is what's up today isn't it i think it's very refreshing now bob is the greatest for me my religion really a lot of professional musicians say this they don't say mozart or beethoven what easy it. has everything it's like we say in german the a and z. it's it's has the perfect balance of you know triggering intellect reaching
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people's emotions it's not pure emotional music whenever i play to people that don't know the music so much i feel like they try and just look for the emotion in the music but it's so much more and it's the more you listen to it the more you dig into the music the more satisfying it actually becomes because there's infinite layers to this music and every day i discover something new in his music i practice every day one movement of my well that's fine again and every day i can also play it in a different way and it never becomes boring this music. let's talk about the new album which has sort of so many styles on and including the album's called c. there's a piece that i much of which to who i know live to hear a billion you. must really go back to london but. i feel this is very personal record here it is and it's. an album that refuses compartmentalisation as i do as
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an artist i. i don't know i mean i'm very wild mix of different races even arabian chinese indonesian because both my parents are mixed so probably all those different genes reflect into my music and this album as you said very personal. intimate. and it's a very meditative reflects a lot of my past my childhood my my i don't know i don't know because i used to meditate a lot i lived a very spiritual aspect then so this is all part of my album that was my next question which i know that it feels to me a very spiritual album that's very important for you yeah i mean is that also i mean i know one thing you don't like being called a child prodigy all this great because it was all down to a lot of hard work well i believe a certain amount of intelligence or talent is probably necessary in order to
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develop artistry or become of a professional violinist but it's only a very very small percentage and the rest if it's really the mental kind of. asset and the focus that dictation that you put into it and and the amount of hours and work and heat you're doing on floors and keep bringing classical music to the younger generation as you do it's kind of the job. i got it right now it's hard if there are traffic there are you. there's so much. now the great the good of the job in film industry converging on berlin for the annual german film awards this weekend and it's not just the honor of winning alone as the prize a cold they also come with significant financial rewards especially the winner of best film who gets five hundred thousand euros towards my human next movie is some of the top favorites for that top prize this year did it all out you know.
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this year six films of the nominated for the lone nut for best feature film. communists and one of them is going down on my director and. it tells the story of one of east germany's most famous singer songwriters who's very personal lyrics struck a chord at the time with many people in the country he was more or less a part time musician. as his main job was driving an excavator at a coal mine. the film about this complex contradictory man has been nominated in ten categories that. nominated in six categories is the drama styx an emergency room doctor sets out for a relaxing solo cruise on her sailboat but following a storm she encounters a ship in distress whose passengers are refugees the sticks is the celtics is the
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river of the dead right from the beginning i like that toss a lot because it really gets to the heart of the matter. separation of the living and the day and that really appealed to me. yeah it's a dark film full of mystical illusions and the cruel consequences of global politics. presenting an unshakable faith in people's capacity for good is the film all about me which depicts the childhood of german actor and comedian happy cackling. director catalina link has created a loving portrait of germany's rural region where cackling grew up and her film shows how family and a sense of humor can provide much needed help in times of great distress. for five years and has already won the award for most successful film of the year. was passed on law. now another prize winner already knows that she's getting an award
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indeed a lifetime achievement award and that is veteran movie director moderator from trotter she's being germany's top female director for decades and is considered one of the world's leading feminist filmmakers. director magazine tiffen tata has made a name for herself with stories about strong women the most important works in her forty year career have centered around female. personalities but in twenty eighteen she created a cinematic monument to her directing role model ingmar bergman. when i saw the seventh seal and it was like an explosion for the film she travelled to the locations where bergman shot his films she got to know the swedish director in the late one nine hundred seventy s. every night i was like that i said to him once but you are my master teacher i started making films because of you and he said very sweetly. is that true is it really and i said yes absolutely. one tata has always been unafraid to be
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forthright about her political opinions she even spent a day in prison for causing a disturbance in a court room her films weren't always well received by critics but that only strengthened her resolve the german film awards jury said at a time when women were rarely entrusted with directing the go to fun tata said i can do it for that alone she deserves fame an honor and she did it. this lifetime achievement award is the latest in a string of prizes of late magazine to fund tata believes that female achievement in cinema is finally getting its due. and we could not show go by without mentioning me an auto da vinci who died on may the second five hundred years ago his mona lisa is certainly the world's most famous painting and its influence has been immense of the last haul for millenia i leave you with an amusing look at such influences until next star.
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into the conflict zone with tim sebastian. i'll be challenging those in power asking tough questions demanding answers. as conflicts intensify i'll be meeting with key players on the ground in the sensors and. gushing through the rhetoric holding the powerful to account for facts of the conflict zone. conflict zone conflict zone with ginger chips on d w w. born or. made them from people make fun about their own social economic and political problems. in mozambique we say got trashed laughs so you don't write it's all people call me daily problems. as
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a journalist i often talk about this caucus in doubt binds me to less a local issue and i actually stop for a day by checking all to all those jobs finding out what people are talking about what is moving down. my father taught me how to ask uncomfortable questions about my country and about to book that is what i keep doing to state my name is bad. and i work at g.w. . cause for celebration world press freedom day may third on t.w. some say that it is world along. that we're not. a mistake and we can into this world we're in it together. in gemma's can even
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moderate and then we can make a real difference as well you have a solid. in that's why we vote. venezuela's military has voted to stand firmly behind president nicolas maduro that softer the country self declared president one why don't called for a series of strikes hoping to force majeure go out of cairo or quite joe has described this week's protests as the final phase in ice sting majordomo even though they have failed to pray.


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