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this is deja vu news live from for land two people die after site phone fanning slams into the east coast of india cycling has brought to rental rains and violent winds it is set to pass over the homes of one hundred million people and is affecting weather as far away as mt everest. also coming up on world press freedom day meets to nigerian journalists who say that their constitution may guarantee press freedom but that reporting there can be difficult and even deadly. and the
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faces of sudan's popular uprising the women spoke with us say that the protests that started in khartoum have to change people's lives forever plus the celebrity fact of the converter start up that has made a sizzling debut on wall street with investors showing an appetite for the growing trend in plant based diets beyond to meet more than doubles its initial share price minutes after trading began. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program one of the biggest storms to hit india and yours has made landfall it is battered the east of the country with winds of up to one hundred eighty kilometers per hour now cycling fanny struck the coast of odessa state at around eight am local time that's close to the seaside resort town of poor . now local police they have confirmed that two people have died in this area
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although forecasters say that the cyclonic has now begun to weaken authorities evacuated more than a million people in coastal areas ahead of funny's arrival fearing that storm surges could put people's lives at risk. they knew it was coming. india's coastal state of addition was braced for the worst. more than a million people were thank you waited ahead of the storm but the coastal resort of poori still suffered extensive damage. started at a dam. and some of the worst one of the. land area and it takes time or more two hours it will take time to complete the process and. what is and is close to. the storm brought down trees and power lines as it moved inland in bhubaneswar odisha state capital the streets were deserted the storm left
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chaos behind it which is expected to weaken over the coming hours still warning people to be careful along the coastline. just meant that people are not to avoid inside the c.v.s. going to do that because if you do now you're high sensitive so you are just on to the police that you see a sign on there the people that are preventing the all the local people and the viewers not to go inside the cv study done and that is just for now it seems that the evacuation plans have paid off but once the storm has died down people in addition will have to be ready for a lengthy cleanup operation. let's bring in now our correspondent nations as well who is covering all of this for us from our delhi bureau so mr just walk us through what is happening right now. those are the storm hit at eight am on the southern coast of the state of what
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a shop bought it was predicted to walk out in on that high wind speeds and danger the sea conditions for six hours those six hours are now over and the storm the cyclist's is has been downgraded since the morning now of course the greetings of cycles depend on wind speeds and from extremely severe it has already come down to severe the storm is at the site and it is moving in a north northeast and direction so from the state the southern part of the state of florida should it's moving towards the state of west bengal where there is expected to reach to morrow morning and then for proceed on to bangladesh however as it keeps traveling it will keep weakening but authorities are putting out warning saying that people should not become complacent just because the storm is weakening because winds are still expected to be above one hundred kilometers an hour and there has been damage so just walk us through what that has been so far. but already casualties have been reported while the storm is weakening for the casualties could be reported and that has been extensive infrastructure damage
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while the central part of these mobilized and were able to evacuate many people in the course predict to be very wild to believe that all of the images coming out of just how inundated these areas are houses have suffered damage has been trees being uprooted all across the state and of course communication and more than a phonic balls have also fallen and so that to our assessment of the damage would be possible once the cycle has passed through but already reports are coming in that the course leaders especially have suffered heavy damage ok so there's not only that death toll there's also a significant number of displaced people as well just walk us through how things are likely to develop now over the coming hours over the coming days. well it's already pretty hard to predict exactly when these people will be able. to return home because conditions will be evaluated on the ground at
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a regular basis but on that front the central parties have deployed many forces now that india's national disaster response force is actually one of the largest in the world the indian navy and coast guard are all deployed taking care of people on the ground the indian army and air force are also on standby a medical resources have been deployed as well that have generators out there to provide electricity because of course there have been pockets so that has been a serious effort from the center from authorities to ensure that people who are just stuff they can get off but when it comes to when they might actually be able to talk home that it's not predicting right now they may suggest well with the latest from delhi thank you. well meanwhile the eastern african nation of mozambique is struggling to deal with the devastating aftermath of cyclonic can if the storm hit a week ago destroying homes and roads cutting off power and sparking a cholera outbreak in the north of the country since then people say that they are feeling increasingly frustrated about the government's lack of action our
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correspondent out to encrease reports. has felt somewhat traumatized ever since cycling kind of ravaged is when the. when the storm came everything was still ok. blue my house was still standing. but then it rained for hours on end there's even the that's when my house collapsed. it likely packed a few things and. many people in the village lost everything and in the time since the cyclon hit they've lost all power. luis takes us to see the only means of transportation that is left in his village. the rickety old boss only starts after
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a long time and i wanted to finally gets going it only runs for ten minutes since i plan kenneth the road and says here. and the next town is an hour away by foot. we want our streets back so that we can drive to the city like we used to. asking the government to finally help out. but the government seems to get going as slowly as the bus at least one good thing has happened workers from a chinese company appear in the afternoon and attempts to repair things but they seem to reach their limit soon the mess of destruction can't be repaired quickly at the moment the water level here is rather low but this can change very fast sometimes it's just raining for a few hours very strong and then the water goes up again threatening the communities around. even in parts of the provincial capital the
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water level is still high meteorologist mario observes the weather from the station she is optimistic but can't give an all clear signal yet. this shit will likely continue to rain over the next few days. but probably only lightly. we don't think that the rain in this region will be as strong as it was in the last few days. the families. of the village of. continues to waited to hope that the government will soon come to help. he hopes for new houses for electricity for the streets to be repaired but most of all he hopes for better weather. let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world the united nations says that north korea has cut food rations to the lowest ever level at this
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time of year delhi allowances are at three hundred grams per person and further cuts are likely north korea has suffered its worst harvest in decades it says that extreme weather and international sanctions are to blame. partially. from britain's local council election show a dramatic fall in support for the two main political parties the governing conservatives have lost around four hundred forty seats an opposition party labor nearly eighty commentators say that the results reflect public anger over pretzels . in washington tensions are flaring over attorney general william barr missing a congressional hearing into his handling of special counsel robert miller's russia report as far as absence was due to a disagreement over allowing staff lawyers to ask questions democrats are also reportedly considering holding the attorney general in contempt of congress after he declined to provide an unproductive version of the russia report. facebook has
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banned a number of far right commentators including the all to rights. list the nation of islam leader louis farrakhan and alex jones a right wing talk show host and conspiracy theorist mark zuckerberg said that the decision was made to promote safety but many users are calling the move censorship . today on world press freedom day we are heading to nigeria the constitution guarantees the freedom of the press here but in practice that's a freedom that is hard to protect some parts of the country are conflicts on such as the area in the north east which is dominated by the muslim extremist group will cause a rom reporting from that region can be deadly our correspondent funny fatah or travel to borno state in nigeria and spoke with journalists working in challenging conditions there. heavy military presence in many parts of my degree city the capital of borno state in nigeria often it's news about terror attacks that
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dominates people's daily lives today it's positive excitement. president bihari is about to arrive blessing to know we'll cover it she's a television correspondent here and her office is this car on a normal the kind of. day like this when you have the president's visit and i mean you can get through with anything now she's rushing to a school that hard wants to commission the president's convoy is passing by a billboard picturing malala yousafzai a symbol of education for girls exactly what islam is terrell group wants to fight . was her family her which was blessings reports usually reborn around the militant jihad ists and the military's operations to fight them. at home blessing the mother of a one year old is relieved today she doesn't have to comp through footage of yet
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another explosion she must only added to haris visit but just how far can she push the envelope with the government this is so special. how it will always be questioned i mean no matter how you know things you know the story you are doing is you know you will have to write though why you are in a story that makes it very hard you know to do stories especially especially for you in on your own blessings job usually involves many constraints in terms of press freedom nigeria is currently ranked one hundred twenty s. by reporters without borders that's one hundred twentieth out of one hundred eighty countries despite the government's official obligation to protect the freedom of the press but as human rights organizations point out the reality on the ground is different jonell is a subject of violence and they are denied access to information. this is with my
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car in january his newspaper office was raided by the military because of this article that got him in trouble a story about an operation against boko haram why should the office be rated just because we carried the reports the reporters should be free we are all still courthouse where we are all shareholders in the enterprise called humanity with the raid only stronger and even more committed but in order for change to happen in nigeria biharis priorities must also include press freedom he says is should be on his priority list because we are total of democracy the press is the only portent instrument this society uses to check excesses. iniquities injustices i will fair is committed by any of these arms of government with my beliefs the limits for the press are rooted in the country's military past
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he says nigeria must live up to its commitment that the country's ruled by the constitution and not by decrease. you're watching news still to come on the program did he is fearless reporter charlotte chiles and phil explores the growing popularity of an all american contact sport in bangkok. but first huge crowds of demonstrators have joined what is being called a million strong march outside of sudan's army headquarters the demonstrators are demanding that the ruling military handover of power to civilians following last month's overthrow of president omar al bashir they gathered at a meeting points across the capital khartoum and marched toward the main city outside of the military headquarters now the far abdul karim met a group of women in khartoum who told him how the protests have affected them and their families. the women who live in the al body district of khartoum and sudan are overjoyed the regime has finally been
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overthrown their sons helped accomplish this even though they risked being beaten up each time they went to demonstrations lignite is the mother of three sons who took part the moment life swear to god they tortured and beat our children. live no invites us into her house one of her sons greets us the others are striking in front of the army's headquarters they want the old regime to disappear security forces were regularly sent to randomly search houses in their districts without any regard to their privacy. they came in here and looked under the beds i said no one's hiding under there then they went into the kitchen in the bathroom why they were looking for rebels. bullet holes document the violence the security forces use in this district. according to people who live
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here they detained protesters in this bus and interrogated them. hit is where the uprising started here in the heart that's why this street is called now the street of the revolution and disperse here is a symbol for the confrontations between the security forces and the demonstrators the first riots in khartoum took place in this part of town where about five thousand people live. kids used to play soccer on this field. now it's known as the place where a bloody fights between locals and security forces took place these clashes led to residents being wounded and arrested. more yet who's twenty five years old was one of those arrested. he has a certificate in business administration and works as a salesman. the hard life as he puts it drove him to take place in the protests
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until he was imprisoned for three weeks he was released right after the regime was toppled. and then with a lot of people a must for planning the protests in this district building the barricades and digging the trenches. here in the al bloody district not only the men but also the women young and old played a central role in the revolution. whether they took place in the protests themselves or gave moral support and aid to the demonstrators but it wasn't easy. what they did in between it and ran from house to house to protect my granddaughter from the tear gas and bombs. i suffered with her yeah yeah i know it's a legacy that i'm out. how do you help or i kept taking her to places where there
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was no tear gas. at the time no idea was three days old now she's all right she was born at the beginning of a new era. the protests that started in the forty districts brought the women together now they meet regularly and they all hope that the revolution will change their lives for the better. they that we hope that people here will be able to live in peace and that we will get a good government and that we can live in safety because if the situation becomes stable and secure then we will feel good about things again and this is a regrettable. here in the al bloody district people hope that the revolution will go on. now to a piece of news you can literally sink your teeth into investors have a huge appetite for a big dig in burger start up when it made its debut on wall street the imitation
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the producer beyond to me it's more than doubled its starting price at launch it ended the day at close to sixty dollars a share with a market valuation of nearly three point four billion dollars and that is despite the company warning that it may never achieve profitability beyond me it is backed by a number of celebrities including the actor in the united to cap rio and microsoft founder bill gates. we're joined now by monica jones from data view business we can think our teeth into this now want to i mean to this is. the good news is that a fad is that a real business is a little bit of both isn't it i mean certainly it's been a big trend now for for several years i mean you will have noticed living in germany away being in europe certainly that every supermarket every discount or you have huge shelves now a huge display of vegetarian and vegan food including vegan meat and that's growing i actually tried to find some real hard facts and figures for you here and i found
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an article in forbes magazine looking at trends in the united states then it found that plant based dairy alternatives are expected to represent forty percent of dairy products by twenty twenty and that is up twenty five percent from twenty sixteen so there's certainly a boost to their begin she says taken off him oddly which of course means of cow milk is dropping so dairy produces traditional dairy produces a can meat industry feeling the pinch and there is a business opportunity you know about mcdonald's has just been rolling out a vegan burgers also here in germany i haven't tried it yet i will though and again the supermarkets are expanding their portfolio investors i mean we had this fantastic i.p.o. well they must see money there smell money there and see business opportunity else they would have gone for the share and you're actually a vegan yourself we know. make of all of this i mean do you like it is this something that you find appetising and you know why did you make the decision to begin with well i mean there are so many possibilities i mean for
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a lot of people it's of course it's ethical reasons you know i personally don't like the idea of having to kill an animal to eat it and i live in a time and age where i can afford the luxury not having to do it there are just a health aspect of it and the environment take a four ounce beef bagga if you compare that to vegan that produces about ninety percent less greenhouse gas emissions of the common. footprint is much lower that is not interesting and a lot of traditional meat producers like tyson foods which is the top u.s. meat producer they can sort of well if you can't beat them join them and they actually increased their investment in beyond meat and i'm sure that since last night since the i.p.o. they don't regret that food for thought so to speak into the market today thank you . some football news now and europa league semifinals in england arsenal defeated valencia of spain three two and in germany frankfurt scored early
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against the visiting chelsea luka yo bitch headed in for frankfurt at the twenty third minute mark but there was little time for him and his team mates to celebrate that's because chelsea tied just before the break with spanish winger pedro's low shot. and that's how it ended a one all draw frankfurt are made on defeated at home this season in the rope a league the second leg is in london next week. and now there's a new craze in thailand especially among a young thrill seekers roller derby is gaining popularity in parts of asia and there is now an inter-agency league charlotte chosen pill caught up with one ambitious team from bangkok who have their sights set on the next world cup. it's fast frantic and full contact. welcome to roll a dog. this is
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a game that's all about balance and free food to play and if that's pushed because it's school i'm going to try and stop the off take off like the coach the next clearly this is no place to begin is these guys are on a mission to set up thailand's fierce evan national team and skate their way into the biggest competition in the game devoted to the world cup almost every roller derby player you know has a dream of competing in the world cup and it would be great to bring a team from thailand with thai skaters. trained in bangkok that would be a dream. with the world cup expected to take place in a few years time the race is on to qualify they already have the skills. and training from the true role of the legend experience international should stop that's become team thailand's they need to recruit more type players and they're counting on role of dobbies growing proof fallen angels to help them do it i think
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people are hungry for it they want it they want to know what. they want to be able to be carried in their bodies to get space and i think that's i think for the world the. guy that a.j. has been. team bancorp already. asia niek tonight's the big game against rivals hong kong and last year's world cup the number of asian teams competing jumped from one to three. and more events like this thailand should be runs alongside them next time around the world many asian teams in the last world cup but everyone really enjoyed watching changes in team career team philippines so i think. the team thailand will be very exciting to watch the show. is tonight anything to go by these guys are ready it's hand that into
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asian success international. game london exposed cup. well now on a more somber note star wars fans around the world are marking the passing of one of the brightest lights in the star wars universe peter may how who played chewbacca in five of the star wars films as passed away a towering actor became an iconic part of cinematic history after the director george lucas cast him in the saif i think he was seventy four years old. a quick reminder now the top stories we're following for you here at the w. cycling family has battered the northeast if india lashing beaches with rain and with winds gusting more than two hundred kilometers per hour authorities say that at least two people have died and more than a million people have been evacuated. and coming up next our science show
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asks is breastfeeding really the best for babies i'm sara kelly in berlin thank you so much for watching for going to. do.
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how can we free the pacific ocean from plastic waste. a young dutchman is pointing the way music course for a world full of plastic trash floating off the coast of california is ocean freeing up system is like a garbage truck for the high seas the maneuver is not without its risks. will his mission succeed. tomorrow to the next on the g.w. . in good shape loneliness
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a hidden epidemic. dr carsten lekota talks with experts about the harmful physical effects of faucheux isolation and remedies to cure loneliness. they're for. it's high time to put no limits on the topic of agenda. good shooting sixty minutes on d w. is for celebration world press freedom day on d w. shifting powers the old order is history the world is real we're going to zing itself and
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the media's role is keep the topic in focus of the global media forum twenty nineteen today one out of two people is online who are we following whom do we trust debate and shape the future at the georgia dome and global media for twenty nineteen. hours. hello and welcome to tomorrow today the science show on d.w. . coming up. breastfeeding nursing doesn't just protect babies but mothers as well. know to dating a teacher from germany on a nasa exhibition get his class some board. and inspiring at sixteen balance less than ideal for cleaning up the ocean.


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