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to c.w. news live from orlando to our dead after sized phone funny slams into the east coast of india the cycle brings terentia rains and violent winds the storm will pass over the homes of one hundred million people affecting weather as far away as mt everest also coming up on world press freedom day it's two nigerian journalists who say that their constitution made guarantee press freedom but that reporting there can be difficult and even deadly. and
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a breakthrough in the fight against illegal online activity german investigator shut down the world's second largest criminal trading platform and arrested three suspected masterminds plus a stark warning that north korea is running out of food the united nations says that without international aid tens of millions or rather ten million people will go hungry after the worst harvest and in decades. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us cycling funny has battered ease india's eastern coastline with winds of up to two hundred kilometers per hour it is one of the biggest storms to hit the region in recent years now it made landfall on the coast of dishes state at about eight am local time close to the seaside resort town of puri. police have confirmed that two people have died
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forecasters say that the site clone is now weakening although they are warning people to remain cautious authorities evacuated more than a million people in coastal areas ahead of the sightlines arrival fearing storm surges could endanger lives. let's bring in now our correspondent nation just well who is covering all of this for us from our delhi bureau so michelle just walk us through what is happening right now. the storm hit at eight am on the southern coast of the state of what a shot but it was predicted to doubting on the high wind speeds and danger the sea conditions for six hours those six hours are now over and the storm the cyclist's is has been downgraded since the morning now of course the breedings of cyclons depend on wind speeds and from extremely severe it has already come down to severe the storm is in the cycle it is moving into north northeast and the actions of from the state the southern part of the state of florida should it's moving towards the
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state a west bengal i'll bet it is expected to reach to morrow morning and then for proceed on to bangladesh however as it keeps traveling it will keep weakening but authorities are putting out warning saying that people should not become complacent just because the storm is weakening because winds are still expected to be above one hundred kilometers an hour and there has been damage so just walk us through what that has been so far. but already casualties have been reported while the storm is weakening for the casualties could be reported and that has been extensive infrastructure damage people while the central authorities mobilized and away able to evacuate many people the coastal areas that were predicted to be very wild believe that all of the images coming out of just how inundated these areas are houses have suffered damage has been trees being uprooted all across the state and of course communication and moved out of form of polls have also fallen so that to our assessment of the damage we're going to be possible
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once the cycle has passed through but already reports are coming in that the course leaders especially have suffered heavy damage ok so there's not only that death toll there's also a significant number of displaced people as well just walk us through how things are likely to develop now over the coming hours over the coming days mischa. well it's already pretty hard to predict exactly when these people will. be able to return home because conditions will be evaluated on the ground a regular basis but on that front and center the parties have deployed many forces now that india's national disaster response force is actually one of the largest in the world the engine needs the ample scotch autoload to deploy taking care of people on the ground the indian army and air force are also on standby a medical sources have in the flight as well that a generator does out of the to provide electricity because of course there have been pockets so that has been
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a serious effort from the center from authorities to ensure that people who are the studio stuff they can get off but when it comes to when they might actually be able to talk home that it's not predicting right now let me suggest well with the latest from delhi thank you. and get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world thailand's king has been performing rituals in bangkok ahead of his coronation tomorrow he lit candles and incense sticks at the coronation hall and temples of the grand palace and gave ceremonial fans to venerable monks of important temples the three day coronation officially begins on saturday. partial results from britain's local council elections show a dramatic fall in support for the two main political parties the governing conservatives have lost around four hundred forty seats and opposition party labor nearly eighty commentators say that the results reflects public anger over bread sit and a man who plotted to bomb the new york city subway could be released within days after spending nearly a decade helping u.s.
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authorities identify and prosecute terrorists he became radicalized in the u.s. and received explosives training from al qaeda in pakistan in two thousand and eight he had faced up to life in prison after pleading guilty to terrorism related charges. facebook has banned a number of far right commentators including the alter writes neil young novelists the nation of islam st louis farrakhan and alice alex jones a right wing talk show host and conspiracy theorist mark zuckerberg said that the decision was made to promote safety but many users are calling the move censorship . today is world press freedom day and we are heading now to nigeria where the constitution guarantees freedom of the press but in practice that freedom is hard to protect some parts of the countries are in conflict zones such as the area in the north east which is dominated by the muslim extremist group boko are wrong reporting from that region can be deadly our correspondent funny for char traveled
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to borno state in nigeria and spoke with journalists working in challenging conditions there. heavy military presence in many parts of my degree city the capital of borno state in nigeria often it's news about terror attacks that dominates people's daily lives today it's positive excitement. president bihari is about to arrive blessing to know we'll cover it she's a television correspondent here and her office is this car on a normal the you can do is raise your camera and begin to feel very alone in a day like this when you have the president and i mean you can get through with almost anything now she's rushing to school to hard wants to commission the president's convoy is passing by a billboard picturing malala yousafzai a symbol of education for girls exactly what islam is terrell group wants to fight . very very funny. racial blessings reports
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usually reboard around the militant jihad east and the military operations to fight them at home blessing the mother of a one year old is relieved today she doesn't have to comb through footage of yet another explosion she must only added visit but just how far can she push the envelope with the government this is so special. but how will this be questioned i mean no matter how. you story you are doing is you know you would have to write though why. i mean the story of that makes it very hard you know to do stories especially especially for you in on your own blessings job usually involves many constraints in terms of press freedom nigeria is currently ranked one hundred twentieth by reporters without borders that's one hundred twenty eighth out of one
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hundred eighty countries despite the government's official obligation to protect the freedom of the press but its human rights organizations point out the reality on the ground is different jonell is a subject of violence and they are denied access to information. this is with my car in january his newspaper office was raided by the military because of this article that got him in trouble a story about an operation against boko haram why should the office be aerated just because we currently reports reporters should be free we are all of us were we are all shareholders in the enterprise called humanity with the raid only stronger and even more committed but in order for change to happen in nigeria biharis priorities must also include press freedom he says is should be on his priority list because we are total of democracy the president the only portent
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instrument this society uses to check excesses iniquities injustices our family is committed by any of these arms of government with my beliefs the limits for the press are rooted in the country's military past he says nigeria must live up to its commitment that the country's ruled by the constitution and not by decrease. and you can learn more about world press freedom day that's on our website dot com. but first north korea is running out of food after the worst harvest in ten years that is the warning from the united nations experts who have been touring the isolated country over the past few months the u.n. world food program says that without international aid as many as ten million people will go hungry until the next harvest. farmers in the southwestern corner of north korea were planting rice when u.n. officials passed through an early april but shortages of fertilizer and fuel keep
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output low water is also scarce in many areas this irrigation canal was virtually dry. a few kilometers to the north officials found dehydrated barley fields the countryside to struggling to recover after months of extreme weather. this is mountains are back from the field they have spoken to households farmers local officials that visited nurseries what is clear to us is that we're very concerned with the situation of food security nutrition korea what is clear is that the succession of drought wave and floods this year as about impacting the crop production. many people try to help themselves this woman has a small digital garden and raises chickens but most of the year she survives on a diet of rice and compete. it is estimated that about ten point one million people around forty percent of the population are
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considered to be food insecurity and in need of urgent food assistance. the groups the social groups that are more a fact that in danger are children young children and women pregnant women and like dating women. the world food program provides food aid to almost peach hundred thousand well nourished women and children and nine north korean provinces some of that food comes from local factories that produce cereals and biscuits using cranes imported by the world food program but the organization says much more needs to be done if north koreans are to be saved from going hungry. you're watching news still to come on the program a breakthrough in the fight against the so-called dark that german police arrest the suspects suspected masterminds behind the world's second biggest online criminal trading platform. in just
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a few weeks' time elections to the european parliament will be held across the e.u. the results of a new survey by polling company in for testing that indicate that most people in germany will be watching the outcome closely germans were asked how interested they are in the european elections fifty three percent say that they are either very or strongly interested that's compared to forty seven percent who say that they are either less or not interested in the vote and joining me now from the polling company that conducted that survey it for test dean math he is the head of steam at rinehart welcome to the program to you and i'd like to begin by asking you because you know as you can see there a majority of germans are either very or strongly interested in the european parliament elections how does that compare to the last time that the elections took place. well that's quite interesting since three hots for half a year or you nearly had a discussion in europe especially in germany about the brics and the interest in
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the house increased we know three and a half weeks before the european elections we have a higher interest in the election than we had in the last election in twenty fourteen one just the week before the election there it was less than half the population who said close to the election they were interested in it and it's not the only thing that this poll is looking at i'd like to just pull up some figures actually on germans views toward the european union because respondents they were asked whether they think that germany's membership in the european union has benefited the country forty six percent said that they thought that it had been to germany's advantage whereas thirty seven percent said that the pros and cons of membership were the same fourteen percent believed that being in the e.u. was chief germany's disadvantage so i mean we can see here that slightly less than half of germans think the e.u.
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membership has been added to germany itself does that indicate some sort of your of skepticism growing in germany would you say. well i would look at the results differently and say it's only fourteen percent of the population who say the you have been disadvantaged is as it was was not an advantage to germany if you look at the other two it's the absolute majority who says as a good attitude towards the european european union and when you continue to ask what's good for the european union you need to have three quarters of the germans who say the european union secures safety in europe and it's to keep personal and industrial doing in europe and especially in germany and one aspect of the poll that's really sort of future look and like to bring that up right now this is when it comes to cooperation between e.u.
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member countries and german said the following they were asked how they thought the e.u. should develop in the future fifty two percent were in favor of deeper integration of it with petitions sixteen percent said no major changes needed twenty seven percent saying that they wanted more sovereignty for individual member states in this decision making so i mean here we can see this fifty two percent of that's over half of germans want more e.u. integration. so what do you make of that i mean is it contradicting what we saw in the earlier response i mean where we're less than half of the membership has been to germany is the bench. not at all we again we have to look at those who say oh you want to have more responsibility for germany again this is twenty seven percent but the rest of the population says either we want to know change or we want more cooperation and when it comes to the point when we are screwed why is it like this
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that we find out that nearly ninety percent of the population say that the e.u. should concentrate of the common values in europe not only on the issues which separate european countries and so again i can only say. for the last twenty years we've never seen such a rather positive attitude towards or european union as we see now and last election five years ago we had a turnout just below fifty percent and with these numbers i think this could be could increase maybe to sixty percent that would be a very good result for the european it actions here in germany and those elections in just a couple weeks time with that gauge of the mood we thank you very much right harshly go ahead of him for test d. natalie appreciate it pleasure. german troops helping train security forces in mali have thanks chancellor angela merkel for her support the
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chancellor was in the country as part of a three day tour of west africa germany and several other e.u. countries are trying to boost ability in the region in an effort to reduce migration to europe. for security reasons german chancellor angela merkel traveled from brooklyn afonso to mali in an aircraft of the german military the blues fear in gallo she visited german soldiers stationed there their most important role in mali is information gathering doing patrols using heavy vehicles and drones it's tough work and roughly fifty degrees heat on the essence of the first few days a very very stressful you just have to keep hydrated stay in the shade and climatized missions and russian i think it's nice she shows her appreciation for the soldiers by coming here. the chancellor thanked the soldiers and said their mission was currently the bone disappears most dangerous to this north sea in the us you can clearly see that the african nations here in this region are reliant on external support with both material supplies and training on the bull and his fears
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mandate for the mali mission finishes at the end of the month the german parliament will consider an extension next week earlier in the day merkel also visited the university of. students were curious about german investments in the country but concerned about german weapon exports to the region merkel said on the one hand countries have to be restrictive when it comes to exports but. that the movement on the other hand we also have to make sure europeans or you know our own african forces have the equipment they need if they're not as equipped as terrorists that would be bad. in the evening the chancellor headed to new which is due to visit a woman's project that she personally supports. now in a breakthrough for the fight against illegal online activity german investigators have shut down the world's second largest criminal trading platform and arrested three german men suspected of running from drugs to force documents malware and
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private data police say that some five thousand four hundred registered sellers used the platform called wall street market to offer a cornucopia of. and they earned some forty million euros doing so one million of that allegedly went into the pockets of three suspects. to differentiate itself from other dark that size in one respect it offers neither weapons nor child's print on her feet. we're joined now by expert mathias fawn hind so you have actually followed today's press conference closely how will this shutdown impact the international illegal activity on the darkness. well actually i don't see i don't think it will affected very much most illegal activity like the ones you just mentioned we just migrate to other. before talking to you i checked. with the special site which offers a dark night market comparison and even after wall street market was taken down
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it's still listed dozen other major illegal illegal trading sites and that's why. we could already see that after the very first major illegal online trading site was taken down in twenty four twenty twenty thirteen that was. a lot of those platforms have come up and have been taken down and. the chances to make a profit are just so huge that i think they will keep appearing and that's why the dutch officer at today's press conference he said that the main aim of this kind of police work is basically to just discourage criminals to. do to make them not trust dark not anymore as a safe haven where they can conduct business out of scope out of reach of law
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enforcement you mentioned that you know even when a site like this is shut down that there are others that spring up and sort of fill that void how difficult is it right now for the authorities and intelligence services really to track criminal activity on the dark back. super difficult by nature illegal trading on the dark net is transnational and so law enforcement has to be international as well and for instance a wall street markets servers were spread over twenty four different countries on several continents creating a very complex technical infrastructure so law enforcement has to cope one with a lot of technical questions where they have to get expertise and cells that they don't necessarily have you know they need they need i teach specialists and they have to cooperate and i think that's what at today's press conference there's
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a german federal police made a point to show up with police officers from the us police officers from the netherlands with offices from europe all as well just to to show that. international cooperation is. you know gaining traction. on hein thank you. now there's a new craze in thailand especially among young thrill seekers roller derby is gaining popularity in parts of asia and there is now an inter asian league did over you charlotte charleston pill caught up with one ambitious team from bangkok who have their sights set on the next world cup. it's fast friends day and full contact. welcome to roll a dog. this is a game that about balance and free food the claim here has pushed costs eight zero i'm going to try and stop the uptake of like bait and it's not easy but next
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plainly this is no place to begin is these guys are on a mission to set up thailand's first ever national team and skate their way into the biggest competition in the game devoted to the world cup almost every roller derby player know as a dream of competing in the world cup and it would be great to bring the team from thailand with thai skaters. trained in bangkok that would be a dream. with the world cup expected to take place in a few years time the race is on to qualify they already have the skills. and training from the true role of the legend if it takes korean international should stop that's become team thailand's they need to recruit more type players and they're counting on dobby's growing profile in asia to help them do it i think people are hungry for it they want it they want to know what it was they want to be
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able to cart in their bodies in that space and i think that's i think oh well. guy that has. been a. team bangkok already into asia niek tonight's their big game against rivals hong kong at last year's world cup the number of asian teams competing jumped from one to. three. and more bins like this thailand should be runs alongside them next time around the world many asian teams on the last world cup but everyone really enjoyed watching change and team career and team philippines so i think. team thailand will be very exciting to watch the initial public. if tonight's anything to go by these guys are ready to turn that into asian success into national.
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game london explorers cup. now on to a more somber note and star wars fans around the world are marking the passing of one of the brightest lights of the star wars universe peter mayhew who played chewbacca in five of the star wars films has passed away a towering actor became an iconic part of cinema history after the director george lucas cast him in this i think may who would be for years. if watching t.v. news still to come on the program monday to view news asia it is a journey that can be done by bus car or bike we will tell you why this royal found decided to go by foot to the thai king's coronation and journalists in asia harassed or jailed from doing their chops we will take a look at their cases on the world press freedom to. all those
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stories in work coming up including the indian psycho and that's coming up next on news in asia in the meantime i'm sara kelley in berlin because so much for watching have a great. you
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know that seventy seven percent laughing are younger than six o'clock. that's me and me. came to the lot of time all voices. in the seventy seven percent who talk about the up. front part of the flash from housing boom boom town this is where. welcome to the
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seventy seven percent. this weekend d.w. . with him how to be a gun because up close well i am a spy you know if i had known that the boat would be that small i never would have gone on the trip i feel i would not have put myself and my parents on about danger to the bottom of the theme of the. a beautifully who would. love one spunk in the hope that one group would be king of the them i have serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there for that much i'm going to. want to know their story for my parents for a fight and remarkable information for more grins. what's the connection between bread but home and the european union dinos guild motto t.w. correspondent alan baker can stretch this second line to the moon sponsored by the
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new zealand. charts bruno. stepping recipes for success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on d w. this is d w news asia coming up on the program cycling funny barrels through eastern india is the strongest storm to hit the region in five years next in its path bangladesh plus. journalism is not a crime on this world press freedom day we look at several cases of reporters facing pressure in asia and. a royal fan goes the extra mile to show his devotion to the new type king d.w. visits him during his at the.


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