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but lost on the truck in doha qatar she won this was the season opener of the professional track and field known as the diamond league on the south africa was running in her favorite event. coming up next here on day w w business africa with stephen beardsley out we'll have more world news at the top of the hour of course as always the websites stay w. dot com i'm going to. let secrets lie behind these moments. find out in an immersive experience and explore fascinating cultural heritage sites. w world heritage three sixty fifty. and action packed life.
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anything's possible as long as up because he and his friends can dream up this movie theater in kenya star dump refugee camp. his life story ran aground. twenty seven years ago but there's no holding back his dreams. thank you for cinema dump starts may twenty seventh on the c.w. . illegal fishing has battered coastal communities in west africa liberia turned the tables with some help from an environmental group we'll take you to the west african coast. and huawei is the viking europe governments avoid the chinese company which some call a trojan horse or is the threat overblown we'll take you to
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a crucial meeting in prague. also on the show it's not real meat but is it the real deal an alternative me producer finds big success in its first day on wall street. welcome to business africa i'm stephen beers in berlin thanks for joining us illegal fishing has long been a problem for west africa where maritime surveillance is weak and coastguards typically under equipped the environmental group sea shepherd estimates that around forty percent of the catch in african waters is illegal the n.g.o.s lately been working with the liberian government on coastal surveillance they seem to be making progress take a look. an inspection aboard a spanish fishing vessel it looks like a bumper hole for liberia's coast guard one hundred eighty seven blue sharks to touch fins and baby sharks it's grim and yet it's all too typical forty percent of the fishing off west african coast is illegal that's according to the ngo sea shepherd which has been supporting liberia's coast guard for two years. most of the
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vessels that are fishing illegally are from china all the european union. china has the largest water fishing fleet in the world and the e.u. is a country that the second largest with spain france portugal. they're the main ones you can count. it's not just fish populations that are hurt but local populations the liberian coast is three hundred seventy kilometers long more than thirty thousand families make their livelihoods from fishing in coastal waters with other sit everybody not fishing but i do know my dream different way to everybody. so that fish and i live by the stuff he she is known to. put liberia is only recently been in a position to watch over the majority of its coastline it's only would see shepherd that it's improved its view of coastal waters. we were like just by choice forty to forty five percent of costella by the coming up are are giving us that opportunity
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to extend our posture as far as almost ninety percent of our water. sea shepherd has its own patrol boat on location the ngo also finance a small vessels and runs training sessions fourteen ships suspected of illegal fishing have been intercepted for illegal fishing since the beginning of the liberia program the practice is in reality an elaborate business with wide reaching ramifications a major problem the person who should this is the deadly efficiency thank you and so schoolchildren anything else in it up to a mile to the legal vessels off of flight that catch on to refrigerated kaga vessels illegal vessels also flooding that catches on to these reef ships so where the catch is it can lodge in into the pocket is legal fish and you cannot keep track. word of the more frequent inspections of liberia's coast has gotten around
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the country is now considered a pioneer in matters of coastal protection fishing fleets or even avoiding national waters even the legal ones and local populations can cost their own nets a bit more confidently. and we're joined now by correspondent isaac collette c. in aqua issac who exactly is fishing illegally in the west african areas so he seemed to fold so we have the locals valving this because they want to get around the system and we also have the foreign vessels coming in largely from china and in recent years we've seen some indication that some european vessels also commenting to their system to fish illegally so basically these id individuals involved in the fishing process now we touched on this a little bit in the piece but what are the effects of such massive overfishing both to the ecology and the economy of that area. so for many of
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the areas in west africa they are linked together and many of them depend on fishing to survive to take their children to school for livelihood among other things so one illegal fishing obviously depletes their fishing scene in their waters and so will the locals who really knew fish and able to get enough fish to sell and also to feed their families and obviously on the logical economy then we have a shortage of fish because some point to point in time we are able to have enough fish to go to the markets and so then prices so fish becomes high and therefore people are not able to access these commodities so the environment is destroyed and obviously people are not able to live on this which is a livelihood for many people and of course the areas so significant consequences with the real trickle down effect now are the improvements in a country like we saw with liberia are those really sustainable by liberia for example. so for example in ghana yes we still have
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got actually partially in the waters trying to read some of these illegal fishing vessels and the challenge for countries like liberia and ghana will be that you don't have enough of these stocks forces to go around some of these vessels so yes although it's a good move for it to be sustainable low cost have to be involved you have to let authorities when you see some of these vessels because some of these locales connive with these foreign vessels to operate in this mine now that's an important point and lastly i want to ask you can you give us a size for those who don't really know how big these coastal areas are give us a size of the scale of this area that has to be policed by these coastal countries . well these these areas are very this area is very huge over the course of a race in the west african region is very very huge and so. many of these schools because for example in some countries countries like ghana you have
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hundreds of course not gods and you have a huge b.s. of c. that people have to go through to be able to show that vessels are not in the system so it's a very difficult time for us. isaac let's see joining us from accra thank you isaac . the world bank plans to boost lending to african countries to help fight poverty that's according to the bank's new president following his tour of three sub-saharan african countries david malpass physic of madagascar ethiopia and mozambique meeting with the country's leaders and visiting world bank funded projects the bank said on friday it had increased emergency support from mozambique zimbabwe and malawi to seven hundred million dollars after those countries were battered by a psych loan in march. we're in prime minister. money is meeting with economic affairs commissioner pierre moscovici and rabat morocco the meetings will focus on how to improve and further develop the partnership between
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morocco and the and the european union especially in the fields of economic and social development. adidas has reported strong sales for the first quarter of twenty nineteen driven by continued growth in developing markets as well as in china and russia shares in the german sportswear giant reached record levels friday on the back of a six percent rise in turnover which continues the winning streak for the company uses market value has grown by twenty billion euros since two thousand and sixteen to sing the company's value to just shy of fifty million euros. the czech republic made headlines last december when its cyber watchdog warned about the potential dangers of network technology from two chinese firms while way and. without prague suddenly found itself in the middle of the larger trans-atlantic debate over chinese tech firms and the rollout of critical five g. mobile networks and that debate returned to prague this week where european nations discussed network security again and ultimately agreed to
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a non-binding statement acknowledging the risk from suppliers. the prague agreement might not mention huawei but the us representative at the two day conference on five g. made clear who the allies should or should not trust we hope that like minded governments will avoid committing to any one system or vendor until they're able to properly that and to paris saleable technologies and fully assess risks across the lifecycle of side g. networks installation and operation steinman's com and so clearly targeted a trois way whose hardware is already banned in the u.s. for months the u.s. government has been trying to convince other governments to follow suit and exclude the chinese telecoms equipment maker to the company is the global leader in its field and is said to have the best technology but some accuse the firm of being too close to beijing and enabling the chinese government to spy on countries working with well we hardware so far who always remains optimistic about their global
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perspective. so far we've shipped more than forty thousand five thousand base stations around the world in china korea across europe and the middle east. and we've signed more than thirty commercial five hundred contracts so far twenty one thousand we see is the year of five g.'s when five key people. there's a journey ahead but the early signs are very encouraging several european countries are set to auction five g. licenses this year their main decision is whether to follow washington's lead or to trust our way and anger the us government. now one of the big stories on wall street from yesterday investors were hungry for imitation meat producer beyond meat on its first day of public trading the vegan burger start up more than doubled its initial offering price and then a day at close to sixty dollars a share and giving the company
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a market valuation of nearly three point four billion dollars now that despite the company warning that it likely won't turn a profit anytime in the near future. leonardo dicaprio. bill gates and snoop dog they're very different celebrities with one thing in common they're investors in beyond meat which makes plant based meat substitute burgers and other products that are already widely sold in supermarkets in the u.s. . on the first day of trading beyond me cheers skyrocketed to one hundred sixty percent of the original offering price valuing the company at three billion dollars. that's a similar figure to the amount americans spent on beacon products last year but demand is growing strongly showing the kind of potential investors believe the sector has even fast food chains are getting on board last month mcdonald's put
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a vegan burger on its menu. the big question is whether the company is really worth all the hype. analysts point to the fact that beyond meet employees under four hundred staff and had sales of only about ninety million dollars in total last year and ended up around thirty million dollars in the read the file and that's it for us and the business team here at g.w. as usual you can follow all of these stories or find out more about them online at www dot com slash business and you can follow us on facebook and twitter. as always thanks for watching.
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three wheels. zero. because. there's a growing number of them on city streets. green cards are good.
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for business. sixty. secs. raring to read. if there is any erotic benefits remember you'd have to find it between the lines. of literature hundred german streets. this is v.w. news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes it's well the press freedom day it means african janitors to see constitutions may guarantee press freedom thoughts reporting be difficult even death. in the job of the job because you never know what you cannot come up quick.


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