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to indoctrinate but to listen. plus ninety connect to an unbiased agenda subscribe now on you tube. welcome to arts twenty one. almost three decades have passed since the collapse of the soviet union and arts twenty one is on a journey to explore the literary world of post soviet republics were traveling to three capitals prague bucharest and tbilisi what they have in common is their socialist history where they differ is in their development since one thousand nine hundred ninety. eight. a majestic
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console narrow alleyways and numerous domes and towers and impressive bridges spanning the top of. prague is a jewel with the middle any of history a city on the moon. the dreariness of the communist era is history. now prague is a popular destination for tourists from around the globe. to raise a similar to more but it's here the writer observes the hustle and bustle in the czech capital from an amused distance. yesterday it is well i know she has to go to could have a. visit that could have been a. host but as obama. is lucky implored him. yeah city to me a co-host keep broke that he was in india some us a bad mood. but. to raise
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a set and her living as a translator her first novel is the story of a young woman who tried and failed to fit in wants to walk from certain disappointed she makes the radical decision to move into an old wardrobe left in a courtyard. she came to by under john warner and by death she could live with other people with her sister her girlfriend her family and. on me but she doesn't want to be there and deal with other people. because she needs to deal with herself. is. the same time she's somehow incapable of taking action and can't afford her own apartment. so that coverage gives her a bit of freedom in this provisional situation by height in their clovers auditions
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it throughout. the protagonist feels lost in a way which could perhaps only happen in the success driven and consumer oriented western world it's a story that says honest as it is that. the one constant in the young woman's life is a friendly vietnamese man he lets her use the washroom in a shop and good service modern something to eat. this is more than a mere detail it's a nod to multiculturalism at a time when czech politicians often disparage the country spirit means minority is the czech republic xenophobia in twenty fifteen at the height of europe's refugee crisis the country accepted less than two hundred people in a good mood up soon is for my generation it's extremely painful to hear that the czech republic refused to accept refugees. i didn't refuse to the government refused to i myself helped refugees. so i had the flu thing in the hall from me
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when i drove to hungary and took a good look at the situation. and i formed my own opinion. she says of course people in the czech republic appreciate the material freedoms and the opportunities to travel that they now have but she says many people's mindsets are slower to change some feeling secure and don't know how to handle freedom. does that worry her. not in the least. finda he mentions in these i think people can see for themselves if they've elected the wrong politician. the title as time goes on they notice ok maybe that wasn't so great. and that's progress but sometimes you have to try things out before you realize that's a bad apple i won't use one of those again. proc casillas the city's landmark and houses the office of the czech president. current president.
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approach china and pro russia stance has divided the country in the ukraine conflict he sided with russia and in twenty fifteen he called the wave of refugees flooding into europe an organized invasion. the hakim topple was shocked when seaman was elected president he don't wait for for a truly free country both before nine hundred eighty nine and after as a writer journalist and since twenty levon as program director of the bus live harper library. patricia took a history is like a huge pendulum with much love have all its one as high to one side as possible now it's right at the bottom but i hope to reach the other side again. must love how paul was czechoslovakia's the last president and the first president of the czech republic after slovakia seceded in one thousand nine hundred three a former dissident was also a celebrated writer and of moral authority. shortly before his death must love
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personally brought topple to the library topple continues to curate the libraries cultural program as harmful would have wanted and he's kept on writing unusual novels his latest a sensitive person starts off as a road movie about a family of artists but soon turns into a commentary on modern european society. question are you know comedian too if this strange family is led by a father who's around my age. he still has this desire to discover western europe. it is what is europe this mental image that he has no longer exists a prisoner you know. instead he encounters an unfriendly europe full of social tension plagued by crises and with accords of migrants walking around the that particular crew who are. trying those. so he returns to his homeland
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with all of its brothels scrapyards and boss it might not be the prettiest but at least it's good fun for the novel and toppled the state award for literature in twenty seventeen and much public criticism. prague is booming and is now among the ten richest regions europe the days when people here four for socialism with a human face on long gone. it's easier to imagine right up front kafka walking. through the city's alleyways at the start of the twentieth century back then prague was a magnet for artists and writers in check in german as the city was still part of the house back and find. a solution others yes everything's also nice looking so picturesque in the homes but underneath the surface there are a few graves a few bodies lying buried on top of one another. and we have to live with these
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corpses these ghosts of the past and the hilly. jaroslav through dish study check history and says that to do that you need to know german otherwise he'd never have been able to conduct the research for his novel winter birds os journey it's a comical tribute to train travel to central europe and life in general written in german. the month. when you look at the map of the railway routes in austria hungary in one nine hundred thirteen and compare it with a map of the routes in central europe today you can see how many are left hotels four quarters ago i'm told that's all of these routes this station where we are now they all existed back then as in the scotsman damo solace together with his melancholy geriatric nasty young kraus ninety nine year old penciled in to back embark on a journey into the past taking his cue from a detailed guidebook dating back from the one nine hundred thirteen he's drawn ever
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deeper into the country's history and his own. paths other form stories into some little ones and only after losses that i want to again with czechoslovakia and stuff. stuart's also some bloke months and after the crisis. only as a scholar stuart's looking once and only i can feel it since i was a communist and come own stores themselves up and go nuts and one of those expeditions was the soviets outside the former hoops for me to stand on top. folks like. me and the course of history bringing the past to light in spite of these often sad events it's a sheer delight to be along for the ride. change of location book arrest a city of contrasts with its grand socialist boulevards. characterless apartment
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blocks. and rundown buildings. romania's capital is it once dynamic and at a standstill. richer country rescue is one of romania's leading authors he's a masterful storyteller and an intellectual who isn't afraid to address uncomfortable truths that people who are poor. or ninety's state for most of them stay poor better stand out the believing good didn't change but at the same time. there is now a very beach people who got their reach most of them ninety percent of them because of the corruption. corruption remains and in to make problem in romania. it was rife under the communist regime dictator nicholas church a school who was executed in the revolution of one nine hundred eighty nine. the monstrous palace of parliament is a reminder of his megalomania. the old guard regrouped under the banner of the
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party of social democracy and corruption continue to fester even after romania joined the e.u. and the real problem is that people who have. read the problem so you can buy just these. fires are part option. got into the parliament and. these kind of people make the laws not and of course they make. against a free justice. the government has sought to ease penalties for corruption offenses by politicians hundreds of thousands have rallied against the erosion of the rule of law warning of a return to autocratic rule. the left leaning populist government has shown little willingness to listen it has strong backing among its voter base the rural poor. the. very
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very. big power band the spot be hence it's very light on the poorest and less less educated people. to rescue his latest novel selling a weed has yet to be published in english translation it's protectionist is more concerned about the community's well being than his own country rescue says he has learned that literature doesn't just need to be appealing it needs to address human concerns to. maybe as a reaction to remain is tense political situation. my mom took it as a by no doubt to the more thing but i still couldn't go down look as entities. that the ban on extra says on saturn's as
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a national fund and could step in the stuff about thirty a day adol. dan de lay on my friends issue floyd if you know matt open or are you. on that east. burnished his novel was a surprise success in romania it's the story of a young woman who painstakingly tries to build a life for herself in book arrest while her mother works in spain. furnished and knows what it's like to feel abandoned her mother too has worked in western europe for years one of some four million romanians. i read recently a report of the un i think it was with. fosters depopulating countries in the world and they were all ten in eastern europe. and germany was among them not the first not on the first place but and it was like all our neighbors all the area of hungary ukraine moldova they were all there in the list and that's. it's weird and
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makes you think because it was a global import. migrant workers sent a lot of money home but romania needs doctors teachers engineers and childcare workers and their critical voices. really are burnished doesn't want to leave the country even if she's been thinking about it for years she feels she belongs here but daily life for the young author and translator is anything but easy the cost of living is high and the minimum wage low. so can authors make a living in romania. i think everybody has the feeling that you have to be thankful to see your name on the book cover and then just you know feed yourself with the glory they don't expect you to. ask to be paid for it. advance payments are uncommon and print runs are secret there are neither wholesalers nor such a thing as a fixed book price the market is small and dominated by international bestsellers
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translate. of which don't pay much. many bookshops also sell wine gift items and t. to make ends meet. some booksellers had reservations about stocking cattle in bihu yokes novel oxenberg and bernstein not because it's badly written but because it takes on a national taboo. in june one thousand nine hundred one romanian troops massacre the jewish population of the city of yosh the yosh program more than ten thousand people were killed. to this day many romanians refused to recognize their country's role in the holocaust. i am a stickler for us that i think i feel racial hatred is undermining humanity what saddens me in particular is this is what i said in one interview that the goal of my book is to help create
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a better world among my readers and if you. could team alias this. and that was singled out for ridicule by numerous hostile media outlets bush could pick. one over me that made us here. today just four thousand jews live in romania it seems only a matter of time before jewish life here vanishes altogether all that remains is the communities architectural heritage and memories many of which informed during novel of tomato i'm not so young anymore and i wanted to write something that would make a difference what something that carried a certain weight at the end so i could walk through the rest of my life with my head held high for vessels. which he should his novel is one of forty books from romania that have recently been published in germany raul works by un compromising authors who take a stand. one thousand five hundred
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kilometers further east lies to police in the capital of the eurasian country of georgia. but the city itself is more european than asian it's teeming with life and singularly beautiful. introduces historical same to the buildings from past centuries are being lovingly restored and the crumbling remains of the soviet era of being swept away. highly acclaimed georgian dramatist and critics doubt it is following the changes to the city his country and its inhabitants closely. after decades of russian occupation where is the independent republic headed and how is it dealing with its past i think it needs years and years of experience of stability and peace and economic development in the country to start talking about realizing in recent king our past.
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for georgians the past means centuries. the foreign room exploitation and oppression. it means jazz a stunning system of injustice soviet propaganda. as well as the hardships after georgia gained its independence in one nine hundred ninety one. lack of political stability corruption and violence. poverty and hunger. battles over the breakaway republics of a posse and suffer a seizure we are so much preoccupied with this boiling temperature and this boiling political situation all the time that no one actually cares to start careful and quiet and calm a research of the previous history of where the roots of all these problems come from. that's one reason why georgian literature is so in lightning it meanders its
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way through the small mind and tells the stories of its people revealing georgia's darkest sides and the many upheavals. still looks that i must or other arabs house does not smoke why last tuesday must swords are so proudly now let's. be able. to see govern the birth of that exactly is so. now it's and it's from god this small signal is sheets so that's. what's normal because a very dark and dumb hollowed almost resume and a big number we're about imus. a man who's been killed across the way syrup so the whole thing because each night he would stand on his balcony and watch his new neighbor and his older lover. now the good looking young man is dead and syrup takes action he longs to have a job again and now he knows how he can get one. doesn't get to me as novel farben
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down up all colors of night is a crime. illustration the late summer of two thousand and twelve when georgians protested against a prison abuse scandal videos cropped up in the media which showed prisoners being beaten by guards. tens of thousands took to the streets the country was on the brink of collapse. then on october first oligarchy and billionaire bit in a ivanishvili assumed power and became georgia's prime minister. he stepped down a year later but remains influential to this day overlooking tbilisi is a vanished wheel is futuristic glass house designed by japanese architect. in general george and culture is the culture of extreme eaters and i really don't like that extra little well i'll take the characters who are normal people who are not distinguished by any or anything and put them in boiling situation and keep up the
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observing something terrible happening to them was that's that's my primary interest. what happens in dava cabrini as novel reveals much about contemporary georgian society about its much of culture in which homosexuality remains a to boom that it's fear of change even positive change. on the streets of tbilisi there's little indication of the sense of paralysis here things are lively and constantly in motion. although monotony does appear to be the rule in the city's outlying districts. nonna really grew up in a village just outside the city she lived right next door to a children's home a relic of the soviet era. this is pretty much what it looked like then too when it was known as the home for idiots. today it houses refugees from
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a policy and south ossetia. in the early one nine hundred ninety s. . its residents were unwanted children who were poor neglected abused and brutalized. they laughed and told us about a girl that they held down while other children raped her. the girl cried and then the other children made fun of her. and i noticed this it become a kind of ritual have been given to this often it was. a fast some twenty years later nona ectomy sheerly has with this childhood memories into a disturbing novel called the pear field she came up with the idea after seeing her former playmates begging on the street. now she's given these unloved and damaged souls a voice her protectiveness layla is a strong and angry young girl who fights back against the constant humiliation and degradation that's slim's don't took this. the worst and most malicious soviet
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legacy is that people don't analyze things. people haven't learned to deal with reality and they don't believe they can change things and they never learn they have the power to change things with their own two hands. so what will the future bring and we'll all georgians have a place in it. the ricer photographer actor and tour guide are still key cuts travels around the country often returning to tbilisi. he wonders between worlds a thoughtful observer. his novel elephant from the south which has already won several prizes in georgia takes the first person narrator on a tour of tbilisi for a day with flashbacks going as far back as the one nine hundred twenty s. . r. ford paper or who are thinking. her every
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feeling go build a life by characters who are not being. behind some excuses. for really are interested people. who are very real of previous record or very life also who can forgive themselves because it tells the story of an identity crisis full of ethnic conflicts and questions of the right or wrong lifestyle of truth and integrity. he says that the period when georgia was part of the soviet union damaged georgian society today georgians are still living with the consequences which are deeply ingrained in every family history. it's why i married my character sagal such a man the son of core opted for the soul richard to work on the boards and from other side. recognition. the son of georgian
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a russian bretheren i gave him with this very heavy in heritage which he has to. carry all his life fight through the streets the elephants of the south is the story of his generation once after a public reading a young girl came up to him and thanked him now she understood by her uncle is such a drink she said and by her neighbor was the way he was. sorry think that if we will be peace on the stand somehow step by step forward they were local what's inside you because i see people i see by children generation they are more open minded where bore the love for their even bursty for the invariable free there we are my dear regime has a lot of conflicts we carry all our life. today georgia is looking towards the west english has replaced russian as its first foreign language
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traveling to the e.u. without a visa is possible georgia is a country in transformation and its. literature is a real discovery. and that's all for arts twenty one today and our literary travels to prague bucharest and tbilisi.
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the response was a fight for survival. is a very dangerous. floods and droughts will climate change become the main driver of mass migration you could not write any going to peace not if you want and probably most of them to come to. the climate exodus. fifteen minutes on d w.
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what's the connection between bread butter and the european union dinos guild not a w correspondent and alan baker can stretch this line with the rules set by the team. cuts minola. swapping recipes for success strategy that made a difference. baking bread on d. w. . the old order is history the world is reorganizing itself and the media's role is keep shifting powers the topic in focus at the global media forum twenty nineteen the laboratory for the digital age. who will be following whom do we trust to debate and shape the future at the georgia believe
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global media forum twenty nine t. the place made for minds. sometime in the twenty six to you my great granddaughter of people. what would the world be like in your lifetime and around half a century. your world would be around two degrees warmer. inevitably sea levels rise by at least one meter in this century. we're going to have some climate impacts maternal greater the more we see already. it's really frightening more. motherhood. why aren't people more concerned. little yellow. stars may thirty first d.w.i.
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. what about the. this is from another accident involving another boeing seven hundred. twenty one people are injured as the jet slides off the runway at a u.s. naval station in florida as it arrives from cuba also coming up. in seven decades. what to expect from king rama. india braces for more devastation as one of the.


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