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burge that they are not yet mathematically down. there watching the news coming up next world story as with a look at devastation caused by psycho in canada and mozambique and my ash waiter stay tuned for more at the top of the hour and thanks for joining us. i'm skilled at the way we're not tolerant and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers with lions of the b what's your story. with numbers and women especially of victims of violence in the. take part and send
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us your story we are trying in all with to understand this new culture. you are not a visitor. you want to become a citizen. in so migrants your platform for reliable information. this week on world story. a woman in india is adding spice to the election campaign. how russia is using the war in syria for propaganda purposes but we begin in mozambique the african country is reeling after being struck by two cycles in quick succession our reporter paid a visit to the island of the boat which was particularly hard hit. we onboard an
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aid flight headed towards the vacation island of ebo now for the first time we get an aerial view of the massive destruction up till now flights have hardly been possible due to the strong rain. and now we're about to land on the island of ebooks the first aid packages have arrived but this is by far not enough to help out the six thousand people living here. the island has been almost completely destroyed nearly all the houses have been torn down including that of shamu rai. days she has been trying to bring order to the chaos. our beds our clothes we have lost everything we are doing our best to put things in order again at least the sun is shining at least dry the few clues that we have managed to salvage. it has been raining nonstop for nearly the entire week since the cyclon hits rice shows us her house what is left of it this
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is where she and her children lived. in you are god but they don't feel the wind was so incredibly strong that it ripped away nearly everything we lost everything now we don't have anything. i don't know if we will receive any kind of aid but. nothing is left i don't have a job or field was destroyed. i am a single mother i have to take care of my children and i have to take care of my parents my mother is sick we have to do our best to make ends meet. nearly everyone who lives here has found their way of life ripped away from them most of them are fishermen but many boards were washed away with the storm those that remained have to be repaired the mangroves were destroyed as well and the fish
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disappeared and have not returned since the cyclon hit. the fewer tells on the island we are also hard hit it might be a while before the tourists return. children can spend the nights in their own house anymore because the danger of it collapsing on them is too great. so they have to take their only remaining bat and all eight of them sleeping under an improvised roof their food is slowly running out they still have some fruit and vegetables but is only enough for one meal a day but she tries to stay optimistic nonetheless she wants her children to know that one way or another she will make things work. one candidate on the campaign trail in india is causing quite a stir. a former investment banker is making waves as one of the few women
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running for office. it's early morning in west bengal it's not the district politics here is a festival. it's dominated by the ruling t.m.c. alternate one congress spotty. and the start of the show here is the party's. she quit a prestigious job as president. j.p. morgan in london in two thousand and eight. return to india and plunged into politics fulfilling alone killed three. when i was a kid then you asked me what i wanted to become because i never said. i was i want to be on the i want to be in a position to make millions more throws been doing that as an elected local for the last four years. she's now i'm a seat in the national parliament there's little doubt about who's in charge here she's angry about the change in the don't the former investment banker is
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a rest site in indian politics still largely a boys' club she draws curious crowds mainly women in these rural parts but the forty two year old who's also a national spokesperson for her party dismisses any questions about her gender and politics. as a politician i don't think. i think the very use that on women's issues if you're fighting such basic grassroots politics if you've got a bad road it's a bad road that a woman walks on that it's a bad look that up a man walks on so i don't think that i can make a road that only women will walk on so i think most issues here are issues that are generic for everybody you know poverty infrastructure drinking water. through attributes hopefully to can rise to hard work and passion it's a part she believes is open to any woman willing to take. her own party the t.m.c. is heavily promoting women candidates the push has come from the very top. it's the
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highest number in this election but that doesn't mass the fact that india has one of the world's lowest rates of female lawmakers in parliament at just eleven percent. back on the campaign trail drunk makes a quick stop to meet voters she's treated like a rock star. but she has little time she plans to cover hundreds of polling stations in the next days. that means many more options like this one every handshake and an appeal for votes. temperatures of already soared to more than thirty five degrees but there's no way. it's calling it a day any time soon was. when it comes to immunizing children. errants in germany take a more critical view than those in most other countries now the government is considering imposing measures that will make measles vaccinations compulsory.
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five year old marine who has not been vaccinated her mother is against it she's afraid vaccines will damage her daughter or compromised her health. that stands by a lavish i'm referring to when i was pregnant i started looking at every illness how you get them the course of each disease the worst case scenarios and how effective vaccines are and what negative side effects the vaccines have. and then have it for me and then i weigh the risks and benefits. i'm just not that afraid of many illnesses or fear. she's not afraid of measles either even though it's one of the most dangerous childhood illnesses in germany it kills one in a thousand patients all studies find complications arising from the vaccine are rare many parents mistrust the science they fear the vaccine more than the disease
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. that something pediatrician your claim has seen up close. yet how. come. people don't know about these diseases anymore. there's a lot of misinformation on the internet especially regarding the measles vaccine which is very controversial right now. to those in the know that the german federal center for health education says not enough children or adults are being immunized . that can be dangerous newborns for instance are too young to be vaccinated they rely on what's called herd immunity that is when at least ninety five percent of the population is vaccinated viruses cannot spread. germany has yet to reach that level of immunity that's why some politicians and doctors are now calling for mandatory vaccinations for preschool children while other e.u.
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countries have already introduced compulsory vaccination measures. the global. believe that criminal law would apply followings could be imposed people could also be prohibited from visiting community facilities. that would mean that unvaccinated children would not be allowed to go to preschool jennifer says that wouldn't persuade her. expression of this i wouldn't like that and i certainly would not like to be forced to do anything by the state and i would want to do it of my own accord having received so much information that i'd say. yes that's a great idea. jennifer says if she must she would go to court over it her daughter will not be that's in egypt any time soon. since the beginning of the syrian conflict the government of bashar al assad has had the backing of russia to celebrate its military victories the putin regime has
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sent a train full of war trophies on to or. next stop the city of cars on arriving at ten in the morning the train is greeted with plenty of pomp the twenty cars carry ahmed tanks and other military tech seized by the russian army in its campaign to defeat the so-called islamic state in syria. even iowa slabs for the alleged production of chemical weapons are on display it's a victory lap three sixty cities to inspire pride and patriotism at russia's achievements what's not to celebrate. the people of russia must see this train to avoid the horrors that unfortunately a fact of life in other parts of the world russian should understand the role of their country in fighting terrorism around the world but it just was not. selfies
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are allowed and visitors are encouraged to ask about the spoils of war on board the so-called syria train according to the defense ministry all the soldiers on hand took part in the fighting. for the past three years moscow has been helping the syrian army to fight. and keep president bashar al assad in power. our boys are helping the poor syrians. so. how so. successful what's russia doing in syria. so that. it's some kind of assistance for the country really so that with assistance of that it can have what's it called again peace that's it. does our youth should see the tools of war so they know that war is terrible. absent from view other russians who didn't make it back from syria
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the defense ministry says one hundred sixteen soldiers were killed in combat but it's not just ordinary troops who are deployed there human rights activists say private armies from russia are also fighting mercenaries who don't appear in any official figures. and once a big gray zone no one knows the exact number of private soldiers fighting in syria many of them die that. after cars on the syrian train is off to another city on its tour but as a symbol of a successful campaign against terrorism it leaves many questions unanswered.
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