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for the town's cultural bricks and its contemporary art scene. in sixty minutes d.w. . much of it. surely to scream africa the world your link to exceptional stories and discussion from the news is easy i want website e.w. dot com smart to come join us on facebook w forgot. the to. move. in these mountains store all material that's been extracted for the day to day accessories belts. glasses and even
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shoes hard to believe well it's one of the fascinating reports we have for you today on the euro max and with that very warm welcome to this edition and here is what else we have in store for you. perfect weekend our report american week is in one sabbaths whatsoever. perfect staging a light artist uses landscapes as a canvas cork is inflation. next year deal that the games will be held in japan no matter where it's healthy exciting question after the games is always what happens to all the buildings and stadiums that were especially for the olympics well after the love and games they came up with a really good idea a technology park for start ups and maybe at some crazy designs to make it more attractive for. in east london compact and colorful studios have been
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built in the massive structure that served as the international broadcast center during the london twenty twelve and impacts the space used to be for the gigantic ventilation systems of broadcast india now it holds twenty one million new work spaces. gascons words for who can sprout accutane together with his colleagues he design the country. i think we are really keen to try and reconnect with this past the olympic i was hugely positive for london i think for the local area but because of the level of development it happened. this worked away a lot of sort of local history and so we want to use this project as a way of reminding people about parts of the local history that they could be proud of. the bright colors used for this studio is for sun for example echo the raptors of sweets that used to be manufactured close by. i just love how bright it is. you
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can literally see it from across the park so you look across the park and this is one of the ones that really stands out and catches the eye people think is playing for us when the when they hear that it's inspired by a rapper they remember they've been through this week rappers from their childhood . the founders of infinite session rent another word space their twenty five square meter studio cost seven hundred fifty euros per month which is quite inexpensive five hundred standing here the two brothers manage the production and distribution of their alcohol free craft fairs just the fact that our studio was designed off. the first perforated toilet paper factory in europe is like a funny thing that we can mention the first time anyone sees our office and it's sort of a great way of like breaking the ice with new kind of suppliers and customers and. the architects didn't only join spiration from previous local businesses one studio facade commemorates an unusual landmark they used to be in the area. before the
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olympic. there's a very famous local landmark on the canal which was nicknamed fridge mountain. just a few years it was your largest white goods dumping ground effect a giant pile of fridges freezers and so on and so we love the idea of creating it which was it was a tribute to that last monument. lieutenant's of the twenty one work spaces are as varied as the studios for scientists. the mix includes a record label to music studios architects engineers and also design. didio rents a desk rather than a whole studio. from here she manages the sustainable night when. she designs her collections in london and has the pieces made in italy.
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is very different from the other work in spaces i've been most of the work spaces of being a really big quite noisy quite loud and here feels like a family. so you go when it's calm and very colorful is in the middle of the paul there are lots of nice events as well. these are thanks to house manager patrick scully his employer the trumpery was hired by the technology park to look after the studios and its tenants. we can make beautiful spaces you can design amazing spaces you can have great views but ultimately the thing that makes this place tick make it last beyond me to the trump or even as a company will be the stories and the collaboration and the network that happens for people interacting day to day growing the business together. that's sure to be a lot more fun in these colorful studios than
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a great drab office is. staying in the british capital the love of design studio kitchen theory hasn't quite decided if it's a restaurant or a laboratory up to ten guests can try its ten course meal for one hundred eighty euros per person but it's actually quite scientific it's all about exploring was sensory and psychological relationship with food. can sound effects add flavor to a meal can color and presentation influence our eating experience this angular takes different around in the london restaurant kitchen theory menus are designed to please all of our senses each time we eat is a multisensory activity but it depends on how much mindfulness perhaps is going towards that kitchen theory what we're looking at doing is heightening people's
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sensory. enjoyment of the food drawing their mind towards the smell the touch the taste the sounds that they're engaging with and overall heightening their perception of flavor and taste. the first course comes with headphones alongside a dish of jellyfish. josepha youssef is aware that many people find jellyfish disgusting because of their consistency there has more than a jellyfish kind of texture it has a kind of bite to it and that's something that my team and i discovered when we first tried it and they had a kind of say. well this is actually really really present. this sounds played over the headphones are meant to emphasise the clock. it sounds a little bit like you're under the sea. but there's also lots of crunching like sounds eating a packet of crisps actually like you described and then when you eat it you can
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hear the noises making when you're eating it but also in hearts to know an. experimental psychologist charles trance works with chef use effect kitchen theory professor spence is head of the cross mobile lab at oxford university and researchers how effects can amplify influence and even deceive our sensory experiences too much testing in a science lab it's not like relating sticking people in brain scott to see which part of the brain lights up you can find things out but something like a social die. experience to try and catch people in the wild as much as possible and here's where the perfect potential opportunity for that is a coming to a kind of innovative unusual experimental almost dining experience does a mushroom dish taste more like it came from a forest when it's served on a wooden platter. they didn't out of the shell so we. knew you only see the color red here because those face.
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back at the tasting menu. the main course squid result is served well calligraphic designs are projected onto the table does that impact its taste intensity. the fact that your brain can't quite make sense of what it's seeing what's the food what's the and which was leading the other is kind of attention catching say more likely to pay attention to what you're eating and by paying attention to what you're eating kind of the trick at work in a number of the dishes using the technology or the texture of the storytelling to really make people focus on the food and by doing that that's likely to enhance the flavors that you get. but the big shot comes last with dessert. as ships where interested generally in this idea of emotional engagement through food how can you kind of engage people in a kind of stimulate certain emotions and one emotion that we thought was kind of under rated by dining experience is real. fear of
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a rhubarb sorbet finishes we need. to eat a dessert with a shard even if it's made of sugar. so always really cold and it's made such a different texture and you get something very kind of hard as you can hear it does sound like the crunching of glass and i don't mind these here but definitely the first. the first mouthful was did shock me but now that i know it's ok i quite like using it. which glass best brings out the taste of a look or. how to care about hairspray change our pleasure levels one thing is for sure those who dine at kitchen theory lead with a whole new awareness of how different sensory experiences come together when we.
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sometimes the passion industry is quite experimental too for example when you design us try out crazy new material don't like this can actually be made into a shoe do you want to know how they go look. these shoes on make with stone put flexible slate. pants typically made from. they belong to the sustainable actually brand it's not sheen from munich sebastian teases the four found his family has been in the shoe industry for six generations but even for him working with stone was. one of them if you want to. hundreds of millions of years old all natural and each pair is unique. technically speaking it isn't superior to leather because some of the shoes are a bit less robust so you shouldn't wear them in siberia at minus forty degrees celsius but they're perfect for normal day to day purposes. the process of making
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still flexible enough for starts with huge blocks of marble. using special technique very thin slaps the solano which i then flew onto a flexible material. that moved it was invented in based company. works with the flexibility of the spine of. the stone becomes flexible if you make it very very thin we're talking less than one millimeter thick and then combine it with something stabilizing the. that can be fiberglass as cotton fleece. either will stabilize the slice of stone and hold together the stone particles even when the slab gets bent. alternately to make it even more flexible. but that is
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a trade secret. by the end it can even be stanched. next to shoes. belts some. banks but their own limits to the use of this is. when it comes to stone t. shirts jackets and such it gets complicated we've experimented with those kinds of items but other materials offer different breathability and range of motion. it's also going to stay expensive and labor intense so it will probably stay more niche than mass market sebastian been looking for any again again he had tested using unusual materials for shoes like leather made from tin the fungus a tree parasite. stool from the ferry and austria. but also coffee. and fish skin have old been tested as
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a potential suit commentator removes. the type of indoor my father developed the first pair of compostable shoes back in the ninety's us of so natural materials have always been a big topic for us to mug nowadays so much more is changing because people are more aware and that of course leads to more innovations in this area what's your advice . national rather soon thanks to bill ten and eleven cool in cell phones even less prominent ponts of teases shoes on mostly natural thoughts it's not has the same ability is a must for us and not just the way the media is propagating that term now the bottom line for us is that if it isn't sustainable you can't call it a quality or luxury product it's kinds of it's not hard to use. it seems sebastian teens will keep walking be innovative line in his shoes made with stand. travel as a passion of your own max report a magen lee but she only has forty eight hours to explore certain european cities
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and often the best tips for a perfect week at this time she was a resent death song lake geneva and the french speaking part of switzerland here you will find a lot of what's fatso and it's all about moments and watch her she's a chocolate and a historic old tell. this scenery is too good to be true and in fact it really is today snow is blocking my view of lake geneva. so this certainly isn't this spring can be so unpredictable especially here in switzerland but i'm not going to let that ruin my perfect weekend. weather is a good reason to start my visit and the olympic museum goes on has been called the olympic capital since one thousand nine hundred four because it's home to the international olympic committee's headquarters. here at the museum
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visitors can learn the history of the games from antiquity to modern times. it's also filled with relics from past games including dozens of medals. and show by he is responsible for the museum's culture and education programs i was on become associated with the olympics so long story and it started in one thousand nine hundred fifteen when the best are a frenchman who was the founder of the olympic movement came to the during the first war and he wanted a safe place to for the archives of the i.o.c. luckily i brought my trainers with me to test my athletic skills. from slalom scheme to biathlon training i'm certainly getting a good workout here if nothing more. the olympic museum is my culture chip for those on. the sun has come out just in time for me to discover some of the city's other treasures a sixteenth century statue of justice watches over the plaster lap and the
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seventeenth century town hall. next time to make my way up a steep passageway which needs to the gothic cathedral notat the largest of its kind in switzerland. then i head over to the fourteenth century some merits. busch of of those on it offers great views of the city. most on is located in the french speaking part of switzerland and cafe roma offers both french and swiss specialties owner christiane soutane invites me to sample some fun do an offer which is hard to resist. it's a tasty treat and i call an area tip for a weekend in los on. day two in the city begins at the port of this is where the boats cross-link geneva in all directions this one is ferrying people over to every young in france
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a journey that takes only forty minutes ahead up to the bridge to speak to captain carlos rivera about the landscape. you go back and forth every day do you ever get tired of these views. no no never never because it changes all the time. because i've been working on the lake for thirty one years and i'm still always surprised that it will soon be this is my activity time for a perfect weekend in los on a boat tour on lake geneva. a visit to switzerland is incomplete without sampling the chocolate which is in a class of its own i need a master of the trade only view folks in his chocolate factory he also conducts special seminars on the subject.
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how does one differentiate or tell the difference between first chocolate and other kinds of chocolate. first of all there is the cocoa bean. it is the quality of the cocoa bean and about finding the best beads up to the next step is to produce. action the transformation of the being into chocolate and in switzerland we have invented several processes such as refining like with milk trying to sort out which is to stop just the reputation of the chocolate this is my shopping tip for those on some swiss chocolate. when night falls and those on some people go out looking for entertainment but i've discovered another interesting activity at the city's main cathedral calling out the power from ten until two hundred fifty three steps lead to the place where it all happens marco karrar is one of the night watchman he takes me to a small quarters to show me what his job involves. so
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. this is a tradition that dates back to the middle ages. you think it's the dream of all the little boys and moves on to become a night watchman probably yes probably because we've. treated coming here and. starting seeing. seeing. this distribution or supposed to speak. and finally this is my special tip for a weekend in los on visiting the night watchman for the best views of the city. you can find more about maggots experience as
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a night watchman or woman plus her first lower i let off a trip to was and our you tube channel these objects have suddenly appeared in a nighttime landscape bright and shining geometric shapes they are not u.f.o.'s but rather the worst of the spanish light artists have the. ten years ago the teacher of fine arts put his brushes aside now he paints with lights we met him at one of his installations near literate. three dimensional sculpture holographic image these terms describe the light installations by had the . geometric shapes of the spanish artist's trademark he projects them onto landscapes with astonishing results especially not a moment or so because i'm always seeking these almost magical moments in my works because the interview you know i'm trying to find out whether there is
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a harmonious relationship between geometry and nature. you know suffering a harmony that would move us emotionally and which goes beyond our normal perception of nature. riyad us career began in two thousand and eight with a large solo photography exhibition in the rain as sophia in madrid since then he's carried out like projections in numerous public spaces and festivals. is installations are more than simple entertainment for him. sometimes i feel the sort of reverberation which goes beyond our daily perception and beyond how we normally experience nature same worse than the us then there's not a loss those moments are precious and very fulfilling for me is. beneficial to and i'd even go so far as to say i live for these kinds of experiences. bebo borders
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said people experience is. elemental tranquil and any magic that's how the artist experiences unspoiled nature he tries to make this sensation visible in his projections and takes large scale photos of the results. at first glance the viewer sees these two crosses at two deaths as those growth is but they are actually part of a cube the corners of which i've removed. guess he'll just be nice but there's a shadow of that cube in the viewer's mind. and in a similar way there's an enterprise between the projected form and make sure you know. after finding a landscape d.n.r. starts designing his geometric forms in his madrid studio they follow strict
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mathematical rules he wouldn't think of using image editing software to superimpose them on a landscape photo he works on site. your seem to get on the old boy going to remember me the right geometry compliments the place know what he means you can't do that on a computer. and when i finished a geometric form it will look like there's a key to another dimension you can't get that effect on screen. you have to be in the place and experiment with the shape on site. yesterday mental physical and. the f.b.i. usually works with standard projectors which he arranges and adjusts in his studio to test out his projections on lawns. this gives him a first impression. but about a water of course us prepare everything as thoroughly as i can but then when the
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distances are much further everything might change. sometimes the image on site will look completely different than or more. tonight conditions in the mountains outside madrid are ideal thanks to a full moon of yeah deana has a natural light source for his long exposures together with his artistic process the resulting photo acquires a magical quality. and that brings us to the end of dissidence and of your inbox don't forget to visit our web page our check is out on facebook for more about the show plus you can also take part in our current draw for me and the whole team here and ellen thanks for joining us and see you again next time i know.
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a small town in for window with a huge cultural legacy. my mom. somehow by mine has managed time and again to attract pioneers and trailblazers join us to discover the town's cultural grids and its contemporary art scene.
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thirteen dollars. how's your view of the world. where i come from but all of that glitters is gold just like this chinese food doesn't matter where i am as a boy it was reminds me of home after decades of living in germany china's food is one of the things i miss the most but better take next step back i see things a little of different terminology many have for its first as an undergrad nation that exists the other part of the order haven't been implemented in china that's new a lot of china as a whole wondering if their foot is safe to move but if people have
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a right to learn all of that is. this is the job just under the law how i see it and that's why i love my job because i tied to do it exactly as a day. by name of the uninsured and i was added up to. some time in the twenty sixth. my great granddaughter. what would the world be like in your lifetime in around half a century. your world around two degrees one of. the lead inevitably sea levels rise by at least one century. we're going to have some climate impacts maternal greater the risk to your body. it's really frightening. place why are people more concerned.
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little yellow. shorts may thirty first w. plague . this is do you debbie it is live for lent palestinian militants fire doors of rockets into southern israel the israeli military response to the airstrikes and tank fire killing several palestinians calls for an immediate halt to the hostilities also coming up thailand's king officially takes the crowd ceremony.


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