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tv   Drive it  Deutsche Welle  May 6, 2019 1:30am-2:01am CEST

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and iran in spain hundred nineteen a country without prospects. in sixty minutes d.w. . every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word published in the book. the coaches in germany to learn german with him simple online on your mobile and free to set the w z learning course nikos fake german made easy. welcome to drive with a b w motor magazine this week topics of people carrier and overran the versatile toyota pro a. feeling presidential and the g.s. seven crushed back. and the very latest from two international auto show.
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emanuel schieffer is looking for modest courage this is waiting for a minor well but a manuel can't find much to. know who it is they marcus is sitting in front of a big sign that says shanghai two thousand and nineteen. ultimate so model says the auto show is in new york. those appears confused but he says that he's going all the way to shanghai going if you know says goofy flew in the opposite direction he still. has made a mistake august proposes to cover the new york international auto show on the mountains does the shanghai auto show it has got. the models first stop is the mercedes section where the company has unveiled its big new sport utility vehicle the g.l.'s has room for up to seven people in three rows of luxury seating at five point twenty one meters the twenty twenty g.l.'s is longer than his predecessors
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and for the first time or cd's is coupling a gasoline powered b.h. with an electric integrated starter generator. king in a mild hybrid then she has five even puts out three hundred sixty kill wants a power. per c.t.'s is also face lifted its g.o.c. coupe a slightly touching up in design and introducing new engines diesel and electrically enhanced gasoline versions a special edition of the all electric e.q. c. has been christened eight hundred eighty six a tribute to the very first automobile the benz patent motor way. meanwhile in shanghai v.w. is showing off a next generation sagitta technically based on the chevy a small family car but intended solely for the chinese market it has a somewhat longer wheelbase. chinese market
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counterpart of the atlas the terra mont is now available in an x. version it's coupe a contour set it apart. that's not all that's new with v.w. . just out there for a month this is the start of v.w. shanghai booth is they all electric id rooms as u.v. vs whether a manual can hear him this issue or it is he can get as much as i ask him what's new with v.w. model can't find the rooms but there is the idea but also all of my trick it combines open air driving fun with a silent electric drive and you know we missions the op is quite satisfied. otherwise we wus booth in new york is relatively modest that's to be expected the most important premier's are in shanghai including v.w. as new standalone jet has some brand it's meant to target the high volume entry level market segment at first with a large and a mid-size s.u.v.
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and a sedan prices will start in the ten to fifteen thousand euro range. the bentley. features cars in a very different price range the special moves on w. o. addition was named after company founder w o bentley production was limited to one hundred cars each listing for well over three hundred thousand euros. the price reflects the luxury is of scale interior. british carmakers have come up with their own hybrid s.u.v. the electrically supported venting and she has a fifty kilometer all electric range. in new york toyota present its new highlander the new platform allows for a roomier interior and its predecessor and there's an option for three rows of seats for up to eight people highlander comes equipped with either
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a six cylinder gasoline engine or a hybrid drive with two electric motors supporting a two and a half liter gasoline engine for one hundred seventy nine kilowatts a performance. also a new is the hatchback based on the mazda two which has never been offered in the u.s. it's a bit outside the norms for the american market but it's compact dimensions and small turning circle might well find buyers here and the recently unveiled super good to. know what was well aware of the american market preference for big s.u.v.s pickups and muscle cars like his dodge challenger as our t. hellcat your regular edition is already quite powerful and i'm now here's a special edition of it's got a five hundred eighty plus kilowatts of power and has made a real impression on car fans here. the six point two leader v.
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eight hemi engine has been used with other variants of the model a wide body version gets its with permits extremely. flared fenders and those are just some of the distinguishing features. of other car makers also have powerful muscle cars to show off ford has the mustang shelby g.t. five hundred for instance it's v eight engine and she's five hundred fifteen kilowatts that equals seven hundred horsepower. his son is observing is g t r muscle cars fiftieth birthday with an exclusive special edition of a g t r fifty by a tile design puts out five hundred thirty kilowatts or seven hundred twenty horsepower production is limited to fifty units and starts at nine hundred ninety
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thousand euros minus taxes. in shanghai porsche is celebrating the asian premier. but the chinese seem more interested in porsches new nine eleven convertible the race about lists for one hundred thirty four thousand four hundred europe's. porsches new york both is all about speed and the track the speedsters production is limited to just under one thousand nine hundred fifty units and lives for the equivalent of about two hundred forty six thousand euros each the speedster features a three hundred sixty kilowatt four leader six cylinder engine taken from the g t three r. s. . exotic models like this glickenhaus se gene double zero
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three can also be found here. as well as the latest creations of koenigsegg. and lamborghini. one dummy it's time for a month i want to wrap up our auto show review of new york city and shanghai have lots of interesting things to see but he hopes that next year the issues won't take place at the same time so he can cover both. a spasm a car tester you know speed three is sitting in the back seat of the electric car she'll be looking at today it's used as a government limousine in france president manuel mccall can often be seen riding in one call you can use this switch to adjust the reclining seats and you have my
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golf. and now let's get to the test yet. here it is the d.s. seven crushed back a compact lecture s.u.v. it emphasizes comfort quality and technology. meet activision three pod l.e.d. headlights actually change illumination patterns depending on conditions. the front end features a big grille made of criss cross match. highlighted by chrome trim on the sides and bottom. of. the d.s. seven is just under four point six meters long and conceit fine.
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there's plenty of chrome and back the taillights with their distinctive diamond pattern. give the rear end a distinctive look. in this says that the d.s. seven looks impressive from the outside in and the interior is well designed by and shot full of high tech features. and. when you start the car this hand crafted timepiece appears. these distinctive switches along with the center console allow you to for example open and close the windows or lock the doors. a number of functions are controlled through the central touch screen at the touch of a button. or
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a chrome controller. on the left side of the cockpit the digital instrument panel provides a comprehensive readout of driving data. these controls for the interior lighting also follow the d.s. seven's distinctive diamond pattern. the leather seats are quite comfortable even more so when you use the massage function. he says that sitting in this car will make you feel downright the presidential no she's going to show us what it might be like if the man well not from behind the wheel himself. for example the french president might actually take his vehicle for a spin in the countryside try that with a big bulletproof limousine that d.s.
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seven features the active scan suspension system that uses a camera and sensors to spot. bumps in the road and make the necessary adjustments . now my husband just points out that most presidential limousine sir are heavily armored so they're pretty heavy that she's glad she's testing a standard model today the petrol engine on this one puts out one hundred sixty five kilowatts so it can really get around some of this that's the thought of a class. two diesel and one gasoline engine options are available the d.s. seven can go from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in just eight point three seconds and it has a top speed of two hundred thirty six kilometers per hour in germany prices for the business line model started forty three thousand ninety arrests there are four other option packages president mccroskey has seven has
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a sunroom unfortunately ours does. anybody and dr yunus counts off the four dr most to choose from for example if cruising around paris is driver would probably choose the eco mug and while the president smiles and waves of the crowds in the sun roof. comfort mode is just fine for running errands around the city come for been on my own morals then that could end my in a company told from what's in one town much the choose sport mode for driving on the open road that i think that it was. the connected pilot system takes you one step closer to autonomy is driving it regulates vehicle speed to keep a safe distance between you and the car in front another system helps the g.s. seven keep to its lane still drivers who use these systems should always remain alert and keep both hands on the wheel.
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met them eunice's human almost crying made a great choice with a d.s. seven prospect that was a definite. he has the distinctive design unlike serious staling of a presidential limousine but it's also fun to drive thirty five thought that come on that in this this. is the car tester on the left sticker sense that toyota croesus versa explaining that it's available in two wheel bases and three different links where there are people carrier or panel van in addition it offers a long list of trim levels. this kind of. weird testing the long version of a toyota pro its version with eight seats to find out what it has to offer. to go because ronnie has already noticed that for business or pleasure day to day
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are driving certain details will tend to stand out in. a concrete doesn't look all that typical for a people carrying. the drive selector is a knob on the center console. the van comes with the center armrest embassage seat . taken all the storage compartments in the doors ronnie's attention he likes being able to still water bottles for example easily in the door rather than reach around behind himself or even worse go thirsty puddle for. all those still weeks in front is very practical for dealing use one of the things driving itself. that side of the ground he feels the two leader diesel in this pro suits it quite
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well it puts out one hundred thirty kilowatts and sounds nice and threw me for a diesel though not too loud. and the pro ace as surprisingly good pick up. a vandyck celebrates from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in just eight point eight seconds toyota rates fuel consumption is six point one leaders per one hundred kilometers and reaches top speed and one hundred eighty five kilometers per hour in germany the eight seat pro is very so with a long wheelbase and eight speed automatic transmission list for just over forty eight thousand euros. running describes the steering is very responsive but far too light so tight spots it takes a lot of cranking to move the wheels from one extreme to the other but on the road the pro is very easy going is comparatively wide but at one point ninety two meters
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height it can fit into most parking garages. the front bears a certain resemblance to german counterparts by v.w. and mercedes. cross-eyed the most striking feature is the three point two eight metre wheel base giving the prochoice versa one total length of five point three one metre. the loading still is nice and low and the tailgate nice and big to accommodate. help when i'm sitting in back ronnie feels almost like he's on an airplane. he notes that the rear seat rows are designed much like airplane seats with fold down tables and cup holders.
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and if that's not enough an arm rest can be folded up and another table pulled out that makes for a comfortable working surface. and all the passengers have their own reading lamps as well as individually adjustable air vents all the. white utility vehicles are growing in popularity on the european market and the pro ways is a good value it offers plenty of space comfort and all kinds of extras. making affordable small cars for the common person is an italian specialty this tradition began in the one nine hundred thirty s. with the first series production compact to boast a four cylinder engine coffee at five hundred better known as the local enough christophe power explains the origins of the little mouse and i was not that he
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says that in the one nine hundred thirty three petri i giovanni agnelli commissioned a twenty nine year old engineer named john koza to develop an economical small car and selling price was to be not more than five thousand lire just half that enough he had camila this company's cheapest model at the time and the new car needed to be more comfortable out in powerful and good looking than the competition from germany and france christoph eels that was a tall order for a young engineer but when it went into production in one thousand and thirty six the fiat's five hundred fulfilled all of the criteria but one they cost eight thousand nine hundred lire not five thousand still a pretty fair price christan thinks sizes. beginning in one thousand nine hundred eighty six the little feet was assembled i mean modern production line of the car makers when djoko plant in turin by one nine hundred fifty four some five hundred twenty thousand eight b. and c.
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motoko believe those had been built aside from the sadam the five hundred was also available as a station wagon an initially called the. john de niro and later the belvedere but how did the fee on five hundred come to be known as that couple leno. unfun that christopher says that in the early one nine hundred thirty s. walt disney's mickey mouse became popular in italy but due to licensing issues that mickey was known here is totally no more mostly no and because the five hundred freestanding headlights bear a slight resemblance to mickey's years it soon was given the nickname as. the field of five hundred proved to be robust durable and fuel efficient it was rear wheel drive like most models of its day but other than that its basic structure is very similar to that of modern complex at the fiat box discusses the top aledo seats to adults comfortably with space for luggage behind the seats and
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there's no trunk lid and you could fit two children in back here in the christan says italians love to fill their top on the nose up to the roof and if it had a nice soft top like this one and even beyond that no one cared if the maximum payload was just fifty kilos but then had sold it as a fully fledged car in one thousand nine hundred thirty eight feet up heavy quickly axles with longer leaf springs so it's appearing lots of cargo was no longer an issue then the money had docks and it went out and got feed and also started the magazine motor and sport says the top of the no could travel one hundred kilometers around seven point five liters of gas the best fuel consumption ever seen at the time later five hundred b. models like this one you just five liters per one hundred clicks should go likely a bit more when going up hill why don't we act.
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as an incident when it comes to designing christo says the top latino is clearly influenced by the street. in line shapes that were popular in the one nine hundred thirty even the door handles are sunken to improve the car's drag coefficient he knows that only when the body is secured to the right the latter frame doesn't talk alina will have the necessary stiffness had it was a clever way of reducing the car's weight which also lowered its cost in fuel consumption spawn for the same reason parts of the framework perforated a technique that had previously only been used in airplanes in race cars and the car also we use these little fifteen inch wheels specially made by perelli which made at the car look big and dynamic anonymous and shine and. you know belongs to the relatively rare b. series which was only built from one nine hundred forty eight to one nine hundred forty nine. it's
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much loved to attract a textile roof came a standard and a redesigned dashboard pepped up the car spartan interior but the model is most important improvements are to be found under the hood. if you can from the christo says the main difference between the feet at five hundred g.'s and its predecessor is the engine within a used a valve engine the beam had overhead valves this technical innovation gave the car a big power boost from thirteen horsepower to sixteen point five horsepower come off and i got that. unusually the radiator is found appear behind the engine enabling the car to have a sleek an aerodynamic front end and of course put the engine as far forward as possible to create more interior space in the software at the microsoft while the firm was set on saving money and if they didn't scrimp on technology hardens and
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crystal says the only drawback is the crankshaft which only has two main bearings to tell so after just fifty thousand kilometers the engine often needs an overhaul . but the truly sounding in line four cylinder engine has to work pretty hard it's zero point six liter of q.b. capacity means he can reach just ninety five kilometers an hour on a crystal says for people with big feet like him the car's not so easy to drive because the pedals are so close together but otherwise it's great fun to drive around with the wind in your hair and in its day the toppling to impress car testers to one german magazine praised its low center of gravity good weight distribution and great road handling but first and second gears aren't synchronized so when downshifting you really need to double declutch or does siding with money because game. they were exported around the
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globe so as far away as china australia and the us a little fiat's was also produced under license by an issue in germany poor in austria and simcoe in france . has made a definite christo says the top alina was italy's best selling car until the mid one nine hundred fifty s. some five hundred twenty thousand were built up and brought mobility to the masses in italy like the v.w. beetle did in germany and said to one's douche of all did in france with us like we construction and quality technology it was years ahead of the competition and it established the brand as specialist for stylish high quality small cars making the top leno a milestone and automotive history and myostatin automobile. done to the company knows creator worked for fee on for almost half a century developing dozens of other models for the carmaker fiat later revived the
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five hundred name and continues to produce five hundred badge super minis to this day. next time i drive it should go to retires the rapid and welcomes the new scott. and the new big clash by mercedes.
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no future in their own country is that alcohol or have jobs is a clear call that. iran is politically isolated of us sanctions have plunged economy even thank you crisis. mode the family be forced to leave their homeland
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iran in twenty nineteen a country without prospect. thirty minutes on d w. a place of understanding and reconciliation the national museum of african-american history and culture in washington d.c. it's a first time that black people have a history that other people can see. is the counselor's building that documents a long fight for freedom it really brings you to focus on what i think would have been. the black museum in seventy five minutes on d w. and action packed life. anything's possible as long as i'm the coffee and his friends can dream up his movie theater in kenya is to adopt
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a refugee camp. his life story ran ground to a. twenty seven years ago but there's no holding back his dreams. thank you for what cinema did on the start of may twenty seventh on t w. letter we were. when we were. eighty percent of americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship back listen up. that matters to me for my needs. be only order is history the world is reorganizing itself and the media's role is keep shifting cowards the topic in focus at the global media forum twenty nineteen the laboratory for the digital age those. who are we following whom do we trust to debate and shape the future at the
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georgia bella global media forum twenty nine t. the place may for minds. you're a big idea. but. what's become of it i would like tomorrow. hoping for a better future isn't in our europe requires that we're pretty. sure again a lecture a nineteen may twenty sixth a w. rational sorties say at least forty people died when a passenger plane caught fire and made an emergency landing at moscow's sheremetyevo airport the aeroflot plane bound for moments turned back after takeoff some passengers escaped using emergency slides. israeli prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu has voted to keep up quote massive strikes on the gaza strip. a two day escalation in violence has killed at least twenty.


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