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this is live from for lent palestinian officials say that they have reached a ceasefire agreement with israel to end a surge of violence in the gaza strip and southern israel but can it last also coming up at least forty one people are dead after a russian airliner burst into flames during an emergency landing in moscow and u.s. president trying to ratchet up the pressure on china he is threatening new tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods plus what countries around
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the world race to roll out five networks many parts of germany don't even have access to three cheap our correspondent visits the german countryside to find out what it is like to live in a networked dead oh. i'm sorry walk into the program after a weekend of violence in gaza that claimed the lives on both sides of the border israel and hamas have reportedly agreed to a cease fire according to palestinian officials it came into effect just a couple of hours ago over the weekend at least nineteen palestinians and four israelis were killed in the most severe escalation of violence between israelis and palestinians since the two thousand and fourteen gaza war. on the run as a hospital in gaza. palestinians mourn the dead.
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the funerals were held for a pregnant woman and her fourteen month old niece both killed on saturday the girl's father blames israel it's all of. the children were playing and they were struck by a missile shot from an israeli drone. and israeli spokesman denied that the defense forces the i.d.f. were involved and said the palestinians themselves were responsible. for the unfortunate deaths of that woman and the baby were not a result of the fifty's rather a result of the use of weapons by terrorist organizations in that area in the southern gaza strip israel says it's targeting what it calls terror elements in the gaza strip pinpointing farm buildings cars and high rise buildings in gaza city. the israeli government insists the
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strikes are in response to hamas and islamic jihad far and more than six hundred rockets across the border into southern israel this weekend many were intercepted while still arab own but some landed in residential areas destroying homes injuring and killing civilians. hastily declared in the early hours of the morning the latest ceasefire has a verted an all out war but with tensions high it won't take much for the violence to flare up again. let's get more now we're joined by correspondent tanya kramer who is in jerusalem and tanya as we've heard there the cease fire has been in effect for a few hours now how is it holding up. well it has been quiet for the past few hours since to early morning hours have been no rockets incoming rockets from the gaza strip and there have been also no more strikes by the israeli assholes so effectively what we're hearing reports from palestinian sources
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is that a cease fire has gone into effect at four thirty am local time. now we know if we look actually on the official side when it comes to the cease fire there was no official an announcement from either side what should we make of that tanya. well usually on the israeli side at least there is also in previous time there was never an official confirmation on the on a cease fire it's just known that there have been understandings brokered by egypt by qatar and the u.n. they have been working all weekend on that no what we have seen as a statement by the israeli army this morning they have said that as of seven am local time so that's two hours earlier. all they said they told the communities in southern israel that life can go back to normal that the strict sions are lifted
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like roads will be opened some of the schools will be opened as well later today and that is an indication at least the most officials we will probably get in this at this time that also israel considers this round of fighting being over and when we look at you know what has really contributed just to sparking this round of violence we have palestinian officials in gaza on the one hand accusing israel of not taking steps to ease its blockade under some previous cease fire promised deals tanya how likely is it that we could see steps to resolve this. well i mean this is very crucial because. the militant groups in gaza have referred to the fact that the last understanding set had been reached on the mitigation of egypt and the u.n. that it wasn't the end of march beginning of april that is well it didn't comply.
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with the implementation of those understanding so that has been at the source of also the latest escalation now we understand that probably under this new. fire is also based on those understandings meaning lifting some of the restrictions on the gaza strip like expanding the fishing zone and letting in aid money from qatar and other projects in gaza. having said that it's clear that if there's no long term solution for the gaza strip which has been under close it for over a decade now we will it's highly likely that we will see another round of escalation pretty soon so it's all now in the implementation of those understandings that have been reached this week and tanya kramer interests thank you tonya.
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russian authorities have said that forty one people died during an emergency landing at moscow's sheremetyevo airport on sunday evening the aeroflot airliner was en route to the northern city of more months when the pilot reported technical problems and turned back the plane caught fire as it landed. a ball of flame hurtling along the runway trailed by a plume of smoke. i want to put watch in dread flight as you want for nine to solo comes to a halt. most of those who had boarded the flight only hours earlier but not managed to escape the flames. as a lucky survive a stock a safety fire trucks rushed towards the bunning hall. several passengers were taken to hospital and while doing it justice is play with some of the severity of the injuries comes from smoke inhalation and burns. a car being
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imperfect getting and many other people have injuries to their bodies and legs. the skin to be sure cool. it's unclear why the aircraft russian built sukhoi superjet one hundred ten back about thirty minutes into its flight the cause of the fire is also not known russian media reports that the plane bounced off atomic as a pilot attempted to land they cannot in the fuel tanks. the disaster also raises questions over this who put it one hundred since one crashed in indonesia and twenty twelve deaths in several complaints about technical flaws in the aircraft. as a nation emerges from its grief the call for answers will grow louder. of give more now we're joined by correspondent emily sure went who has the view from moscow so emily what are you hearing from investigators about the cause of this accident. well the investigative committee has been rather careful about what information
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they've been releasing they haven't actually stated in the fischel reason for the crash yet they've said that they will only do that after a thorough investigation they are investigating what happened as a violation of safety rules what we do know is that the plane was flying from moscow to more money and that the pilot sent a distress signal shortly after takeoff now itself is actually saying that the plane had to return to unspecified technical reasons they say that the fire broke out after landing now there are conflicting versions about whether the fire actually broke off broke out during the flight or after landing from videos it does certainly look like the fire broke out after landing but pilots the pilots from the plane have been reporting that the plane may have been hit by lightning that could
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have caused the fire or that it could have also caused technical issues other sources say that the plane. broke out in flames when it hit the landing strip so really not much official information not much information lots of different versions being discussed so we'll have to wait and see to get more clarity on what they are really happened what the reasons for this accident there also seems to be emily a bit of a debate about the emergency response what more can you tell us about. when it comes to the emergency response people have been discussing on social media one thing that people have been discussing is why it took so long for the blaze to be put out as some eyewitnesses said it did and one report in the media says that perhaps. airport used its own fire brigades rather than relying on
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civilian fire brigades who were not let on to the airport territory and that that could have been a reason for the slow response but again this is not confirmed another thing that people are discussing is the evacuation of passengers an aeroflot representative for said that passengers were were actually evacuated within fifty five seconds the norm there he said was ninety seconds so a rather quick evacuation but media sources are citing. other sources so again not very confirmed but who are who are saying that actually passengers panicked and they tried to get their luggage their hand luggage out of the storage compartments and that actually slowed the evacuation of passengers and with forty one people dead in this instance the search for answers will certainly continue and will be sure when with the view from moscow thank you. let's get
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a check now some other stories making news around the world white house national security advisor john bolton says that the u.s. will deploy a carrier strike group and bombers to the middle east to send a clear and unmistakable message to iran it is the latest in a series of moves aimed at ratcheting up pressure on tehran a year after washington withdrew from the nuclear accord. brunei is to suspend capital punishment for gay sex and adultery the sultan of brunei may be announcement in a television address the country has been under international pressure after celebrities including george clooney and elton john called for a global boycott of the royal family's businesses. i mean i did nation says that it has gained access to grain silos in yemen's port city of data for the first time in months fighting made the storage facility inaccessible last year it may hold enough wheat to feed hundreds of thousands in the war torn country. you're watching news still to come on the program thailand's newly crowned king makes his public debut
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huge crowds turned out for braam of the town in bangkok as he takes part in the ceremonial process to celebrate his expression to the for. the first shares on china's stock markets have plummeted after u.s. president donald trump threw a wrench in ongoing trade talks he's threatening additional tariffs on chinese imports only days before chinese delegation is expected in washington for possibly final round of negotiations now the chinese vice premier says that he will still travel to the united states but shorten his trip to want to have. many had to leave the trade dispute could soon be ended when negotiators met in beijing last week there had been hope for a quick settlement it was believed things were going well and then u.s. president donald trump made an announcement on twitter. for ten months china has been paying tariffs to the usa of twenty five percent on fifty billion dollars of
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high tech and ten percent on two hundred billion dollars of other goods these payments are partially responsible for our great economic results the ten percent will go up to twenty five percent on friday. the tariffs are indeed a lucrative revenue source for the u.s. and october twenty eighth income from tariffs rose by about forty percent to five point five billion dollars year on year according to the new york times this week a high ranking chinese trade delegation is scheduled to visit the us following trump's trade announcement a media report has said that the chinese side is considering canceling the talks. a fake this down now with steven gerrard's lee who joins us from business so i it's trying making this threat now we're members. as these negotiations with china have been going on here the u.s. has been holding out two hundred billion dollars in goods rising raising the terrace from ten percent to twenty five percent that big huge blow the chinese so
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first off this is pressure tactic writes. the reason for that of course we know that trump has been very impatient with the pace of these negotiations and probably impatient over the fact that they won't contain the full scope of what he would like them to contain there's a lot going on he talks about the trade gap he talks about also intellectual property and chinese respecting western intellectual property it talks about things such as cyber theft as well so containing all of these and once of negotiations has proven very very difficult is proving very very awkward and so these negotiations have been kicked out further and further and another reason that's important to note is that the u.s. economy is doing so well and there was such a positive jobs report last week that we should be that surprised to see this coming now he might feel that he has the leverage to really ratchet up the pressure a bit more and on the back of that positive news on the u.s. economy and interest donald trump has made a claim in that regard saying that you know that is in part due to these tariffs on chinese goods what are we to make of that claim is he right right there's no
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there's nothing to suggest that that's the case i mean these tariffs are bringing in money to u.s. government coffers in the matter of tens of billions of dollars that's really in the grand scheme of things not that much the u.s. economy isn't really profiting off of the back of the back. of this to such an extent that it's furthering the boom the boom has been years in the making but it's also been sort of turbo charged by trump's tax cut in two thousand and seventeen by his deregulation and by a number of factors that we're still trying to figure out but the likelihood that these tariffs are tuber turbocharging it very unlikely in fact studies have shown the opposite that it's affecting. affecting consumers that they're the ones who are paying for this and the economy might be doing better actually without them and how are the markets responding. shattering to them especially the asian markets because the chinese economy as we know is already very weak that's another form of leverage the trump is seeing and they see this is further bad news for the chinese chinese markets and so in shanghai down almost five percent in hong kong it's also down and jones industrial futures also down so we'll see what trading does in the us on
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monday as well and how they respond a lot of attention on these u.s. china trade talks it's going to cause markets ripple no doubt on the story for us you thank you for the second day of thailand's three day coronation ceremony has come to an end after a spectacular procession through bangkok's old town hundreds of thousands turned out to see the new king for royalists the ceremony has been a long time coming thailand's last coronation was almost seventy years ago when the new king's father ascended to the throne. mutai king now have a juror longhorn made his first public appearance in saturday's coronation in grand style this spectacular royal for session took a seven kilometer route through bangkok's old town. the king was accompanied by over one thousand soldiers and a one hundred nine member marching band playing tunes written by thailand's beloved former king bhumibol. some two hundred thousand
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onlookers clad in yellow a color associated with the thai royal family lined the streets many turned out hours before the event started braving the summer heat to show their support for the new monarch a they did love him to fly to his tivo despite that his father you could go to the sylvia very happy. the nearly seven hour long procession continued into the night with stops at three different temples along the way and at each stop more adoring supporters waiting to catch a glimpse or at least a photo of their new king. and the king turned to my side and i was shouting long live the king while waving flags and fairy grateful believe me when i had to buy i can't explain what i'm feeling but i'm very excited and grateful to be here. today why did.
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the elaborate three day coronation ceremony is expected to cost over thirty million dollars but most in attendance don't seem bothered it is after all the country's first coronation in sixty nine years and the new king is one of the world's richest monarchs with assets estimated in the billions of dollars. now around the globe the race is on right now to roll out five g. mobile networks but as in other aspects of communication technology germany is lagging behind. as a graph shows a quarter of germany still does not even have access to five g. network technology ranking the country thirtieth in the world and compare that to south korea and the united states where coverage is almost one hundred percent it's a problem that people here are increasingly aware of so when our correspondent kate brady set off to find out what issues germans are concerned with most at the moment
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she travelled to a network dead zone. for the first leg of my journey i'm leaving behind philip essen in the german countryside. once a wellesley to an industry an innovation when it comes to digitalize ation germany is lacking fall behind. despite the impending arrival of five technology here and have a need for some parts of the country especially in the countryside people are still treatment of networks and a reliable internet connection let's not forget it wasn't so long ago that the japanese chancellor angela merkel has so much describing the internet as new territory. agriculture is just one industry feeling the effects of germany's digital shortcomings caravel of when network dead zones are a common occurrence for farmers like pick. by using g.p.s.
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signals this tractor has the capacity to drive itself autonomous the uncover the exact same route and the exact same tracks taken on previous days. with. this value here shows how good reception is you have to imagine it's like when you get three g. your on your phone the higher these numbers become the worse the reception gets right now as we stand we can work with one centimeter accuracy into the dog noise. but when the signal fails things go a little off plan and the tractors wheels their off course. which means wasted resources and the expenditure for farmers. was most important here for these farmers is perception and making sure that they can farm with exact signals and making sure that these signals are even available in the first place so that they
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can work more precisely and efficiently to make sure that they don't waste any use of the land. farm owner banhart flyhalf on face is holding the german government to its pledge of nationwide high speed internet by twenty twenty five and five g. mobile internet the political loser. here still politicians mr standish these standards across the board network operators who can provide five g. standards must be obliged to make this internet connection available not only in the densely populated high revenue regions but also in the countryside where the turnover is low. probably long ok story. the german government has now promised plenty of measures to at least get germany on the way when it comes to digitalize ation but now the question is whether those measures can really be implemented in time to make sure that germany has any. tenses oh of becoming
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a digital tech giant. brady you saw her there she's now with us here in the studio to talk a little bit more about this and kate you know we just have to tell our viewers that a couple of months ago germany's research minister said the following five g. is not necessarily at every can it turns out though that the people in those areas they really took that quite differently than perhaps it was intended phyllis and yet they really are frustrated and the two guys i spoke to in the report that you've just seen actually quoted germany's research minister themselves as well and this is something that really struck them and i think that is still quite a blahs a attitude not only from some politicians but also from some germans in different parts of germany on experiencing the lack of every day of course this report here that i followed was actually just focusing on agriculture but also this affects
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their entire lives when what about when an emergency doctor doesn't have a signal on my phone so that they can take an emergency call for example so this really gets into every part of the everyday lives especially in rural germany and it's just one of the many issues actually that is concerning germans right now we know that you're actually doing a series on that particular topic so what else is on the agenda exactly they'll be running every day this week so we saw digitalisation today tomorrow we've got japanese housing crisis demographic change the fact that germany is becoming older and that's affecting the workforce especially and also climate change and that series how concerned do voters seen about these issues and especially in these towns that you visited i mean you visited a lot of small towns in the country didn't you exactly and it was not only issues that are in the countryside but these issues a concerning all of germany and i think that's what's quite unique about these issues that it isn't something that's. individual to. one specific group of people
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or one specific place in or even here in the german capital in berlin and even here if we take the example of. coverage today you know you can be in the center of the german capital i'm not have any internet connection of any foreign connection and this is something that you hear from voices when you ask if they're concerned they are concerned because they keep hearing these promises from politicians and now they want to see some action taken though and of course we could see the repercussions of that playing out later this year we have some really important state elections coming up in germany as well and germans really are becoming frustrated especially at the government that we currently have here the grand coalition between the conservatives and the social democrats and these really are issues that are going to shape germany's future ok so let's look forward to you kate brady thank you so much. well spring is in the air here in europe and it is time to cut the lawn but enthusiastic and england's do more than
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just trim the grass with their lawn mowers they also race them check this out at this weekend's events in the town of billings first it was not just a one off there was a full lawnmower racing championship in england with races spread out all over the season gary won the open race but admitted that the course had become extremely bumpy and that's without the mower blade it's actually being turned on. to have for that when the going to sleep the show follows after this program after a break lynn's player michelle didn't day is the guess they're the focus byron on the cusp of the title after another dortmund collapse also all of sunday's goals including an extraordinary match wishing they were cruising in frankfurt and i don't make the all important top four find out how that turned out in just a couple minutes time. all that and more coming right up
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from all of us here at the t.v. thank you so much for watching i'm sara kelley in berlin have a great day. this
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start up electricity. the combined heat and power unit generates two hundred fishing blocks and. uses a thermoelectric generator to convert into electricity. the wood burning stove can be used to power the fridge right up. to our o.j. in sixty minutes on.
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what's coming up all of the closely so much movement to come into space and plenty of smoke i'm going to go as much take a look at what all that means for the taking of course. among his legal theory weekend here on t.w. . an action packed life for. me because anything's possible as long as our coffee and his friends can drink. this movie. refugee camp. his life story may have
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ground to a halt. twenty seven years ago but there's no holding back his dreams. thank you for watching. cinema the stores may twenty seventh on t.w. . welcome to the bonus league here on t.w. the league entered the home straight on match think that's it to this still so much to be decided between now and the end of the season this is what we have coming up for you. after a horrible month of maple frank but we're looking to refund the winning form they were eleven clues on sunday with both sides champion's league champions league qualification hopes on the line. and will be looking at the title race by an open a four point gap over the.


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