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it's a v.w. news live from berlin palestinian officials say that they have reached a ceasefire agreement with israel to end a surge of violence in the gaza strip and southern israel can it last also coming up at least forty one people die as a russian airliner person so planes during an emergency landing in moscow and farmers in india demand the better financial deal how will their protests influence the results of the country's general election talks in the bundesliga labor cruisin
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crash frankfurt six one as the race for the last champions league slot for next season heats up. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program israel and hamas have reportedly agreed to a ceasefire after a weekend of violence in gaza they claimed the lives on both sides house city and officials say that the agreement came into effect just a few hours ago now over the weekend at least nineteen palestinians and four israelis were killed in the most severe escalation of violence between israelis and palestinians since the two thousand and fourteen gaza war. the well that's a hospital in gaza palestinians mourn their dead. the the funerals were held for
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a pregnant woman and her fourteen month old niece both killed on saturday the girl's father blames israel. the children were playing and they were struck by a missile shot from an israeli drone. oh and israeli spokesman denied that the defense forces the i.d.f. were involved and said the palestinians themselves were responsible. for the unfortunate deaths of that woman and the baby were not the result of ideas with rather a result of the use of weapons by terrorist organizations in that area in the southern gaza strip. israel says it's targeting what it calls terror elements in the gaza strip pinpointing farm buildings cars. and high rise buildings in gaza city. the israeli government insists the strikes are in response to hamas and islamic jihad firing more than six hundred
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rockets across the border into southern israel this weekend many were intercepted while still airborne but some landed in residential areas destroying homes injuring and killing civilians hastily declared in the early hours of the morning the latest ceasefire has a verted an all out war but with tensions high it won't take much for the violence to flare up again. especially in correspondent tanya kramer who has the latest from jerusalem so we've heard that this cease fire has been in effect for a few hours now how is it holding up so far. well it appears to be holding since the early morning hours there have been no a rockets being fired into southern israel from gaza and also there have been no more israeli airstrikes on gaza palestinian media have reported that as of four thirty am this cease fire has gone into effect a cease fire that has been brokered this time again in mediated by egypt with the
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help of qatar and the united nations. and tania we know that one of the main sticking points one of the things that really sparked this most recent conflict was on the palestinian officials in gaza were saying that israel was not taking steps to ease its blockade under promise ceasefire deals of the past how likely is it that now we will see some steps to resolve this. well it's all about the implementation as you said hamas and islamic jihad and other militant groups in gaza they have accused israel of failing to implement understandings that have been reached during the last time there was an escalation and was in late march and also at earlier times we've seen many of those escalations flaring up over the past year and we understand that this time also. the ceasefire or
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calm is based on those understanding said have included previously the lifting of some of the restrictions on gaza like expanding the fishing zone. getting in aid money from qatar the flow of more electricity into gaza now it's really all about this implementation but it also shows that without a longer term plan a solution political solution for the gaza strip which has been under blockade and has been under closure for over ten years now it's going to be highly likely that we see possibly other times of escalation tanya given the tenuous situation there right now what is the mood. well i think people on both sides waiting to see actually two to know bit more about the understandings being reached i think in gaza there is a sense of relief it's also the first day of ramadan today it has been very
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exhausting. and people really would like to see that some of those restrictions being lifted now in the south of israel as well so many barrages of rockets have been. launched against communities their people have been confined many to their house or to their safe rooms but they also would probably like to see what is the result of all of this is this just a period of calm and waiting for another escalation or will there be some every solution at the end tanya kramer in jerusalem thank you tonya at least forty one people have been killed after a russian plane burst into flames during an emergency landing at moscow's sheremetyevo airport the aeroflot airliner was flying to the northern city of months when the pilot reported technical problems and turned back.
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panic breaks out onboard aeroflot flight as you one four nine two this video shot by one of the passengers captures the fateful moments after the plane's emergency landing at moscow's sheremetyevo airport. most of the seventy eight passengers didn't manage to escape the flames as the lucky survivors staggered to safety rescue vehicles rushed towards the burning hole. several passengers were taken to hospital. where did the justices figure that was come up with. their only source verity of the injuries comes from smoke inhalation and. many other people have injuries to the bodies. and legs. it's unclear why the russian build sukhoi superjet one hundred turned back about thirty minutes into its flight the fire didn't break out until the plane touched
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the ground the aircraft bounced off the tarmac as the pilot attempted to land causing the fuel tanks to burst and ignite the disaster also raises questions over the super jet one hundred since one crashed in indonesia in two thousand and twelve there have been several complains about technical flaws in the aircraft scrambling for answers aeroflot has activated its crisis response team and russian president vladimir putin has ordered a full investigation into the disaster of get more now we're joined by correspondent emily sure went who has the view from moscow so emily what are you hearing from investigators about the cause of this accident. well the investigative committee has been rather careful about what information they've been releasing they haven't actually stated in the fischel reason for the crash yet they've said that they will only do that after a thorough investigation they are investigating what happened as a violation of safety rules what we do know is that the plane was flying from
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moscow to more money and that the pilot sent a distress signal shortly after takeoff now itself is actually saying that the plane had to return to unspecified technical reasons they say that the fire broke out after landing now there are conflicting versions about whether the fire actually broke off broke out during the flight or after landing from videos it does certainly look like the fire broke out after landing but pilots the pilots from the plane have been reporting that the plane may have been hit by lightning that could have caused the fire or that it could have also caused technical issues other sources say that the plane. broke out in flames when it hit the landing strip so really not much official information not much information lots of different
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versions being discussed so we'll have to wait and see to get more clarity on what they are really happened what the reasons for this accident there also seems to be emily a bit of a debate about be a merge and see response what more can you tell us about. when it comes to the emergency response people have been discussing on social media one thing that people have been discussing is why it took so long for the blaze to be put out as some eyewitnesses said it did and one report in the media says that perhaps. airport used its own fire brigades rather than relying on civilian fire brigades who were not let on to the airport territory and that that could have been a reason for the slow response but again this is not confirmed another thing that people are discussing is the evacuation of passengers an aeroflot representative
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said that passengers were were actually evacuated within fifty five seconds the norm there he said was ninety seconds so a rather quick evacuation but media sources are citing. other sources so again not very confirmed but who are who are saying that actually passengers panicked and they tried to get their luggage their hand luggage out of the storage compartments and that actually slowed the evacuation of passengers and with forty one people dead in this instance the search for answers will certainly continue i will be sure when with the view from moscow thank you. and let's get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world white house national security advisor john bolton says that the u.s. will deploy a carrier strike group and bombers to the middle east to send a clear and unmistakable message to iran it is the latest in the series of moves aimed at ratcheting up pressure on tehran a year after washington was true from the nuclear accord. former agricultural
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minister loren tierno occurred tito has been declared the winner of the animals presidential election with almost all of the votes counted and unexpectedly tight race put him less than two points ahead of the democratic change party candidate who has not yet conceded defeat. and is to suspend capital punishment for gay sex and adultery on the sultan of brunei made the announcement in a television address the country has been under international pressure after celebrities including george clooney and elton john called for a while boycott of the family's businesses. to the united nations says that it has gained access to grain silos in yemen support city of odessa for the first time in months fighting made the storage facility inaccessible last year it may hold enough wheat to feed hundreds of thousands in the war torn country and muslims around the world have begun celebrating the start of ramadan they will be abstaining from food and drink from dawn until dusk for
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a whole month fasting is intended to draw worshippers closer to god through self-control reflection and teano. in thailand people are celebrating the final day of the country's three the coronation ceremonies the new king and his queen are due to make an appearance on the grand palace balcony to greet the public and on sunday hundreds of thousands turned out to welcome the monarch during a spectacular procession through bangkok's old town. mutai king now have a juror longhorn made his first public appearance in saturday's coronation in grand style. this spectacular royal for session took a seven kilometer route through bangkok's old town. the king was accompanied by over one thousand soldiers and a one hundred nine member marching band playing tunes written by thailand's beloved former king bhumibol. some two hundred thousand
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onlookers clad in yellow the color associated with the thai royal family lined the streets many turned out i was before the event started braving the summer heat to show their support for the new monarch a they did love him if my to leave diego just like that he father you could build a silvia very happy. in the nearly seven hour long procession continued into the night with stops at three different temples along the way and at each stop more adoring supporters waiting to catch a glimpse or at least a photo of their new king. and the king turned to my side and i was shouting long live the king while waving flags and very grateful believe me when i'm eighty five i can't explain what i'm feeling but i'm very excited and grateful to be here. today why did.
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the elaborate three day coronation ceremony is expected to cost over thirty million dollars but most in attendance don't seem bothered it is after all the country's first coronation in sixty nine years and the new king is one of the world's richest monarchs with assets estimated in the billions of dollars. in india voting is underway in the world's biggest parliamentary election nearly no . five hundred million indians are eligible to vote enabling them to do so is a man with logistical operation and that is why there is not just one election day instead of voting takes place in seven phases across different regions from april eleventh to it may nineteenth now according to election guidelines voters should have to travel no further than two kilometers to cast their vote so one million polling stations are being set up across the country to reach voters in even the
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most remote areas at the end of the six week voting period the results are due to be announced on may twenty third one of the major issues in the campaign the rural economy in recent years angry farmers reeling from falling crop highest prices and mounting debts have been marching on indian cities demanding a better financial deal and our correspondent sunny funny car travelled to a central state to find out how they are likely to influence the election for to put it is an old hand at this he's been farming since he was a teenager here in east of mother british throwing pulses and see real crops but these aren't patil spiels today he's other friends in the midst of the retard list and he's struggling with the need for memories in mid march unseasonal he'll hit the neighboring district with patel's own four acre farms located in the storm
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battered scraps and pushed him to a mental breakdown. the hailstone completely destroyed my tree and i had borrowed money to sell the crops my first thought was how would i repeat the loan with i was shocked i couldn't think straight with ice one of them pesticides in my life. but ten was rushed to hospital where he spent days recovering he still weak and suppose from frequent dizziness and nausea. she's not sure when he can work again. at the beginning of the year but tel took a bank loan of over two thousand five hundred euros to buy seeds and fertilizers rent a tractor and hire a farm hand he also borrowed from money lenders to cover his family's expenses the debt burden kept growing.
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our crops our lifeline if they fail where do we get money from i now have no source of income for the rest of the year i felt there was just no way out for me i wanted to die earlier. patel is not an isolated case and it's not confined to state by the british across india hundred of the deputy farmers have committed suicide over the years the agrarian crisis is a major issue in the ongoing indian election with all political parties trying to woo farmers. on the outskirts of jabal pool the opposition congress party is holding a campaign rally. its leader who gandhi is promising a separate budget for farmers a complete loan waiver and his borrowing the criminal proceedings will not be allowed against farmers who default on their loans. nearly seventy percent india still relies on agriculture for a living. expert say there's
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a lot of political rhetoric around this huge voting bloc. but little will to tackle the underlying crisis or india needs to do what political parties need to do is to go into the root of the agrarian crisis on how farmers and farming can become the. engine of economic growth in india that's where the solutions. for now there's no sign of that at the local who market farmers that come in from surrounding areas to sell the grain and vegetables the government sets fixed prices for certain commodities to incentivise production but farmers here say they're not getting those prices the overriding view here is that farming simply isn't viable. pertained to there's little hope left the things will change he sees no future in farming. all he wants is for the sun to find. father moved from the precarious
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world of agriculture. now fans of britain's royal family are hoping that it will soon be time to celebrate prince harry and his wife megan mark are expecting their first child any day now you might have heard but to the disappointment of royal watchers the couple have been tight lipped in public choosing not to reveal their birth plans or the due date. but news that prince harry has now canceled a planned trip to the netherlands is fueling speculation that the big day is imminent. baby hats and romper suits are at the ready. u.k.'s next royal also won't be short on congratulations now the baby just has to arrive. we're just waiting patiently she was twelve days late so you never know what happened you never know when they're going to come to you so who will be the things you say yeah that's what i need to get younger generation attributable we
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need some good marrying in the tradition of. prince harry and meghan markle said there i do use here at windsor just a year ago and windsor's where their baby is due to be born. the castle walls are thick and well guarded against the curious and britain's notably invasive tabloid press the secrecy has given rise to speculation that the baby may already have been born a major betting company has even stopped taking wagers on the timing of the birth of. prince harry and his wife perhaps inadvertently fed speculation when they said last month that they might not immediately announce the birth of their child they're also trying to avoid a spectacle in the press over the baby's first photograph they want to celebrate the arrival among the family. now to the bone displayed starting with an extraordinary back that's all of her clothes and overwhelm frankfurt six to one
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with all of the calls coming in the first half the result but clever coons leverkusen the level with fourth placed frankfurt and the battle for the final spot in next season's champions league tournament both sides have two games left. leverkusen wasted little time opening the scoring in their clash for europe against frankfurt. one nil from chi however it's after just two minutes. the hosts kept up the torrid pace with you me and grant finishing up a neat bit of team play to double the lead eleven minutes later i frankfurt responded immediately with yonath and todd deflecting for the cost of his effort into the net to make it a game. that was until leverkusen open the floodgates ten minutes later lucas a lhari zero knocked in for three one five charles of a nice powered pass to listless frankfurt defense to make it four one i.
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and a large zero tapped in for five five. taking a cue from the leverkusen attack frankfurt defender my. he didn't take it in explicitly head to the ball into his own now six one after just thirty six minutes played. amazingly the score held a deafening statement in the fight for the top four from leverkusen and a crushing defeat for frankfurt. and freiburg and disallowed our founds worry that they would be fighting relegation this season but instead they are all comfortably in the middle of the standings still their encounter on sunday got quite feisty at times. from a good group was in a dubious penalty after the supposed to be the robin type of content delivery for the italian convert of the night when he spoke to himself one nil to the thirty placed posts with a void you have regularly case bottle this term will go off both showed their resilience which is help keep the promoting the book this season that you could not
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see leveled with a perfectly placed shot. at the start of the second half try the johnny cabrera was sent off for a second yellow card after repeated foul. but despite having an extra man doesn't go could also win that finished one one between two teams happy to be in mid table . and a look at the bundesliga table with just two matches remaining for each club shows that biron now lead dortmund by four points biron can wrap up the title with a win at third place leipsic next weekend and the second half are looking from the bottom up nuremberg and hanover local likely to be relegated with stood guard in relegation playoff spot. tennis out and stefano's sit sit sit sit pos excuse me boosted his french open preparations by winning the warm up tournament in portugal he's at the bottom of the screen and compete all below we have us in straight sets but as you can see the three didn't have it all his own
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way of us could claim shots of the day with this incredible between the legs shot. enjoyed is surprising run this year's first grand slam australian open back in january this was the first play for title of his career. good for him now spring is the in the air here in europe and it is time to cut the lawn but enthusiasts in england do more than just trim the grass with their lawn mowers they also race them and this weekend's events in the town of billings hurst was not just a one off there is a full lawn more we've seen championship in england with braces spread out over the lawn mower season the winner of the opening braves admitted the course had become extremely bumpy and that is with out the mower blades actually. turned on. up next it's business with stephen barrett's lee
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but we have well look out of course is the trump tariff threats the latest ones it's been sort of quiet on the u.s. trade us china trade deal front for a while the president trump and now it's rushing up again of course threatening to ups and tariffs pretty since we'll have all the stories coming up ok all that more coming up in just about a minute's time with don't go away a quick reminder of the top stories we're following for you here on d.w. israel and hamas have reportedly agreed to a cease fire following a weekend of violence in gaza that claimed lives on both sides it was the worst escalation there since the twenty fourteen gaza war and at least forty one people were killed when a russian passenger play. and burst into flames during an emergency landing in moscow the aeroflot plane that wasn't the route from supermarkets when it was forced to return to the capital for tactical response. you're watching t.v. it is from berlin i'm sorry kelly thank you so much for joining us after just
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a minute it's business as the chief. law. model.
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a refugee camp. his life story ground to a halt twenty seven years ago but there's no holding back his dreams. and thank you for what cinema done starts may twenty seventh on the c.w. . the terror threats are back u.s. president donald trump ups the pressure on beijing as negotiators try to hash out a trade deal look at what his new threats would mean and how markets are reacting. and israel is a start up hot spot so how does a small nation punch above its weight with well funded tech initiatives.


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