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this is news coming to you live from berlin a million species at risk of extinction that's the conclusion of a landmark u.n. report on biodiversity scientists say that only a dramatic change in economic and financial systems can pull a vital ecosystems back from the brink. forty one people are confirmed dead
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after a russian airliner burst into flames during an emergency landing in moscow investigators say they've discovered both flight recorders as they try to find out which caused the disaster. and talons a newly crowned king says some chicks from the balcony of bangkok the grand palace were wrapping up the crowd and final deal because coronation celebration. hello and welcome. an unprecedented decline in nature trick think humanity that's the conclusion of the first united nations report on biodiversity a million species about discover extinction from climate change overfishing and pollution some animal populations have dropped to the dozens the van keita upon the
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four boys native the waters of california is down to an estimated thirty the are more or less put native to china and russia is down to about eighty four vultures may not be your idea of beauty but they're a key part of the ecosystem eleven of sixteen species are at risk of extinction now there are a few hopeful stories the black rhino for example between one hundred sixty and sixty five the population dropped from by ninety eight percent in just a few thousand but since then it's more than doubled and the report says that species are dying off at an accelerating rate but there's a chance to make a difference if a big if action is taken immediately now for more on the story i'm joined by. environment reporter did you already read this report is it as serious as it sounds and why are these species at risk from extinction. i think it is
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a serious as it sounds this is the most comprehensive study of life on earth that ever been undertaken and the key message that scientists have been giving today is that human action is hurting nature and the damage to make sure is in time hunting humans and they've listed extraordinary detail the ways in which attacks on the rainforest in which overfishing of our oceans poisoning of our waterways pollution of the air how all of this comes together to really in danger our ability to feed ourselves our ability to live in good health the atmospheres and the making very clear statement that this is something that we need to fix drastically. so it's as alarming as it sounds stairway you because i want to draw attention to one particular issue of this report the one that one is
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a report has to do is that set of insects such as b.s. which are essential in the funimation of crops you know what have you seen an alarming development would be is disappearing and dying under mysterious circumstances but they alpheus it could have major consequences for farmers in germany a new app good health. how many of the apple blossoms in her orchard will be pollinated this year it's a question that fruit farmer sabine adama asks herself time and again because a northern germany as in other places many bees are dying. losing up to forty percent of a colony as a regular occurrence and those are the bees that you miss now when plants begin flowering whether it's rapeseed or fruit they're just not there. if you. don't mind has turned to a new digital be sharing platform for help it brings together beekeepers and farmers on line. the bees that will pollinate dull months trees arrive on
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a truck from the neighboring netherlands she ordered five hundred colonies. and after taking a little while to a climatized they get straight to work. platform operator. has assumed responsibility for the hard working insects it would be terrible for the startups image if they came to harm. disease prevention is a big issue of bringing healthy bees plays a central role on the one hand on the other we have close agreements and binding regulations with the farmers to ensure the bees aren't damaged through the improper use of pesticides that could hurt or destroy them and that hasn't happened yet. so far galba has registered over a thousand beekeepers on his platform the bees cost sixty euros per deployment so did they get the job done they.
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were lucky because our orchard is pretty far away from other orchards like it so we thought about it and decided to take a chance on it to give it a shot and see how things go and so far the cooperation has gone very well we haven't been disappointed. the beekeepers get to keep the honey it's still early days for the be sharing business in germany but there is potential demand for hundreds of thousands of comedies among farmers all over the country beasts for hire could help improve harvests of all kinds of produce and at the same time provide their owners with a great source of income. that engine is environment reporter is still with me adjacent to us on this one this decline of these is thriving humanity we saw a german app which is one way off arresting this decline but if you listen to the speaking wide wife how difficult will it be to stop this decline of bees the bees
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in particular there are some solutions being counted but on the broader scale to actually stop this global loss of biodiversity it's an enormous challenge and one which the report finds requires transformative action and they modeled i think six different policy scenarios including business as usual and scenarios where we really drastically change what we're doing and in only a scenario where we completely rethink the way we approach biodiversity protection and conservation do we actually really protect humanity and i think one really interesting aspect of the report is how radical some of the solutions are so that the line that in the report that talks about how we really requires steering away our global economy from what they call the limited paradigm of economic growth so we're really talking about large scale transformative change. and other
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scientists are trying to tell us that said lots of work ahead of us a jeepney runge indeed obvious environment reporter thank you very much for giving us your initial thoughts on a report which has just come out. turning now to russian at least forty one people have been killed as a russian plane burst into flames during an emergency landing at a moscow's sheremetyevo airport and the arafat plane was flying to the northern city of woodlands when the thought of to put it technical problems and turned back . panic breaks out onboard aeroflot flight su one four nine two this video shot by one of the passengers captures the fateful moments after the plane's emergency landing at moscow's sheremetyevo airport. most of the seventy eight passengers didn't manage to escape the flames as the lucky survivors staggered to safety rescue vehicles rushed towards the burning hole.
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several passengers were taken to hospital. for. verity of the injuries come from smoke inhalation and. many other people have injuries to the bodies. and legs. it's unclear why the russian build sukhoi superjet one hundred turned back about thirty minutes into its flight the fire didn't break out until the plane touched the ground the aircraft bounced off the tarmac as the pilot attempted to land causing the fuel tanks to burst and ignite the disaster also raises questions over the super jet one hundred since one crashed in indonesia in two thousand and twelve there have been several complains about technical flaws in the aircraft scrambling for answers aeroflot has activated its crisis response team and russian president vladimir putin has ordered a full investigation into the disaster. for the very latest on joining me is
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a correspondent emily shipman from moscow bureau in midst to get into the crash has started but all the any initial thoughts on what caused the accident well the russian investigative committee has laid out what it thinks could be some possible reasons for the accident though they are still quite broad at the moment they've said that it could be that the pilots or the air traffic controllers or the technicians who checked the plane before it took off may not have been qualified enough they also cite the possibility that the plane could have been defective or that there could have been bad weather there have been reports that the plane may have been hit by lightning while it was in the air now the investigative committee says that it is currently investigated several investigating several black boxes as well as audio recordings from the plane and c.c.t.v.
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so we'll have to wait and see whether one of those versions. comes out as the dominant one of the speeches off that plane in flames are hugely shocking what has been the reaction among people to this accident. well there absolutely has been huge shocks at this accident with so many victims president vladimir putin has expressed his condolences and has called for a meticulous investigation into the accident the families of the victims will be receiving compensation and the region of more months which is where the flight was actually going when it crash landed. also has now declared three days of mourning and the people that i was just spoke to outside of. the rail a rail station which is where air airplane express trains take off to go to shooting meta said that they were hugely shocked some people even said they were
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they were kind of scared to fly now and of course this is also been a hugely emotional discussion on social media as well and reach and many questions being asked about the safety of the sukhoi superjet and they have been technical problems with this plane before haven't. yes absolutely there have been and according to russian media reports today there have been as many as eight technical issues and accidents in the past year alone went to involving that the specific plane but what you have to understand is that this plane is kind of political it was the forest new civilian aircraft that was launched in two thousand and eleven the first new civilian aircraft launched after the soviet union the russian government has even been subsidizing the sale of these planes but it hasn't been a very popular model among airlines even among russian airlines in part to do with
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the fact that there have been some technical issues now we don't know of course at this point whether this accident has to do with the plane but it's clear that this will be a huge blow to the refuse a reputation of the superjet the support superjet one hundred and as well and also to air traffic and air can air excuse me the aviation industry and russia on the whole and michelin indeed. thank you so much for that. a commitment i'll bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world the united states is deploying a carrier strike group and bomb us to the middle east to send what it calls a clear and unmistakable message to iran it's the latest in a series of moves aimed at ratcheting up pressure on tehran a year after washington biju from the nuclear accord. pope francis is in bulgaria on the second day of his balkans tour he's urge people not to be indifferent to the plight of refugees and migrants only he visited
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a center for refugees telling them that they bore what he called the cross of humanity but gave his government has been criticized for its treatment of asylum seekers particularly unaccompanied minors. muslims around the world have begun celebrating the start of ramadan they will be abstaining from food and drink from dawn to dusk for a whole month fasting is intended to draw worshippers closer to god through says controlled reflection and community. and palace in leaders in gaza have agreed to a cease fire with israel ending two days of violence that threatened to turn into all out conflict israel has not officially commented on the cease fire but its military has allowed schools and roads in southern israel to reopen so residents can return to their daily lives in the r.c.c. agreement was reached appears to be holding with no rocket fire or israeli strikes reported the escalation in violence began on saturday the draka fire from militants
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in gaza prompting return strikes by israel at least twenty three palestinians and four israelis were killed. and he. is in jerusalem and joins me now from there telling us latest a burst of violence was fierce but short with casualties on both sides yet there's been no official cease fire announcement from either side what should be read into that. well so far at least a ceasefire appears to be holding since to early morning and it's the palestinian factions that have confirmed that a cease fire was put in place at four thirty am early on monday morning it was brokered again by egypt with the help of the united nations now as you said there has been no official confirmation from the israeli side but there has been a statement now by prime minister netanyahu when he expresses first of all
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condolences to the victims but he also says that the contain is not over and that it needs patience however the israeli army had released a statement early on monday morning that as of seven am local time. the emergency. situation was lifted around the gaza strip and that people should go back to their would be able to go back to their normal life so this is i think the most official confirmation we get that also is are things that this round of fighting at least is over for now so from what you're saying the ceasefire is holding for now what is the situation like for ordinary people today was a keep in mind this is the first day of ramadan. it has been exhausting two days especially also in gaza i think this is also mixed with some relief because people really didn't know whether this is you know a short term escalation or whether this will become
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a full out war again and you see you know just before ramadan goes it's bustling with life people are preparing for it so it's very different so there's a lot of relief but people will also be looking at what actually follows out of this i mean will those understanding's that have been which will be implemented will there be really some changes in their daily logs they've been under a blockade and the closure for the last decade that's very important to them but also in the south of israel people are certainly believe that this is over for now they have been confined to their homes they have safe rooms usually at home and they couldn't go out under this massive rocket barrage but also there are questions now being raised what as what if this is only another period of calm before another escalation and there has also been already some criticism leveled by politicians that netanyahu might have caved in as they see it. in front of hamas johny
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pin in jerusalem thank you very much for that update from there. to india now where the fifth phase of voting is underway in the world's biggest parliamentary election nearly nine hundred million indians are eligible to vote it's always a mammoth logistical operation which is why voting is staggered there are seven polling days across different regions the first one was in the eleventh of april the last one will be on the nineteenth of may now the election guidelines stipulate that voters should not have to travel more than two kilometers to cast their ballots one million polling stations have been set up across the country to reach voters even the most remote parts of the country at the end of the six week of voting period the results will be announced on the twenty third of may one of the major issues in this campaign is farmers distress nearly seventy percent of people in india depend or indirectly on agriculture and they have been angry protests
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against falling crop prices and mounting debt our correspondence on a farm worker went to the state of muddy pradesh to see how this issue is playing out in the election. through. is an old hand at this he's been farming since he was a teenager here east of mother british throwing pulses and see real crops but these aren't patil spiels today he's on the principle in the midst of the wee toughest and he struggles with evil memories in mid march unseasonal he'll hit the neighboring district with patel's own four acre farm located the storm battered his crops and pushed him to a mental break down. the hailstorm completely destroyed my house and i had borrowed money to sell the crops my first thought was how will i repeat the loan i was shocked i couldn't think straight i swallowed some pesticides in my life.
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patel was rushed to hospital where he spent days recovery he's still weak and suffers from frequent dizziness and nausea. he's not sure when he can work again. at the beginning of the year but tell took a bank loan of over two thousand five hundred euros to buy seeds and fertilizers rent a tractor and hire a farm hand he also borrowed from money lenders to cover his family's expenses the debt burden kept growing. young top puzzle a million bucks a craps our lifeline if they fail we do we get money from it i now have no source of income for the rest of the year i felt it was just no way out for me i wanted to die earlier. patel
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is not an isolated case and it's not confined to states like by the british across india hundreds the deputy farmers have committed suicide over the years the agrarian crisis is a major issue in the ongoing indian election with all political parties trying to woo farmers. on the outskirts of the opposition congress party is holding a campaign rally. its leader to hold gandhi is promising a separate budget for farmers a complete loan waiver and his borrowing the criminal proceedings will not be allowed against farmers who default on their loans. nearly seventy percent india still relies on agriculture for a living. expert say there's a lot of political rhetoric around this huge voting block. but little will to tackle the underlying crisis what india needs to do when to go to parties need to do is to go into the root of the gradient crisis on how farmers and farming
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can become the. engine of economic growth in india that's where the solution is. for now there's no sign of that at the local wholesale market farmers that come in from surrounding areas to sell the grain and vegetables the government sets fixed prices for certain commodities to incentivise production but farmers here say they're not getting those prices the overriding view here is that farming simply isn't buyable. patel to there's little hope left the things will change but he sees no future in farming. all he wants its focus on to find a job far removed from the precarious world of agriculture. going on now to thailand's capital bangkok where newly crowned king budgie are long gone has greeted his subjects for the first time thousands of people lined the streets around the city's grand palace to try and catch
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a glimpse of the new monarch and the crowds began gathering early in the morning in the basin heat this event wraps up three days of elaborate coronation ceremony for the new king the celebrations follow a period of official mourning for his father who died in two thousand and sixteen having reigned in more than seventy. people joining me now is the charlotte belle she's in bangkok so charlotte street is a festivities and celebrations are wrapping up there and you've been in the midst of it all what has it been like. i am rita yes thousands of people back on the streets today as part of this three day coronation extravaganza and the images of all those people outside the ground has really are very very striking people dressed in yellow a mark of respect for the thai king people waving their flags chanting long live the king as he came out onto the balcony flanked by then visit his family as well
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some people we've heard it outside the grand palace in the early hours of the morning some even count overnight in the hope of can getting that spot to catch a glimpse of the time i king and it really has been incredibly hot here over the last few days while the thousands of people have been out on the streets people have been carrying around umbrellas to show them from the we actually had that before the king came out onto the balcony of clouds passed overhead and people break out into a quick opposed chance relief to be out of the sun in just a moment and actually have been medical teams that have to try and make sure that people can cope in the heat because they have been out for hours on end yesterday for example they were here in the early hours of the morning to see the king as he was marched through the streets of bangkok as part of that procession that lasted over six hours that really was an insurance test for a lot of people here but they wanted to catch a glimpse of the newly crowned king they wanted to show their respects for the king after all this is a monarch who has always divine status here in thailand and this is the first time
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most people have seen the coronation in their lifetimes so this really has been a momentous few days with people gathered here in bangkok a shelter as you said a mob budget a long corner has been crowned not all but he became king in two thousand and sixteen when his father passed away what well can you tell us about him. that's why it's a huge outpouring of grief when his father passed away in twenty six and he was a very well respected much loved monic here in thailand this now with the new king heralds the dawn of a new era for people here and now we know little bit about his biography of course he was educated in the u.k. and australia he's an officer at the time military we know as well that just before the coronation he was married people that are bracing having a new queen here and she's been a very prominent part of the procession to coronation you would see her a lot alongside and members of her family say people here excited to be celebrating the new broken. seana chosen bill in bangkok thank you very much.
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to the industry going on an extraordinary mash that so live a close an overwhelmed frank foot six one the results would leave a cruise in eleven with frank but in the battle for the fourth and final spot in next season's champions league tournament. leverkusen wasted little time opening the scoring in their clash for europe against frankfurt. one nil from ca however it's after just two minutes. the hosts kept up the torrid pace with you on finishing up a neat bit of team play to double the lead eleven minutes later the frankfurt responded immediately with you on it and todd deflecting for the cost of just effort into the net to make it a game. that was until leverkusen open the floodgates ten minutes later lucas a lhari zero knocked in for three was charles of a powered pasta listless frankfort defense to make it four one was.
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and a large go top in for five was the. taking a cue from the leverkusen attack frankfurt defender mocking him tiger inexpressibly had to the ball into his own now six one after just thirty six minutes played. that's it for now thank you very much for watching us.
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no future in their own country they sat on by her have jobs thank you coveted. iran is politically isolated and u.s. sanctions have plunged economy even teeth thank you crisis. the family be forced to leave their homeland iran in twenty nineteen
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a country without prospects. even three. next. india. the spider man of mumbai is on the prowl us but he's out to protest in the. common just righteous son not knows the secret life of the legged creatures like no other. and he knows how important these are often endangered species. sixty minutes. an action packed life bookmarklet to me the anything's possible as long
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as our coffee and his friends can drink. this movie theater kenya's dada the refugee camp. his life story may have ground to a halt. twenty seven years ago but there's no holding back his dreams. thank you for watching. cinema the stars may twenty seventh on a double. welcome to global three thousands this week we find out about the effects of our apparently on say shabelle appetites for all materials on the land and the people who lived back. we visit to school in china west surveillance is just
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a positive life. but first we go to iran.


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