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just some still i see despite my consciousness. and development. to shoot that matter most. to security question washington. cannot has been achieved with so much money fifty times nineteen people have to be a concrete solutions. and i came to. this news asia coming up on the program driven to desperation and that. farmers are battling a crisis in their fields even to. each other for their votes but almost to the studios in the world's biggest demographic exercised elections.
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they say teams want to force the death penalty for gay sex after an international outcry. back down for the harsh sharia laws remain in place. so the freights the final days of budget along. spectacular and the need to dissension for the throne more than two years after his father's death . welcome to. it's good to have you with us indians have gone to the polls in the fifth phase of the country's more than a month long general elections voters after elect a new parliament prime minister narendra modi from the ruling hindu nationalists b j p he's seeking a second term. strange challenger is the leader of the opposition congress party.
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in their campaigns both are focused on one major issue the plight of india's farmers why they simply because there's more than two hundred ten million of them and most are facing financial difficulties in the us farm sector is suffering from the combined effects of falling crop prices for government support lack of alternative programs to name just a few it's a situation that led to thousands of farmers committing suicide the other correspondents on a farm worker travelled to jabal port in the state of motherhood to meet a family living with the burden of india's farm sector mismanagement through the tail is an old hand at this he's been farming since he was a teenager here in east of multiple dish throwing pulses and cereal crops but these aren't people. today his other friends in the midst of the week toughest and he's
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struggling with painful memories in mid march unseasonal he'll hit the neighboring district with patel's own four acre forms located in the storm battered his crops and pushed him to a mental breakdown. so hailstorm clearly destroyed much of. what borrowed money to sow the crops my first thought was colored by the learn what i was shocked and lost all hope he couldn't think straight. some has decided to end my life. but taylor was rushed to hospital where he spent days recovery he's still weak and suffers from frequent dizziness and nausea. he's not sure when he can work again at the beginning of the year patel took a bank loan of over two thousand five hundred euros to buy seeds and fertilizers rent a tractor and hire a farm hand. he also borrowed from money lenders to cover his family's expenses.
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the debt burden kept growing patel's hopes of a bailout evaporated as the local government suspended a plan to write off farm loans into after the elections the devastation to spam was the final blow ok there you heard our crops are a lot. if they fail where do we get money from i know i have no source of income for the rest of the year. or so i felt there was just no way out for me or i wanted to die. is not an isolated case and it's not confined to state by the british across india hundreds the deputy farmers have committed suicide over the years the agrarian crisis is a major issue in the ongoing indian election with all political parties trying to woo farmers. on the outskirts of jabal pull the opposition congress party is
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holding a campaign rally. it's leader who gandhi is promising a separate budget for farmers a complete loan waiver and is borrowing the criminal proceedings will not be allowed against farmers who default on their loads. nearly seventy percent of india still relies on agriculture for a living. expert say there's a lot of political rhetoric around this huge voting block. but little will to tackle the underlying crisis. what india needs to do what political parties need to do is to go into the root of the agrarian crisis on how farmers and farming can become the. engine of economic growth in india that's where the solution is for now there's no sign of that at the local wholesale market farmers that come in from surrounding areas to sell the grain and vegetables the government sets fixed prices for certain commodities to incentivise production. but farmers here say
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they're not getting those prices the overriding view here is that farming simply isn't buyable. the prices of fertilizers and seeds has gone up there's no reliable electricity to run water pumps are cops get damaged. politicians praise farmers as food givers but they do nothing for us all the benefits go to the traders. patel to there's little hope left the kids will change he sees no future in farming and all he wants is for the sun to find a job far removed from the put carry swirled of aquaculture. joining us for more professor him on show he teaches economics at her love never university professor good to see you now in the us farming crisis has been going on for quite some time now why has it not yet been addressed. well later
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a number of reasons for this but let me just say that i think. it said in the g.d.p. is now when the us less and less than fifteen plus and i hope it's not in the paddock the list of the moments we're trying to drive growth for that up compared to other countries but also because the need to factor to consider seeds if you consider as we come up with a little bit because of the globalization of the economy that he set up for production in the arctic and to succeed it seems it's become much more cash least though so that means over the years have been have been not investing as much amount of money as it required for and i think will to which it seems to dramatically in the last twenty to thirty years so i think a combination of all these factors and led to a situation that you can use today meanwhile that it will do external shocks with as well as domestic internally and then the economy shocks you spoke of money there in terms of money both. the opposition congress financial support for farmers
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in manifestos in this election season is that the right approach you think i mean obviously did all of both of them i mean all political parties that state going to the same thing them into trying to treat the symptoms when the crisis is on the street and five months on the street protesting against low prices or the crisis in the economy this i think is the best solution for that the politicians would think oh but remember this does not address that in these and as to why the economy is in crisis and i think the amount of money which is now being given as a symptomatic relief benefit thing if it was invested back in the structural issues part of the issues which basically lead to a better productive incomes two five months or a longer period of time that would have had it much better to compare it with this kind of suspicion that every five years or ten years you keep on pumping money into the in the aggregate economy what is it what is some kind of a short term solution rather than as a long term investment in existence and economy what really would you say deeds to be done to tackle the farming crisis. a lot of things need to be done and the first
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thing at in the first in the foremost and that's this is to bring agriculture back on depravity up economic policy maybe in the sense agriculture may not be going to be much for the g.d.p. but it still is very lucky half of the workforce is in that sort of labor would issues i've got to consider something which is very very serious but the need to difficult it seems and that needs to be understood it cannot be the indignation kind of method that is what the government has to play into all of the subsidy deleted mechanisms that the government is trying to push it has become much more volatile but with monetized much more cash based and it has also become much more difficult to predict what is going to happen in terms of agriculture prices so i think you need a kind of cities of policies to bring together all these issues think of new ways of dealing with agriculture and bring a new understanding of what the changes that it is that they can set out and then we'll even think about finding solutions to the problems thank you very much for explaining that to us professor montreux from village of their university thank you
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to brunei next for the tiny nation has put on hold plans to storm to death those on going to have good sex and adultery the small town of brunei. has extended the motorboating on the death penalty to cover offenses under its new shaadi accord sharia law fully came into force in the country last month brunei the only country in southeast asia to have sharia law at the national level the move had sparked international outrage including from the united nations. brunei's backtrack has been noted on social media by rights activists but many say this whole town's announcement is not enough jack d. tweeted this this is a part of activism thank you so much to every single person who signed petitions attended protests posted tweets people power does work now for decriminalization but demand for more action from human rights watch deputy asia director phil robertson said more pressure is needed the entire shari'a criminal law should be
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scrapped because it's a rights abusing monstrosity reminiscent of a medieval yesterday that has no place in the modern age you remember many celebrities in dos the boycott of brunei own properties to protest the death penalty law among them the polo lounge in los angeles once frequented by lisa vanderpump from the real housewives of beverly hills how to eat today o.-m. g. brunei will not enforce death penalty we have been need to at the polo lounge for drinks but a fan replied please do not go back to the photo lounge gays are still find in prison for up to ten years in brunei once all eyes are off them again who knows what will happen. to thailand next which has seen three days of ceremonies to the new king king might have eyes that are long gone has been officially crowned thailand's ruler. the and. on the ground palace balcony to greet the
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public the appearance came off the weekend the fetterman he's with the new king crowned with a multi-tiered comb and taken out on bank or tone on the seven all alone he's taken all the drama all the time among his many affairs and for. some people has been following the coroners in bangkok she spoke to us about the challenges facing the new york injury and huge crowds of taking to the streets over the past few days to watch history in the making thousands braved the baking heat for hours on end on sunday to catch a glimpse of the king as he was carried through the streets of bangkok dressed in a sea of yellow as a mark of respect people chanting long live the king as he passed after all this is the first time most people here have witnessed the coronation of the thai king in their lifetimes thoughts behind the celebrations this is a time when time in thai politics once the festivities are over focus will again
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tend to much as disputed elections with the results still unclear. that's a fact of ammo stories on our website. and be sure to check out on facebook as well . believe in the old models pylons a combination of think bob budget along and some things brand professional for the state of backdrop with your time but. i'm. preparing to read. not everyone who loves books has to go insane. t.w. literature list one hundred german my street. some say that.
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we're not. on the second we can into this world where we need. h.m.s. can the human mind. and then we can make him feel to. trump straight tactics another threat of massive tariffs on chinese goods but china says its trade delegation will be going to washington this week for a fresh round of talks. the indian government is promoting startups as the company's new economic priority this seems justified as the first figures show
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startup investment in india is up forty percent. this is business as on the. trade negotiators in the u.s. and china have been working for months on a deal that would satisfy both nations and and in extruding tug of war between the world's two biggest economies but now new threats by u.s. president trump up the pressure on each side trump said on sunday tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods would increase to twenty five from ten percent that would reverse a decision he made in february to keep them at ten percent but that was when the two sides were making good progress on trade talks shares in asia were hit hard after the news european stocks are also down and wall street is expected to open lower to. the u.s. china relationship is love hate at the best of times but everything seemed to be going so well late last week the bullish donald trump held a progress in talks to avert a full blown trade war which he jumping china. but the deal itself is going along
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pretty well i would even say very well we'll see what happens over the next couple of weeks.


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