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we'll be asking what is the name what are the godparents who are going to be the godparents how is this child going to be raised so a lot of questions and this child is going to be very much a very closely monitored a shot of votes outside to her palace in the back here. business africa. is up next i'll be back at the top of the a good that. we're not here to judge but to eliminate prejudices. we're not here to change your opinion. but to open some space for different points of view we're not here to speak on behalf of anybody but to let everybody speak for themselves. not here to give the right answers but to ask the right questions. we're not here to
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indoctrinate but to listen. close ninety connect to an unbiased agenda subscribe now on you tube. africa's startup scene is calling out loud investors are coming in droves investment in tech companies across the continent more than tripled in just four years everyone wants a slice of the startup part. of the u.n. publishes a dummy reporter on the planet's shrinking biodiversity and us being colonies are in decline we show how the internet is helping farmers combat the effects of losing the important elements. this is business africa. as in berlin welcome.
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jr is the largest e-commerce company on the african continent and it went public just a few weeks ago some call it a turning point for africa's tech ecosystem it is the first africa focused tech company to launch on a major global exchange it's not the only company on the continent that caught investors' attention things really moving fast for startups in africa now funding has increased strongly in recent years twenty fifteen investment came in at around two hundred million dollars in twenty eighteen start of investment in africa jumped to a record seven hundred million dollars that was spread over four hundred fifty deals from all sides say this in line with previous years nigeria south africa and kenya are the continent's most advanced and valuable tech ecosystems and they continue to dominate there as the leading investment destinations let's bring in moses are
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quite he's a startup code based here in berlin and specializing in african tech company companies most welcome to the studio and your work seems to bear fruit as we're hearing the african startups attracting rising investments now. chile no beginning to attract investors because nowadays they have been question time to be able to make sure that the approach goes taught what we call the which is sustainable development which is also affordable developing and affordable in in a sense that it is subjective to your target audience and then also it should be relevant to the audience that you have let's say your consumers in the country which is local but also globally and again the last bit i would say it is should be assessable to all and i think that being taught these things are actually no help in open the doors to more business to come in because again no products that are made thanks to technology. actually going beyond borders they can actually what we
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call the global products because they can be no call but at same time global so it comes to a level exactly it's an area we have a company economies like kenya or south africa are leading the pack there what can smaller weaker economies across the continent learn from the scope of these countries so i would say it again it's about a tip where we talk about technology innovation and policy and i think that the weak economy should also start seeing what are the good things that these countries have done taken an example i kinda it is part of the policy and i actually have realized how much the government is really engaged in encouraging start up into printers to grow put in the right policies in place and i think that definitely yes we can have technology we can have innovation but it's definitely important to have a good policy that can really grow and grow these that are consistent with in the countries if i was an investor and asked you where to invest in africa you said you you just mentioned the factors that are important is there any country that sticks
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out any country that you will that could be the next big star to think i don't want to be biased but definitely you look at population i would look at nigeria for instance because it's really growing and again one thing that i have to say which is important is the startup is a bush drop so you're supposed to quickly bush doesn't become a very big decision like an s.m.b. or even grow to become a big industry so definitely if you're investing need to look at how you can be able to scale all be able to exit exactly so that i would look at kenya i would also look at nigeria and of course one thing we should always realize is that the francophone countries are very attractive unfortunately most often because we are talking about a startup because this to me took what the u.s. and so normally we forget to from the phone countries there are also street sports that. what kind of companies are receiving the most investment right now briefly if you can so i would say i agree tech clean tech and then of course tech and again
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what we see is anything that is enabled by technology that can take you to the nice scale the next level definitely receiving a lot of investment was aqua thank you very much for this thank you very much. earth thirteen year old boy from south africa has shown an audience at a cyber security conference in cape town just how easy it is to hock a drone reuben paul who calls himself cyber in india took control of the drone at an event hosted by cybersecurity provider dispersed the lab the stump was designed to show the vulnerability of the internet of things growing network of internet connected machinery and household devices that collect and exchange data as opposed to lapses in the rush to develop internet unable to vices and get them to market quickly security is very often neglect. talk about startups one city was with tech companies and startups is israel's tell a fifth it's been called the world's startup capital city where more new businesses
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per capita are born in any other every year for a test drive on the streets of tel aviv attached the roof of this car is a forty imaging radar that could soon become the eyes and the brain of a south driving vehicle there's still a driver on board but the high resolution radar can already recognize every object with an a three hundred meter radius and how fast those objects are moving and where and real time day or night and all weather. the start of army develop the technology and it does not want to waste time r. and d. for software and sensors to enable autonomous driving is relentless because insiders say self driving cars are nearly here. me. robotics team by laws we believe next year. and a series of car that you really can buy from your local dealer when you're twenty
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three. coby marinko is glad he got involved with his start up adventure here in israel. there is a ecosystem here of invest to accelerate. corporate looking into the canal would g.'s and has an innovation center that. actually turns easy. to one of the best places to start a company israel invests vast sums in innovation and it boasts plenty of well educated young people tel aviv is said to have more startups per capita than anywhere else in the world. boulevard is the scenes epicenter mindspace opened here in two thousand and fourteen back then it was the city's first co-working space now there are several others they compete for clients by offering perks such as pleasant surroundings and good food startups and israel why does this combination seem to work so well i think it is rarely way to succeed.
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in the whole to make sure that we're not just going to small as we are on the map to have globally. everything that we do. and if things go wrong here failure is seen as a learning experience after which you dust yourself off and keep going i'm loving what i'm doing getting up to work every morning and i'm loving it so i will definitely do it again and again and once the work is finished tel aviv's beach is close by another draw for startups. more than a million species of plants and animals are likely to be extinct within decades unless their habitats are stored that's what the united nations say in a report published today the scientists warn nature is in more trouble now than in
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any other time in human history space is lost is celebrating hundreds of times faster than in the past human activity and climate change are important drivers of that decline an increase in forest fires can serve as an example of human influence on ecosystems what are the areas doing like this forest the garden route national park in south africa but important insects that pollinate many probs are being caught in a downward spiral. and there's one creature in particular that scientists concent be numbers been shrinking causing worries for world food production in germany a new concept is now being tried up by farmers to pollinate their crops be sharing how many of the apple blossoms in her orchard will be pollinated this year it's a question that fruit farmer sabina dolman asks herself time and again because a northern germany as in other places many beans are dying thousand of them are
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losing up to forty percent of the colony as a regular occurrence and those are the bees that you miss now when plants begin flowering whether it's rapeseed or fruit they're just not there. so if you're an iron dome on has turned to a new digital be sharing platform for help it brings together beekeepers and farmers on line. with the bees that will pollinate down months trees arrive on a truck from the neighboring netherlands she ordered five hundred colonies. and after taking a little while to a climatized they get straight to work. platform operator niels galba has assumed responsibility for the hard working insects it would be terrible for the startups image if they came to harm. disease prevention is a big issue of bringing healthy bees plays a central role on the one hand on the other we have close agreements and binding
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regulations with the farmers to ensure the bees aren't damaged through the improper use of pesticides that could hurt or destroy them that hasn't happened yet. so far galba has registered over a thousand beekeepers on his platform the bees cost sixty euros per deployment so do they get the job done. we're lucky because our orchard is pretty far away from other orchards like it so we thought about it and decided to take a chance on it to give it a shot and see how things go and so far the cooperation has gone very well we haven't been disappointed. when there's a most important one. the beekeepers get to keep the honey it's still early days for the be sharing business in germany but there is potential demand for hundreds of thousands of comedies among farmers all over the country beast for hire could
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help improve harvests of all kinds of produce and at the same time provide their owners with a great source of income. and that's it for me and the business african team here and the burn then for more business news and features you can always visit the w. dot com slash business or follow us on facebook and on twitter and we'll leave him out with a quick check on global markets but don't go away in the news or africa with any michael jr is. to stay with.
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take it personally. with a little one story that makes the game so special. for all. more than football on line what's the connection between bread biome and the european union dinos guild contests e.w. correspondent and private baker john stretch this
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a good line with the rules set by the new team. top speed. stepping recipes for success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on d w. this is the news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes asafa cup of paris to go to the polls on the ruling a.n.c. halt its live in court will meet the who says you'll vote for sarah ramos also with conditionals. two for granted and you don't you don't do it in the i don't.


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