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this is deja vu news live from berlin tonight turkey's president won scoring a victory in his fight for control of istanbul after a protracted legal battle the local election in the country's biggest city will be rerun how the opposition which narrowly defeated the president's party in the last election they say the decision is the latest song and that the country is now quote a plain dictatorship also coming up the united nations warning that
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a million of the planet's species faced extinction in the landmark report on earth just threatened by you diversity and this being the most amazing expect beacons i didn't ever possibly imagine it's old boy prince harry and his wife meghan the duchess of sussex welcome of britain's latest baby roy. fibrin golf it's good to have you with us tonight a battle over the ballot box in turkey election officials there have scrapped the result of the controversial vote for the mayor of istanbul now the ballots hold a humiliating defeat for turkish president red chip tell you why in his ruling a key party one marches local. elections overall in the country but last he made
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oral contests and is stamboul and. the party had challenge the legitimacy of the vote to now we're going to have a rerun that rerun reportedly will be held on june twenty third i let's get more now on this from our correspondent in turkey you leon she's in is terrible getting me to you let's talk about the reason that turkey supreme electoral board gave for saying yesterday rerun why did they say it's justified. well brian as you can imagine this is a top news here in turkey everybody is talking about this decision there has been a lot of tension and uncertainty in the past weeks and president add on's ruling a.k.p. has been trying to come test the outcome of this election that actually happened on march thirty first they narrowly lost this election here in istanbul they narrowly
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lost the mayorship of istanbul and have later than be claiming. regularities now we only have confirmation now by the ruling a k.p.n. by state run media we're still waiting for an official statement by turkey's election or soroti but as reports go right now the complaints here are about some unsuitable ballot box officials and some unsigned result doc humans i'm sure more about that will emerge as soon but let's remember the opposition candidate here in istanbul. of the largest opposition party the c.h.p. won with a narrow lead of about fifteen thousand votes and he already sauce to serve as the mayor of istanbul so if this decision if tonight's decision is indeed confirmed that would mean that his mandate would be taken away from him and that would be something unprecedented at least to my knowledge something that we haven't seen
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here in turkey so far in istanbul in the largest city. and what about the. could suddenly lose control of. well that candidate ackerman mamu is expected to speak later he said he's going to wait for an official confirmation by the election before he's going to make any statements or draw conclusions but others in his party already have called the decision quote plain dictatorship and one senior official was quoted saying that this decision is basically ignoring ignoring the will of the people it's neither democratic nor legitimate and the c.h.p. is also accusing the ruling party present admins party of having pressured the election authority into making this decision.
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thank you. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world a turkish court has overturned the jail term imposed on a prominent critic of the heir to one government contributor and journalist paley that had been sentenced to a year for allegedly insulting a former prime minister says that she must now pay a phone instead russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov has warned that a u.s. intervention in venezuela would be catastrophic and unjustified lavrov was meeting his u.s. counterpart from pay over talks in finland russia has said military advisers to support that its way than president nicolas maduro. michael cohen the u.s. president trumps former fixer and attorney is starting a three year prison sentence today he spoke briefly to reporters as he left his home in new york convicted of crimes including campaign finance violations cohen
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says he looks forward to sharing the truth one day he'll be in prison for three years. a million species are at risk of extinction from climate change overfishing and pollution the united nations' first report on bio diversity out today also tells us that this unprecedented decline in nature is calls by and is threatening you guessed it us humanity here's some of the key stats in this report there are and estimated eight million animal and plant species that live on our planet this new u.n. report says that up to a million of them in eight are threatened by extinction now which means for example forty percent of all known him a five percent of all known mammals are on the brink of annihilation. across the land through out the seeds. and way up in the sky
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the assault on nature by humans has reached every corner of our planet and species are now disappearing tens to hundreds of times faster than jaring the last ten million years. are good to a poor mouse and slipping down other to more than human away train us left on the planet our need for ever more food and energy of the main drivers of this destruction and now according to the most comprehensive study ever undertaken of how human well being is dependent on the natural world the assault on the environment is threatening our very existence if we cannot hold climate change or hold the loss of biodiversity we will threaten through security we will threaten water security we will threaten human health and therefore i think governments are now recognizing if they don't start to deal with climate change of biodiversity
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they can meet there are elements of human well being they're absolutely fundamental we've changed the way we use three quarters of our land since pre-industrial times we're overfishing around a third of our marine stocks we're dumping millions of tons of waste into the world's waters and global warming is already impacting the habitats of half of our mammals so nothing less than an overhaul of economic systems and a total shift in political and social mindsets will stop any of this say the report's authors business as usual is a disaster we're going to continue to trade clive we're going to continue to lose by the visit but we can either have a more sustainable future if we choose the right policies and the right technologies if we change our behavior we have have a much more sustainable future for our children and grandchildren. the publication
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coincides with a growing global awareness of the impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss and it helps to tap into this with some key message is we haven't lost the battle yet we can be part of the solution and most importantly nature is essential for human existence. or palestinian leaders in gaza have agreed to a cease fire with israel it ends two days of violence the worst violence since the war back in two thousand and fourteen israel has made no official comment on the ceasefire which is common practice but its military has allowed schools and roads in southern israel to reopen though the violence began on saturday with rocket fire from militants in gaza prompting return strikes by israel at least twenty five palestinians and four israelis have been killed. for no the violence is over but this in gaza this is little comfort among the rubble. if you don't sort of
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. the neighbors was screaming leave quickly that we're going to bomb the building and destroy it. we took the children and we were fried we went to the neighbors in what we were wearing and then they hit the building with three warning rockets it was bombed and destroyed completely our house and all the other apartments are damaged. today marks the start of the muslim holy month of ramadan palestinians are hoping the ceasefire will hold. four thirty am they now it's to tristan i hope that the situation will calm down since then there has been no shelling for now it's calm. but it's a fragile peace people in stored in israel affected by the latest violence a glance of the break in the fighting but angry at what they see is how must stick taking turns. i welcome the cease fire but again the masses set
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the tone i don't like it i want the state of israel to set the tone and decide what to do i don't want a terrorist organization to decide what to do for the state of israel who has such a strong army. or quarter which was in a month in two weeks in a month and a half it will repeat itself again and will have achieved nothing i think the state of israel needs to strike them very very hard so they learned their lesson in new york the palestinian ambassador to the united nations welcomed the cease fire and said that he hoped it would hold what a lot of people need is not more violence and attacks against them particularly those in gaza there have been living a miserable life as a result of the blockade for more than twelve years what they need is lifting the blockade what they need is access and movement in and outside.
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to live as normally as possible and what they need is protection the rocket attacks and strikes over the weekend of the worst recent flare up in violence between the two sides that have been to war three times since two thousand and seven those who survived can only hope the current truce marks a return to a more peaceful existence. and for more now or you're joined by your own he's a journalist in tel aviv good evening to you gil so is that what we're looking at tonight is a fragile cease fire that is holding well for the time being it's holding but no one can be sure how long this will last the army has already warned the government that it's years it could even break down within a couple of days that within a week or two or it could break out in a month or a month and a half but what everyone on both sides seems to be certain is that this is no long term solution this is just an interim a brief rest fight before a violence takes up again i mean the violence that we saw this weekend indeed this
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was some of the fiercest violence that we've seen in in what five years i mean people were talking about the conditions of war what we saw similar to what we saw in two thousand and fourteen what made the the palestinians and the israelis pull back from the brink do you know. well in the end both sides don't want war but they want the advantages that. being the victory no war it could bring with it but they don't want to pay the price that a war would exact from both sides so hamas is really engaging in a very dangerous game of brinkmanship trying to eek exact concessions from israel's prime minister benjamin and now knowing with fully well that netanyahu is not interested in any escalation right now especially not before the european song contest live you're into that which is a gift off of a decade for israel's p.r. in terms of tourism in terms of its international standing and that when it is no
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one's the celebrations to be disrupted especially not by by hamas hamas was really playing on this was playing out at this is a very inconvenient time for israel to be engaged in a skill ation in trying to exact new concessions from it now hamas got some concessions but they will not keep hamas over the water that want to help hamas solve the dire economic problems of the gaza strip so within a very short period of time we'll see hamas and god in the gaza strip with its back up to the wall again and trying to exact new concessions from israel which israel after the e.s.c. after the your vision song contest will not be willing to give and that's why prime minister that's are now ready said that this this engagement with hamas is not ended it will just it will go on in the future it will be interesting to see how this cease fire holds between now and the european song contest it starts in less than ten days there in israel feel your will in tel aviv with the latest tonight thank you aviation investigators are examining the voice and data recorders of
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a russian airplane that made an emergency landing in moscow yesterday at least forty one people died when the plane crash landed at moscow's main airport you know the aeroflot plane was flying to the northern city of we're months where when the pilot reported technical problems and then trying to turn back. little is left of the sukhoi superjet one hundred it seems incredible that any of its seventy eight passengers might have to live forty one people died as the plane made a hot emergency landing at a moscow airport some passengers documented the dramatic touchdown and the terror of those inside the sukhoi as flames engulf the cabin they survivors have an incredible story to tell they made it out of those flames their accounts we crucial to confirming whether the pilots version of why the plane crashed is accurate. he blamed lightning as the thirty's investigation continues the transport minister has
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ruled out grounding the sukhoi superjet and yes no it has no reason to not thank you. but the sukhoi was manufactured by state on company so it has been under sanctions and that makes ordering replacement parts difficult. technical malfunction is one of the most likely reasons for the crash and if that's so then this plane should be grounded. airflow twist accident in a decade. it is left confidence in the russian flag area battered and many travelers even more worried about safety in the country's aviation industry. our next report tonight is the first in a new series looking at the big issues concerning the german public and the first of those is digital technology now as the world gears up to install fifth generation mobile networks for five g.
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some parts of germany believe it or not are still struggling with versions a quarter of the country does not even have access to three g. network technology believe it or not that is true that puts the country thirtieth in the world in terms of connectivity and compare that to south korea and the united states where coverage is at almost one hundred percent d w correspondent kate brady began her journey to gauge the german public's mood in a network deadzone she found out how important it is for rural communities to get and to stay connected. for the first leg of my journey i'm leaving behind lin philip essen in the german countryside. once a world leader in industry an innovation when it comes to digitalize ation germany is lacking fall behind. despite the impending arrival of five technology hearings having me for some parts of the country especially in the
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countryside people are still dreaming of networks and a reliable internet connection and let's not forget it wasn't so long ago that the german chancellor. was describing the internet as new territory. agriculture is just one industry feeling the effects of germany's digital shortcomings like ehrenfeld where network dead zones are a common occurrence for farmers like pick. by using g.p.s. signals the structure has the capacity to drive itself autonomous the uncover the exact same route and the exact same tracks taken on previous days. period and would say this value here shows how good reception is you have to imagine it's like when you get three g. your on your phone the higher these numbers become the worse the reception gets
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right now as we stand we can work with one centimeter accuracy into the dog noise. but when the signal fails things go a little off plan and the tractors wheels tear off course. which means wasted resources and expenditure for farmers. was most important here for these farmers is persuasion and making sure that they can farm with exact signals and making sure that these signals are even available in the first place so that they can work more precisely and efficiently to make sure that they don't waste any of the land. farm owner ben had flyhalf on vice is holding the german government to its pledge of nationwide high speed internet by twenty twenty five and five g. mobile internet the political standards. here should all politicians mr standish these standards across the board network operators who can provide five g.
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standards must be obliged to make this internet connection available not only in the densely populated high revenue regions but also in the countryside where the turnover is low. probably. the german government has now promised plenty of measures to at least get germany on the way when it comes to digitalize ation but now the question is whether those measures can really be implemented in time to make sure that germany has any. tenses oh of becoming a digital tech giant. and my colleague. knew she could drive a truck through she's come down from the farm but if you didn't steve you're good to see you ok let's talk about these dead zones just a couple months ago germany's science education minister said and i'm quoting here foreign g. is not necessary at every milk here. but it turns out people that you've talked to
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they see things a lot differently don't they really do and they see report here that we just saw is really just a snapshot of life out there and. the owner i have gone by she was telling me as well how he just to go and download a normal word document that he sent he has to go into the local town just to go and download that way he knows that as an internet connection so when you're trying to run a business of course this has huge implications it makes everything run twice as slowly as it might have already done anyway out in in a rural area but this really is affecting as well not only rural parts of germany but this is something that's a common occurrence here in the german capital as well this really is a nationwide issue you can be in the center of the german capital and suddenly you're in a dead zone and you have no connection that we've all experienced that you were this was the first part of your series where you're looking at issues that germans or conservative values been traveling around the country what other topics are you
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going to be talking about so today we focus on digitalisation tomorrow we've got germany's housing crisis coming up we'll also be looking at demographic change in the sense of germany's ageing population which of course is causing issues in terms of skilled labor especially and also the issue of climate change and it's interesting as well having visited four different locations and japanese well to see exactly how intertwined all of these. issues are and so these are certainly big issues now but something as well that's going to shape germany in the coming years as well what are the issues that people seem to be most concerned about i think it's the idea of germany keeping up with the rest of the world is really quite interesting there was something that you heard or that i heard sorry along the way was always this comparison with the european countries especially in france it's like this in the u.k.
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it's like this in you know in eastern european countries they have better internet as well and this comparison and the argument i have quite a lot regardless of whether it was about the internet connections or the housing prices that germany is europe's biggest economy why are we not doing better these issues and why only falling so fall behind and so there is certainly some frustration right now at the german government they blame anyone who would be told you would be filled was responsible for fully beholding a lot of it i mean the the finger was always pointed towards the government but not necessarily the grand coalition that we have right now between the conservatives in the social democrats of course all of these issues have been a very long time coming there's some issues here that you can trace right back to the fall of the wall thirty years ago particularly when it comes to demographic change which will be looking at later in the in the week particularly in places which are in former east germany of course after the wall fell we saw droves of
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people leave and not many people returning home said that is changing very slowly over time but this is going to be a real test is to see if germany can can keep up with other world leading economic powers but also in the meantime it's going to have to play a real big game of catch of those well whether that's in the labor market or in digitalization and you know. what surprised you most. we traveled around the country talking to people. i don't know if it was so much a surprise as a confirmation of how as i mentioned all of these topics a very intertwined and i think that's going to be interesting to see how the government reacts to that as well as to see how we might see some cross ministerial when it comes to budgets of course you know it as i mentioned i.o.c. and not many young people returning to the rural areas but we know when they've got no internet connection as soon as they leave the city if they were that there you
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see where they go back to the city as well. thank you very much look forward to your next installment they are let's talk about the baby now britain's duchess of sussex make a mark on she's given birth to her first child the baby boy whose name has not yet been announced is in line to the british throne they could gave birth in the early hours of monday morning delighting her husband prince harry in the hands of the british monarch. just before five thirty in the morning local time meghan markle gave birth to a healthy baby boy i was. sounds of well wishers gathered outside the castle a euphoric prince harry spoke to reporters in the afternoon and they're doing the morsel for the baby boy. i did this morning for a healthy boy. mother and baby a three pretty well as being the most amazing it's been because i can ever possibly
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imagine. how any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension but with absolutely throws i'm just so grateful to you for the love and support for what is out there floating out there has been enormous been amazing sort of this one as others for the body. there was plenty of speculation about the queen's aids great grandchild in the days before his birth the tabloids falsely reported the baby had already been born days ago thousands of bets were placed on the odds of a boy or girl now the guessing is over. afterwards grace good reasons for the free speech were exciting maisie best wishes about just every last bit. of. the new parents are breaking with tradition no pictures of the baby will be released for two days the couple had already announced they wanted to enjoy the first few days of their new family and privacy. for us and we'll be seeing you joys
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in probably two days time as planned as a family to be have to share it with you guys and so on can see the baby. another thing the public will have to wait for is the baby's name harry says no decision has been made yet. well let's listen as we hear if you're watching the news up next a close up look alike in new zealand i'll be back at the top of the hour with more than.
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it is important that no star in his leaf done to him to get to the bottom of how this act of terrorism accrued the attacks on christ church crimes of hate in a peaceful country speak the names of those who were lost rather than the name of the man who took them new zealand after the terror attacks. close up next d.w. . here's
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what's coming up for the coldest place so much movement to the media this. meant until i feel that it's time to take a look a little that means for the taking of course. going to sleep every weekend here on t.w. . an action packed life. anything's possible as long as our coffee and his friends can drink are. his movie theater in ten years dubbed refugee camp. his life story may have ground to
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a halt. twenty seven years ago but there's no holding back his dreams. thank you for watching. cinema the stars may twenty seventh on. march the fifteenth twenty nineteen. it was a dark day for new zealand fifty people were killed and fifty injured in twin shootings suddenly nothing seemed the same.


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