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and conference twenty four. this is deja vu news live from berlin officials in turkey order a rerun of istanbul's election after president recha piper to one's party complained about losing the vote there the opposition won control of istanbul and march it down says the decision is the latest sign that the country is being world applied to change or should also coming up they spent more than five hundred days behind bars but now the two reuters journalists jailed in march for their reporting on the workings are prices are free as part of a presidential amnesty. we report from jordan where women are fighting for the
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right to tap that isn't chiffon to their children but not everyone welcomes their poles for change. even the most amazing it's pretty good things are going to root for three margin. and maybe sussex is finally here as well wishers congratulate prince harry and his wife maggie and on the birth of their son speculation to me continues about what they'll may have to time when they'll release the first family photos. i'm serious so much going to thank you for joining us we start with a major political controversy in turkey election officials have thrown out the results of the controversial vote for the mayor of istanbul turkey as president to one had suffered a humiliating defeat in the in the vote by his ruling a k. party one marches local elections over all but lost the mayoral polls in
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istanbul and on corrupt his party that challenge the legitimacy of the vote now a new election has been scheduled for june twenty third. rising to the nighttime sky the din of protest. crockery against parts his summer residence expressing dismay at the rerun of mayoral elections at an impromptu rally on the outskirts of istanbul the window of the election about to fight on their lives very little cost on my fellow citizens that are trying to take away the elections we won on the evening of march the thirty first they have tried to steal our hardwork. news service she told her child there's still a lot to learn to use that we will return back our rights with a smile on our face as well as hope love and respect. his supporters have been seething with anger all day. this is
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a preplanned game and the election authority is a part of it what else can i say and this decision doesn't represent voters it clearly has been made ignoring the people's will play in libya she can they didn't know this came from somebody who doesn't want to lose his power so it's no surprise the vote should not have been cancelled. these. pap's also unsurprisingly the defeated candidate disagreed. very crowded and that's. why have the elections gone to the electoral board. because of the irregularities the wrongdoing of the cheats and staying happens during and after the elections we have detected. that. after his justice and development party lost control of both istanbul and the capsule and corona present i don't have increased pressure on the supreme electoral
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council he delivered his latest broadside on saturday. or every show i've ever watched worked over there has been cheating there's been corruption all this is clear and unambiguous you know come on let's go before the people and we will accept what the people's wish dictates it's the simplest not. but on monday night the people of istanbul gave their response to i don't claim that he's acting in their interest. they don't use turkey correspondent dorian jones is standing by for us in istanbul with the latest hi dorie president everyone says that the opposition won the mayor election through rigging and through corruption what evidence is there really for that. well there has been a major criticism that they haven't really provided that much evidence to support this momentous decision at the center of a claims is that they say around forty thousand people out of an electorate of over
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ten million were ineligible to vote and a number of officials are monitoring the voting will not civil servants which is a legal requirement but given the fact that we have had weeks of of scrutiny of this vote partial recounts across the country none of this has overturned the victory of the opposition and up until now the electoral board had resisted calls previous attempts by the ruling party to overturn the vote the only change their mind after this weekend we saw president urged one directly to overturn the vote and this really has rounded added to opposition feelings that the electoral board are not being impartial and they are simply following the orders of the president now a new vote is scheduled for june twenty third what our president. that. what is going to be difficult he's going to face undoubtedly a galvanized opposition who are outraged at what they see as a victory that is being unfairly tonight from them at the same time there are
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reports that the party is deeply divided over this move is a feeling that they of a large part of the party wanted to move on from this defeat so they will be problems uniting the party to face the opposition and on top of that the main problem is the economy we have to see unemployment near record levels in food inflation running at over thirty percent and a sinking currency and in fact the currency fell again heavily on the news how one is going to overturn all these obstacles is in the minds of many people and there are concerns that what will do to win these folks given the fact that many feel this is a folk he cannot afford to lose doing what do you think this means for turkey's democracy. well turkey has had free and fair elections all the way back to nine hundred fifty and there has been this bored democratic consensus that the votes are fair and that you accept the results now in the last few years that consensus about democracy has been increasingly under question from the
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opposition who feel that the. the organizations of monitor and administer the voting is increasingly impartial and under the control of the presidency this decision i think has a hammer blow to the feelings that there is a possibility for the opposition to win an election important election with it fairly and to have victory secure i think there is now growing calls within the opposition even thought now of boycotting this election and possibly even withdrawing from parliament the fact that this is the situation has been taken well to those calls and in fact the opposition c.h.b. holding in-depth talks today to decide on what moves that they will take during john speaking to us from istanbul thank you. now to reuters journalists who had been jailed for their reporting on the crisis have been freed from prison they've been convicted of violating the official secrets act and sentenced to seven years in prison while loan and have now been given their freedom
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under a presidential and the city and after a global campaign for their loans they were arrested in december two thousand and seventeen that their coverage of the treatment. received numerous awards during their detention including the fuel that surprise as a last prison and yangon they thank their supporters and continue their work. inside and every day and on the morning there on the old regime to receive their. neighbors to thank you very much i'm really happy here today to my family my colleagues and i can with my use right now right now. let's bring in our southeast asia correspondent. covering the story for us hi charlotte it's an emotional moment one that's a long time coming for the journalists and their supporters and tell us more about the moment that they were released. yes a lot of the supporters thought it could be years before they saw images like this
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those two men walking free off to five hundred days behind bars it was an extremely emotional scene outside the jail where they were released there was a press scrum among many of whom this case has become personal this is about that journalists from that country in jail essentially they would argue for press speaking out about alleged violations by the military now they are now of the two men have been reunited with their wives we've seen very emotional moving pictures of that while during one of the journalists wives actually gave birth while he was behind bars he had a chance to see a handful of times now that every united there is a family once again and i think for a lot of that support is a reuters news agency in particular this is an extremely hard. while a release the voices editor in chief has issued a statement calling them extremely courageous and saying they've become symbols of
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press freedom and other journalists as well extremely relieved to see this ordeal coming to an end but also there is some anger behind the celebrations anger that they were forced to enjoy these five hundred days in prison in the first place people saying that this was clearly not just make haste and it was filled with regularity and show why were they released now. well this release has come as something of a surprise off the supreme court me a most top court rejected the final appeal just last month so people won't necessarily expecting this presidential amnesty these two men these two journalists are among thousands of people who have been released and we do know that me a mob does release prisoners around the time that it celebrates new year which started april seventeenth so they are among other people to have been released not to give you some background to this case it was rejected two times appeals were rejected rejected two times by higher courts they were accused of having broken
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a colonial era official secrets act they were said to have been found with documents which were threats to national security now to the defense of the two john those who have maintained their innocence all the way through this case said that they were set top police officer actually testified to say that the documents were planted on these two men nevertheless the courts in me in ma has said that there wasn't enough evidence to prove that now there's been a lot of anger about that particularly aimed at young son sushi that affect me i'm all people saying she should have stepped in fall alley or in this case to to help these journalists to secure their release instead she was relatively quiet about the case at one point actually saying publicly that she said that they were not jailed for the journalism they were jailed because they essentially committed a crime so a lot of people were looking to her to do something she didn't instead we have this presidential amnesty today all right our of southeast asia correspondent. reporting for us good to talk to you. let's get
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a round up now of some other stories making news around the world as acting police chief says all the suspected plotters in the easter sunday bombings have been arrested or are dead more than two hundred fifty people died in the attacks which have been claimed by the so-called islamic state. investigators are examining the flight recorders of the russian airliner that burst into flames on landing in moscow killing forty one people the pilot reported technical problems and turned back to moscow's sheremetyevo airport shortly after takeoff it's thought that the aircraft might have been struck by lightning. and palestinian leaders in gaza have agreed to a cease fire with israel they hope to end the worst violence in five years at least twenty five palestinians and four israelis have been killed in clashes since saturday israel's military is allowed schools and roads to to real. now to jordan's fight for greater gender equality one battle is over the issue of
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citizenship rights currently women in jordan are not allowed to pass citizenship on to their children so that means babies born to jordanian mothers and non jordanian fathers are classified as foreigners putting big restrictions on their lives now there are an estimated three hundred fifty thousand such families that are pushing for full citizenship but not everyone will. see him made an egyptian man almost four decades ago she never expected per choice of life partner would cause her seven children so much suffering down the line. they grew up they had problems with work. unless they got a work permit they could get a job. if they worked on officially they would have problems getting paid fairly. if they went and complained to officials they had no personal id to file a complaint when. according to jordanian law only men can pass on citizenship to their children this means that something daughters born to jordanian mothers and
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non jordanian fathers i considered foreigners in the eyes of the state. see him says her children feel jordan is their only home yet in addition to work issues their status also limits their ability to own property their access to public education health care and their ability to acquire a driver's license. this is because as non-citizens they do not possess a national id number. for see him the problems went further than restrictions to everyday life her son status almost got him kicked out of the country he calls home . he got into a fight as a result there was a legal problem and within ten days he got a deportation order that if he was jordanian he would not have been treated like this he was detained for two years pending deportation because of them and twenty fourteen authorities started issuing the children of jordanian mothers special id cards that were supposed to ease restrictions on their daily lives see him son
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tells me the card is ineffective in practice and is often not recognized by institutions like banks. local and international human rights organizations including human rights watch have repeatedly recommended the jordan overhaul its citizenship law completely any change in jordan citizenship law would require the approval of the country's legislative body measureless in nowhere but some parliamentarians here are still stunningly opposed to the move this parliamentarian says amending the law would open the door for palestinian refugees to become jordanian as. jordanian women are married to palestinian refugees he says this would hurt the palestinian cause jordan is host to two million palestinian refugees . if we keep citizenship to this group all at once there will be a huge change in the demographics of jordan and will there i tell this group to be happy with the current measures in place and the rights they've been granted thus far. for salmon her children however this easing of the
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restrictions is not enough. i want them to have their citizenship this is the least of their rights if a man could pass on citizenship to his spouse and children i should be able to do the same. but it seems that for now the change in the law is nowhere in sight. where he reported that story in jordan she is now back in berlin and joins us in our studio high a of the number of people we're talking about here who are affected by this continues to grow can authorities really continue to ignore their plight i mean they probably in all likelihood continue to ignore their demands for changing the citizenship law completely however if you talk to parliamentarians and if you talk to authorities they are not under the impression that there are in these people places that as the report mentioned in twenty fourteen they issued these these special id cards that claim to ease restrictions on the children of the.
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children of jordanian women and six main areas including employment and investment investment and public health and public education however a lot of people that were able to get these cards only report improvements in two areas to public health and public public education not to mention that getting these cards is also extremely extremely difficult some applications have been rejected on the basis of the fact that the mothers have not if the mother has not been living in jordan for four or five years then that application might get rejected it requires a lot of a lot of paperwork including getting a security clearance from the government intelligence office authorities and also very expensive so why oh. you know they they claim that they're not ignoring their plight it seems that with these cards things are not so easy and. a lot of activists also say that this idea of saying that we're easing
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their restrictions. it is in and of itself discriminatory because there should be no restrictions at all they should be treated as a citizens well in the meantime you have mothers families especially left in legal limbo what what can be done about that i mean all of the women that i've spoken to who have suffered from this problem and. and also activists say there is no other option of. changing the citizenship law which is very unlikely because this is a highly politicized topic in jordan it's the country with the highest percent of with the highest number of palestinian refugees and the majority of. women married to non jordanian a married to palestinian palestinian man with various that have various immigration status as in jordan depending on where they come from in the palestinian territories and a lot of the time like the parliamentary resigned their part argue if we actually. you know change the law we will be doing the palestinian cause
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a disadvantage because then all of these children would become automatically. jordanian and thus to lose their. so-called right of return but obviously this is very discriminatory because if. a jordanian man marries a palestinian woman then she gets citizens of sedition to eventually and her children also become jordanian so a lot of people also say this has to do more with patriarch the picture of cause society and the picture of thoughts that are in society and how they discriminate against women all right really interesting stuff there our reporter for him for us thank you. now to our series on germany twenty nineteen the big issues our correspondent kate brady has been traveling around the country to find out what's on people's minds on the latest stage of her journey kate takes a look at what many people here say is a housing emergency the population is growing but not enough affordable housing is being built in heidelberg met some students who have their own ideas on how to tackle the problem. for the next part of my journey i'm heading
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south to the historic town of haifa back. home to germany's oldest university and the scientific hub. picture ask with toytown appearance green open spaces and good job prospects it's no wonder the back is booming since two thousand and seven the population has grown by about fifteen thousand and it's proving to be particularly popular among toy rests and the. but a lack of housing and increasing demand here in heidelberg has seen rent prices skyrocket over the last ten years making finding that fairytale home here in hyderabad nothing short of a nightmare. demand for housing among students who make up about a quarter of the town's population is particularly high but here on the outskirts of hyderabad on the form of barracks of a u.s. military hospital a group of students has taken matters into their own hands the building their own
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student dorms this is academic i replied i would want to trying to find an apartment or a flat it's almost impossible for some people get an apartment through friends but otherwise. the sixty million euro project which is being funded largely by state redevelopment aid will provide housing for more than two hundred twenty students and apprentices at first glance the purchase type looks more garden shed than home but it's complete with beds bookshelf wardrobe and desk over three hundred years of month bills included as i was on the one hand we want to listen that's why the entire building will be made of wood because the production has significantly fewer c o two emissions than building with concrete we also want to live together more sustainably where possible we want to share a lot of if you are individual spaces a lot of communal spaces in our own workshop where we can repair of bugs.
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heidelberg deputy mag and others took this pledging to build some eight hundred new apartments every year to keep up with demand he avoided. because we are hoping to achieve rental prices of under ten euros per square meter which automatically means we need subsidized system market rates start at thirteen or fourteen year olds per square meter city and that is in the lower end of the scale this call is not. the increase in rental prices of twenty two percent in heidelberg over the last decade is anything to go by rents are already heading off the scale. projects like alegria macadamia really could office a relief to the housing crisis here in hyderabad but when the city really wants to avoid the extortionate rental prices in other big cities like berlin and munich there's still a lot to be done. now more alarming news about the state of our planet
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a million plant and animal species are at risk of extinction from climate change overfishing and pollution the united nations' new landmark report on biodiversity says this unprecedented decline in nature is both caused by humans and is threatening humans let's take a long look at some of the key stats here now there are an estimated eight million animal and plant species living on the planet the new un report says that one in eight of them are at risk of being wiped out entirely which means that for example forty percent of all known amphibians and a twenty five percent of all mammals are under threat. across the land throughout the seas. and way up in the sky the assault on nature by humans has reached every corner of our planet and species are now disappearing tens to hundreds of times faster than during the last ten million years some are good to
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put most of slipping down other to more than women away train was left on the planet our need for ever more food and energy of the main drivers of this destruction and now according to the most comprehensive study ever undertaken of how human well being is dependent on the natural world the assault on the environment is threatening our very existence if we cannot hope to climate change or hold the loss of biodiversity we will threaten to secure that we will threaten water security we will threaten human health and therefore i think governments are now recognizing if they don't start to deal with climate change and biodiversity they call there are elements of human wellbeing they're absolutely fundamental we've changed the way we use three quarters of our land since pre-industrial times where overfishing around a third of our marine stocks we're dumping millions of tons of waste into the
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world's waters and global warming is already impacting the habitats of half of our mammals so nothing less than an overhaul of economic systems and a total shift in political and social mindsets will stop any of this say the report's authors business as usual is a disaster we're going to continue to traipse the climate we're going to continue to lose biodiversity but we can have a more sustainable future if we choose the right policies and the right technologies if we change our behavior we have have a much more sustainable future for our children and grandchildren the publication coincides with a growing global awareness of. the impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss and it hopes to tap into this with some key messages we haven't lost the battle yet we can be part of the solution and most importantly nature is essential for human
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existence. now well wishers around the world have been congratulating britain's prince harry and meghan markle on the birth of their son the baby boy whose name hasn't yet been announced is seventh in line to the throne. just before five thirty in the morning local time meghan markle gave birth to a healthy baby boy. sounds of well wishers gathered outside the castle a euphoric prince harry spoke to reporters in the afternoon and i do know that myself and a baby boy. i did this morning a very healthy boy. mother and baby a very pretty well it's been the most amazing it's great because i didn't approve possibly imagine. how any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension but we're both absolutely thrilled i'm just
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sort of grateful to you for the love and support for what is out there floating out there it's been enormous been amazing so it was when you saw others for the body. there was plenty of spec you. all right we'll have to leave it there you watching good of you news that you have your business with stephen beardsley is coming up next.
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pick up. their goal mark but everything is still a program. even after the third to last match of the industry seems. the only come german champs. the all five for europe.
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and the world get relegated. to. sixty minutes. thank you. i'm not laughing at the gym well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and when that happens thanks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotype the question if you think the future of the country that i not. yet needed to rethink it is drama play out to me it's all about a new guy my job join me to meet the german funded happy. post. plus nineteen the new channel for an independent view on current affairs in turkey . the latest developments accurate analysis. removed with comprehensive background news for some and political and
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social topics considered from different perspectives. we cover the issues that move turkey on a unique platform for information. plus nine to connect to an unbiased agenda subscribe now on you tube. africa's most developed economies is running on fumes south africa is about to reelect the same party that's governed it for the past twenty five years so can it actually turn things around we'll talk to an expert. and is china negotiating with the u.s. in good faith washington says no and the tariffs are now imminent we'll have the latest on a trade conflict with global consequences. welcome to the business i'm stephen thanks for joining us.


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