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the book. the book . this is deja news coming to you live from berlin and me and my offerings to reuters journalists jailed for their reporting and quasi are reunited with their families after spending more than five hundred days in prison despite that or do you listen to looking forward to getting back to work also coming up president edwin of cherokee gets his great election is to be redrawn after enjoins party complained about losing the bush that
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the opposition says the decision is a little fun at that country's being dropped like a dictatorship. and this was germany in two thousand and thirteen at the height of the arrival of the refugees boils down to how all of those refugees sparing in our job and still as welcoming we have the result of a new set up a. bluff teaching morality to a machine should i treat people. no this is a bad thing to tilt. yes fly not. completely to a group of german scientists working to make on the deficient intelligence compassionate. i don't welcome i'm with such a good to have you with us. they faced seventy years in prison but sadly they are
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free to reuters journalists jailed for their reporting of the rohingya crisis in myanmar have been released as font of a presidential amnesty while on. arrested in december two thousand and seventeen and becky is trying to a global outcry by human rights campaign us. free after more than five hundred days in detention following the arrest swallowing and just became international figureheads in the struggle for press freedom they were convicted of breaking the official secrets act for their coverage of the massacre of ten during your muslims in myanmar speaking shortly after their release told reporters he was keen to get back to work side every day in an on going around the goal which is to receive. am i to say thank you very much i am really happy educate my family my party and i can wait a minute right i have. said the two men which ailed in retaliation for their
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reporting and have not committed any crime. we are enormously pleased that mean war has released our courageous reporters wallowing and tossed so since their arrest five hundred eleven days ago they have become symbols of the importance of press freedom around the world we welcome their return. their case through international criticism and put the spotlight on myanmar state council and de facto leader aung san suu kyi who was already under pressure for the oppression of the reunion minority u.n. investigators said it amounted to genocide. the release of the two men comes at a time of year when it is traditional for the president to grant amnesty to prisoners to dating a back with their families but the future of press freedom in myanmar is unclear. i'm now joined by freelance journalist a diva good obama in young god and dave as a journalist working in me and my you must be delighted by the release of the two
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reuters journalists. yeah certainly the right of them and relief for them and their young families that have been there just an absolute nightmare for more than five hundred days now so in that sense relief yes but on the flipside the truth is they should have never been arrested in the first place i mean they did an incredible pulitzer prize winning investigation of a mass killing by security forces that led to them getting the pulitzer prize as i said. and then during their trial a police captain who was called by the prosecution testified that he and other policeman were ordered by superiors the plant documents on these two reporters and entrapped them that came out in the trial it also came out in the trial that these supposed state secrets were not secret said that actually this information was already public so the truth was in any legitimate independent criminal justice system if these charges were even brought they would have been thrown out at trial so it's terrible that they had to go through this to begin with but at least this
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nightmare finally ends today for them and their families because they happen to be of united with their families and why these journalists had relieved after having been given a prison term of a seventy and. so there's certainly been there is certainly a lot of pressure mounting on the myanmar government and there was you know a lot of discussions going on that involve the government that all represent a united nations that involves foreign diplomats and also involved reuters so that have been going on really since their arrest why did it happen today well first off this is the time of year when we see a lot of amnesties going on and prisoners getting hard in the music happens around the time of the burmese new year which is in april and this is the third there is you know this is the third wave of parties to happen thousands of prisoners have been released during the last few weeks that's one reason why it happens now but there were also some who were released earlier several weeks ago so that gives you
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a sense of why maybe it happened during this time here but why was it specifically today and not one of the earlier releases that's really unclear and even though you've been looking at me and my as a journalist. yes so if you're talking about the myanmar nationals you know those with me and our citizenship a lot of them are in a climate of fear not only because of that there's word. been you know a number of local reporters who've faced charges and and suits brought against them by the military and the police and isn't typically involves coverage of what kind state when the military the police don't like the coverage now keep in mind the conflicts there it's not just involving the run into there's also another ethnic group the ethnic were kind and there is a group of ethnic we're trying insurgents that have been fighting the me on our military and it appears when they don't like the press coverage that's coming from the local press the military the police don't like it they tend to bring suits so
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a lot of the local reporters are living in a climate of fear. david going to bomb in younger than me and my thank you very much for that update from that sure. and a highly controversial move election officials in turkey have ruled there has to be a read on of the votes for the mayor of istanbul in turkey president gets at the edge on spotty had narrative lost the vote in the city the economic hub of techie claims the vote was rigged and his spotty challenge that is now a new vote has been shed for next month i'll talk to our correspondent in istanbul in just a moment but first this to pull out. bill will face pressure the actions in just over six weeks time a matter of months after the first vote in which president party suffered a humiliating defeat the decision to run the cool has delivered yet another blow to the turkish currency the lira with economists warning of months of extra uncertainty hades. however to rapturous applause from lawmakers in parliament the
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president defended the new. high hopes a decision will be good for instance as well as our country. says you know to use numbers it became clear that certain people with dirty hands had become involved starting before the elections and they brought the situation to this point step by step. we sincerely believe that there was organized corruption for illegality and irregularity in the midst of a oral election work. as an impromptu rally on the outskirts of istanbul on monday the winner of the election by to fight on. my fellow citizens the trying to take away the elections we won on the evening of march the thirty first they have tried to steal our hard work. she
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told her childish. back our rights with a smile on our face as well as hope love and respect. the move to rerun the vote was met with anger from his supporters. this is a pre-planned game and the election authority is a part of it what else can i say and this decision doesn't represent voters it clearly has been made ignoring the people's will. can they didn't know this came from somebody who doesn't want to lose his power so it's no surprise the vote should not have been cancelled. turkey's main opposition party says the election rerun is a sign of quote plein dictatorship the city meanwhile is preparing to go to the polls again on june twenty third. and he. joins me now from. durran edge on has just lashed out at critics are questioning having
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a real election. what is the basis of his claims that the election was rigged yes president won in a very impassioned speech lashed out at this istanbul vote saying that it was a victim of circles of evil and corruption that took the victory away from them he then also targeted turkey's powerful business community saying a should know their place and that's because several leading figures within turkey's business leaders have been voicing concerns over a revote on also said that there was economic terrorism going on in the country the turkish currency has fallen steeply following the announcement of a revolt and he should a warning saying he knows who is responsible and they will be dealt with like any terrorist adding to i think concerns of the opposition is that he says the shortcomings in the law would be addressed present one has sweeping powers that he can introduce or any real reform ahead of the vote which will add to fears that he
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could plan to change the rules of the game ahead of this key vote so they strong words from. dorian and there's a lot of anger on the streets of istanbul as we saw in our report what is the opposition's strategy expected to be ahead of the region on june twenty third. well the opposition c.h.p. leadership are still meeting they held meetings last night and those meetings are still continuing today about what their strategy will be is understood a one item only changes a possible boycott of the vote and possible even withdrawal from parliament there has been voicing growing calls within the party saying that these democracies basically failed in turkey point many of turkey's leading judges and there has been concerns of the judiciary is very sickly under the control of the presidency now that is the knife but there is this fear that the judiciary is no longer in defendant and the eleven judges that did make this announcement two are now the vote most of those were appointed by one on his government and the fact that they have taken a decision is widely condemned and seen as being very partisan will add to concerns
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over the impartiality of the judiciary. during jails in istanbul thank you very much for that. time to look at some other stories making news around the world pro-government forces in libya have reportedly clashed with forces supporting the rebel general khalifa haftar on the southern edges of the capital of tripoli these speeches were posted on the facebook page of half tires said style libyan national army he's been trying to take the city since the beginning of april. pope francis a celebrated mass in northern macedonia the country's main the orthodox christian people of all faiths turned out to welcome the pope has been touring the balkans he's the highest profile visitor since the country agreed to change its name to end a decades long dispute with neighboring crete. prosecutors have ordered german comic a porsche to pay
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a five hundred thirty five million euro fine for it feeding pollution limits on its fleet of luxury high performance because bush's parent of folks bought him and his subsidiary audi had to pay a similar fines for their. so-called diesel gate scandal. in recent years jim lee has been the destination for many refugees and migrants but how are those who've made it here doing germany's council on integration and migration has just released its latest report there was a surge in asylum applications in two thousand and fifteen and sixteen with more than seven hundred thousand in two thousand and sixteen the number started falling again the following. now there's some good news about those who made it four years ago a third of all. arrived in two thousand and fifteen steady jobs within a three year. i'm pleased to welcome the studio with me daniel
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two he is a member of the german council off experts on the integration and migration council and he's on the go all to us off the report which is just being released welcome to you now of a scene from the perspective of today how well did jimmy cool with what was then in two thousand and fifteen described as a refugee crisis i wouldn't describe it as a refugee crisis it evokes more of a policy crisis in the sense that both germany and the europeans didn't have adequate procedures and instruments in place to give with the messed influx of hundreds of thousands of refugees and if we look back at the policy ever since they have been very good on the integration front as you just described we have many people in the labor market but there is some or no perk to be done at the european level reform of a silent policy in europe is not moving forward this would many people would remember from back two thousand and fifteen is the way the refugees were welcomed and people talk about this welcoming but now the debate seems to have changed there
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or people who are talking about looking at ways to get rid of these people have a perspective on refugees change in germany the export council has analyzed public opinion consistently throughout the past years and what be upset if is that on the whole of public opinion to what's immigration as such has not changed much they are some soft full changes they are a bit more critical of refugees and of course nowadays they also talk about those who have to return to their country of origin there if it's kept to kill that the government isn't doing enough in that field but on the whole we find that public opinion has accepted that immigration is an integra part of germany nowadays what you report also talks about the rise of hate crimes against us and refugees that's true we analyze crime both against micron's and refugees and also criminality by mike winston refugees and on both fronts we find a slight included it's very important to. that immigration is not only about
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refugees and asylum seekers but that immigration is also about skilled migrants who want to come to germany from abroad and parliament this week and you build to attract highly qualified my friends for my for economic purposes and at the same time the reform of the european asylum system is a feat of which really has to to move forward after the european elections germany cannot do it alone but germany must take the lead with other european countries in five being a sustainable solution at the european level and that's a very important element in the debate adonal t.m. a member of the german council affects wasn't integration migration a core thought that report has just been released thank you so much for coming in. and of course the integration of refugees in germany has. a correspondent visited the eastern jemma city of leipzig to meet the past. is to assist you arrivals and
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to counter the anti foreign a sentiment among some members of the community. pastor under his doron at work in his life parish oh that's right. twenty fifteen thousands of refugees arrived in my p.c. and ever since pastor dorn has been offering them support he helps them find apartments goes with them to official appointments and teaches them german but some criticize his engagement. they say things like you know taking care of the wrong people we should be first why are you helping refugees you should be helping needy germans first forbore to our. door and says all of his parishioners stand behind him the congregation has a get together cafe for refugees and germans that have been popular for years how much migration kinch many handle. asylum seekers are now seen in a more negative light than they previously were still most of the refugees here at
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zouk cafe say they feel it ease in leipsic but they all have stories about times when they were overtly rejected. as a workman you meet a lot of people on construction sites i walked by a plumber every day and he always gave me a funny look. i made a point of saying hello to his colleagues he looked at me and said what are you refugees want here. it saddens me because the german constitution is first article states that human dignity shall be inviolable . but i often hear people say always those refugees as refugees. refugees just got a bit of breathing space they could show how creative they are. both of these
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syrians say what is lacking is a real human contact they think germans showed more interest just a couple of years ago but when there is no actual contact prejudice rears its ugly head pastor door knows that even within his own liberal parish there are people who have a very critical view of the refugees in their city but no one wants to talk to us about this perhaps because the pastor has said he will not tolerate right wing slogans in his church. this is not a point i'm prepared to compromise on. as a preacher i'm quite prepared to argue that with endless public debates if need be . andreas joran says that if you want to stop right wing attitudes you need citizens to be active and vocal he's done just that in his parish. that. the u.s. secretary of state mike has canceled just have to but in actual notice he was
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expected here later today the u.s. embassy in burton said the visit had to be postponed due to. a news agency report gives quote international sick. charity issues as the reason u.s. president donald trump's chief diplomat was in finland earlier in the day to take part in a meeting of foreign ministers of the arctic council. joining me now from the bottom of the students is up a little car is one of the hans brand welcome hans you've also said to welcome mike by any idea why he canceled his visit frank you know none whatsoever has been no word on this from the driven government there's been no word on this from the americans i actually spoke to the u.s. embassy and they were not prepared or willing to tell me anything all pos possibly that didn't know either one big question also is that was meant to go on from burden to london he was meant to spend the day in london tomorrow and then go on from there to green and to meet to meet danish government representatives in
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greenland it's not clear whether that is part of his tricks of also being counseled so it's everything's up in the air at the moment the only thing that we know is that the german foreign minister heikal mosfet speak on the phone to my from and off the words said that he had some understanding for the reasons that the strip was counseled and she wants this cancellation postponement seem surprising because after all there are many bilateral issues that need to be addressed between the two countries. yes indeed pompei has been foreign minister for more than a year and he hasn't ever been to germany which is quite unusual because germany really is an important trading heart and obviously a very important country here in the heart of europe there are many disputes between the two countries germany and the united states don't see eye to eye on iran for instance going to continue supporting the iran atomic deal which. the american administration has console's they are disputes about german. armaments
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expenditure and its role within nato there is a pipeline from russia for russian gas being built by the germans which ends up in germany and is obviously something that the united states then like at all so there are many really many disputes that need to be discussed between these two countries and thought in that sense it's very unfortunate that this visit was not is not going ahead hans from his upon i'm interested is thank you very much. now whenever we use the internet or social media some aspects of our identity are still it online deficient intelligence so i can exploit that data in many different ways some of them questionable questionable morality so scientists. university here in germany are trying to work out if they can teach it i'm machines some sort of moral code should like to people. no this is a bad thing to do for the current time. yes why not the moral choice machine
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analyzes masses of texts written by humans and determines which combinations of words appear together most often you know its answer is based on that analysis. make a distinction kill time or kill people that means that the machine has acquired a kind of context within a sentence it's a small step but it shows that it could possibly be taken further maybe we can go further this. vital for life. but the question is how far is it possible to go so far that machines have a human moral compass and can make decisions independently based on that. is a sociologist at the go to university in frankfurt he doubts that machines will ever be able to be fair. on the force and we have to abandon the notion that artificial intelligence or algorithms create inequality and injustice it's always the people behind it who are allowed to be that way. but applied correctly these
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technologies can offer opportunities for the future and could even help to fight prejudices for instance by ensuring that when women in the new social networking they aren't shown different job listings based on gender or by making sure that the job application process is not amiss as possible things like that could be applied sensibly. the moral choice machine in darmstadt also shows that if people wanted to the machine can be used for good and it shows that it's going to take some time before artificial intelligence functions perfectly. into the toaster. this is debatable maybe you want to ask also someone else. am i going to ask about toast see if you get a positive answer. should i put toast into the toast. now this is not good. we have to make some improvements there is a daughter. i don't really see a competition but rather a partnership with which we can tackle
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a lot of the major social issues on income. correctly programmed to artificial intelligence can incorporate human values and that's important so that in the future only fred winds up in the toaster and not the hamster. this is quite fascinating coming up next indeed of good news. free at last minute man releases to journalists in prison for reporting on the making of crisis but really there really is improve this tricks on the feet press. and why did the indonesian election cough the lines of hundreds of election but because g.w. takes a look at the tragedy beyond the ones biggest single day election. night and more coming up on news from the i'm to touch you must buy for now.
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sometime in the twenty six days you my great granddaughter. what would the world be like in your lifetime and around half a century. your world would be around trying to grease moment. inevitably the sea levels rise by at least one meter in this century. we're going to have some climate impacts return greater than what we see off pretty cut it's really frightening ultrabook. why are people more concerned. little yellow book starts may thirty first on t.w. . showing up today don't miss our highlights the w. program online w dot com highlights. sex make.
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raring to free. if there is any erotic benefits remember you have to find it between the wife's. literature first a hundred germany frustrates. some say that was born into this world alone. or not. the sanctions we can bring to this world were in the. gym as can the human mind. and then we can make it feels different. this is the dublin news asia coming up on the program free at last. two
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journalists imprisoned for a bordering on the crisis with their release do to improve the restrictions on the free press on the surgery plus. why did the indonesian elections cost the lives of hundreds of election workers we'll look at the tragedy behind the strain and stress of the world's biggest single day poll. and fancy a trip to the d. .


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