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and play play the great game of golf again i'm lucky enough to have had the opportunity to do it again and found a game out of the lobby to do this and the amazing masters experience i just had a few weeks ago. certainly if. this is part of a highlight of one of what i've accomplished so far my life i go that's up next here on day w. what will south africa's elections that mean for the country's troubled economy and will happen in business africa in just a moment. we're not here to join you but to eliminate prejudices. we're not here to change your opinion but to open some space for different points of view we're not here to speak on behalf of anybody but to let everybody speak for themselves. not here to give
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the right answers or to ask the right questions. we're not here to indoctrinate but to listen. plus ninety connect to an unbiased agenda subscribe now on you tube. from. south africans go to the polls on wednesday to elect a new government and it seems the economically ailing country looks set to relate to the very same party that's governed it for the past twenty five years. and entertainment for africa from africa streaming service netflix is betting
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increasingly on content written and produced on the cops. this is business africa on the w. i'm gather as in berlin walk up the african national congress is on course to win a six term as the governing party or south africa on wednesday as to. by the country's struggling economy president obama poso who is expected to stay in office has promised to spark growth and decisive to deal with the country's twenty seven percent unemployment rate that's a statistic that translates to more than half of the country's youth being out of work. the african national congress is trying to secure a sixth consecutive term in africa's most developed economy the candidate in the may eighth election cyril ramaphosa has promised a new dawn after a decade of decline which has seen south africa regress so fast that only countries at war have fared worse. we are well into
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your we are. for first time voters like boy to me law. who holds a degree in hydrology the prospects look bleak the country has just emerged from a recession and growth is only expected at one point five percent in twenty nineteen. good to eat at last year and have been only employed for like five months now and why would i be avoidant this year i'm still kind a bit deciding what. the stifling economic climate is strangling the private sector and many of us misses like this security company staring down the threat of closure or bankruptcy. getting one of your own people basically everybody just turning over three times the first minute it really isn't in the context coming through the ones that we do quote when we don't we just don't get so in the space of the last twelve
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months we've gone from having three percent down to contributing only keeping this one up and analysts argue a turnaround won't be easy in an economy with more citizens on state welfare than taxpayers. over the past ten years the government under in the c.n.n. in the name of it this year has been focused not on growing the economy paying attention to economic issues rather noting the state starting from the president doesn't goods and unlike the first half of day in seattle from ninety ninety four to two thousand and seven i think god knows but rama who is a is adamant that his lofty target of one hundred billion dollars in foreign direct investment over the next five years will set the country on a new trajectory. beyond these elections the level of confidence in the business community will go high they are telling me that as well so vesting have
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a lot and what happens after elections are won the elections have happened they caught on they would take all the effort to what it is' more investment into our country to wait and see what it will be a challenge even for the man nelson mandela had hoped would succeed him now that the international monetary fund has been urging the u.s. and china to set aside their differences on trade priscilla god the head of the i.m.f. warned in paris quote clearly the tensions between the united states and china are the threat for the world economy u.s. president on tom jones of markets at the beginning of this week when he threatened tariffs already imposed on two hundred billion dollars in chinese exports to the u.s. would would more than double this friday to twenty five percent from the current level of ten percent. the u.s. has warned india not to retaliate against washington's plans to end certain trades
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trade concessions for the south asian country indian officials are considering raising import duties on some u.s. goods if the white house for scenes with a plan to scrap a scheme in place that allows indian goods worth about five point six billion dollars to be imported duty free the proposal announced in march came off the president trump repeatedly called on india to reduce trade barriers but the plan to end preferential trade with india has also faced a backlash within washington. the turks there as nosediving again for the first time since october one u.s. dollar is worth more than six lira investors feel increasingly unsettled by the political situation in turkey the country is also going through an economic crisis prices are rising and the general public is increasingly critical of president anyone who has now ordered a rerun of a municipal election in which his party was defeated. audiences around the world will soon be able to stream the story of an all girl
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team of african spies who also happen to be for normal zambian teens by day netflix has announced that it has picked up animated series mama k.'s team for as its latest african content the movie is about four african girls who save the day in their own fun and of course crazy ways superheroes inhabit a futuristic version of the zambian capital lusaka it's the company's first original african animated series netflix's teaming up with south africa's triggerfish from cape town who have imagined as pioneers in putting african children's stories into animation triggerfish has already churned out a string of productions despite a lack of funding but that may soon change with netflix latest move the story of africa about a mission has taken a hopeful turn on a case team for was born out of an initiative in twenty fifteen that. invited writers from around the continent to submit ideas for unique african stories i'm ok
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right. from zambia i was one of eight when as of that initiative the series is designed. to welcome will be. to talk a bit more about this story on the joined by one that you believe was looked a bit closer into this story why is netflix now producing local content in africa well it's becoming hard to compete on the african market without producing a local content i mean i was in zambia at the end of last year and it's just amazing to see how many local productions they are on t.v. there and you know one of the most popular shows was called and that's what my family was talking about the whole time my sister was watching it every day so local so and without local production it's become extremely difficult to you know penetrate the african markets over course and you know nigeria has nollywood in kenya those local productions in uganda south africa has always had
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a local strong production in terms of you know entertainment and what does it mean for writers and producers from zambia in particular and other well i mean one thing it does mean is jobs and more money and of course when you mention triggerfish you did mention the lack of funding and i was on their website they are hiring at least about ten people for it. and that's of course not the only african production in march this year netflix released south african produce show which is their first there it's called shadows and that's something that's obviously been welcomed in the south african market and they also released the movie last year in nigeria cold lion hearts with genevieve analogy was a famous nollywood actress so they are doing things in africa already and of course this is their latest you know project is their first animation but they have a movie they have a t.v. series and they have something slated later this year again for south africa
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another series. of course western content is popular in africa as well does it was the other way around you reckon that a production like this one we're talking about can we successful elsewhere in the world definitely i mean anything that is africa themed seems to be doing quite well because of course people move around the people in the diaspora black panther of course was not produced in africa but it featured a lot of african actors there was lupita nyong'o there was no i couldn't get out from south africa and there's so many you know these people these are films that apply to. every audience because of course they have a as well as you know exactly and of course there's this whole oscar so why is not just about you know the oscars because the light is about people seeing themselves and so wherever there's people who can feel that they can connect to these people they will you know receive some sort of reception for to some interesting stories from africa for mr bill is like you very much if you still have one of the
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strictest business cultures in the world japanese society is based on a set of rules and codes that even conservative westerners find date it seems to change now the japanese government is now promoting a more relaxed dress code in the office time to put energy conversation before style. what are those flowery casual shirts doing in a japanese government office no blazers wear the ties open necked polo shirts and why is that worker using a found when she should be enjoying air conditioning this is not the japan of suited business women and buttoned down salaryman that we are used to. in a rare sight in tokyo is because to make a second district where the government offices are located we can see men arriving for work without neckties or jackets. it's all to do with qubit is the japanese
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government come pain to promote energy conservation in the workplace by allowing workers to dress more casually and turn the office air conditioners down. it's a significant day in japan as it's the first official working day of the reign of japanese emperor naruhito inaugurating the railway era the new emperor also went into the office for his official duties. i hushed up to begin my stuff it was hot during the holidays so i dressed lightly today i saw it is the only iraq i know so i'm looking forward to the new patriot. normally the japanese office environment is a formal stuffy one but in two thousand and five in an effort to combat global warming japan introduced an initiative to cut household greenhouse gases by forty percent at the environment ministry windows were open and workers were dressing down. first quarter profits flans does it had to
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pay a one point four billion euro penalty related to an e.u. probe of a collusion in the diesel. the german comic has sent the charge brought quarterly profits down to five hundred eighty eight million euros around seventy five percent less than the same period a year ago once it was investors but a big fine from the european commission was likely brussels ledge b.m.w. colluded with dima unfolds to avoid competing on emissions control technology. and that's it for me on the business africa team here in berlin for more business news and features go to our website. slash based with his quick check on global markets news africa with any market is up next so stay with.
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my. rearing to read. not everyone who loves books has to go insane. d.w. literature list. hundred germans must reads. they want to
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represent you so what do you want from the song from twenty four i'm doing chevelle as we put your questions to you politicians from around to your opinion and across the political spectrum in our special debate we'll be hearing from young europeans voting for the first time in the new elections in may be voicing their biggest concerts taste of h.s. i mean peace answer to you. and all from twenty four. this is news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes about twenty seven million south africans are gearing up for your next ins in some hours but many of the country's youth did not spread just out to vote so why are the boys but saying it's. been since it was both time. and i think it's always both out for me because . of that you thought that i won't get anything that anyone even gives us joy.
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also we meet a woman in the northeast of nigeria who can afford the endo call her on.


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