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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 7, 2019 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight turkey's istanbul election rerun international outrage as the mayor of istanbul is told that he is no longer the mayor of istanbul opposition parties say that the order to repeat his temples municipal election is an outrageous attempt to silence dissent by a dictator who hear from the party that dealt defeat to president everyone's ruling eight k. feet the first time around why are they sending a candidate in the second time and also coming up thousands of civilians fleeing it
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renewed fighting in syria as in the province observers say scores of people have been killed in a surge of violence as government forces targeting rebel held town. i'm brink off it's good to have you with us tonight turkey's opposition parties say they will run in istanbul's new may oral election it comes after officials an old the original vote now president richard tell you better ones a key party nearly lost the election in the country's economic hub back in march. then claimed the humiliating defeat was the result of vote rigging but istanbul's ousted mayor he has promised to beat the ruling party when the city returns to the polls in june. this is the man who inflicted
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a shock defeat on president and won by winning the race to become met of istanbul. victory now snatched away by the decision to rerun the vote. today the ousted mc came out fighting. this is a big blow to our democracy. we have to repair this together. of course we're very concerned. and we say this to the people of istanbul. everything is going to be all right. on the streets anger at the decision to overturn the original vote. i'm fifty three and i've never seen an election like this this is shocking when it is just going with and we are very disappointed because our votes break annoyed by the authorities. that we are free people we have the will that
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cannot be ignored. you know this is injustice your vote again for the same candidate yes i will support him till the end he i need missing would learn hope is that acronym amole will win again but the whole process shows that they are ready to do anything not to let him win. and this is the man they're angry with president unrepentant in parliament cut out of high hopes the decision will be good for istanbul as well as our country. says you know don't use numbers it became clear that certain people with dirty hands had become involved starting before the elections and they brought the situation to this point it's come step by step. we sincerely believe that there was organized corruption for illegality and irregularity in the istanbul mayor alexion work. the turkish lira fell sharply on news of the new election another thing the result has
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unsettled investors and raised fresh doubts about democracy in turkey the rerun on june twenty third will be closely watched. will syrian government forces have intensified their shelling of rebel held in villages in the province the area is supposed to be demilitarized following a truce struck in september between militias and russian backed syrian forces but reports say fresh shelling has destroyed schools and medical clinics and killed scores of civilians the u.n. says one hundred fifty thousand civilians are trying to escape the fighting. this woman was hoping to be treated in the clinic and kafr novel then bombs began to fall emergency workers carry patients from the rubble this is just one of three hospitals in italy that activists saying has been completely destroyed by fighter jets. while. the syrian and russian after forces
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have been constantly attacking targets they're still circling over us including helicopters with barrel. this wave of attacks in southern india has been going on for a week and spite of the cease fire agreement activists say nearly eighty civilians have already been killed nine schools have also been hit according to the syrian army they are targeting the positions of militias close to al qaeda with the military says control the province. one hundred fifty thousand people have fled their homes since the start of the violence many are from other parts of syria. we have been praying for six months first the house next door to where we lived was bombed then we moved here now this house is also being destroyed. with refugees and the no man's land at the turkish border hope it's safe to stay here but they have no roof over their heads electricity or food the united nations is
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warning of a looming catastrophe. here for more on this no i'm joined here the big table by christine she's a journalist and author she has lived in syria she is one of those western journals one of the few western journalists with extensive contacts in the country it's good to see you again although it seems like every time we meet here it's the same story renewed fighting in what are you hearing from well actually we have quite some personal stories coming from them especially from activists who has tried to keep some civil resistance up there in the for the past few years and will tell their partners in germany for example what they are living through this need to activists talking about how she decided to left their houses. with her brothers and sisters but they had to leave the parents behind because they decided to still prefer to die there than going for the fate of the refugees that they see around them so they left the house they left the parents behind we have this little two year old girl who is the only survival of. the rest of the family trouble you know if we have this is that women waiting in the house eating up whatever they have some activists
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from the women sent to them so we have personal stories from out of there we have the regular accounts of the union of medical relief organizations we have on a daily basis accounts on attacks on their own hospitals they build up a very functioning health directorate in the area with the help of western money german money american money in the last few years and now we're seeing this infrastructure being targeted by the bombs and and the refugees there are more than one hundred fifty thousand people who are fleeing their homes right now where they go what will the majority of them comes from the southern part of the prop and some of them just left the villages and awaiting on the outskirts under trees you know on their camping kind of outside waiting if they could go back if not if there will be a major assault on the city if which is the biggest. amount of people there and then they would all try to get as close to the took it as they can get it took close to you know there's no way to let them in but they feel a little bit safer there and i mean the basic problem is that assad's really wants
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to get rid of these people on hold because of his understanding of the understanding of the sea and regime these are people who have already stood up against his will you know they have already decided once before that they don't want to surrender to his room to his understanding these are terrorists these are the last you know opposition forces in a way. or are still willing to say that all the syrian forces say that they're fighting a kind of. yes i mean the province of controlled by a jihadi alliance that is called hired to have a shop that has taken control of the. province in january this alliance was supposed to be fought off by turkey's allied forces some nationalist and islamist groups that were supposed to take control and to get rid of these jihadists didn't which didn't take place everybody is kind of frustrated with the turkish war here so these jihadi militarily controlling the area they are giving a hard time to all these activists that i've talked about in just place the
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civilians hate them they suffer from their rule but the regime and russia are not targeting jihads they are targeting civilian infrastructure but when when bashar al assad's forces say that they are trying to get rid of the kind of the jihad is there is some truth to that even if their bullets are hitting civilians the that yet militarily it is controlled by jihadi friends and but the wall that we are seeing is not against jihad it's a war against civilians because assad is really wanting to get rid of these people he's trying to change the demography. of his own country because you know whoever left the country wherever decided to not surrender whatever left or other places the south of syria is not supposed to be under his control because he feels you know that the only loyal and yet another purge christine helberg as always we appreciate your insights thank you thank you there is over the other stories now that are making headlines around the world
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a german chancellor angela merkel has been meeting libya's you've been back prime minister to discuss the escalating crisis in libya. iran is headed to berlin is european leaders attempt to broker a cease fire between insurgents in the libyan government forces the british government has admitted it is a legally bound to hold elections for the european parliament in just over two weeks the finance ministers say the obligation is challenging giving that the country is due to leave the e.u. the prime minister's continuing to hold talks cross party talks but london l. says time is simply too short to secure a briggs. d.-o. before european parliament elections. and in preparing for that coming election later this month the to talk candidates for president of the european commission debated on german public television tonight german conservative politician month weber's of the european peoples party and france two months of the
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party of european socialist from the netherlands battled it out for the hearts and minds of voters on subjects likely to affect the future of europe whichever political group in the e.u. performs best at the polls has a good chance of replacing the outgoing e.u. commission president john clogg younger all right so let's talk about that debate want to bring in a used band in brussels he's following the lead up to those european elections giving to you parents and can we talk about a winner in that debate. well that's very hard to tell because both men are representatives of mainstream parties there's not much difference on the main and european issues there was a lot of harmony there was a lot of agreement those men bond a stronger euro both men want a common migration policy more rights for women and a new partnership with africa but very surprising for me was that they didn't talk
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about the worst enemy the right wing populist that are gathering strengths all over europe and that promising to come to the european parliament and turn it upside down those men keep silence about that maybe they don't have a recipe how to fend off this threat to their own parties because these vibes are going to eat into the constituency of the mainstream main stream so that's more surprising to meet two months was a little bit more aggressive acted more statesman like that was the main difference between the two and you know but you bring up a good point the rise in populism across europe and people outside looking in and they may wonder if the populous if these right wing parties are doing so well do they have a chance of actually getting the top job in the european union in those elections. no they haven't gone so far yet but they can have a major influence in the parliament that some pose should suggest that they will
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have twenty to twenty three percent of the seats in parliament if they all teamed up from the east and from north to thousand and that forces other parties to form a grand could have could listen to a vote on anything and also to vote upon a huge commission president the job that to be but in terms of want to have so both of the men have to form a grand coalition to achieve this in this is very very difficult in the future you know there's that the big elephant in the room which is populism and also breck's it what do you make of today's news that britain will be participating in these elections later this month despite the decision it made almost three years ago to lead the european union. may i say it is back on the stage in brussels we missed a little bit because of a side and it shows that the government in britain has no clue how to come out of
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this bracks at mess because they have to admit we have to vote and we will be in the european union at least until october of this year and breck's it is also a topic for the parliamentary elections because the deputies that come from britain will be all the help of them to the euro skeptics and right wingers so they could tip the scale actually in the grouping in the parliament to the right wingers and the brits could make the difference in the next party and the brits could make the difference and then be gone in just a matter of months after the election. on the story for us tonight from brussels thank you barry. our sports news now liverpool have stage an incredible comeback to advance to the finals of the champions league with a victory over barcelona missing two of their biggest stars the merseyside years had to overcome a three gold deficit from the first leg and they did two goals from devo already
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and two from georgina zero why not gave them a four nil victory for the ages they will play the winner of tottenham and i.x. that game is in. the marne. you're watching news on bridge golf business with today is up next after the break for cigarettes. when not here to join us but to eliminate prejudices. we're not here to change your opinion but to open some space for different points of view we're not here to speak on behalf of anybody but to let everybody speak for themselves. not here to give the right answers but to ask the right questions.


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