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part and send us your story we are trying all with to understand this new culture. another very little in other guests you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for a while information. given to. the neighborhood street festival in the german city of cologne for a day cause a band pedestrians and bicyclists a free to use the streets normally traffic clogs these roads and pollutes the air levels the fine particulate matter and nitrogen oxides are high in downtown cologne pediatrician christiane during is trying to raise awareness of the problem. imo your kit have
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a cigarette off of. the cigarette made of chewing gum symbolizes the invisible danger of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides it represents the two cigarettes with toxins during says cologne residents inhaled every day. he sees a lot of young patients with respiratory problems in his practice. havoc in the us practices we know from this where there are pediatric practice is located nearby in an area with heavy traffic and we've observed an increase in the problems children have in the months when we get temperature inversions this stuff and then the polluted air is trapped below and there's an increase in respiratory irritants from traffic and sort particles from coal fired power plants children get diseases that are more severe and they need longer to recover we have to prescribe more medications. it's generally accepted that fine particulate matter and nitrogen
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oxides pollute the air we breathe and can destroy our health the question is who is responsible. fine particulates a small fragments of solid materials or liquid droplets suspended in the air they may contain contaminants such as sort of lead particulate matter is divided into three categories. the largest of these particles are attempt of the width of a human hair this is the catch a great p m ten particular matter less than ten microns in diameter and these relatively course particles tend to stay in the respiratory tract refined matter that has particles less than two point five microns in diameter make up the class pm two point five and is small enough to penetrate the lung ultra fine particles
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are less than zero point one micron in diameter and they can enter the bloodstream if i think occurring and if the particles are small enough they get into the bloodstream that's a huge problem in small children whose immune defenses are still weak there are uses to mr in training so to speak preparing for all the things that it will face later in life that's why kids generally have we commune defenses in addition and i'll show you here the long of a twelve month old child is still very very small that's a big problem for pediatricians in the us and even holding. air pollution affects the most vulnerable the sick the elderly and children like in the you'll find version the six year old has to use a nebulizer to thin the mucus in his lolls when air quality in cologne tyria writes during the winter months you'll get a calm that invariably develops into bronchitis or even pneumonia in an effort to bring. the cycle doctors prescribe various medications and inhalations the
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chorister i meet as the main problem is a strong medications and i try to avoid them by treating him first with homeopathy and herbals and then cough syrup but we usually end up resorting to a cord as i spray about f. ing so as soon as he starts coughing i tense up because i always feel that he develops this cough no matter what i do. or no what it means is that families have kids can't live in cities especially if they're predisposed to these kinds of conditions i'm going mom chemically outside yes via because the air is so bad that ultimately you can't live their. son's chronic condition forced into and look or found first to move out to the suburbs but you'll scoff hasn't improved it seems there's no escaping colognes polluted air.
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the amish monocoque we've even considered moving to the coast. but i'm a teacher so i can't just get up and leave it's always a question of where you can find a job but theoretically everybody should move away from cologne. traffic is one of the causes of evolution in cities sixty three percent of traffic related particular matter is generated by great anti aware only thirty seven percent stems from engine source engines are primarily responsible for the noxious oxides in city air less so for particulate matter. traffic generates high levels of dangerous ultra fine particles toxins adhere to their surfaces and can enter the bloodstream. in downtown. cologne pediatrician christian touring is vacuuming dirt
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off the street deposits of fine particular matter consisting of sort and rubber as well as lead barium aluminum and mercury street cleaning has long been used as a method of reducing traffic related air pollution but what christian during his doing here is merely symbolic. in the snow was not a bad year. as these are born and this road has made a difference the substances we vacuumed out these particles have contaminated the water so much that when we pour it in here we see that it's completely cloudy. bush the intruders. how damaging is particular matter to our internal organs next to the cemetery institute of forensic medicine of colognes university hospital. in the basement pathology lab is the
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work place of forensic medicine specialist marcus brought shield. here he investigates cases in which the course type or time of death is unclear. what shield can reach the organs of the deceased like a book this lung is no exception. and as this is the long of a man aged around fifty who lived here in the city if the autopsy determined that he died of natural causes or that we see very clearly by looking at his lung that he held significant quantities of particulates matter in god no doubt. the deceased was not a smoker the pathologist can tell that from the tissues still the left lung is covered in black dots. toilet if you can see polluted air as a residue in the lungs the shiny covering here. it is the palm of their employer
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that surrounds each lung in directly beneath the pleura and we see this pattern of black dots these are carbon particles particles and it's the dirt this individual inhaled and that was deposited in his lungs. we believe about twenty thousand times every day passing some ten thousand liters of air through our. particles smaller than ten micro meters in diameter or p.m.t. into the nasal cavity and trachea our natural defenses allows us to cough or sneeze small amounts out of our bodies. those defenses are overtaxed by large quantities of particles the respiratory tract swells up even smaller particles p.m.t. four and five can into the palm right i'll feel and trigger bragiel infections the result. pneumonia or bronchitis.
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equal a chronic inflammation as there's causes can create proliferation of connective tissue fibrosis and along that produces the lungs elasticities and the patient experiences shortness of breath a hunger for air that is not curable with tired of our. old refined particles into the bloodstream triggering chronic inflammation of blood vessels that leads to clog arteries that can lead to a heart attack or stroke statistics for europe show that pollution can shave up to two years off our life span. the black life shortening deposits of visible under the microscope the accumulation of carbon particles in the lungs is known as answer cosas. if you look at this and consider that our own lungs probably look the same it's clear that we need to go out and breathe fresh air from time to time. people living in big cities all have lungs in which we find to a greater or lesser extent. deposits of carbon particles mean it would have been
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the plague but i have to say that when i started thirty years ago we saw far more pronounced cases of anthrax hoaxes than we do today to play on the whole it's declined but we still see it in anyone who lives in a big city. obviously in this but you don't deny. their pollution generated by the particulate matter drop significantly in germany after nine hundred ninety that includes not trojan oxides which was thrust into the spotlight by german come a. recent emissions scandal but since two thousand and nine there's been little improvement in equality. the situation is far more grave in delhi the world's most polluted capital the air in the indian city is ten times more contaminated than in cologne a trip to delhi is like a trip into germany's past this is how polluted the western european country was decades ago. people try to protect themselves with face masks. we
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meet up with sham bobby short she works for the center of science and environment and is an environmental advisor to the government she takes measurements to show us just help that the air is. such. a cut cut cut cut if you. like to go see the board there but if you take it out you're going to get. the daily threshold values of particles in germany is fifty micrograms per cubic meter of. the measurements show delhi exceeds that by a factor of thirty they were taken in a heavily polluted. area still there.
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you should do it. so i didn't want to like that to evolutionist or she shouldn't like it. but when it joins us when i start looking for definitions it does change my mind and now i want to look for the evolution in the evolution of the so that if not please come up with the definition for the future generation of missing baby should be the bet that what they would be thinking. the indian government has responded by closing coal fired power plants and ordering taxis that run on gasoline or diesel to switch to compressed natural gas but many still fill up with the band fuel and traffic isn't even the main source of delhi small it's the poor households in this city of twenty
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eight million that use coal he to ions to press their laundry and open fires to cook their meals. households like bondo davies every day she makes traditional flat bread often she uses the lack of wood to fire her stove such domestic cooking fire as a one of the biggest sources of pollution here. poor residents a poisoning the city's a and themselves. then i have trouble breathing. in. the home i search. and i often get headaches for years. just going to fast sometimes i can hardly breathe and have to go to the hospital on speed to get. from space air pollution it is plain to see the haze hovers not only above the city but stretches in a broad. and across india pollution levels are highest between november and monch then
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hospital waiting rooms fill up with coughing patients and pollution kills an estimated one point eight million indians every year doctors a hospital center of the chest and respiratory diseases use a lung function test to check for early warning signs. normal be the. norm be an event in say below. some or some more some or some more and they vary and say that's very good excellent. but doctors can only treat the patient symptoms and try to relieve their pain in the recent deal as the number is increasing day by day i'm seeing more and more young children the symptoms suggestive of eyes i'm seeing more and more people whose superior as my gets worse and very frequent so the number has almost doubled
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i can not tell my patients to stop breathing because it's essential to breathe so when i see them again and again in my will be telling that via the only a bit better go but be an art absolutely all right it's really for stating then i don't have to take a philosophy then tell everybody to plant a tree but probably you know we need more than just planting a tree. the bale family lives in great. an absolute district in the capital they have installed special technology in their home to help improve air quality. that's my home. visit my. meter. is there you know i know i'm right out. for them. that's for phillips. their profile here and the brand
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their unit got for us this recently or one from either group. there that one revere recently bought and there. is no way. when did i. get so this is a very very serious thought that from the company of. marine i'll buy a lot is an architect. he spent almost a thousand euros on the air purifiers when they go outside in air pollution is high the children have to wear face masks. and. last year there was a guy training step up and they were just if you're stepping out for the next week for school or anything so the forebear marts while living there was a bad day. in the winter myra and mira spent three to four months almost
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exclusively indoors twenty two of the world's most polluted cities are in india and the situation isn't improving clean there is a precious commodity that only the wealthy can afford to improve air quality for everyone india would need to lift millions out of poverty undereducated open fire cooking. germany could serve as an example its biggest polluters industry and coal fired power plants were ordered to install filters systems domestic coal ovens were gradually replaced by gas heating and electric stoves. the german environment agency operates one of six measuring stations in noise club so in eastern brandenburg state it also analyzes data from other state finance stations merriam vic mumfie beachheads the. agencies equality
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department she advises the government on strategies to tackle fine particulate matter and nitrogen oxides the filter that is currently collecting particulate matter isn't here at midnight it's pivoted over here and falls into this refrigerated chamber where the use filters are stored in crude to stop although we can see there's already a residue on it. in the big guy you are not running back in the one nine hundred seventy s. you could literally taste and see the smog at least in the industrial area and big cities with a given that the fine particulate matter we measure here is a health hazard that you can't see and so it's hard to convince people that it's a serious risk to their health. agency uses high precision instruments to conduct its measurements when coal fired power plants are ramped up in neighboring poland or winds carry saharan dust clouds to germany the values measured here rise in the e.u. the threshold values for the inhalable particles measuring two point five microns
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or less is twenty five micrograms per cubic meter of an average day over three years. for how one small vessel and we took the data for pm two point five in germany and compared it with the authorized threshold value that they're going to show us on this as you see on the map everything is green which means we have not exceeded any threshold values and are in compliance with the limit so it looks like there is no health risks but the world health organizations recommended limit is much lower when we compared our data to their threshold value of the map or suddenly read in other words there is a health hazard so if we want to protect public health we should use the w h o's recommendations as our yardstick. threshold values are always the result of negotiations politicians not doctors all scientists decide whether the air we breathe is clean enough and currently politicians are focused on road traffic as the main source of pollution but marian victim and phoebe says else when.
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filemon would fuel heating systems are significant factor in air pollution especially out in rural areas and fun if you drive through village you'll see stacks of wood everywhere people use them to light a cosy evening fire but most don't have an exhaust filter. and up just fine everything that's burned inside goes straight up through the chimney and out into the air and that's what we briefed. emissions of pm two point five particulates matter from wood studs has risen in germany in recent years while the share from automobile engines has dropped since two thousand and eight woodfield started seven missed more particulate matter than engines would combustion now generates ball most as much atmospheric pollution as traffic comprising engine exhaust as well as tires and brakes where. the reason more and more people like the shaman family are
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eating with wood because it's considered a carbon neutral fuel but particulate matter from wood burning stoves is as much a health hazard as diesel sort chimney sweeps regularly encounter users who don't know the rules of making a fire it's a big problem so that's my stock now i would add kindling wood and a starter. started a wave packed it i don't know where you put the kindling it would be totally overloaded just rerent of hollywood last. stoves that are overloaded all models with high moisture content emits high levels of pollutants like nitrogen and sulphur oxides hydrochloric acid and particulate matter. chimneysweep mario vide sold use a small logs and wood will soaked in works to light the fire he puts the thinner logs on top this is the low emission top down method. there so that's the way to do it
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a perfectly stacked starve. and the manufacturer has testbench conditions to achieve certain values with optimized words and set up conditions but he's vary from site to site. so in order to make it at all possible that the emissions correspond relatively closely to the manufacturer's value. use we'd chimney sweeps need to show our customers how to use their stirrups for us otherwise it's pointless. even if owners like their fires by the book it's virtually impossible to match manufacturers a mission values in daily use woodstoves a much more pollution inclined despite the best efforts of chimney sweeps. you are going to try word below at the emissions source or the stove the cleaner the exhaust gases that i generate won't be and the more i'm protecting the environment and my neighborhood of foreign made mine in mr one.
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according to the german environment agency wood stoves account the twenty percent of the particulate matter emitted in the pm two point five size range in germany that figure is rising. power plants are still the biggest emitters with twenty six percent two thirds of these emissions stem from coal fired power plants traffic takes third place with nineteen percent of the share contributed by agriculture is just five percent. but the german environment agency only measures direct emissions your slowly felt is a professor of atmospheric physics at the max planck institute for chemistry his findings are quite different lately felt says there's another culprit responsible for polluted air livestock. the out it clearly is the animals bear
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a share of responsibility for the problem at this farm operates sustainably but whenever you buy cheap meat from a conventional factory farm you're making a decisive contribution to the creation of atmospheric particulates matter. how was that possible lately felled explains the following important distinction primary particulate matter is. directly into the atmosphere when matter created for example by thai aware or stove or engine combustion decomposes into smaller particles secondary particulate matter is formed by chemical processes in the air. ammonia for example which escapes from farm in new york combines with other substances to form particulate molecules some of these substances carcinogenic and small enough to enter the gas exchange regions of the lung the alveoli and the blood strain. i believe the german environment agencies figure of five percent is
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too low for seventy percent of fine particulate matter is formed in the atmosphere it isn't released in some way as dust is formed chemically. you can apportion been livestock manure is spread as fertilizer in the fields the ammonia it contains escapes into the atmosphere york monier also escapes from the stables and particulate matter is formed when ammonia combines with nitrogen oxides from road traffic that really. lead felt alarming conclusion some forty percent of all the fine particulate matter in germany is generated by agriculture and above all by factory farming. ammonia gas from farm in your blankets the ground and reacts among other things with nitrogen oxides from traffic to form ammonium nitrate in the atmosphere it may become. high omonia levels are produced in northwestern germany
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a center of industrial animal farming west winds carry the gas across the country meat production is a key industry in germany could that be why there's so little conflict debate about agriculture is role in generating particulate matter. madeon victim and feel big agrees with the film's assessment. that beard if i start if we want to tackle the problem of particulates matter we need to see fewer wood burning stoves less livestock farming or cutting emissions from livestock farming less ammonia that would be ideas that would reduce so-called secondary particulates matter and would really bring relief to a large part of the population and we could meet the stricter threshold values. that would significantly reduce particulate matter pollution across germany and not just in large cities. as you can is no doubt of this is not just about guaranteeing
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every person's right to clean air it's also about making clean air economically viable people call in sick to work they have chronic diseases none of that is factored into the. equations instead short term economic interests are given precedence without a real evaluation of the health liabilities and their related costs see and the problem of ambient particulate matter and missed it by wood stoves in agriculture is compounded in cities by traffic. particular matter and nitrogen oxides accumulated hot spots on heavily trafficked roads in so-called street canyons or at railway stations and this is especially true in the winter months when temperature inversion traps polluted any of the ground. barbara hoffman is an environmental epidemiologist whose evaluated studies on air pollution involving tens of thousands of participants. their findings are surprising. they're out of bounds it's not
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really tricky of course it's the drivers who are sitting in a cabin that are exposed to the highest levels i'm far from is all that and when riding a bicycle even if you can only distance yourself from heavy traffic by a few meters or take a road parallel to the main road the exposure is already significantly lower beutler going up. sixty five cities in germany regularly exceed limits for nitrogen oxide emissions produced by diesel vehicles the values are particularly high in munich stuttgart and cologne. e.u. environment commission a common novella to germany and five other countries to court. some of the pm complains to be. in two thousand. and five and no two complaints are to be in two thousand and ten so i think we've waited a long time and we cannot possibly wait and all and the longer we cannot have plans
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which are telling us that compliance might be some time even after twenty twenty seven after twenty twenty five. i don't so these were the main reasons. the most effective way to rapidly cut nitrogen oxide pollution is to ban diesel cars from roads with the government dragging its feet the organization environmental action germany began suing the sixty five affected cities to force them to stay within the e.u. pollution limits the first verdict was handed down and in early june twenty eight hundred became the first german city force to take action by an administrative court because a lot of the state of north rhine-westphalia was no take all necessary measures to ensure that a complies with the limits of nitrogen dioxide by september first twenty nineteen of the scottish the weather court has made it clear that it considers a bone and diesel driving to be the only suitable measure to ensure compliance with
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this limit. so there's now a ninety eight percent likelihood that a burn and driving diesel cars will be imposed. three weeks later in late june twenty eighth in an administrative court in stuttgart also ruled in favor of driving bans. the state government complied banning diesel cars from all roads in stuttgart from january the first twenty nineteen and not just on selected roads like in hamburg or as planned in berlin. the ban applies to cars made to euro four standard and older. service and we wouldn't be discussing driving bans today have cars were as clean as they're supposed to be if manufacturers had used cheating software but installed suitable hardware would be complying with air quality standards for both nitrogen oxides and particular matter. if all the affected cities introduced driving bans at
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least one point three million diesel drivers would be impacted. is an advisor to federal ministries he doesn't see driving bands as a necessity. for him out of our mind i've always appealed for patience the values will continue to improve and reach targets across the board even in short gartside and munich through france are common in chicago. argues that diesel technology is indispensable if all vehicles were replaced by vehicles with better exhaust technology it would be more environmentally friendly than scrapping older vehicles just because of their high emissions on it's own version of noise as long as they are. this folks wagon percent has a diesel engine that's banned instructor. excellent into the diesel engine is a feat of engineering and no nation masters this technology better than we do in germany german engineers did an incredible job here even if there are some things
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that weren't. criticism in total it's an excellent engineering achievement for engineers. call heads the reciprocating engines institute at the council institute of technology his team studies engine emissions and alternative fuels coke believes the diesel engine has been demonized in the pollution debate he doesn't condone manufacturers use of fraudulent software to change emissions tests but he blames policy makers to setting road traffic pollution limits at a time when they were technologically unattainable. was part of this this was the last president obama. has. ordered developers faced an impossible task either they had high levels of particulate matter and low levels of nitrogen oxides or high levels of nitrogen oxides in low levels of particulate matter and back then you couldn't achieve low
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levels of both at the same time not only became possible with exhaust aftertreatment technology but it was a generally known fact that in reality vehicles were emitting far more than the utopian limit of one hundred eighty milligrams kilometer. simle tiny asli cutting particulate matter and not triggered oxides wasn't technically feasible ten years ago in diesel engines combustion occurs at a particularly high temperature generating a lot of nitrogen oxides in fact the particulate filter in diesel cars relies on not triggering dioxide to prevent clogging the gas converts the carbon sort into not trick oxide and c o two these exhaust gases when filtered. detention engineers have been in there's a grazer where they have to decide which factors to prioritize you know in their t.v. fucking because they could only reduce an engine's nitrogen oxide emissions at the
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cost of all other operational parameters. engineers refrain from optimizing nitrogen oxide out part of haitian clothes don't commute the. mechanical engineers have only been able to comply with threshold regulations since the development of selective catalytic reduction technology it uses your rear to also remove nitrogen oxides today thomas call seems the diesel engine on the home stretch and then it is not the diesel engine will be needed for years to come have patience the emissions problem is resolved we mustn't demonize diesel. but it will take years to upgrade ultra diesel vehicles on germany's roads with the new technology. affected cities need to act and they need traffic managers because vehicles generate less pollution when they're moving then when they're stopped in traffic jams. is looking to technology for help it's installed filters around
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a measuring station at nec at all the location that clocks up the worst air pollution in germany yohannes stoner and patrick little are in charge of the pilot project. merely conference with installed filters on a three hundred fifty meter stretch along the road and neck and towards the last one is back there at the car dealership put off on a sign by. all the holes you know seventeen columns of stock filter cloves are set up to reduce the load of particulate pollution so little. more than forty measures the listed in stuttgart is clean air and action plan by those whose own father boarded in the debate on introducing driving bans we had politicians and industry representatives saying why didn't you do this why didn't you do that to avert a driving ban. we heard about particle filters being installed in other cities and vehicles equipped with filters and even if we're not entirely convinced about the
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effectiveness of. such measures we say if it's not nonsense let's give it a go or be under this always so we need to show we're using the means at our disposal to clean the air we're open to suggestions but we won't fall for useless hocus pocus then explain it. to specialists hope they can persuade stuttgart authorities to install particle filter systems like this one on top of cars in city traffic. for their votes really fine shall we filter particulate matter in a box. on the funds turn in the year you can feel it here is drawn through the filter if i show you something else here we have installed the filter solution for the break. it filters particulate matter directly at the source. of these break filters could be installed in any vehicle cars trucks but also buses for example it's generated a lot of interesting things because. the engineers are seeking to install their
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system on small trucks trains and busses this car also measures particulate matter in the environment during our entire test drive in stuttgart the values exceeded the legal limit. even in neighborhoods at higher elevations. you fit in with the roof top filter removes about eighty percent of particulate matter is fine stops the holes in the brake filter on the front axle also removes about eighty percent of particulate matter generated by brake wear. but filters can only clean the air that passes through them they can only fight the symptoms not the causes of pollution and they don't remove nitrogen oxides at all for now reducing the number of diesel vehicles appears to be the only solution. then go in next and in from a space of a year we discover our attachments are measurements that we're still
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a long way from meeting legal threshold values then. well prepared to introduce driving restrictions for euro five vehicles in twenty twenty. recent court rulings have put the government under pressure it's asked carmakers to offer trade in incentives to customers who scrap all the diesels the measures being criticized as a stimulus plan for the auto industry rather than a solution to pollution from the doj and here german car makers are offering attractive premiums w. for example six thousand euros v.w. the v.w. group forty eight thousand marines so five thousand euros an average litter of tiles more on the german government also wants to introduce compulsory hardware fixes for the diesel cars as a buy we're still talking to manufacturers about hardware retrofitting. one manufacturer said it will pay eighty percent of the conversion process so we're talking about the remaining twenty percent in the north even wrestling's want to
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put a tent. the incentives only apply in fourteen of germany's sixty five polluted cities but it's unclear whether they will be implemented to date no manufacturer has agreed to pay retrofit costs so what can be done until the egg gets cleaner barbara hoffman at university hospital dusseldorf says hiding in your apartment is not the solution to be tear physical activity whether it's running or cycling or whatever is one of the most important protective measures we know when your carry protects against a variety of diseases. and the positive effects far outweigh the damage caused by inhaling air pollutants in front of charged off a fat of you in any case it is definitely advisable to ride a bike instead of sitting in a car or about on fire and longer hopes traffic then you should avoid riding along main roads by taking side roads where pollution levels or lower. so.
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of course everyone can try to avoid exposure at peak traffic hours. but what you can't avoid is general exposure there we have no control over what we inhale line from. air pollution is rather like radioactivity it's invisible and it takes decades before its effects show up. flights to measure air pollution have given physicist your slowly felt a different perspective. he and his colleagues study air samples taken at high altitudes the air pollution which we don't even notice on the ground is visible from the aircraft window. but you can see how the visibility is that air pollution these are not clouds.
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and the haze over frankfurt or other cities is not a local phenomenon it's a large scale phenomenon. but people in germany are exposed to this air pollution on a daily basis. if you're exposed to this pollution from a longer period of time diseases well developed. together with other scientists your slowly filters calculated that seven million people worldwide die prematurely from air pollution every year in germany the figure is probably fifty thousand lifestyle diseases caused by obesity smoking and alcohol abuse remain the biggest health hazard but air pollution poses the greatest environmental threat to global health. my advise everyone to look out of an airplane window from down here you can see how dirty the air is but if you look down from our part you see it very clearly. movie feminism
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when you realize that it's very sad your breathing in and out moment ten thousand times a day and it's clear that the average really needs to be clean if you want to live a healthy life in this region able to consume this in fact it's possible that we're on the right track which absolution has decreased slightly but we're still a long way from eating clean at targets a lot more needs to be done. good
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. good. good good. good good. good. moral. no future in their own country pays out and bahar have jobs if they feel coveted. iran is politically isolated and u.s. sanctions have plunged economy even keeping the crisis. mode the family be forced to leave their homelands iran in twenty nineteen a country without prospects. leaving three thousand and thirty minutes on d w.
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