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the book. this is the deputy is coming to you live from berlin iran announces its fashionable drawer from a landmark nuclear deal president hassan rouhani says there john will stop acting on some of its commitments under the team and sets a timeline of sixty days for new terms to be agreed the move comes amid mounting tension with the united states also on the program the noid pictures the wilds been bracing for britain's prince harry and his wife meghan present their newborn son to the public it's a big day for the little one as he also leaves his grit grandmother the queen and
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for the first guy. and the christian woman at the center of a blasphemy raw in talk isaan begins a new life in safety a c.r.-v. b. has reportedly arrived in canada question real knighted in which her daughter has to class in sport liverpool football goes past barcelona as goalkeeper to win a place in the champions league final it's a stunning come from behind victory that means well cement coach given cups place in history. i don't have a warm welcome to you i'm on with that shima. iran says it plans to stop complying with parts of the landmark nuclear deal struck with world pounds in two thousand and fifteen president has a honey announce a decision exactly one year after the u.s.
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withdrew from the pact it was designed to limit iran's ability to produce nuclear fuel in exchange for relief from sanctions rouhani now says his country plans to resume enriching and stockpiling uranium in sixty days if one spouse failed to negotiate new terms for the deal madama moby doing our nation should know that we have not withdrawn from the nuclear deal they should not think that the nuclear deal does not exist anymore. the nuclear deal is still in place but today we will flip and show the other side of the coin the nuclear deal has told us in its articles twenty six and thirty six that if the other party violates it we can also reduce our commitments at any level today we announced a reduction not a withdrawal. so that was for the president of iran has a new honey before we discuss those developments in greater detail let's take
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a look at exactly what was agreed in the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal that deronda got its existing uranium stockpile of material that can be used to produce nuclear weapons in return the u.s. u.k. germany france china and russia lift international sanctions which had been crippling the iranian economy but u.s. president donald trump says a deal fails to deter iran from developing ballistic missiles here to go the united states pulled out of the deal and has reintroduced all in the nuclear related sanctions against iran along with other punitive measures and the german defense minister funday line says it is essential to maintain dialogue with iran and for europe to speak as one and she made those comments during a panel discussion here at the studios in berlin they must understand we have to do all we can to keep talking to iran to make sure this agreement is maintained on all
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sides even after the united states has opted out and we have to assess these latest statements by iran together that's a first step in which europe can exercise its strength and make its joint voice her especially. and for some analysis i'm joined now by conyers on her behalf from the german council on foreign relations a welcome can list on germany was one of the driving forces in coming up and agreeing on this nuclear deal how much of a setback a dip. latics setback is this a move by iran well first of all the deal is not dead with today's announcement by the iranians they have carefully chosen some of those elements which are not strictly elaborated in the deal so they themselves say they will still within the confines of the deal this is what those elements that they've said they're not going to comply it's about the heavy water storage and it's about enrich uranium which they are bound to sell on the international market but with u.s.
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sanctions there isn't even a buyer for these products so they are trying to comply with the deal but u.s. sanctions make it impossible but this is a minor detail so the i.a.e.a. the international atomic energy agency will have to verify over the sixty day period where the iran is still compliant but it has been compliant until today so the deal is not dead it's just another new phase of hectic diplomacy i would say yeah and of russia has said that you know iran has been provoked into taking this action by extended pressure alluding to the united states to share this assessment as we just saw from the statement today a year ago u.s. president trump announced the withdrawal and they have since embarked on a mexican non-pressure complaint with new sanctions against iran so iran could have left a year ago they in their own words they have been patient for a year and they have applied the limitations of the deal until today so it's in that sense there is the move by the americans came first and this is to an extent
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an iranian reaction yes within this washington has been turning the screws on iran a bit and and the latest announcement that we've gotten from secretary of state my own bail thing that iran they had intelligence specific intelligence that an attack was imminent blaming it on how likely does that sound to you what do you make of this claim well obviously i don't have access to intelligence so it's easy for the u.s. secretary of state to say that an attack is imminent we know about past intelligence turning out wrong after it had been double checked. there is a great sense of worry including in the united states questions from senators from u.s. senators to my can pay or about how the administration is trying to link iran to al qaeda. enemy of iran because there is an authorization to use force against terrorists so the rhetoric linking of iran to al qaeda could be seen as a way to to go towards a militant military confrontation this is not in and i do hope for despite the
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strike area being sent to the region but there is of course as collateral potential right and iran has given a den of sixty days as we had to come up to renegotiate certain towns and this nuclear deal how optimistic i know that a compromise billion lunch was six days is a short time and by the way it's not the first time the europeans are giving an ultimatum about a year ago it was president trump giving an ultimatum to the europeans so as i said frenzy of diplomatic movements can we expect that the europeans put in place a mechanism to trade with iran despite u.s. sanctions which is being built up so maybe within those sixty days if we can see some progress on that side maybe on the oil trade these are instances where we could give some some reasons for iran also to say that the appeals have complied. i'm not overly optimistic but i try to stay. going to be thought about from the german council on foreign relations thank you very much for sharing expertise if
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that is your major. to the u.k. now where meghan and harry the duke and duchess of sussex have presented their due once on to the public at windsor castle on the couple's first child was born on monday morning at a still undisclosed location the duke and duchess have yet to reveal the name of baby sussex it's an exciting day for the newborns great grandmother queen elizabeth we meet him today for the first time he's seventh in the line to the british throne and is the great grandchild of ninety three year old elizabeth britons along this really want to. make it and how we also took a few questions from the press let's have a listen to what they had to say. pretty amazing. to see you guys in the world so i'm. just going through the papers churn so much for two weeks with basically. monitoring the whole church this happens or it's not it's my.
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truth is not secure in your person. regards. so joining me now is our correspondent charlotte potts she's standing in front of buckingham palace shot of the couple sun ecstatic as we could not sure royal watchers are also delighted to see the first pictures of the little one. absolutely emerita a lot of excitement here amongst the royal watchers and of course frankly around the world to get the first glimpse of the royal baby the most famous royal baby at the moment of course and we saw a very beaming couple of them maggie and harry as happy as first time parents can be with megan saying he has the sweetest temperament he's really call him he's been the dream and harry responding i wonder who he gets that from so quite a few jokes there as the as the duke and duchess of sussex introduce their
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baby to the world later on today that baby is due to meet the most famous great grandma in the world the queen elizabeth and maybe after that we will finally then learn what kind of name this baby will be carrying and this seems to be a couple of wishes bricking were traditional in many ways including the way they presented their baby to the public. yes absolutely so it seems like they're going at their own pace they did not announce a birth plan the logistics of rounding first and it took them ten hours to actually make that announcement that they had given birth to a healthy baby boy so this is a couple breaking with a lot of traditions and also this baby has already broken with tradition it's the first by a racial heir to a british throne and she might be the first baby at royal baby to hold a dual passport dual citizenship american british so
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a lot of breaking with tradition here now this big was the sussex babies only seven in the line to the truth but it still doesn't have a name is it. exactly so we might learn that name later on today the big question there of course is is it going to be an american name or a british name at the moment of the bookmakers are saying is most likely we will see if that becomes true. false in front of buckingham palace in london thank you very much. that's been our bring you up to date but some of the stories making news around the world results from time and selection show the opposition camp has won a majority of seats to a few party of the fugitive former prime minister taksin shinawatra tops the both of which were held in march no cos he has won an absolute majority. of
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pakistani christian woman who spent eight years on death row falsely charged with blasphemy has left the country officials fear bibi has arrived in canada to be reunited with her daughter bibi's a critique on blasphemy charges last year spock widespread protests throughout pakistan and death threats from religious extremists. in sri lanka along the churches that was bombed in sunday's terrorist attacks has partially reopened st anthony's in the capital colombo allowed worshippers to preach in a small shrine amid tight security the attacks on churches and hotels across the country left over two hundred and fifty people dead. to south africa now where people are voting in presidential and parliamentary elections that will deliver a verdict on the performance of president saddam oppose the rebel forces and his ruling a.n.c. party have been watching a bit approval ratings plummet as he struggles to make good on promises to fight
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corruption and get the economy back on track although the a.n.c. is expected to win this election as it has every time since the country of much from white minority rule twenty five years ago analysts are predicting that it's margin of victory will forward. joining me now from johannesburg is d.w. is christine manuel welcome christine you're at a polling station what is at stake in this election what are people saying to you. i reached at several macalso was just here he voted at this station that i met this is in so which will add a lot is at stake particularly for his fogey as you rightly said this is the hardest fight the a.n.c. has had to fight to get at post a cottage it is the most difficulty election simply because there is just so much discontentment among south africans a lot of people and happy with the slow rate of progress and attitude that the
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amount of corruption that has taken place and the previous and see president jacob zuma so a lot is at stake for this party he spoke at a full so he addressed the media he talked about the fact that he is going to take care of things that corruption that he's going to create jobs at that he's going to bring in face meant that is needed in this country he talked about not wanting another generations of south africans to live in poverty. in an alley in downtown johannesburg i meet rico he's twenty seven doesn't have a job and sells drugs to earn a living i can well join his book ok i was looking for a job now you don't get any job so i was like ok what can i do because my i need to pay for my bills my rent i shoes clothes food everything so what can i do and came out on prime fronts and observe the place try to learn the place try to learn what everyone is doing around a place and i decide i better ok this people they love this they don't like this
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then we give them i did not hear him speaking so which is rico says he has a diploma in hospitality and wanted to become a shift he's given up trying to look for a job he's also given up on hosting elections for me since it was the of time. and i think it's always of time for me because life. outside of just about what i want to get anything that i don't even give us jobs good food to give them more support but at the end of the day. no it isn't going to get any kind on yellow is twenty three he spends most of his days in internet shops sending out he c.v. but he's getting demotivated like rico he won't be voting in the may eighth election my frustration for you think your need troublous or me being unemployed is the fact that like you presently have no move these are just two young south africans but the levels of apathy among youth in this country is worrying south
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africa electoral commission say sixty percent of eligible voters who did not register to take part in this election but know the age and that's what i mean downtown johannesburg and this is this was something that with young people many of them have told me they want people to be in this election to come visit us for like to see all the companies that are happening right in general did not revolt did not entice muster is young people to like the gaijin that a lot of people really really really feel like they have no need to use this for you know so a lot of people instead of being convince what to vote for you have to come pain and convince them toward frist i don't think any of the. main parties being. if they have been n.c.r. really catering to the needs most of the parties are promising job creation it's the right message for a country with an unemployment rate of more than twenty five percent but going on
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a little has found no compass in campaign promises as it's my like basic rights and the voting i think it's quite pointless because like it's going to take another i don't know how many years for us to actually realize like change while he's given up on south africa's politicians can any little has not yet given up on his job hunt. not to put blacks in monroe who is in johannesburg to see the current president a third of hope was when he came to pot and replacing jacob zuma he promised to clean up corruption and you know clean up the house of the a.n.c. but listen to your report it doesn't seem he's been base excess for. it's been a tall order and that's because the last two terms of presidency of a.n.c. prisons here have been hated by jacob zuma a lot of corruption allegations have emerged a lot has been taken out of the country's cough is by way of corruption they are commissions of inquiry right now and revelations coming out to the extent of that
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corruption so yes one of those are needed to go out there and convince young people that the party's taking a new direction and that was the whole point of him being in office now getting about about a year before. before the election really to prove to south africans that he wants to clean house and it's a difficult thing that he has to do it's also has to do with if you look at his cabinet compositions and whether or not he was going to get rid of certain corrupt officials some of those people didn't go from his government and people really convinced by that but the the really telling result will be how they see faces at this poll this is largely a referendum on him and whether or not those supporters of the a.n.c. who had left the party because of these things will come back because he is on him but because he is the president of the party and how much is the optimal much of a threat is the opposition to the in seeing this election bodies that the democratic alliance and the economic freedom fighters led by a very charismatic leader read and research a big party they see in the da at these parties are not expected to grow in this
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election the only party that really full cost to see gaining more support is the economic freedom fighters they have taken a large bulk of young voters young people are those supporters you go to and if really you look around it's largely young people that miss a job taking back land without recompensation white people for example has resonated with a lot of youngsters in south africa who are living in poverty and so julius malema struck a chord with a lot of people here and is the result that is the party that many people see growing as opposed to the agency of the da which will probably lose support as what some people are predicting here. chris and when we're in johannesburg covering the south african election for the w. thank you very much. now kristie in africa and stan yes it's a jihadist group launched its insurgency in nigeria since then tens of thousands of people have been killed and the united nations refugee agency says more than two million have been displaced our correspondent funny for chalk traveled to borno
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state in nigeria's north east in the state's capital my the she met a woman who dreams of her life after and its terrorist activities she wants to provide for her children and start a business story. at. their new arrivals every day people fleeing their territory. since two thousand and nine about one point eight million people have been forced to leave their. people like zainab she fights back tears as she vividly recalls the day she had to leave with her nine children. we started hearing gunshots thinking it's from the military then we thought it was some play but it wasn't the whole town was captured by book . we ran away from our home it was raining some children were missing.
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when you and. her husband a policeman was killed in front of her children seven years ago her town was captured by the jihadists a few years later since then her children have been unable to go to school. my hope is one day they become nurses lawyers engineers doctors. only recently a suicide attack in front of the camp was for oiled zainab is getting dressed to protect her children along with other volunteers she tries to check everyone wants to enter or leave the camp. is your home not nearby go and bring the past. i don't have a pass no past no going out the government depends on volunteers to keep a basic level of stability she harvests hiding nearby can strike any time.
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the violence here in the north east of nigeria has altered the lives of hundreds of thousands of the attacks have also spread to neighboring countries like chad and cameroon millions of people at this point need aid to survive. life beyond the camp a return to normality that is enough dream. she joins a workshop outside the camp it teaches women hold to run a business acquire the skills that you need to run your business and that's been. what the solution is that is my solution for you that is why you're here today. zena wants to make money by selling fish her mentor has bigger plans for her when it comes to her is to ensure that not only is she understanding how business model but also she has a revenue model that can sustain the business beyond the company because the she needs to come then what happens nobody knows safe borno state is the government slogan but so far their efforts have failed to provide stability while communities
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are falling apart women are looking to fill the gap to be prepared once peace returns. and live a fool has staged a sensational comeback to advance to the final of the champions league but the victory over boss of illinois jonathan crane from douglas sports is if you talk to us about that match i was i woke up at five in the morning to check the results and almost get out of bed what happened this was a sensational match i think memorable from the outset of racing all three nights out stumbling high as the five in the morning or therapist i was wondering what happened it was really remarkable another incredible nights of action european nights at anfield of course ground they were three nailed down from the first leg without their star player and yet they managed to turn it around develop a region got the ball rolling off the seven minutes of the game really turned on its head amrita off the hof time georgina ranald on that getting two goals in the
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space of two minutes is fast i was right so then i had that said that level sings on aggregate three or three of them on the night and the best day was yet to come an amazing corner by trent alex on the on notes taken quickly caught everyone by surprise and a reeky was that to get his second goal of the night liverpool's fourth and that was enough to seal the comeback for three on i forget they were three solid joining in the celebrations afterwards he said never give up. really didn't do it and i have seen if this has to be a historic comeback given that they were three goals down in the first leg and they were facing down and miss you just the fs times its nine hundred eighty six for the side as overcome that deficit side or not occasion barcelona you can see the irony that bit that close up the coach jurgen klopp or told the players before the game but this is impossible but if anyone can do it you guys can because of course liverpool are the team renowned for european comeback they did it in two thousand
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and five in the champions league final against milan three no than a one on penalties and they just threw everything a boss i don't know really kind of how i read them from the start to not allow boston to settle a messy absolutely shows they want to kate said so an incredible comeback for liverpool cloth now it's the champions league final in sixty's and he said well it's not something he won't be forgetting in a hurry let's listen because i really meant to the giants it's unbelievable it's up to the season we played the games we had the injuries we have now in this moment i know if you go out there. and in our school. who put the money on i don't think you'll find you find a lot of people so and and then going out there and putting a performance like this on the pitch is is unbelievable i'm i'm really proud. to be . the manager of this of this team it's unbelievable to what they did tonight is so special and. i will remain remembered forever bongos and
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you know he's looking shell shocked him so if you're going to live up we're going to face in the final and do you think we could make it and win well we'll find out tonight because i x. take on thought now i'm in the second semifinal i.x. of a one goal advantage in the fast like they're always there in the second leg so you favor that but i think if anything from this competition it's never right anyone off the top number probably have gained some inspiration from liverpool but whoever gets through to the. and the face of what i think memorable will be the favorites every so you boy it's and let's not forget last weekend it looked like you know the premier league title forming out of the grass they were three nil down and all of a sudden they're in the final they're still in with a shout for the premier league they will be feeling very very pleased with themselves i'm sure and i'm sure a lot of celebrations going on in liverpool lots of hunger people in liverpool in the dock jumping crane from us both said thank you very much. for another big match coming up to this evening coming up next on the w.'s asia the christian woman at
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the center of a blasphemy storm leaves spock a son for canada the british should be safe there from the religious extremists demanding. that and more coming up in detail the news is you have literally under such a man the news team but. we're
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not here to judge you but to eliminate prejudice and. we're not here to change your opinion. but to open some space for different points of view we're not here to speak on behalf of anybody but to let everybody speak for themselves. we're not here to give the right answers but to ask the right questions. we're not here to
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indoctrinate but to listen. plus ninety connect to an unbiased agenda subscribe now on you tube. if you would like to be our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them has a plan of where you should send the thing is kiss on the children who have already been the lawyer and those that will follow are part of a new process. they could be the future of. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made for mines what's the connection between bread flour and the european union he knows guilt not a legal view correspondent an avid baker can stretch this second line with the
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inspired step by the team. cuts made no. small thing recipes for success strategies that make a difference. baking bread on d.w. . this is the dublin years asia coming up on the program also happy being leaves. the christian woman at the center of a blast from the storm is now joining our family kind of that but when she be safe there from the hard liners demanding typedef plus. thailand's stint in political limbo six weeks after the country's election no party.


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