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baker tried. to live with the rules by. being recipes for success strategy that made a difference. baking bread on d w. this is. coming up on the program. the christian woman at the center of a blasphemy storm is now joining. the safe that from the heart. of death. after the country's election. where does that leave government formation in thailand we speak to a political analyst. i'm
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british welcome to news asia it's good to have you with us we begin with the case of a baby a pakistani christian woman wrongly convicted of blasphemy but later set free by the highest court in her land ordinarily that would mean that she'd be featured on two hundred one life nor. have to leave. to be truly free the fifty three year old mother of five left the country canada to join her daughters who are already that yes more or ordinary from pakistan who endured extraordinary hardship because of her faith. she's one of the most talked about women in pakistan as a baby pictured here shortly after her conviction in two thousand and ten the christian mother of five sentenced to death for alleged remarks about islam during
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an argument with fellow farm workers who refused to share their glass of water with the non muslim. she was acquitted in october twenty eight hundred and went into hiding not on death row but still in constant fear for her life and this is why hard line islamists calling for her to be hanged. this supreme court's decision triggered days of nationwide protests. who are who are in every corner of the country the sons of islam have voiced opposition to the supreme court verdict by going on to the streets. what kind of a verdict is this from the supreme court of an islamic republic which is troubling muslims but satisfying infidels. as. demonstrations were only called off when the government agreed to bar bibi from leaving the country pending an appeal to her acquittal but this case is already
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linked to the killings of at least two people. the governor of punjab province some on to z are seen here on the right was assassinated by his bodyguard in two thousand and eleven after speaking in peace defense later the same year federal minister for minorities shahbaz bhatti was killed after calling for her release. and this was the reaction in january of this year after the supreme court upheld its verdict that's crowds demanding death. the crowd though didn't get their wish and b.b. it appears has been able to move pakistan from all we have correspondent. joining us from islamabad salon good to see you bibi was acquitted last year but she only got to leave the country today what took so long when right after the supreme court took rid of that lost in the charges and she was released from the
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mood. she was not actually released but you're still going into protective custody by the officers and she demanded protective custody throughout the seven months until she traveled from here to canada last night the reason was the sentiment often some of the extremists people living in pakistan her security was the first priority that's meant. she was nothing was disclosed to anyone and in the meanwhile during all the seven months going to buck a son was in the negotiation with different countries and you know it was the number one and then it was simply negotiating with the government but his son and the result of the western countries were negotiating and it was all happening behind the curtain there was no news of. the media and then finally these new solutions are done just to get it done this is what prime minister boston and uncle and indeed into two words. and giving an interview to the foreign media last month
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and that's where he specifically toward that she's a free citizen all and she can travel anywhere and it was us that is it's a matter of days or weeks that she can travel the prime minister clarified that it's going to take a some of the few weeks and that's what we have seen right after three to four weeks he is going to get it right now are seven his acquittal saw furious protests on the streets. and then that forced to live in hiding how did the government handle house situation did that do a good job or fair. the decision of supreme court saw protests all across the country and the country was on standstill the city's the major cities was going on lockdown by the protesters as the premise of all of this is done how to address the nation and how to do and they are message to all of these protests is that the student boston does not want to use the ball against innocent citizen about his son later on the government open job and it was usually a with these extremists through just groups and didn't go out there it was
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a team point. it was a. new mission to least on exit control of this part destruction of the building don't really think at that time and there was a lot of criticism on that later on once the deed was done that these protesters and the lot of the protesters would bring back the rage often doubted the crackdown against them was there and all of the top leadership was arrested by the police and they're still in the they're still in the custody of police and potentially that's one reason why their baby has been able to travel to kind of sort of khaled joining us from islamabad thank you very much for that to thailand next where the election commission has announced results of the march twenty fourth general election it said the for thai party of former prime minister thaksin shinawatra has won the most seats in the lower house of parliament but the probe military along. has won
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the more stumble of popular votes crucially none of the parties have won an absolute majority and both would need bought knows if they want to form the backed government this means that they still don't know officially who will govern thailand yes more from the election commission. if you look at the results there are seventy four parties who won seats in the early a vote count compared to the one today is different because of reelections in some districts. and there are also recounts and reelections at some voting stations. and several candidates have been disqualified which also affects the vote count. of the election commission received more than four hundred complaints and has up to or you're out to investigate them but before you go any further it's important to understand how the easy elected the lower house of parliament has five hundred
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seats in the upper house at the senate two hundred fifty that's a total of seven hundred fifty seats in parliament any party needs to win more than half that's three hundred seventy six seats needed to form a government however yes to catch the military appoints the two fifty members of the senate and not all of the remaining five hundred seats in the lower house up to the vote only three hundred fifty of these five hundred of voted for by the people directly and the remaining one fifty are allocated proportionally to a complicated formula two parties. and this time around suits have been allocated to twenty six parties in this list of first for thailand then you know somebody on city is a political scientist at thailand's. tell us what you know as the employer got that wrong and is also an associate professor in berlin professor somewhat consider it good to have you back in the studio now you have the figure of twenty six new parties we've been allocated seats in this party list but you have for
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a time which won the most seats in defect voting which is not in this list can this presumption believed. it is hard to believe that it will happen regardless because i mean if we discount all of this very complicated calculation and the formula the fundamental idea is for the prole military coalition to win the election right and put a tie and a future forward are perceived as the options so they will try every way to kind of exclude these two parties no matter how much they wind of what's there these two parties would become the opposition eventually but you have a situation in which nobody in thailand at the moment has an absolute majority do you see this happening that the and t. government opposition that had been formed some weeks back that could potentially
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disintegrate in favor of the pro-military parties. right now i think the smaller parties could go to the proletariat coalition but most likely the two big parties like a tie or a future forward would stay and altogether they have like more than two hundred seats and that's actually almost half of the lower house so i mean if they're probably three coalition could become the government the problem for us is. with a cover and with you know probably either less than half of the lower house seats or almost. you know. about half explain to us the rooms the military in all of this and we talked about the two hundred fifty seats in the senate that appointed by the military does the military hold the upper hand no matter what the official result is. yes i know the military has been
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behind their decide off the electoral process and we talked about this last time regulations and laws all of that but what's interesting right now is this is the election and it's an open season for politicians right so you have these small parties trying to negotiate for seats for benefits there would have and i think the more you have the parties in the call the sion the more difficult than the causation would become and therefore you would have a very unstable government where internal conflicts loom large and you would have laws that cannot be passed and infighting among different factions what does this mean for the people of thailand you have almost a split that appears to be developing broad military and the military. it means
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a lot because in the past conflicts like these can be negotiated there is a figure that would be respected by all sides that cool it may be a conflict but right now that figure doesn't exist anymore but they also have the type up a nation has changed and they were not one to kind of compromise their position just because they want to live in a peaceful country right and you know to see how this pans out in the future especially in terms of government formation changes from one city thank you so much thanking me and explaining this to us in the studio thank you. that's it for today and there's more stories on our website. isha and be sure to check us out on facebook as well thailand is still in celebration mode after this week's coronation of the new king we leave you now with an elephant procession in his honor so the streets of bangkok means you next time.
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where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and ransom in the italian dictatorship and just want to be shot now and if your newspapers when official information as a journalist i have worked on the streets of many congress and their problems are almost the same point to the social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. should work on the fourth to stay silent when
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it comes to the fans of the humans on scene or microphones who have decided to put their trust in us. is john curtis and i work. on. the markets are keeping a wary eye on oil supplies as iran responds to america's complete economic embargo by saying it will now resume plutonium enrichment. more bad news for the chinese economy as beijing sees a drop in exports so what does that mean for trade negotiations and a critical phase. and germany wants to clear up its outlook testing a new highway lane for electric hybrid trucks. this is business.
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welcome iran's withdrawal from its commitments in the twenty fifty nuclear deal is putting the price of crude oil on the op would press shut while iran's allies try to keep the nuclear deal afloat tighter u.s. sanctions on iranian oil exports have many countries worried about supplies iran's major all customers like india and china are already saying we will ignore the sanctions. president hassan rouhani has responded to u.s. sanctions by threatening to resume its nuclear enrichment program if a new deal isn't reached terrine also threaten to close the strait of hormuz a clear threat to global oil supplies twenty percent of the world's oil passes through the narrow channel the u.s. has deployed an aircraft carrier strike group to the middle east that's a strong message tensions are rising and jangling nerves on the oil market normally fears about the global economy during the rab between the u.s. and china.


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