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lot. of spin. room because you're so used to that which before the railway was built by chinese contractors and financed largely by chinese loans that poses a debt burden putting all this together hasn't come cheap three point eight billion dollars kenya has had to fork out in order to get this done and the tricky thing is ninety percent of that funding came from the china eggs in bank the foreign investors celebrate the results and the promotional videos the chinese provided both financing and technology to operate the railway for the first five years do you think it was worth it ok in terms of the finance basically and what the other the spend. in tanzania a sort of quite expensive but. i mean what can we do we don't get included in those editions so yes i'm going to enjoy the right.
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question news in ten or fifteen years will those people alive think that this was a worthwhile investment. the model rocket express is currently running at a loss but the investment is already paying off for chinese importers beijing is now kenya's biggest trading partner on the ground most kenyans are pleased they welcome the investment in the country's ailing and largely outdated infrastructure . this dealer now gets his new cars by a train from mombasa. people who say the s.g.r. was a bad investment or against development this train helps ordinary kenyans rich and poor benefit from it. but it's also hitting motorists in their wallet gas prices have gone up to help pay off the chinese debt. now whatever the world decides about the new silk road its projects will have long term implications the original silk road is history. the new silk road will be
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a major part of our future that's it for this week see acim take care if she. can. cut.
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which way is europe heading folksong says president claims europe is in the grip of a civil war in italy hungary in power leading politicians say they're fighting to save christian soul which may well have a cult of those critics coming from christians who show a piece securing the fact of the great family you feel column of fear in the hearts of crosses conflicts system it cost you tell the folks. fifty thousand euros for a. new tongue from ukraine is nine months pregnant.
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frankfurt airport city managed by for. u.s. president donald trump has signed an executive order imposing sanctions on iran's metals industry the move is in retaliation for iran's decision to stop complying with parts of the landmark nuclear deal struck with world powers in twenty fifteen iran's president hassan rouhani and nonstick one year after the us through the agreement into jeopardy by unilaterally withdrawing from its. turn in the u.s. house judiciary committee says attorney general william barr is guilty of contempt of congress by had failed to provide congress with the full unredacted miller report on russian interference in the twenty six thousand election it comes as u.s. president don't trump peace presidential privilege to block the release of
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information demanded by congress. the two suspects being held every tuesday school shooting in denver colorado have made separate appearances in court prosecutors say they expect to file formal charges on friday one student was killed in the shooting off to reportedly charge one of the attackers pinning him to a wall likely preventing further bloodshed. britain's prince harry and meghan the duke and duchess of sussex have named the new son archie harrison mountbatten windsor the couple's first child was born on monday she is seventh in line to the british throne. no easy ride as goober gears up for its ninety billion dollar i.p.o.
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in new york the company's drivers are striking for fairer conditions are around the world. also on the show detained while away executive at mag one joe tries to avoid extradition to the u.s. in court while washington wraps up the rhetoric against the chinese tech supplier. and belt tightening during ramadan soaring prices in algeria i mean many families are struggling to afford the traditional sunset feast after fasting. welcome to d.w. business i'm joined now on in berlin thank you very much for joining us over drivers in australia at the united states england and south america have gone on strike they say they want to send a message to before it becomes a publicly traded company on friday there are striking for livable incomes job security and regulated fares to date it's the biggest internationally coordinated
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effort against the right hailing start up. as a funny saying just has been driving for since twenty fifteen but today she switched off her app and went on strike. because of the low rates super pays she can no longer make ends meet. live for us. you know it was good that i could i was able to make probably. i would say. easily you over a thousand dollars a week in still have two days off. so. it seem to make sense at the time but has steadily decreased her income so she's been on the road in los angeles every day since the beginning of the year no weekend off no vacation as to funny is demanding the same rights as employees such as a minimum wage overtime unemployment insurance and paid sick leave but and rival
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lyft say their business model would be quote adversely affected if drivers were classified as employees and not as independent contractors. both are left of said that the greatest threat to their investors is driver dissatisfaction they know that they're paying too little to keep drivers satisfied and keep their industry functional and so in in new york both hoover and left have been mandated to pay twenty dollars an hour they're still in operation there we think they could do it in los angeles and in other cities. but even in the big apple there are protesters the independent drivers killed organized a caravan of drivers across the brooklyn bridge here many slammed move to develop driverless cars afraid of losing their jobs. as tokens of goodwill goobers offer drivers cash bonuses ahead of going public but that hasn't been enough to appease
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the broader pool of workers here in new york or as too funny in los angeles. the wall way executive detained in canada has been back in court to try and seek a stay on extradition proceedings to the u.s. so chief financial officer of the chinese type supplier while way and its founders daughter was arrested in canada last december at the behest of the west she's been under house arrest ever since but could move freely wearing an ankle monitor here she is seen earlier leaving her accommodations to go to court she's accused of fraud relating to rein in sanctions violations but her case has infuriated china which meant tains that it is politically motivated. now the u.s. and china are not only embroiled in a trade dispute there's also the u.s. led push to get its allies to makes the wood while way from the building of their super fast five g. mobile networks on a visit to the u.k. u.s.
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secretary of state mike peo warned against what he sees as a threat of chinese influence over digital infrastructure as a matter of chinese though the chinese government can rightfully demand access to data flowing through a way and c.t.e. systems why would anyone grant such power to regime that is already question the better way to cyberspace its official security would be the united states or certain information with trusted networks this is exactly what china worlds they want to defy western alliances through bits and bytes not bullets and bombs. joining us is yen's carter our markets correspondent on wall street now yes next case has been almost inevitably linked to the u.s. china trade conflict as well as the lao washington led campaign against china's weiwei how much will their case ultimately mean for u.s. china economic relations. well probably at this point not that much what
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we saw on a wednesday was just the prelude to this trial is going on for months is the of even for years and well overall china and washington are a whole being to settle their case. much earlier talking about the trade deal so we do have the chinese trade delegation in washington on thursday and on friday and it seems to be wide open if a deal can be reached u.s. president donald trump tweeted that well the chinese delegation is here to go back home with a deal but if they will get that remains a wide open but donald trump has also once said that he would intervene and then once those case if it would help get a trade deal between the u.s. and china is there any development on that well not at this point and as i pointed out it will take quite some time to really settle this case so i'm really do not think that ms wings future is connected to closely
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through the trade talks between china and the u.s. by the way the stock market overall is quite hesitant so we are really waiting for the outcome of the talks that will happen now on thursday and friday a game of wait and see on the markets thank you very much carter on wall street there for us. u.s. president donald trump has signed an executive order imposing fresh sanctions on iran steel iron aluminum and copper industries the country's metals sector provides much needed foreign currency earnings for its crippled economy the latest sanctions appear to be a response to iran's threat to enrich uranium stockpile if world powers fail to negotiate new terms of the twenty fifty nuclear deal the us pulled out of the deal a year ago but european nations among others stayed in. a
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chinese energy company has just signed a deal worth more than a billion dollars to recover natural gas from iraq's giant how a failed oil field representatives from china c.v. e.c.c. and petro china signed the agreement in baghdad with iraq's ministry of oil the chinese say the gas processing plant will be able to recover and refine three hundred million cubic feet of gas daily to be operational in two and a half years the deal comes a day after iraq and now and for a fifty three billion dollar energy project with exxon mobil and petro china. across the muslim world the faithful are fasting during daytime for the holy month of ramadan that means that no eating during the day but at sunset fast turns to feast in algeria the political and economic turmoil have triggered runaway inflation making for a leader ramadan. during the day algerian families go to the marketplace to shop
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for the ingredients to break the ramadan fast in the evening but this year soaring prices mean they'll struggle to buy traditional ingredients for weapons of tomato and zucchini prices are incredibly high. inflation and financial difficulties are already making it hard for families but prices have increased exponentially in the month of ramadan some shoppers suspect vendors of price gouging that. seventy percent of vendors do not respect the reference price and only thirty percent of vendors do so we want the authorities to force the vendors to comply with the official price vendors say they're being unfairly accused. it's not our fault the problem is with wholesalers in other cities. there's no evidence of price fixing the products are simply subject to the rules of supply and demand. however the unprecedented price rises have prompted
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authorities to launch surprise inspections aimed at getting the markets back into balance. staying on ramadan many in tunisia seek to improve their income with some of the seasonal jobs that flourished during the holy month for muslims all the markets are alleys in various tunisian cities are packed with seasonal vendors who appear with the president of ramadan it's a period of big business for many people food sales especially sweets all lives and pickles got a special boost at this time. now disease hit avengers and game may be on its way to becoming the biggest grossing film in history but it wasn't quite within last quarter's reporting period so it hasn't helped the entertainment companies latest figures does these film profits were down on last year when it had two strong movies black panther and the last guy this year there was only one major blockbuster captain marvel still walt disney reported better than expected second
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quarter revenue.


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