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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 9, 2019 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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under attack. women's rights and their tech rights in countries like poland and countries under sea econ trees you don't have attacks on the streets on gays and on women forced you have it you have it in countries where you have a very high having say there is nothing mr governor great women's rights we don't care line is really right here in. poland there's a free country germany is a free country france is free country every country is a free country the european union is the first let me you you are too interventionist let the others talk and then it's better than i can you know deal being union is a free assembly of nations all of them had to join all over them really. put down the loyalty to the principle. decision done in common so i don't see this sudden. fall back in
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the last century usa my nation is to create just by nation is to free is ok the month was. ok and i long to your new one not only tonight but what you write and what you talk to i'll tell you i want to take as i want of any and i want to take the discussion on a little bit simpler i want to. surface not doing both and you need to touch on the subject of migration i'd like to continue with it for a few moments because not only is it one of the biggest issues facing the european union but it's arguably one of its biggest failures isn't in the way what what chance that the next parliament will do better than this one in setting out a policy that can command a consensus because you don't have action actually arguments actually reached consensus on the entire sign of package and other micro it is actually to council where it's completely so no member countries in the council that you don't chose are to revisit this off the liberal m.p.'s whatever and that is exactly something you can see. well to that. extent we can i just. point is that you
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know the council has become somewhat of a. of a kind of black box everything stops there nothing moves forward whereas the parliament has actually been able to find broad consensus clued in the extremists but the socialist liberals e.p. p. greens i mean there was a. broadside lives very very but resolution. coming let me let me tell you how they set up the fire and now they're trying to use the water to set it down complete nonsense ok thank you very much for you then you let me know. that in the summer you're going to be months much variance in the european parliament socialist liberals so and the council is socialist and they have all the tools their conservative conservatives are saying is no let me let them let me tell you i don't want to give you a chance to come in me so i can still be my jury see four years liberals in p.p.
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and socialists they have all the tools to set up to solve the problem but they can't they do not know oh i'm gillum rickles looking for cheap labor she didn't want to help anyone and then she found out that she they don't want to work they don't want to learn the language so they should she found out i had to send them back some day and that's why she you said yeah that's what is used to send them saying i'm out it's just a few once a day and they are just really really you want to listen to such nonsense but ok that's the look for someone who's the average mom is it just it is so the angular was having the immigrants for cheap labor. finished or is it i think we had a problem in two fifteen to sixteen because rate of boy. the void in syria. in our neighborhood and nobody could see the hundreds thousands of people walking
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out of the misery but in the meantime if you look what we have achieved we have a whole package of measures we have no you don't if you cage and everybody who comes in the you is it and the fight we have. worked on our borders respond we have done the package with africa the countries with most of the poverty and scum so i think that up in the notion business yeah. yeah but i don't know about you know me. very successful policy because you have not the migration flows four years ago during of all i don't have anybody who are doing vices in the middle east and poverty in africa you will have migration all the time and we have to manage it together and not place it is you are like you got me going on let me go to a man here i guarantee you really get. water in your mother's brain obviously i
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want to read remarks crime my feeling of security you have you described if you correct like these are the local office or our journey across i am a zero six zero going for us are that we clean the law and so we did lose just let my experience a lot of typical lies of the german left from tanks has increased in numbers of of migrants over the mediterranean sea and then our friend mathilde so when he came and closed the borders and closed the ports he stopped migration the balkan routes all stopped but. i don't know why it's merkel wouldn't be chancellor anymore if he didn't stop the migration and two thousand and fifteen that means or man and salvini did the job what do you know tell us is a great success of the european union. let me let you answer mine seems let me speak i actually like to think the u.p.a. in union would have taken. troll over to hungary and borders and the chilean ports we would not have stopped immigration at all that means our side solves the problem
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since you created by by take the migrants to europe because syria is not our neighbor ok look some. things i agree with parts what you said i disagree with one thing as long as we know that there are thirty five thousand people dead in the mediterranean we cannot talk about a success if we see mr orbit starving migrants to death and locking them up in containers i do not consider that it's relies on officers from ai to finish that command then i think the new things that have been are as fake use ok well let's all go and visit it think they're going to of been at about one forty second eleven i wasn't i wasn't aware that mr orban is running lebanon i think he's running hungry. still general build a fence migrants are people and your needs might be able literally needs migration for them and we need to we need to control mannish migration and we need to be honest about it and what we are doing is building fortress europe which is just the equivalent to european equivalent of trumping all ok and i think it is really
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a larger problems than migration years that we do not want to hold i want to move on to our first question from our invited representatives of civil society i'm from human rights watch what is it you'd like to ask these very much. thank you very much in europe the most important political lesson of the twentieth century was that. political intolerance can lead to the end of democracy and to horrific crimes now today's europe we hear exactly the same rhetoric coming from far right politicians attacking minorities attacking migrants attacking. anyone they can get their hands on we hear anti-semitism we are islamophobia so i am going to ask you a very specific question in a minute touches committed actions he said just hold on if you can just be quiet for five seconds before you take power i would like to know what the parties
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on the right think about history did you learn absolutely nothing from twentieth century european history absolutely nothing you mr krause said learning our history is very important and you sit here and you repeat the phrases that we heard in the one nine hundred twenty nine hundred thirty s. it's outrageous now is your question mr touch and here we go you want a christian europe where does that leave those of us who aren't christian are we second class citizens we medical experiments what do you want with us and to you on the other side the left what do you do about these people what do you know offer the public to show these people for what they are and just do something about the mad men this time so we don't have a repeat of last time they are in touch inskeep ok so the christian europe. it's not muslim euro i don't want you slam ization i'm not the only do you want to dance or i want you want to answer no i listen to you so listen to me now i don't
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want islamization in europe i don't want terrorism i think i'm crazy and so i did you let him he did listen to you so. now go to question it wasn't a question vasa cause i'm trying to answer the question i don't want i don't want islamization of europe i don't want terrorism in europe there is no christians who are shouting christ is the law before they blow themselves up but every single terrorist attack is followed by a lot of bar this is just a fact and christianity decision chances are ok let me let me say what i think so. what i said every country is a free and democratic country you can be a muslim hindu nonbeliever i don't care but for me my value is christianity and this is my program as a politician and then the nation is deciding that's that's how democracy works so that is why our government was elected that's why our governments are elected in
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hungary in sweden in other countries so lets people decide what is important for them for me who is johnny and the christian values are important let people decide and don't tell them how the country should look like because this is what you think it's called democracy let people vote away and so you know it was there was a question that i realised there are times when you're winning when you're. really . not doing the same for a very christian and not every second means to me is we're not interested in generating that was asked. would you like to answer this i think what you call democracy which which i actually mean is the rule of the majority and i think the essence of democracy is that we also take care of minorities and minority views so that is something very different and in my europe people are free to hold any religion that they have and they will not be and they will all this is what i've said they will all be treated every presented equally by the public authorities and
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that's the big difference and it also means that there are that there is equal treatment of men and women there is i have an area where equal treatment well actually you are attacking women's rights like for example their sexual and reproductive health and right and i'll answer that with the animals for human reproductive animals i represent these. people are having a babies they having a lot of not reproduction intentions and things not a fair go. i'll try and answer to mr shoreline i think one of the mistakes that we have made over the years is that whenever a pro european centrist moderate forces are talking about europe they're talking about europe a very technocratic terms about internal market which i wholeheartedly support and a common currency we don't have to gets to actually stand up for the europe values and i stand for a europe of progressive values of equality your brother has been have i show different values yes well you know in my europe you're going to lose
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a leg titles even to lose and what i want to bet yes you're going to hammer out why you people and i don't work together how you can work together because one of the duties of politicians is to compromise how you can work together i'm very open but i am not open for full madness the illegal migration which is called refuse refugees they are not refuse i keep repeating the refugees the person who flee to the first safe country to from the country of the conflict not flying throughout the globe so if we are talking about the rule of law and the rules are broken and the words are used in a sense in a different way how can you how can cooperate on how can you respect the rule of law what do you want to let go of migration is not the regime by the law one word one word because my europe's not just europe of equality but also the europe of diversity where everybody has a place because diversity is exactly what his mate europe the best most prosperous free and safest continent in the world is not i'm sorry it's not that so you know
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i'm down south so i'm just going to go back into it so you know and by the very briefly very briefly are you encouraged by anything you heard. think it's very revealing that instructions he refuses to answer the question about what he would do with non christians in his christian europe yes i think that explains i believe everything really what they were it's very clear so we have heard this rhetoric in the one hundred twenty s. in the one hundred thirty s. in europe we know where your talk leads you can shake your head all you want but we've seen it before we've been here before and europe is sick of it and we're not putting up with men like this when they are much all right next question comes from alexandrina my mother each from the european civic forum what would you like to us things thank you. in today's europe. raising inequalities fear of the future and a growing number of people who feel left behind these are undermining democracy
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and trust in a common future and progressive populist forces are surfing on these feelings with quite success i would say they they and so this failure of democracy to deliver access to rights for all with less to democracy because they build collective identities based on exclusion. and they try to shrink and to. shut up the space for dissent for democratic checks and balances for civil society for media for akademi and so on and so forth we come to a question but my question is addressed to the progressive camp. what kind of policies do we need to get out of this deadlock because it's not enough to say that we are pro europeans alongside what you said in the beginning what kind of policies we need to bring equality and solidarity and to make this european project great
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for all ok joe line to. receive all our societies and even between states the strong get stronger and the rica stay weak or get weaker the rich get richer and the others stay poor little junior up front and therefore i think it's the big task of the next two years to put social dimension of our european politics in the center we have to have standards for the countries whether it's minimum wage whether it's access to health whether it's proper pension system what if they don't meet child standards that what we had thirty years to get convergences in the monetary area it is possible to get the same on the social where there is some pressure now to cut off funding to those countries that don't abide by some of the rules are you in favor of that you know we have to do in the next financial framework a lot of funds for child care for youth unemployment for really helping countries
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to raise the standards and not to lower them but i think the fragmentation of social fragmentation in our society is to root for populism for i question and this goes against me whence it goes against minorities and at the ends it goes against everything they don't like their government or. because the european union so i think technically the root causes of fragmentation in society is the big issue of the next let she fights cry yes the first thing is we don't solve problems in economic problems by centralization and more rules from brussels so we solve it by competition and by giving back the economic decisions beg to do people who are the economic actors that's the first thing you can't have a common minimum wage in romania and in germany you know the same in ones so you have to have different solutions of the first and the sex the next that i wonder
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a little bit that the member of the social democrats who introduced agenda twenty ten in germany and to make a lot of reforms exactly the other way around is now proposing social politics the peace party and poland introduced the social politics as a market economy for the right man and your partner the p.o. platform of the dollar top to introduce a lot of corruption and unsocial policy so well or badly rosina my tail so many best of the lot of or else i speak about the new era we are living and other than it already and i'm not and we don't need we've got it we don't need more regulation and results we need more flexibility more competition and more market economy for small businesses and not for the big national conference that are your friends and your supporters there are things that are a long way very briefly the only way to move on now one of the key principles and treaty is economic and so.


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