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he never ok since may have been here for a. while it's not easy. for paul klein time to daniels' off my mother and snap to say that. four of have died wife and i can. imagine ninety eight monday or bid farewell to the political stage and dedicated himself to fundraising. bill clinton's foundation was a shining example of how millions of dollars could be collected for a good cause you're after you. write about. is the war against your mother. we must find a way and me to make a life saving treatment tough enough to order one new.
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there are many problems in this land of extremes the lights go out ever more frequently as the mismanaged power grid threatens to collapse. yet mandela's country is also a great place to celebrate loyalty archbishops and presidents sway to the rhythms of africa but. nothing. like some of them under the art business and the personality cult are getting out of the. place likely to be. like. a play on monday by a colorful cash cow in the coin shop. for. good reason this is one of the world's greatest icons of all time and there he sits
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they can hardly walk anymore and he has to be photographed with some. stupid little celebrity from somewhere else i am very happy. for me until now. and i hope. manderson flushed again and kind of informed. relief like this so that. they could be the object of narration. well. if he's such a brand you have to protect him as a brand you have to employ the same techniques that made companies do to protect their brand whether he's coca-cola or microsoft and that's what we're doing i would mention famous brand names that have offered as huge sums of money for the foundation it was demanded i can think in a very subtle artistically done but we have to say no to the millions of dollars
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and the if it were to go out at the end of. the thought mondello art auctions were international here until two thousand and five. and then there were claims that some of the prints were fakes and. there was talk of unscrupulous greedy advisors. and finally it emerged that some of the monday live pictures were by a young artist some signatures were said to be faked mandela remains silent about the whole affair. suspicion fell on monday liz trusted and longstanding lawyer yob he was accused of having embezzled money from numerous private monday le trusts.
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a lifelong friendship turned into a court case my hope was convicted and ordered to pay a remarkably small fine. his lawyers advised him to do nothing. one dealer declined to comment or give interviews on the case. is fairly important to show people that you see that our weakness is. but overall this is the sitting head of or human being the only the birthday poor you never see must mean we were. in the summer of two thousand and eight tens of thousands of people celebrated their heroes ninetieth birthday me
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we will see a bungler madiba the world says thank you nelson mandela iraq after nearly ninety us softly. it is time for us. to leave that there. ok to use in your hands now. my financial and i have to. leave. because done enough money if i find them same's and i can live fast i cannot. and i'm happy that. i'm standing on the over there were you are all a song sung by his grandchildren. that you are the indian his jubilee year of two thousand and eight there was more good news for africa's
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shining light the eve of the iraq obama was elected the first afro-american president of the united states a global figure of hope in difficult times were the was the two men have in common charisma and determination to eat alone with their pragmatism. while america cheered. stream of obama and clinton south africa's flags were at half mast a political earthquake threatening to shatter the nation mandela's political heirs gambled with the unity of the almost one hundred year old a.n.c. . the grand old man was heart broken his life's work peaceful change was under threat. and must be sad for nelson mandela to see his party that he gave his life for and that he loved so much becoming
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something which is too typical of the brush and movements in africa rushing football and busts in old or you corruption. it is sad to see that happening in his lifetime. the one time beacons of hope on the cape have degenerated into a sink of crooked power mongers a more just society remains in allusion president jacob zuma elected in two thousand and nine is regarded as corrupt and electing. the ageing hero of the revolution withdrew to his ability and the rolling hills of his ancestral lands. along with the rest of the nation he looked forward to another great event the twenty ten soccer world cup in south africa. i. think.
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this. country. but what was supposed to be a celebration of soccer was marred by grief zenani monday and his ten year old great granddaughter was killed in a road accident on the eve of the opening. and as time went by. more grief was to come one in january twenty third teen his close friend and prominent human rights activist i mean died suddenly. in. new. time seemed to stand still. and nelson mandela
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ever closer to his ancestors. from. you. if i ever should become as timeless as the green hills madiba once wrote. i know that our land our continent the world will never again be robbed of its freedom and dignity in the way that we were. at least that makes me happy. in then.
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this is news coming to you live from berlin tensions escalate between iran and the united states says washington imposes tough new sanctions on tehran the move comes after iran said it was suspending parts of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal to greet with world powers which washington abandoned last year. also coming up the confrontation between the trump white house and democrats in congress. for a long time about approaching a constitutional crisis we are now hearing. a house committee moves to hold donald trump's attorney general in contempt of congress after the white house refuses to hand over an unrestricted version of the report. course has a different take on this development. and now the democrats we have a great attorney general now the democrats are saying we want more you know it's
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going to be like we want them all right for now they say mahler now we want to start all over again. and vote counting began since south africa's elections they're the first measure of the country's mood after president opposer took office last year. plus another night in the champions league another stunning comeback to get into the final this time it was the london team talking of course to respond to a three goal deficit against i accepted a goal in the last gasp of injury time turned a loss into a victory. oh i'm terry martin good to have you with us there's been a sharp escalation of tensions between the u.s. and iran u.s.
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president has. announce harsh new sanctions after tehran said it would no longer comply with parts of the nuclear deal signed with world powers in two thousand and fifteen but abandoned by the u.s. last year to iran has also issued an ultimatum to europe saying they must find a way to provide sanctions relief for iran within sixty days or face the consequences. patient says run out read the headlines of iran's newspapers president hassan rouhani says he's not trying to destroy but rather to save the nuclear agreement by leveling an ultimatum to the five countries that are still signatories bone and muscle but that if these five countries return to the table have in sixty days and we reach agreements on oil sales and banking then we will uphold our side of the nuclear deal. under the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal iran agreed to let international atomic energy agency monitors into their nuclear facilities and only enrich uranium for civilian purposes in return economic
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sanctions on the country were lifted the international atomic energy agency says iran has been meeting its end of the bargain but that didn't prevent the u.s. withdrawing from the deal last year and reinstating sanctions now iran is threatening to enrich its uranium closer to weapons grade levels the move comes as the u.s. has been stepping up its anti iran rhetoric secretary of state mike pump aoe made an impromptu visit to iraq this week accusing iran of posing a threat to u.s. soldiers in the country just days ago the u.s. deployed a carrier to the persian gulf the trumpet ministration policy is to exert maximum pressure on iran and their sanctions are hitting hard iran's oil exports are down and their currency has taken a dive things are getting tight for tehran. correspondent teresa tropper is with me now in the studio tracer good morning to you you spent
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a lot of time reporting from tehran for us where do you see this going do you see a chance of compromise between the u.s. and iran well that's of course very hard to tell right now because donald trump is ramped up pressure ever since this country left the nuclear deal but iran on the other side is showing up now have surprising amount of frustration so far. because the government and the people want to keep the nuclear deal in life they were a few supporters of it in the first place so they don't have any interest in escalating this conflict any further but as we heard where the u.s. washed up on the way to the persian gulf and also that all the economic hardships that have come with the latest round of sanctions rouhani is also under a lot of pressure domestically to retaliate in some way at least so. the crisis that had been contained for the past few years back again and it's more dangerous than ever so the arrhenius would like to keep this you know clear a deal alive but the u.s.
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has pulled out there they're an important player obviously europe that wants to keep it alive too and is still doing its best to maintain the terms of that agreement were just asleep europe in its effort to keep theoretically be a little well in a difficult position that's for sure because all the other key players have clearly position themselves washington has pulled out and impose sanctions on russia and china have said they want to keep the deal and they don't really mind the sanctions but europe also wants to keep the deal but at the same time it doesn't want to anger our allies in washington and that's a balancing act that it's really getting difficult now so they might to have to take sides and they try to do so with instax that's a mechanism that would allow iran and europe to still trade even under the sanction .


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