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ever there are any military vehicles and seventy four aircraft are involved in display three member it's the surrender of nazi germany in nineteen forty five in russia and celebrated a day later another country's official documents are signed after midnight also time. let's bring in our correspondent in moscow mia drug surratt she's standing by there right in the thick of it at red square if you can hear me this is a nationwide holiday in russia millions are watching the military parade as they have for decades what this is parade mean for russians today. well this is a very important day for the russians when i visit russian families there it's all it's no family that is not going to mention that their grandfather or any other
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relative forth during world war two some of them of course died so this is a very very important day for the russians but today they are in a festive mood the military parades right behind me. cast life from the red square much of the city center will be closed for the festivities the hundreds of events going on in the city for victory day you hear groups from all over the world seeing him dancing in downtown moscow if you will see richard cross in the streets people wary to stoop traditional russian dresses soviet military uniforms so you will see all this here in moscow of course there's also a political message of this parade the masses we are strong and no one can call us . i'm a drug that critics say this parade has been turned into an extravagant propaganda exercise or russian leader vladimir putin but you're assessed.
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yeah i think this is true you know there's a recent poll showing that the russian support for lots came military parades decrease in two thousand nine hundred separate poll indicated that the share of russian supporting put in smil atory depression is serious folks are moving has fallen below fifty percent since of oldest two thousand and seventy so people here in russia make less money they have food going for example before two thousand and fourteen people are really tired of years of growing state controlled militarism to put it in a nutshell. thank you so much to w.'s mithra storage there in moscow. now the people of sudan have succeeded in removing long term dictator bashir but that doesn't mean they've won power for themselves leaders of the mass protest which sparked the removal of bashir say the military council which replaced him is
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delaying the implementation of civilian rule protests however are set to continue the mass movement which has sparked change in sudan has many faces our correspondents melanie corrida ball and abraham medicare fee the artist paint tribute to those who were killed in the fight for liberation and who is now part of the revolution herself. spraypaint weapon of protest. based graffiti artist has returned to her home sudan to do her part with the uprising that broke out in december she's honoring anti-government protesters who've lost their lives by creating portraits of them in front of their homes. the artwork being there is a reminder to everyone that you know they died for you. we have to remember the martyrs because. all comes down to they went out to protest for us.
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over the past months a seal and a team of volunteers have memorialized of the twenty martyrs as she refers to them . they did so at a great personal risk. because we painted in the middle of demonstrations with security forces everywhere what would we have done if something had happened when we were doing our last painting we got arrested. ahead of. the inspiration came from moving conversations with relatives of the victims a seal is back in body the neighborhood so some of the tombs most violent clashes. it's. father who was killed by a solicitor to complete the miral dedicated to his memory. comfort that. there was gunfire some of the demonstrators wanted to hide in the house my brother
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let them in some security officers wanted to get in but my father wouldn't open the door so they shot at the door my father got injured he died the next morning. with salt. guard says her family's thankful to the paying tribute to her father for his role in sudan's revolution. as a young woman she's inspired it is a female artist who took this initiative summit overfit in right from the beginning the idea of a woman coming here to paint was strange i had never seen anything like that in sudan but seen men doing it but that a woman comes and does this it was new. a seal says she is just one of many women who have been a driving force in this uprising. she also wants to stand as a symbol for the freedom of artists in sudan and a catalyst for conversations about change in the future i think art is is the most
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important thing in revolutions because it's only thing the visual thing that makes you feel like you're there he would appear not this art forces you to speak about what's happening you know today it's not just a specific person but it's what he died for in the cause that he died for i full full full the full of the military transitional council in favor of a civilian government that's the last demand a seal and the community here have in their revolution. a seal hopes that for future generations in a free sudan the last remnants of the country's repressive regime will be these murals reminding everyone how that varies. system overthrown. its course now we got some champions league football for you and another stunning come from behind victory in the semifinals this time london's tottenham broke the
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hearts of. up love her dearly is here to tell us all about it. probably tell us what well after of course that amazing match between barcelona and liverpool twenty four hours before this match between tottenham hotspur and i act everyone thought ok this is going to be a little bit were little bit more boring and it was far from a to say the least of course tottenham made it through to the final for the first time in the club's history and as we're seeing here i x. got ahead with a two male lead in the first half first go for me to lift after five minutes and then hacking c.s. and they were thinking right we're going to be in the final in madrid last time they want to get back in one thousand nine hundred five but tottenham hit back hard with to go straight after half time before new customer saint lucas out of the third and decisive goal in the very final minute of the match to put in the final very very exciting for them and like i said it's the first time in the club's
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history that they are going to be in a european cup final they must be over the moon spectacular football in general in the champions league this week to amazing games a stinging defeat for. the dutch must be in a state of shock they are in a state of shock because like we just heard there from the report of course they were leading and let's not forget that they went into this match already won a head and of course does this whole aggregate thing which richard some people if they don't understand it is essentially that i x we're ahead from their previous match against tottenham hotspur and then they were you know coming up to the ninety six minute looked like they were going to make it into the final because not only was it worth it was it too well but they were actually still ahead i act so they would have actually made it through to the final and then of course it was maurice st lucas of course and that very and north london. made it put spurs into the final and you know i think what we should do now is hear from my research do you know of course the spurs culch. three goals if i were player
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super heroes he feels super super super hero because i said i think was amazing i think he was very clearly going from to the goal yes i think a fantastic night mushing and i fall for him. and he's ignited for him of course speaking about lukas motor and he is delighted with themself and you know it's hard work and it's going to be an all english final of course it must really hurt for the dutch happening at home especially you know on top of everything well the usually you could try and console the team that it's as good and as young as i axed by saying well there's always next year but that doesn't really apply this time tell us about that no and that's exactly it i mean i x. is a team that invests heavily in its youth system it produces and turns out a lot of players i'm in fact this is a very young team like he said you know seven of the eleven players on the pitch last night were under twenty four years old so that's incredibly young and then a lot of the bigger bigger clubs in europe will be sweeping and hoping to wear you
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know by some of the big players like you know my teased. he's only nineteen years old he's been at i.x. since he was nine years old and you know he's captain of course which is incredibly young for a captain but you know they they were practically in the final and the last time they won to european cup was boards or the champs he was back in one thousand nine hundred five so you know over twenty years so they were almost there but in the end of course spurs have made it through they're going to be in the final with liverpool and it's going to be a big affair and of course it's going to be another big european city for football and that's madrid a big english affair must be said and all english final there in madrid and probably i know you live part of your time in madrid is that city ready for two english clubs and you know for fans of two english clubs to descend on the city well madrid's a city that's well well capable hosting these big events you know there's these big clubs around madrid let it go madrid of course this final is going to take place and let me go madrid stadium the one the metropolitan which is near the airports
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not in the central time and not so long ago there was a big operation related to football of course in madrid that was the second leg of the argentinian cup i leave it up towards final so i think it's going to be you know packed this on crema get the sunglasses x. it's going to be a hot affair there in madrid between these two british troops we'll be watching in three weeks time public folios from v.w. sport thanks thanks very. now to our series of reports this week investigating what germans see as the big issues of their time correspondent kate brady has been traveling the country to find out what's on people's minds a big concern for many especially the young is climate change just a few years ago germany appeared to be leading the way in the fight against global warming but now it is falling back on its commitments kate has been meeting people say the government now faces a stark choice. to end my journey across germany i'm travelling back to the capital. where the german government is feeling the heat of climate change.
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between its love of cars a nuclear power phase out and the country's long goodbye to cofield energy japanese struggling to meet climate goals. in recent weeks that very issue has been quite literally knocking on the government's front door. inspired by the swedish climate activists clear to mag for the past four months hundreds and thousands of german school kids have been skipping school every friday demanding action against climate change university student louise annoyed by our has become the face of the fridays for future movement in germany which is now backed by more than twenty six thousand scientists. we need our government to act now and i don't see that right now we keep burning fossil fuels knowing that they are destroying environment and. disturbing our climate to an extent that. we are struggling we will be struggling
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to stay alive in the long term and species are dying every day. once deemed a world champion in environmental protection it seems germany is at least now realizing that there's more to the fight against climate change the meticulously separating rubbish blushes heat wave alone brought home the harsh realities of climate change cargo ships brought to a standstill drive crops forest fires and damage to infrastructure. having missed its twenty twenty climate goals the german government is now looking ahead to twenty fifty with the aim of phasing out coal powered energy by twenty thirty eight but students likely we want to see the end of that by twenty thirty at the latest. demonstrators have found to continue striking until they see more action from the government. if in twenty years' time your children or your grandchildren or
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the children of the neighbors will ask you what did you do back then when will you know what was so could change things where we could make a difference what you do and i'm telling this the government here we were to judge this government. because we will look back on them and see that they. could actually change something and change the path. knowing the consequences. you're watching t.w. news just a reminder of the top stories we're following for you today. is coming under increasing pressure from the u.s. and else harsh new sanctions on the country's mining industry the president's move came after tehran said it has suspended some parts of the nuclear deal signed with world powers in twenty fifteen which the u.s. for withdrew from last year the european union has just said that it rejects any
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ultimatums from iran. that russia is holding its annual military parade in moscow's red square to celebrate soviet union's defeat of nazi germany and world war two we're looking at live pictures from moscow right there thousands of people have turned out to watch the spectacle. millions of holding on to. the fact. you're watching news up next we've got our european affairs program focus on europe be back at the top of the next hour more news thanks for. the clean.
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the kitchen. sixteen thousand euros for a big. matunga from ukraine is nine months pregnant. she's a surrogate mother carrying
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a child for foreign parents and it's perfectly legal. for many women it's the only way to guarantee a better life for their children. next on d w. look closely. listen carefully. don't know those soon again trying to get a good. old fashion. discover the ultimate.
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subscribe to the documentary on you tube. the old order this history of the world is reorganizing itself and the media's role is keep shifting powers the topic in focus at the global media forum twenty nineteen the laboratory for the digital age. who are we following whom do we trust debate and shape the future at the georgia bell or global media forum twenty nineteen. the place. hello and a warm welcome to focus on europe thanks for joining us today the hunt is on in
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europe for the torturers of syrian dictator bashar al assad's regime investigators are closing in on them thanks to thousands of pieces of evidence that were smuggled by witnesses from the ruins of syrian cities the photos and documents are now in the hands of european investigators their task to prove that the syrian secret service systematically tortured opposition members to death well more than a dozen of these war criminals are believed to be in germany sweden or france disguised as refugees. investigators across europe are determined to identify them and relatives of the victims who fled the murderous regime and came to germany are a valuable source of information people like mariam whom our reporter met on his search for justice. mariam lives in a berlin suburb she's from syria and part of
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a major hunt to catch syrian secret service members who committed crimes like these . is one of the regime's many victims he was beaten and tortured to death when the syrian civil war broke out. one of his fellow students even health torture had. he had always been very courteous towards i have and greeted him that you know i don't understand how someone could turn into a torturer and become a monster like that. serious secret service systematically tortured just for speaking up for human rights demanding syria become a democratic country and for urging assad to step down. now eight years after a yobs death his mother wants justice. i want the culprits to be brought to justice from the accomplices all the way up to president
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assad and these people are responsible for spilling our children's blood. there are more than twenty six thousand pictures of syrian torture victims smuggled out of the war torn country by a courageous former police were target for they could help convict syrian torturers and murderers in the coming years their victims and their relatives demand justice like syrian human rights lawyer mohsen darvish who was tortured before being able to flee the syrian capital damascus is a few months of school to set for us the branches to become like this. many of his friends and political allies in the fight against the assad regime were abused like this no one knows how many people lost their lives. so there's some there's some. i think it was a look for. people in this. secluded bunch
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is. still living on. the lawyer shared all of his information with european investigators and has joined human rights organizations in pressing charges against former syrian tormentors. european police are currently investigating former assad torturers who fled to europe disguised as refugees in february one suspect was arrested in france and two others in germany. among them anwar or who came to the german capital berlin as an asylum seeker. this is the first phone to be a player of. these cases this is the first time you know this is the first time there's a respectable independent. court judge and we have victim and suspect and we size the law and the state of florida we don't have it in syria.
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we have seen documents showing that germany's federal office of criminal investigation has investigated on more or its suspected involvement with the syrian secret service we have asked the syrian embassy in berlin for a statement it refused to comment. it could be that the prosecution of syrian torturers seems to be gathering momentum in europe. where at the secret investigative bureau somewhere in europe where bill wiley of the commission of international justice and accountability is working hard to catch syrian criminals . used to hunt war criminals as a un prosecutor now he has access to a vast archive of syrian state documents that could prove crucial in catching assad's henchmen basically. what you have in this room are materials generated by the security intelligence structures of shared the military structures of syria and the party or political structures of syria at the top level
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and that the government levels here they are the files documenting the crimes of the syrian regime they have been meticulously cleaned scanned and logged and carefully analyzed by several dozen investigators. the human trials on crimes committed in former yugoslavia and on the rwandan genocide wiley one thing without a paper trail it is very difficult to bring culprits to justice. that's why these syrian state documents which were smuggled out of the country amid the to mulch us civil war are so valuable. they comprise interrogation reports and many other files that document figures within the security apparatus that systematically tortured people they also shed light on suspected syrian torturers like anwar are. here. were. more senior ranks as you said or are.
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maybe more were. both people were. don't convince you mad. there could be worse you're. sure more serious whether. or. not. whose son was murdered by the syrian secret service hopes that not only the killers of her son will be caught but all perpetrators that have got to hiding will meet justice for the hunt has just begun. for couples struggling to conceive the journey to parenthood and be heartbreaking but for some their struggle has become a lucrative business surrogacy is booming in ukraine where increasingly more women
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are offering to carry the children of complete strangers all the country is one of europe's poorest and surrogacy can offer a way out of poverty our reporter visited a clinic in cock have that specializes in these pregnancies. follow but only a strong shady that subject at all when she moves i talk to her or you know you in the evening when i read stories to my children. i do the same for the baby you know you know when you talk us where you it's late february twenty ninth teen an italian is nine months pregnant with a baby girl it's not her child she's a surrogate mother she's carrying the baby for parents from germany it won't be long now and mr will daughter it's such a joy to hold your own child for the first time. i'll be happy for them.
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natalia his own children are visiting her today for the final months of the pregnancy natalia has to live close to the clinic in kharkiv. normally she lives with her children and her partner dimitra in a town some fifty kilometers away. this is own attalia makes money there is virtually no work to be had here demitra earns the equivalent of about two hundred euros. that reached out of course we aim to give our own children a good start in life. it's not easy to find work here and to support a family. that we made this decision and so our children will be better off. i say because sure. natalia hopes to pay for her children's education and to become self employed she's not the first surrogate mother in her time an acquaintance told her she could make a living by helping other couples to have children but many questions remain some
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practical but also psychological. it's interesting the baby hears russian the whole time inside my belly but then becomes a german child. when. i tell you has to say goodbye to her own family for now. while will say hello to grandma for me couples from all over the world come to this clinic on the outskirts of kharkiv among them the german couple whose baby daughter natalia is carrying they wouldn't talk on camera fearing they would be recognized at home. another woman from germany did talk to us we'll call her ana she's in her early forty's and is unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant through in vitro fertilization six times she and her husband refused to consider adopting a surrogate mother for a donor egg cell was the only option left in germany that's illegal sees this as
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hypocritical. in germany surrogacy is prohibited even though many well known and wealthy people do so and then the youth welfare office treats you like the worst criminals ever. these cases are lucrative for the clinic in hockey. the doctor in charge explains that a surrogate pregnancy with a donor egg brings in at least thirty thousand euros sometimes twice that amount it depends on the specific needs and wishes of the parents ukraine hosts a few hundred surrogate pregnancies each year he says with demand growing customers are coming from as far away as latin america and australia. more and more are coming in ukraine has become a popular destination for would be parents for what they'd have to pay for just one attempt in the us we guarantee a healthy pregnancy here ukrainian law makes it easy for new parents. about
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a month after we last met natalia she's back home with her family the baby she carried inside her for nine months is now with her german parents they picked her up right after she was born. there although. to be honest i did feel pretty confused after the birth. by them on the one hand you understand that it's not your child it is not because this but on the other you want to know all about it. you've carried it in you for nine months. but i wouldn't call that the maternal instinct i. know i felt very clearly that it wasn't mine. nor know why your and how do you feel about it. newsnight i missed it somehow of course it's not our child but i've gotten used to it.


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