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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  May 9, 2019 4:45pm-5:02pm CEST

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pirates but no one seems to be listening. also despite washington suspicion u.s. tech companies actually rely on chinese talent of the first time in the e.u. elections in may voicing their biggest concerns a survey says any piece of answer to you. and office twenty four. the clock is ticking count the u.s. and china hash out a last minute trade agreement it won't be easy with donald trump dialing new tariffs china promising retaliation. and the u.s. is trying to convince the world that china's far away telecoms company is aspiring but no one seems to be listening. also despite washington suspicion u.s. tech companies actually rely on chinese talent our correspondent is taking the
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bilateral temperature google's io developers conference in telephone. this is business. in berlin welcome. china's vice premier arrived in washington today to join crucial trade talks just hours before new u.s. tariffs take effect on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods president donald trump and bows the levies after accusing the chinese of rin aging on earlier trade commitments he repeated at a florida rally last night. they broke their own. new deal have been in the works this week but now the talks are looking increasingly are criminally as the chinese side will be under pressure today to head off those tariffs while beijing said today it will retaliate if it's paid. or weighing heavy on those trade talks is the waterway issue the u.s. has been warning its allies around the world against using chinese telecoms giants
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wa a supplier for national next generation five g. mobile services the u.s. as well as hardware is likely to be open to spying or sabotage by the chinese security services but the signs are that washington is fighting a losing battle more and more allies are ignoring the u.s. and signing up for war way gear for the ultra high speed five g. network. canada has been in hot water since it detained mung one jo chief financial officer of china's huawei on a us arrest warrant in december all washington's allies are caught in the middle of the us china trade war where once they followed us loyally now they are less happy to take america's side. canada feel shortchanged by donald trump and wants more u.s. support to settle among affair with china britain keen to build relations with the us for a post breakfast world is struggling national security advisor mark sedwill met china's state councilor yang jiechi in beijing the u.k.
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is likely to award while way non-chord five g. contracts we apply our city. new zealand prime minister just into ardern is making upbeat pro china comments to boost trade and wellington may rollback a decision to stop taking part in its five g. network germany has overruled its intelligence service and says it is happy for huawei to supply gear. increasingly frustrated secretary of state might pump travel to london to repeat the us message that it considers while away an espionage threat . as a matter of chinese law the chinese government can rightfully demand access to data flowing through railway and c.d.'s systems why would anyone grant such power to regime that is already question we violated cyberspace its official security. sure certain information would trust the networks this is exactly what china wants they want to defy the western alliance is through bits and bytes not bombs. huawei says
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we are not spies we simply make the most advanced and the cheapest five g. equipment america's partners say this is not about espionage this is about innovation so more and more allies are not heeding the warnings from the u.s. about huawei the u.s. or the battle against iran is not a success as a continue to buy tehran's oil and reason of the u.s. failed to stop a statistical italy from joining china's growth initiative all in or america's influence seems to be on the way with me here to discuss that question is our financial correspondent conrad bosun in the frankfurt. residence a china expert clifford tour and here with me in the studio and let's go to conrad in frankfurt first hope he's on the line concierge right now come on ask anyway it's easy to blame donald trump for for this. dropping in influence really. is it just down to his rather erratic foreign and economic policy.
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no it's not we should forget that the united states is of course very important market for europe for example but it's only one market. still even if we take into consideration that the americans and the economy they're setting the tone in the world it has to be said the most important market for europe is europe itself even after breck's it the european union will unite four hundred fifty million consumers and it also has to be said that markets like china have become more and more important in recent decades not only because of car sales but also because of the enormous influence of china in electronics elektra of parts made in china used in virtually everything produced in terms of consumer computers etc you simply cannot avoid china and that also means that you have to include
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china in negotiations about you know how to govern and make the world trade. cliff talking about china no matter what's going on in these trade talks that have been dragging on for months. it looks like china is winning i think it's possible you know we can actually say that they've really played a blinder in many ways there's been a lot of areas where they've annoyed their neighbors in particular say in the south china sea we've heard nothing about that for months we've had the belgian road initiative we had the huge forum in beijing in recent days and that seems have gone down very well with the neighbors and even further afield even even here in europe as you saw italy took part not its authoritarian style of government well the noise many people in the west doesn't really bother too many people in asia it seems and so what we're seeing is is china playing a very good game and as you say it seems to be winning. the dollars still remains
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the globe globe's currency is it the last geo strategic weapon if you will in economic terms for the use of aircraft carriers. well i doubt that financial peoples would agree with your wording but of course it's true that the fact that the united states has the number one reserve currency gives the united states a lot of strength also the fact by the way that china is the largest lender to the united states this doesn't really give china the possibility. to do with america what it wants no china has to pay attention that its large holdings of u.s. treasuries will not be damaged also the external debt of china is all the rise so it needs hard currency to serve its lenders its own lenders.
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in frankfurt enclitic kuhn and here in the studio thank you very much. well the u.s. china trade dispute also looms large over america's tech sector companies complain about intellectual property theft and market restrictions in china since raised by u.s. negotiators companies like apple google or and video also rely on chinese manufacturing as well as chinese consumers china's burgeoning tech companies meanwhile want to better market access to the u.s. . some a phenomena went to mountain view california to gauge the mood at google's developers conference. enjoying silicon valley and the openness of the google community with developers from all over the world you ruined her colleagues are from china and very excited about attending this conference for the very first time. a so good chance to learn from. us. develop her.
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very very special. you asked china trade war is here in mountain view california not with the engine but many you ask tech companies already caught in the cross-fire. especially those relying on manufacturers and suppliers in china companies like apple president trump's latest terror threat could hit hard to detect giant and even force it to move its i phone production out of china silicon valley is affected like the rest of the country says alan sykes professor at the stanford university but he also acknowledges that the sticking points in the negotiations are important to the tech companies so i'm sure they're a bit ambivalent in many cases they would like to see the u.s. strategy succeed in getting a spitter access to the chinese market better intellectual property protection but
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they're worried that it won't succeed and that will end up in some sort of protracted trade war which will hurt everybody a better market access stats with google wants and. now google and he blocked in china just like facebook or instagram china's restrictions and tough regulations make it hard for american tech companies to reach more than seven hundred million chinese internet users relaxing those restrictions is seen as crucial for the future of the industry. many in the industry here are so committed to their jobs they brushed off trade concerns are still very alike are passionate about our work and so what happens over there is not going to impact our the quality of all work or our product trying to make the best as we can and then it's what the developers want to focus on new hardware that has software solutions and not politics.
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sometimes new doesn't necessarily mean better in the australia the central bank has confirmed that its latest batch of fifty dollar notes as a spelling mistake on the one word is misspelled sweet times across the world millions of notes been printed but the bank says a book only corrected in its next print. it just goes to show sometimes you have to read the fine print australia's high tech polymer banknotes are extremely hard to counterfeit thanks to their highly detailed printing but evidently that technology doesn't include a spell checker the word responsibility is misspelled three times on the new us notes missing the last line but australians seem willing to overlook the error. well i guess with this instinct is that he says cash anymore i'll answer quite a lot of people the note was printed forty six million times and that's one hundred
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thirty eight million missing eyes but yet you'd expect somebody to check and might show that it's all correct before they suddenly printed just gone out to that made by people then i decided then good study to be wrought australia central bank says it will fix the error on the next series of notes later this year meaning that sometimes you just have to take responsibility however you write it. and that's it for me and the business. of business with markets and stay right where you are news is right next.
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t.w. . this is from the international tension such as are the iran nuclear deal a new leaders reject. the deals future on the islamic republic contemplates harsh new sanctions or creases the pressure also on the program pope francis moves against sex abuse in the catholic church and future priests and nuns around the world will be obliged to inform the church if they suspect abuse is taking place look at the implications for perpetrators and victims .


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