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need to be taken it's groundhog day out to eat it's all out. i might go join me again. post. this is the deadly news live from berlin and national tensions surgeries are veering nuclear deal e.u. leaders rejects teheran's ultimatum saying they're greatly concerned about the agreements future on the islamic republic contemplates haase new sanctions against it as the united states increases the pressure also on the program of france's moves against sex abuse in the catholic church and future priests and nuns around
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the world will be obliged to inform the church if they suspect abuse is taking place. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program you leaders have been holding an informal summit in the romanian city of c.p.u. to lay out the blocks new strategic agenda they agreed to hold another summit at the end of may after european parliament elections for leaders to begin the process of picking the new hand off the e.u. commission and other top posts iran largely dominated discussions with the e.u. even the country to stand by its commitments under the nuclear deal agreed with world powers in twenty fifteen the u.s. withdrew from the pact a year ago and iraq has not threatened to abandon it unless the other signatures provide quick relief from the u.s. sanctions german chancellor angela merkel held
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a press conference at which she addressed the issue. it's now even more important that europe shows a united front here we do not want an escalation but we want to keep using diplomatic two three we know our limitations but we all agree that the more united europe is the better the chance we have if using dialogue to find possible solutions. for. severe welcome back gail so we had the german chancellor saying but she's aware of the limitations in this situation perhaps you could outline for us. well the limitations are pretty clear the problem that the european union house is that they do want to encourage straight with iran at a time when the u.s. threatened sanctions to any business that tries to trade with iran now they've
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developed a mechanism that allows the food supplies to be traded but that does not clearly apply to all or any just extensional big companies that would like to trade with iran but that's a fear sanctions so instead what the europeans have to do is they focus on diplomacy and that is why both german chancellor angela merkel and the french president markoff emphasize that they did do want to avoid an escalation of that conflict and diplomacy is the way forward and that is where both hope they will find a solution and that after all the french president said look at iran hasn't yet violated the nuclear deal i way from around the real reason for the summit was the future of the e.u. . that's right and it's a future without the u.k. at least that is if frex it will take place s. s. s.
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planned it is that the e.u. leaders decided that they will not invite. to resign may and so bracks it did not dominate the agenda others time instead leaders signed a so-called c.d.u. declaration took them a mere minutes to agree on a mix of good ideas and aspirations of how the you should work in the future german chancellor angela merkel arrived here in the morning and said we need to be stronger we need to be innovative we need to be united french president and many other leaders reiterated those words and said look we need to show more solidarity however if you give this vision of europe a reality check clearly there is a number of unfinished is the number of unfinished business here still to do if you look at the migration prices or the environment or the euro zone topics where particularly the french president pushes for a reform there is not a lot of support on that front. mathison sabir thank you
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in a wide variations in prosperity across see you one of the camp drug objectives of the block strategy of the next few years is to put poor regions on the road to greater prosperity one of those deprived areas is not far from their menus it's your first if you have a yes it's taking place ok filmed of this report before the summit began cosman wants to get in here into this new house which looks so nice and clean because till now he and his five siblings have been living here in an old hard made from wooden sticks and clay this is one of the many roma settlements in rumania always on the outside of the villages it's a small miracle that houses are being built here at all and when they want. i
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tried with the bank but they didn't give me a loan. my salary is too small it's a lot of money i had no chance to do anything to that end possibility. instead the money for the building materials comes from journey of passion the founder of a german aid project now how. she has been helping these roma communities around seaview for more than ten years about one in three remain ians lives in poverty and the roma out of the poorest of all. almost all miss it you have to be able to dream of it but leave room for small miracles because that's how it all happened i didn't want to accept things as they were here. ever diminish outfit. all the men have to help with the building work because jenny believes in learning to help yourself. because the idea of i don't look at their the money comes from private donors in germany the european union
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also spends a lot of money in romania ten billion euros every year jenny had spectra seaview she's not too keen on the e.u. funds the battle with local authorities spending them their corruption and lack of cooperation is too difficult. let a man have a billing of this nation maybe they should think about sending people from brussels to those countries to see who's responsible for inspecting projects and finding out where all the money goes. almost not schools that's overall jenny things romania has profited immensely from being a member of the e.u. the infrastructure in the cities is much improved europe has also helped building schools and paying teachers but in roma settlements only one child in five is actually going to school for the precocious and the neighbors this has changed also the result of jenny's project. my daughter loves school i kept her at home for
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a while but she really wants to be in school. more than anything else education is the key to a better future for the roma communities in romania. now let's have a look at some of the other stories making news around the world north korea has fired two suspected short range missiles into the same second weapons launching awake north korean leader kim jong un defended the actions which happened earlier this week as a regular military exercise is comes after a failed summit this year between him and u.s. president donald trump. venezuela's security forces have arrested the vice president of the country's opposition controlled national assembly and goes on broader seen here on the left is deputy to one who declared himself the country's president in january is the first opposition figure to be arrested since the attempt to spark a military uprising last week. a court in montenegro has convicted thirteen people
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of plotting to overthrow the government and preventing the country from joining nato. those found guilty include two russians accused of planning to kill the prime minister in order to install a program moscow leadership. in turkey baster man of istanbul says he will lead a revolution for democracy ahead of next month's rerun of the city's maddrell race . who won the election in march but was removed from office when the election of a no result after the ruling party which lost and madge voted for. pope francis has issued a groundbreaking new law requiring all catholic priests and nuns to report clerical sexual abuse and cover ups the papal decree covers views of children and adults and sets up systems for reporting abuse and protecting whistle blows. every now and then each priest or no obligated to report sexual abuse and they're required to
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inform church authorities if they suspect abuse this is but one of many steps pope francis is planning to implement in his attempt to combat this problem. it's very important to now have unified. universal standards for the church in the past countries have taken different approaches now it said procedures have been set time limits have been set it's an important step not the first but also not the last the new church law requires that by two thousand and twenty all dioceses around the world must have a system in place for victims to report abuse all types of abuse must be prosecuted victims protected and investigations completed within ninety days victims' groups support the law many feel it doesn't go far enough. one question remains namely how reports of abuse will be passed on to prosecutors. the pope's law does not make its obligatory to report to all work with your thorough it is and at least here in
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germany is for police and for state prosecutors who are responsible for investigating and solving such crimes and he sent. the following the vatican's abuse conference in february critics demanded a hard line against abuse in the catholic church the new church law comes into effect on june first but it only runs for three years. i was just over half the votes in south africa's presidential and parliamentary elections count said the ruling african national congress is in the lead the vote is the first barometer of public sentiment since president several placed scandal hit jacob zuma last year he w correspondent christine reports from johannesburg. it's a day off to south africans voted in the sixty election in. and as you can imagine the results of that election is on everybody's lips it is a big talking point here were outside the african national congress is headquarters and while the results of final results as much as ours that it's pretty clear that
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the a.n.c. will retain its my joy by what margin will only be known on saturday would be expects the final result but that might not happen because there is a video that has gone viral in south africa and that is off a voter a gentleman who voted in the day wiping off the end that voters will mocked with on his stem now the implication of that is if he was able to do that potentially others did too and were able to float twice now it's a big talking point here the electoral commission has held several briefings addressing questions on the matter from journalists we are downtown in johannesburg and we're going to talk to some photos which a pos new cities election who some of them believe that it's not true here is. scuse me ladies. do you voted india's today's election do you still have your income your thumb can you show it to us some people say that people were able to avoid twice because the in came off no no on to what to us is what the once. the ok money joke is just one of many people who say they voted yesterday and the ink is
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still on the if into and didn't think this much to these allegations up in coming off bats some people think that this is a serious issue that needs to be investigated because it could potentially amol the final results of the election has to be revisited to know before we finalize the. course of it's affecting the results of the vote to see just to be investigated so that we did the corded results because no if the people who have voted were going to have to be accorded to. the results you took the engulfed that was easy. do you think that this needs to be investigated i think it must be investigated because of people voted twice. yes the biggest opposition party the democratic alliance has called for a full audit off the election results and we don't know that the independent electoral commission has confirmed that about nineteen people were arrested for voting twice. christine reporting that russia has been marking the seventy fourth
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anniversary of a soviet victory over nazi germany in world war two the main victory day celebration took place in moscow's red square president vladimir putin joined the estimated half a million people many of them actually carrying the photos of loved ones from died or suffered in the war picture day months nazi germany surrendered in one thousand nine hundred forty five and russia itself abraded a day later than elsewhere because the surrender documents were signed after midnight moscow time. for his reminder of our top stories at this hour the european union is urging iran to stick by its commitments under the nuclear deal agreement world powers in two thousand and fifteen the statement came after to announce that it was suspending some parts of the agreement the crisis has been building since the u.s. it withdrew from the deal last year. and pope francis has issued a groundbreaking new law requiring all catholic priests and nuns to report to clerical sexual abuse and cover ups the papal to create covers abuse of children
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and adults and requires every catholic diocese in the world to set up simple and accessible systems for report. says d w a business africa is next for god alpheus us of state should. have begun. we're not here to judge you but to eliminate prejudices. we're not here to change your opinion but to open some space for different points of view we're not here to speak on behalf of anybody but to let everybody speak for themselves. or
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not or to give the right answers or to ask the right questions.


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