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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  May 9, 2019 8:15pm-8:30pm CEST

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the french open this. up next here on the to do business africa d.w. news africa don't forget you can get all the aces news and information around the clock on our website w dot com i'm going to. my first buy steak was a sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by this notion to remember something as simple as learning how to write them by side isn't. since i responded to god i want to have them bisect along my home and it took me many estimates but. finally the game up invented by me on bicycles and three times because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apt pro-create for goes than writing advice as no
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i want to meet challenge those moments back home put downs by going to teams and social goals and inform them of old dead basic rights my name is them out of the home and i'm more into. the. whole continent. for investments while the chinese have. billions into africa german small medium sized companies are still sitting on the fence missing out on business left right and it's. time to absolve you of told why mali is cookman the street won't leave the big profits to foreign partners any longer than one of the biggest laws. also to show how do you know that an australian fifty
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dollar note is not a forgery and so it's got three spelling mistakes in it then it's real. this is business after going to w. um. hum. with fifty four countries africa is a continent of opportunity or at least it should be seen as such especially by foreign investors with an appetite for a market so vast and consumers and workers so young like china is one of the few countries that have understood that and has put that money where their mouth is best and roads rail lines and as a result china's access to that market and to import raw materials is getting better by the day meanwhile the rest of the world's companies usually are reluctant to do business with in africa with only a few exceptions. this little gadget might look simple but it can transform crop production the grains he said to me over the greens
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and you can also see that we don't have because it is. called heinz canopus company you're creating have built it with africa in mind along with some mobile drying plant they enable harvested crops to remain on the fields without perishing the machines are deliberately kept technically simple so that they can be easily repaired on site. solutions like this are urgently needed here every year in sub-saharan africa alone forty percent of all crops and up rotting after they are harvested. grain needs to be treated or dried to prevent it from developing mold or fungus and if we eat foods that are rotten and moldy we get sick people can get a series of illnesses including diarrhea because. creator is unusual it's still relatively rare for mid-size businesses from germany to turn to africa. a recent
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report says half of midsize german companies have operations in other western european countries eleven percent operate in china and eight percent in russia. but just six percent of these firms are active in africa a continent with fifty four countries that's the same number of companies as are active in india alone. poor roads lack of electricity and widespread corruption the combination makes africa less than attractive for many german enterprises. but that isn't putting off karl-heinz can old he has for factories in europe and now wants to open one in africa he says he'll be taking both the economic and the political situation into account when deciding exactly where it will be. with me in the studio now is a bona fide a expert on why german companies are snubbing africa. he is representing germany's
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powerful small and medium sized companies famous middle she's trying to improve business relations with africa. very welcome to the studio germans have a tendency to err on the side of caution is very famous for its german as its as its core is that it keeps german estimates from investing in africa so indeed the way we see so far in trade from germany to africa it's very low according to the global foreign trade with of a countries it's only about two percent it means that one thousand eight hundred firms german firms are sitting in africa and they created about two hundred thousand jobs so i think that's one of the most important reason why german acim is doesn't want to invest or don't invest a lot in africa it is because it doesn't really market for them because the german
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is in these is based actually on machinery and generally it's not consumer goods industry but more about in general and machinery and this market is not that was done when existing there and it is also because of the lack of infrastructure. is that different in other european countries for example have other european countries stronger ties business ties to african nations so actually it's like a paradox because if you see that most of the african countries among the fest's group in countries in the world but however the fir and direct investment is still low if i take it to globally it is about three point four percent. and if i take no other countries in europe i can mention for instance. they are friends because they are also traditional partners. friends is
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a big crazy for instance in the year two thousand and eight in that if a c. from to tell us until two thousand and seventeen that experts between france and africa has been been supplied by ten it's a lot and they. also created about four hundred seventeen jobs their direct jobs and what is also very important is that one third of the french exporting countries do they do i mean. yes you do it we've africa. germans always you hear a lot invest in africa is dangerous because corruption is a big problem that they do have a point. yes but what i want to emphasize it is something very obvious it's very important to see that as you said africa is a continent and have fifty fifty four countries it means that if you want to do
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business with those countries just have to see in which countries you want to do business they are not the same in stuff africa in the ivory coast for instance just have to to choose it and if i can mention some initiatives from the german government like compact of africa they are about eleven countries said we want to make our country better of tomorrow to make it more attractive and first answer can start with those countries and part of it a lot of african countries also decided to make this emerging plants like synagogue or every coast b.p. indeed it means that they are improving themselves so just look at the card and see what market is for you you know going to thank you very much come to yell at him. molly's most important export product after gold is roll cotton in the last two seasons the country is harvested around seven hundred thousand tonnes of it around
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four million gallons a quarter of the population depend on cotton for the life. of the country process is just a fraction of the commodity itself and then ends up importing clothing from abroad complain is going to increase local production and the profits that come with adding value to a product at home. this early morning on the pickers on this cotton plantation have been working phallus this year's harvest has been good again partly thanks to fertilizer subsidies introduced by the former government in fact plantations receive several financial benefits including cheap loans but the investment is only partially rewarded just a fraction of the cotton is actually processed in mali. mallee amel two is among those wanting to change that have business in the capital bamako makes comments from han spawn organic molly and cotton jack it's good to talk to us but i'm committed to processing it here not exposing it in its real form it requires
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technique a certain craftsmanship. it's a social and cultural issue things that sadly are not valued like attempt to but. no better reason. than money there is only one factory processing native cotton on a large scale it's owned by com attacks but even it process is just one percent of the total harvest it's cheaper to import processed cotton from abroad which. are placing mali is a big textile market but it's also a market which is flooded with cheap imported textiles. and that seriously disrupts saw the company's business. the state and mali in textile development company now wants more local cotton to be processed on home soil. analysts however fear that high energy costs and the lack of skilled workers
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could put off potential investors though that's not happened with comma text it's may just stakeholder is that china overseas engineering group sometimes new doesn't necessarily mean better in australia than central bank that its latest batch of fifty dollar notes has a spelling mistake all one word is misspelled sweet times across the millions of notes have been printed the bank says it will only corrected in the next print. it just goes to show sometimes you have to read the fine print australia's high tech polymer banknotes are extremely hard to counterfeit thanks to their highly detailed printing but evidently that technology doesn't include a spell checker the word responsibility is misspelled three times on the new us notes missing the last. but australians seem willing to overlook the error.
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well i guess with this instinct is that he uses cash anymore answer quite a lot of people the note was printed forty six million times and that's one hundred thirty eight million missing eyes but you'd expect somebody to check and make sure that it's all correct before they certainly print it has gone out to that many people then and then you expect to be wrought australia's central bank says it will fix the error on the next series of notes later this year meaning that sometimes you just have to take responsibility however you write it. talk about responsibility. and it will take us playing make a boeing longer than expected to get back on form in the wake of two crashes. boeing says it's working to correct issues with the plane and plans to start a reflying seven three seven months this fall but in the boxes in the u.s.
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and in europe just on the hof said they would wait for at least a year before flying in the model possibly foresee allan's to leave the planes grounded. its writing off but. that's it for me of the business africa. will business. you can always visit our website. business of course and do follow us on facebook and twitter if you don't. leave you now with this quick check. with us because africa. is up next.
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they i want to represent you so what do you want from the joint on the song from twenty four i was doing chevelle as we put your questions seem politicians from around to your opinion and across the political spectrum in our special debate will be fearing from young europeans voting for the first time in the new elections in may voicing their biggest conserves face the voters in forty five minutes on d w.
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what's coming up for the book loosely you'll have plenty to talk about my fear for . the month is legal every weekend here. this news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes the topic is in seaweeds to find out how strong it's hold on todd still is a fast test of the polls for so romney and his promise of a fresh start with corruption inside the box will not be enough. to improvement i want to pull itself up it's a good jobs because.


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