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for the first time in the new elections voicing their concerns face the voters in forty five minutes on d. w. . here's what's coming up for a look when to sleep you have plenty to talk about here. is legal every weekend here w. . this news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes. to find out how strong. the fast test of the polls. and his promise of a fresh start with corruption inside the box will not be enough. to. get jobs because the thing that.
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also coming out stressing the importance of young women in politics you need to young that sound good politician who's. going to take on. welcome to the program so africa's govern an african national congress faces a nail biting wait for the official results of wednesday's general elections the final results are not expected before the weekend but it's clear the psychologically important sixty percent plus of the vote may be out of reach for the party which is let's sense the end of apartheid will go to pretoria to look at the big questions imagine as a result become the era of fest this report. life in south africa is back to
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the daily routines after a by and large smooth election observers as free and fair now it's an agonizing wait whilst votes are being counted and percentages at the independent electoral commission to result center at changing by the minute. presidents are on the post just after casting his vote here still confident about voters supporting the ainsley. they can see that with their votes they are had are doing a new deal and you're beginning to new that the period of three new book but it's also a period of hope. for many that's what i'm opposed to stands for how he replaced former president jacob zuma who was forced out last year of a corruption scandals. corruption got into the way the true nature got into the way and not focusing on the needs of our people got into the
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way. as the country struggles with corruption crime poverty economic stagnation and an official unemployment rate at twenty seven percent people's wishes a down to the essentials zero would be a drop you know for the people that are employed. i hope they did something up to the next. stage who probably don't have jobs those kind of things so i'm hoping that they get it that it is jobs stop corruption which is the main benefit of victory for the a.n.c. is assured but if the party wants to halt the slide in support these are the concerns they quickly have to deliver on. for more on this i'm joined by a professor. he's chair of the department of political sciences at the university of south africa in for terry a professor of opinion thank you very much for your time now as the results come in
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it's clear that the a.n.c. has lost even more support maybe not just must see it but how long can they rely on old loyalties as the national liberation movement. that months of the whole of the liberation movement the months by that we have liberated you is death and there's not a congress we have been in previous elections for instance in the twenty fourth and elections and even beyond the time when you know full well president jacob zuma to whom two thousand and nine in my view is not at the outdated because a current generation. these these are the ones who are on during the time of my nelson mandela's presidency just often one hundred ninety four or many of them in the twenty's around twenty five years old it's. associated with this liberation month. but i think that because the had you don't have any other
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connection or cost of living joining up so it goes out the ones that you would definitely need with this liberation month and many of us including them says that we conduct suggests that you know that. metaphor for that month is quite outdated because if you look in the region not only in zimbabwe zambia and other countries they. are always does money make nowadays ok the a.n.c. run the company and seeing that. there's no corruption how else could they have. to gain support for the party. why don't we go. to use what we call the maturity yeah meaning that. the happiness around them up was up because as you as i hit it in the. clips he was talking about that he. said that he has been talking about since november twenty eighth during the african national
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congress conference here in johannesburg where he was this new dawn so apparently i associate you with a you know every invention of the agency and that is the message that if they have used to move away from the old to tie at nine years old last year is the quality in some of the god of jacob zuma then he said did you honestly she's the one that they have used to say we have a new president is going to fight corruption he's going to deal with the legacy of the trust you give us on the chance of winning this now according to early results the democrats. have not really taken advantage of the fallen support for the a.n.c. why is that you think. on the one hand the democratic alliance carries a bi gauge it is increasingly being. built into a multi-racial sense out of the party however it does and it has been that's one
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thing in significance of all it all five it's mostly black youth and the middle class however it cannot shake off this degree of being a party that you know most of us today which is of white people or the one that's more white minority in south africa and therefore there is nice trust among them and mostly. about the way that this is a genuinely multi-racial. or with aids is just an idea in disguise come into that you have. it no money has this fire authority which he said i had to meet in ten for some of the of course the end of one just trust because they believe that they you know they need such an agency you know company and so on but some of these misuses been just to meet intended to run the kind of the you know reform is that you know sector of the society so to that extent that's why they have not managed to catch into the laws of the agency ok
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professor. of the department of political sciences university of south africa thank you very much thank you. now across africa young women rising through the ranks in politics and business. point to young people ministers and. many celebrated. point government ministers held by women but it's another story for village councils where young people and especially women badly represented when met with a young. way for change in their country. twenty six year old. youngest who are constantly in from visiting a village the young politician is received euphorically she currently re presents fifteen thousand people though she's part of a minority at the moment she's hopeful that other young women will follow in her footsteps so much. so that.
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we may. be able to. present then it will be. you know sort of people that want to you yeah first arrived here three years ago to gain practical experience as a social worker. impressed with how she engaged with the women and children so they asked her to run in the consulate election but the old west talked against heart from the beginning the other male candidate harvest and even physically threatened her because leadership roles often passed down within the same family some felt that was doing something that was rightfully theirs and. people from the other party going with a megaphone don't vote for this person you're don't vote for these foreign girl you
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don't even know where she is coming from she's just a small little gal and she just does it to you as a councillor should not do anything and it was terrible and they would come right through. throw stones on the roof and. but i said i'm going to win i am going to win because the women really have supported me in this is what why i am saying that women really vote and they support because they want things to change that almost word to mug obama is situated in the room or ask it's of the capitalist during her time as a counselor i was able to channel extra funds into my golda to kickstart new infrastructure projects she also helped seven hundred schoolchildren get study loans and is firmly against child marriage and surprisingly she is now pretty popular among how constituents well not that we don't know when i feel like i can
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use to have us all know she has a lot of question news as well and she has an open yeah our problem is he was like i'm a mock up tonight jennifer and i'm my rule number two we're happy with how we work with the community she is a good young lady and we want to have to continue helping even old people like myself. with just nine percent zambia is one of the worst countries when it comes to female representation in politics and it's even harder for young people although half of the population is under thirty five only for parliamentarians three percent this group stanley canonical kubel is one of them he thinks it's time that young people start making their voices heard what we are seeing now is a sage of young people trying to assume political leadership and i think that is important for africa because naturally the youths come with a different kind of energy a different kind of innovation and that's critical for the transformation we're
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pushing for africa that gives even our democracies a good chance to really be to be strong because you see there is this dance for certain changes that have kept huge political powers in africa in place for a long time and that can only be changed. when there is new blood new ideas and pushing that agenda. back in a month go by is handing out what a kindness does but not everyone appreciates the guest for years politicians would give away money as a form of vote buying some of the locals were hoping for more but if up to mistake that the next generation of leaders want to simply be judged by the size of their wallets why is it important that young people young women's sure about it and this is why i think what the we have an i pad we have. here we have that thing mindset we've got a new generation and if i don't do it nobody is going to buy out i know they are
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going to eventually bloomberg gives in and also distributes some money have to own people as i wanted to change slowly and there is still unknown and difficult road ahead obama and the young african police but progress is already being made. that's it for now from the news africa because all our stories to our web sites on the facebook page so next time i find out. some time in the twenty sixth to you my great granddaughter. what was the world being like in your lifetime and around half a century. your world will be around trying to raise one.
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inevitably sea level rise by at least one maybe central. we're going to have some climate impacts return greater democracy already oh that's really frightening thought. why are people more concerned. a little yellow box shorts may thirty first. hi there and welcome to news from the world of arts and culture in today's show we've got a special focus on the upcoming venice began a treasure trove of contemporary arts so let's have a quick look at what's in the pipeline. opening up to the public on saturday for
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the fifty eighth time this year's venice new knowledge is intended not to send messages but rather to raise questions. and british ceramicist edmund deval is also at the be an ally and brings his remarkable library of exile and his passion for porcelain to venice. but first we had to southern germany where the dock fest munich kicked off on wednesday and that's an international film festival devoted entirely to documentaries and one hundred fifty nine films from over fifty countries it's also one of the biggest of its kind in europe well a big theme this year is the tenuous relationship we have with our planet and so we've picked out a few highlights. from the reagan tells the story of a small town dealing with the promise of industrial boom and the need to protect the environment. people make a decision on where is that they have no spiritual connection to no aggression
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whatsoever to ease a community. response to.


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