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this is g.w. to slide from berlin to mind in the trade standoff between china and the us who will blink first with a pick a bank that everybody steals from including china we've been paying china five hundred billion dollars. us president trump offs the pressure as his deadline looms either trying to reach is a trade deal with the us or it starts paying new tariffs trying to has threatened
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to retaliate tariffs of twenty five percent on two hundred billion dollars of chinese goods take effect tonight at midnight washington tell also coming off international tensions surging over the iran nuclear deal of the european union and its leaders rejecting tehran's threats saying the e.u. will not be held ransom by tehran if iran pulls out of the deal and pope francis' moves against sex abuse in the catholic church in the future priests and nuns around the world will be obliged to inform the church if they suspect abuse is taking place. it's good to have you with us we begin tonight in washington d.c. where u.s. president trump is threatening to impose tariffs on two hundred. billion dollars
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worth of chinese goods beginning tonight at midnight washington time china has a delegation in washington talking with the u.s. trade team tonight but the chinese government back in beijing is threatening to retaliate if the tariffs go ahead trump is apparently playing it cool he says that he received quote a beautiful letter today from the chinese president saying that he would like to work together trump saying that he will probably speak with xi jinping by phone today tonight from his renewing his complaint that china has been taking advantage of the u.s. you know with the piggy bank that everybody steals from including china we've been paying china five hundred billion dollars a year for many many years china rebuilt their country because of us they couldn't have done what they're doing that building a ship every three weeks they're building aircraft like you've never seen fighter jets i respect it i don't blame them i blame our past leadership for
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allowing this staff and what i'm doing now with china should have happened many years ago not just obama long before obama that was the u.s. president there speaking earlier today let's pull in our correspondent albert over salad in washington good evening to you all over trump they're saying that he's just correcting the mistakes of the past is that is strategy what is trump's strategy here. well the president is clearly trying to raise the pressure on the negotiators of the chinese side here tonight was just a little hours left until the tariffs would be raised so what he really wants to create here is a success story wants to show that he's the big deal maker that he's always promised to be simply because he's under a lot of pressure himself back home largely because of the fall of the malo reports here and so what do usually doesn't such circumstances pointing out to the good
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economic data here in the united states with the economy growing with low unemployment but that success story is also at stake because of the a growing and ongoing uncertainty cost by these unclear and unfinished trade negotiations with china and so what donald trump is doing you're essentially saying if there's no deal on the table by midnight then he would raise the terrorist us you threaten to do so and at this point it's likely that this is going to happen and it appears that the you was definitely has more leverage in these negotiations compared to what china is bringing to the table all over is there any chance then that trump will change his mind and back all. it was just a few hours left so the time is running away for sure the hopes are not the donald trump will back of the hopes or rather that the chinese delegation would offer some major concessions to the american sides and go back to what they already had
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achieved at the beginnings of the negotiations hardly anyone here in the united states wants these tariffs there have been a lot of critical voices coming from american businesses also the head of the national retail federation said the these tariffs would harm american businesses but also consumers are affected of course with lots of products coming in from china they would become more expensive above all consumer electronics and so american businesses and consumers are bracing and. it will be interesting to follow and to see if they will come to an agreement or not that's right now we're dreaming we know what will happen then it will strike to midnight. in washington over thank you. well u.s. trade sanctions have also been on the minds of european union leaders but this time we're talking about sanctions against iran e.u.
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leaders have urged the islamic republic to stand by its commitments under the nuclear deal that it agreed to with other world powers back in two thousand and fifteen the u.s. withdrew from that deal one year ago iran has now threatened to abandon it as well unless the other signatories europe provide quick relief from u.s. sanctions. it was supposed to be the post breaks it summit shaping the e.u. future without britain well the u.k. may not yet be out it did not attend the talks a welcome respite from bracks it deadlocked but another topic overshadowed the proceedings iran's threats to have banned in the nuclear deal signed with world powers in twenty fifteen e.u. leaders tehran to think again for their organs of the stego is here it's now even more important that europe shows a united front. we do not want an escalation but we want to keep using diplomatic
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tools. we know our limitations but we all agree that the more united europe is the better the chance we have of using dialogue to find possible solutions for. so the song so it is. being united on all fronts was exactly what the e.u. leaders wanted to convey. they swiftly signed a ten point blueprint for the blocks future vowing to work together through thick and thin i can state one thing with complete that. their leaders have got to go directly demonstrate that that they want to pay full political with both ability not only for fingal event challenges but for the european union as a whole. fine i'm bishan is indeed but no concrete decisions can be taken until after the upcoming european elections and they may well highlight
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a europe riven by division over what its future should look like. yeah see on the op if there is victory for those who want less europe if in tomorrow's european parliament no majority is possible with a mass in lists and extremists then it is clear that we will have less syrup and we will be weaker for being disunited. as the e.u. prepares to wave goodbye to its current parliament its member states are more divided than the smiles convey next is a tussle of a new picks for the e.u.'s top officials has a special summit at the end of may. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the u.s. has seized a north korean cargo ship that it said was transporting coal in violation of sanctions against pyongyang the action comes hours after north korea fired two suspected short range missiles into the ocean their second weapons test in a week north korean leader kim jong il says that it was
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a regular military exercise in new york court has sentenced a german woman to four years in prison for posing as an heiress in order to swindle huge amounts of money the court found that anna sorkin seen here in file footage had posed as a socialite to convince banks hotels and well heeled friends to part with hundreds of thousands of dollars. to pakistan where the government has suspended an anti polio drive following renewed attacks on health workers in the past three weeks at least three people involved in vaccination drives have been killed by gunmen the attacks have been blamed on fake videos in rumors about polio vaccinations issues that have taken the lives of nearly a hundred people in attacks on vaccine team since two thousand and twelve find say is wrong reports tonight from islamabad vijay that he left
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his job as a blue book but last month the father of two was gunned down in northwestern pakistan trying to convince them baden to fixing their children his family is still free. and. he was my friend a brother a father and the guardian of our family we have lost everything people he killed like this are the biggest terrorists in the world they threaten and murder people like my brother only want to protect children from this crippling disease. there's are often targets in pakistan due to costs but is the theories that vaccines out a ploy to stylize muslim children and the program it's a cover for best and spice it was a particularly deadly blunt the divine female vaccinated and two policemen moderate in just one. so you'd let the if knows the dangers of being a. he nearly died after being shot in karachi while immunizing children in twenty
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two of despite the risks let they've still goes into communities and speaks to religious leaders so they can help counter the misinformation about the virus. we need because what connected they live and who understand local sensitivities this is essential for people to trust them and accept the fact. you know it's hard to have been made in reducing the number of cases here from over three hundred in twenty fourteen to just close. down as one of the three countries in the was there a boiler room and and rumors spread via social media are inflaming already existing distrust of the nation. ever that this man was arrested after posting a video online telling boys to finda after apparently being immunized it contributed to mass hysteria in the show or when thousands of children would rushed to hospital
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by panicked parents who believed they were being poisoned the government spokesman says this type of scaremongering will not be tolerated and promised new ways to reassure parents will be introduced soon i'm going. to. continue with the negotiations and facebook. facebook management we are working on a bottom up approach to which we are now we have been focusing on. because it is the face of the program. i'm going to sort of feline for. any questions that anyone may have regarding quarterbacks in the government would want to questions. it's unclear how effective these destructed just will be but they are too late for vod did students who vague. up without a father the only comfort from his death that the family cannot hope for is that
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one day but then will be declared. tragic story pope francis has issued a groundbreaking new law requiring all catholic priests and nuns to report clerical sexual abuse and cover ups the papal decree covers abuse of children and adults and its subsystems for reporting abuse and for protecting whistleblowers. every known in each priest are no obligated to report sexual abuse and they're required to inform church authorities if they suspect abuse this is but one of many steps pope francis is planning to implement in his attempt to combat this problem. it's very important to now have unified and universal standards for the church in the past countries have taken different approaches now it said procedures have been set time limits have been set it's an important step not the first but also not the last the new church law requires that all dioceses around the world have a system in place for victims to report abuse by two thousand and twenty all types
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of abuse must be prosecuted make tim's protected and investigations completed within ninety days while victims groups support the law many feel it doesn't go far enough for i am glad if one question remains namely how reports of abuse will be passed on to prosecute has the pope's law does not make its obligatory to report to all work with the oath or it is and at least here in germany it's the police and for states prosecutors who are responsible for investigating and solving such crimes and he sent. the following the vatican's abuse conference in february critics demanded a hard line against abuse in the catholic church the new church law comes into effect on june first but it only runs for three years. are talking is now arsenal are thought are through to the final of the europa league. after a convincing win over a villain c.f.p. emerick. was arsenal's hero on the night in spain he scored
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a hat trick as the english side ran out fourteen winners completing an emphatic seven three aggregate victory you're watching news live from berlin up next business news with should stick around the work that. he takes to personally i already with a little gender for the people in stories that make the game so special. for all true fans my. pick up more than football online some say that we're going to.
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sanction week.


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