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the be. the be. this is g.w. has come to live from berlin the united states escalates its trade dispute for china washington imposes new tablets and billions of dollars of the chinese goods as the two countries failed to resolve their differences beijing says it will retaliate what will be the impact on the global economy. also coming up the first
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results from south africa's election showed the ruling a.n.c. is heading for its worst outcomes in its twenty five years in government we'll ask what's gone wrong with the party of nelson mandela. and dr healing company makes its debut on wall street we look into the company's claims that it reduces congestion on the roads of the world's biggest cities. plus a sneak peek at the world famous venice biennale on an art show to focus on not the most unusual exit but a monument to europe's refugee crisis and ask what artists can do that journalists cannot. hello and welcome i'm on with a good to have you with us. u.s. president donald trump says there's no need to rush trade talks with china and that
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the negotiations are continuing in what he course a congenial manner his comments came in a tweets just hours off the u.s. imposed new talents on billions of dollars of chinese imports china has criticised the decision to hike levies and has vowed to retaliate. it would prove to be an uphill climb for the chinese negotiators as talks resumed in washington just hours before new u.s. tariffs went into effect china's vice premier rejected the us as russian oil for the new duties its accusations that beijing had reneged on several points of agreement. or that it's when you are a come here in good faith i want a reasonable and a frank exchange of opinion with the u.s. side china believes out in further tariffs is not a good way to solve our problems so it's not good for china nor is it good for the us nor does it help the world. few expected
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a breakthrough in thursday's talks and donald trump was keen to point out the positive side to state import tariffs. i happen to think that tariffs for a country are very powerful you know with a piggy bank that everybody steals from including china we've been paid in china five hundred billion dollars a year for many many years china rebuilt their country because of us this is gearing up for what could be a bruising trade conflict china showed that it has resources at its disposal officials say it's belt and road initiative can help offset the results of a trade war with the u.s. and they're pointing to strong growth in the service sector. china's high end service exports are growing and competitiveness is gradually improving. with thursday's talks on able to stop the u.s. tariffs china isn't revealing what steps it will take next. joining me now is
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cliff it's comin an analyst from business says welcome clifford what do you make of these latest developments now the status so imposed on china by washington as talks are set to continue on trade yes and as you remember as well these are coming after they were already extended so it is it's quite a significant move i think it means that america is trying to show that it's strong and that goes the asian it's going to follow through and also show a little bit of it's not worried by by the developments and it doesn't fear china it's almost it's almost like a boxing match you know we've got a lot of flexing of muscles in the in the build up and people say i can do this i can do this so i think that's that's the drama we heard it from so that these talks are going on in what he called a congenial man of the do you see this move as an escalation of the dispute i see it as an escalation i see two very different goes aging styles at work he may describe as congenial and he likes to see himself as the master of the art of the deal for china this is
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a negotiator who goes as the talks and then comes back to xi jinping and she says no so it's two very different styles of work that china has that it bridged retaliate does have the means to retaliate well one of the things we've seen in recent weeks is just the strength of the chinese economy i mean this is a battle between the world's two biggest economies china second it's on its way to becoming the biggest so it certainly has a lot of economic clout behind it that it can carry into this conflict now but on both sides the people in the u.s. and china are lied to about the impact of this trade dispute i think they are i think in the u.s. there's a worry that it will feed into difficulties for the u.s. consumer and maybe lead to a slower economy and in china there's also. fears about how this china is viewed whether china is seen as weak and also its translation its difficulties particular in the southern part of china where a lot of the manufacturing takes place so i think this is being closely watched on both sides and what about the markets what kind of outcome of the hoping for the
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hoping for an agreement they're definitely hoping for an agreement initially we saw that they had they the markets had risen bush suggested they were expecting one but just in the in the last few hours with america opening up we see the markets are falling again so hard to know what the market is expecting they're looking a little bit more pessimistic than they were a few hours ago and they want to implications to this dispute isn't there cliff and given that so much of the world is dependent on trade with china and the us absolutely i mean the spillover particularly here in europe a lot of big car companies here in europe are watching this big economies like germany are watching this to see what will happen because some of the rules of be applied to china will also be applied to other markets such as germany france the spillover potential also in terms of people's sentiments and how they feel is is quite significant so it's going to be a lot of fear about perhaps why the cliff it couldn't thank you very much for that analysis getting out of south africa where the ruling
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african national congress holds a comfortable lead off the general election there more than two thirds of the votes have now been counted but the tally so far does show the end seize on course with the worst performance in a national phone and it's twenty five years in government the vote is the first test of public sentiment since president saddam replaced scandal hit jacob zuma. i did. enjoy increase joins me now from keep trying in south africa didn't want does this result mean for the african national congress did they anticipate a drop in support as a result of a showing so far. in front of the south african parliament that has been dominated since the end of apartheid by the a.n.c. but since two thousand and four the number of the voters has been declining and this is the trend we also see in this election as you can clearly see that more and
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more people are not satisfied with their performances specially when it comes to the economy of the country this country's going through an economic crisis there's hardly any growth and the unemployment rates are skyrocketing more than every second person in the country is not employed and this is of course frustrating a lot of the young people and this is obviously one of the reasons why they might not have gotten as many votes as they did when postelection is we have to say they still have a comfortable majority and the second strongest party has still thirty five percent less votes than the n.c. now didn't some complaints about of the electoral process was this a free and fair ballot. see there was a video that emerged on twitter shortly after the elections of a voter who took off the income from his stump the ink that you got on you get you get on your stump after the process of voting and that sparked a huge speculation whether it was possible to double vote to basically just cast
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a vote in one polling station move to the next one and vote again today there were thirty five smaller parties who walked out of the meeting with the electoral commission demanding a proper audit into this allegations of double voting and mike christine went west been talking to people in the city of johannesburg about it and they were also quite concerned still have your income your time can you show it to us some people say that people were able to avoid twice because the in came off no no one to two eyes would once and. i think it was being investigated because of people voted twice to see just to be investigated so that it results because no if people who have voted with. the results. so are going to vote christine it was saying in what you've been saying that appears to have been some amount of irregularities in these elections how have south african authorities reacted to these allegations. the
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police arrested about twenty suspects for a legit stubble voting but the electoral commission said there is no evidence whatsoever that there was any double voting going on so what more people are getting concerned of more and more people demanding an audit. so what challenges does president siddle was a face non some say in see is a very divided. it certainly is and the elections were largely a referendum on ramaphosa the question was basically will he get enough votes to have a strong mandate to clean up within his own party remember former president jacob zuma under his leadership there was a lot of corruption and all levels of governance that were rarely addressed it was swept under the carpet and promised to stop this impunity promise to even go after his own people and now is the time where people are waiting if you will really walk us talk. increase in capetown south africa thank you very much for your reporting
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on the south african elections and we have this news just coming in at least seventy refugees are reported to have drowned when their boat sank in the mediterranean sea off to new zealand now this is being reported by the tunisian state run news agency this is six six sixteen others have been saved that's all that we have on the story so far seventy refugees drowned but of course be following that story and bring you more details as soon as they come and meanwhile let me bring you up to date with some of the stories making news around the wild german turkish journalist denis future has revealed to a course that he was tortured while in prison in a turkish jail and says he holds turkey's president. personally responsible spending a year behind bars without being formally indicted and is known trial accused of making terrorist propaganda. and militias set up to fight
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islamist terror group boko haram has released nine hundred children that it had so court listed the civilian joint task force a regional militia allied with the nigerian military has signed an agreement to end child recruitment. a thai activist who was jailed for sharing an unflattering article about thailand's king on facebook has been freed after a ruling pardoned judge apart aboon up but oksana served more than two years behind bars it comes as three thai activists facing charges of insulting the monarchy disappeared after reportedly being arrested in vietnam. that's being quote a milestone for the ride healing industry in the so-called sharing economy within this hour over marks its much anticipated stock market debut shares are priced at forty five dollars for the initial public offering the company based in san
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francisco hopes the i.p.o. will drink in more than eight billion dollars. but despite all this excitement and was street it's a decidedly bumpy a rifle on the main street in the same week drivers vent of strike a working conditions they used saudis putting a dent in one of was central claims the reporter william know of who craft joins me now for more on that welcome so what does this study would have what does it say well of course one of the central claims that companies like it make is that they are reducing congestion and traffic in cities because you don't need a private car when you can use your lifter or other ride hailing companies so a team of experts from the university of kentucky wanted to see if this was true and they decided to focus on san francisco and san francisco's request which is one of america's most congested cities and the home base of goober and lift and what they saw was no it's not true actually between two thousand and ten and two thousand and sixteen which is the years that we're getting really popular all
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around america congestion in san francisco actually went up more than sixty percent and they attributed more than half of that congestion that added congestion due to ill if they were able to take away over a lift in their studies and they saw that congestion only went up twenty two percent when you don't count with private cars so what that suggesting is that there is more traffic because of lift in those kinds of companies and more private cars in san francisco look at other studies done san francisco the cool off but the problem isn't and that does it no certainly no this is not unique to san francisco congestion is a major problem with cities all around the united states and really all around the world as infrastructure tries to keep up with population booms a major study from last year by one of the experts leading experts on transit mobility in new york city show the in nine of america's densest cities ride healing services aren't that far off from public transit of overtaking public transit rides
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. that there were more than six hundred thousand more cars on the roads there between two thousand and twelve and. sixteen private cars this is the same time that they're getting a lot of traction in these cities and it's still more private traffic or gargle so the fact that we're now existing as an option to get around the city so tell me what is the program like taking in over another form of transport well sure i mean the cost of taking the new ball or a lift is not really reflected in what users pay it's an incredible burden on city infrastructure on roads i'm climate of course and when you are invent when you're using these services you're taking money away from other kinds of services and there's a huge income disparity as well this this survey from last year shows that the richer you are the more likely you are to take over and live while poor people are taking public transit so people who are earning in the united states or in these nine major metro areas over two hundred thousand dollars a year are more than nine times more likely to use it or
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a lift or lift per year then people making less money people making less than fifty thousand dollars now this kind of a two tiered system where richer people take more comfortable modes of transportation and poor people taking mass transit that's not new but in lift are reinforcing this two tiered system which is pulling money and political will away from public transit biking and pedestrian for structure which is exactly what experts say cities need to do to maintain livable cities and also climate friendly cities of the interesting points william thank you baby much for the interesting discussion now he has a more than a thirty thousand twitter followers and the young off the authorities christiane used to live on the streets of the french capital but then he started using social media to draw attention to what it's like living rough and that was the start of his passionate five a better living conditions for the city's homeless filthy nation.
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christian college knows what it means to lead an insecure unstructured life he spent over three years hanging out with this group of homeless people at the plus sun mart in paris he used to have a well paying job as a sawmill year but after his wife left him he developed a drinking problem and when he could no longer pay the rent he ended up on the streets and. this is one of the places i slept in but a few weeks later they installed these typically anti homeless barriers in their place deliberately so no one can bed down here. and the homeless barriers have popped up all over paris some in places where people sleep due to warm air from the metro christian reacts to them by tweeting with results. in the city of paris and put in iron rods to prevent access you can still see the traces. they would have stopped people from being able to sleep there in winter when it's cold. i posted it on twitter and the next day
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the authorities removed the iron rods. if i was a good. christian began tweeting three years ago after his possessions were soaked by street cleaners in winter he wrote this is how the homeless are treated in paris within a few months he had over thirty thousand followers. out in the morning to say hello to the planet and at night to talk about what was going on on the streets. i take a picture of my sleeping back and say good night guys and go to bed. and people who don't say goodnight see you tomorrow what i thought that was cool. people who live on the streets often feel like pariahs but christian posh has given them a voice and his activism has spread beyond paris people now send in pictures of barriers
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elsewhere in france. this one's in front of an store in now gone in the country south. it's true that the social media have a certain power that can be negative for big brands. we'll see in the next few days that evil she will certainly get rid of those barriers. christian is glad that his tweets can change things for the better. his own situation has also improved his no longer living on the streets but has found accommodation with a christian aid organization. here watching the news coming up ahead we'll look at one of the most unusual exhibitions at this year's the venice biennale show and our security of what this is show is hoping to achieve. but first just
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fourteen and a first for european football or for english teams the battle it out in the finals of the continent's biggest club competitions in the champions league liverpool and tottenham hotspur will go head to head for the title and the european league final will be between arsenal and chelsea the blues on thursday dash the hopes of bundesliga side and sacked front foot by beating them in a penalty shoot out the english club took the lead in the first half with a goal from a reuben aloft to stick but front for your rich never the score after the break with a game tie. at the end of extra time the match went to a penalty shootout and chelsea's goalkeeper made two saves to break frank puts odds on the all english final between chelsea and arsenal will be played in buckles . to talk more about all of this is bob to fully any as some do the obvious split says welcome bob the lovely to see you explain this why i have the kind of the
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premier league teams so dominant did all of the competitions for of that month first of first of all every day it's nice to see a different and to competition we've seen a lot of the spanish. and the wealthy clubs first and foremost that's what we're talking about here for club spurs liverpool arsenal and chelsea obviously they have big budgets they have big wages that they can offer to players and that is very important because they can of course lure those big players from other clubs and we're talking as well about an incredibly competitive league the premier league everyone knows you know so the players face sort of very tough teams but it's the weekend weekend so comes as no surprise but we also need to note that this season in both competitions big teams that we're used to seeing performing very well like i mentioned before spanish teams around with barcelona then of course italian joins you venters then p.s.g. from france and let it go madrid also from spain have underperformed so that
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combination has permitted these bigger british english sides to go the whole way now going back to the budget issue if we look at how much money they can actually spend on players this is important to note when you compare it to smaller deeks across europe now they spent for example eighty five million on virgil van dyke. he's the chelsea goalkeeper he cost eighteen million euros and then of course pierre emerick over me and many people will be used to seeing him here in germany he cost over sixty million euros so you know. budget plays a big part in all of this so what what does this mean that the public because if these elite teams have such deep pockets to buy all the best this how can the smaller clubs be well this is one of the big issues now if we look at one team in particular they lost to arsenal but as yet is the third biggest city in spain it's a big team they bring in many crowds at week in week out and they have
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a far more modest budget so they're not able to lure those big players in with big salaries now there's an issue here because you're thinking ok are the richer clubs going to get richer and the poor clubs or the more modest clubs going to become more modest well this is exactly what actually the culture martin you know got the ultimate out said so let's hear from him because it was interesting what he had to say quote get it get with any team in the premier league even those in the low part of the table can double bill and his budget or any other team in the spanish league aside from real madrid barcelona and of politico that's just how it is that book will never said. there you go he said it himself you know the big teams there have bigger clubs and it's going to be a bigger budgets and it's difficult for smaller clubs like by the n.c.a.a. and the afghans by you if i to rejigger opinion tournament's will this help or hinder this one of them more than likely it will hinder them and the idea is that the big clubs are going to be assured of a place and it's going to be more difficult for smaller clubs actually to make it
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into the competition but once again this has not been this is not something that's going to happen yet and you a fan have actually said that it's very much in its infancy stages as have the big clubs who are reportedly in discussions with us about this so we have to be to see how that pans out. great to have you with me in the studio and somebody to. that a notice of gotten off the most important festivals in the wild the venice be a nod to is opening on saturday this year will win a say the event will feature works that address a was intel boy its title may live in interesting times among this is the highlights is a monument to europe's refugee crisis. the fifty eighth edition of the venice be an olive is called may you live in interesting times that's intended more as a message to visitors than as an all encompassing model for the spectacular art festival featuring works from ninety nations much of it displayed in computing national to billions. one of the works on display is
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a machine presented by chinese artist soon young and panu tries in vain to clean up a red liquid. artists live in the same world we did they read the stories they respond to things but there are new themes in this business so yes i think art. is social but in a different way than. journalism or history through policy. it approaches how we experience the of. the work that has attracted the most attention though is this ship wrecked it was transported to venice by sea the fishing vessel sank off the libyan coast in two thousand and fifteen with more than one thousand refugees on board a few survived and being. swiss artist christophe blowhole has
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installed it for the duration of the be an olive in a prominent position in the venice harbor. the job of artists is to raise questions about things and to raise questions about how we look at things. about the categories we used to order our world and then they the workers up to us to. develop a message. once again there's plenty of food for thought at the finish be enough. you're watching the news coming up next indeed news asia north korea launches more missiles as kim jong un orders his military into full combat posture what does this mean for south koreans living in the firing line. and bangladesh
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is on high alert after the terrorist attacks in sri lanka security experts talk about the increase of terrorist threat level in south asia. that and more coming up and do you deb you can use asia and when there's lots on our web site that's dot com you can also follow us on twitter as well as on facebook i see you half an hour out of a. clue
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. an action packed life. anything's possible as long as our coffee and his friends can drain our. country's movie theater. refugee camp . his life story may have ground to
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a halt. twenty seven years ago but there's no holding back his dreams flux hard. to find people watching. cinema starts may twenty seventh on t.w. full. where the real power that resides. i come from there lots of people in fact more than a billion if you there was not just democracy that's one reason why i'm passionate about people and aspirations and they can sense. the television reporters tried to influence after the ford focus on one i remember thinking at the time if the blood in broken forward anything can happen if people come together and unite for a cool. when i do the news i often confront difficult situations for conflicts being discussed out i see despite my job to confront good speeches on policies and
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development of the spotlight and issues that matter most hunger food security oppression martian isolation. a notch has been achieved so much more needs to be john and i think people have to be at concepts illusions my name is on the touching and i work at g.w. . this is the governor ventura coming up on the program mostly about items from north korea. yeah conducts three missile tests within a week. or does his military. efforts for feeds on the peninsula under. all the t's of tunnel vision on high alert following the terror attacks intrude on.


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