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here to indoctrinate but to listen. plus ninety connect to an unbiased agenda subscribe now on you tube. this is the news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes. another election win with several. spots is this a new beginning or the beginning of the end. and. to break down the barriers keeping kids with disabilities out of school we'll talk to a blind activist who's playing in leading go. down. the road to finally if you want to top your feed to good music fine i'll. be using
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it so full well the fun and the winter and the living. i am any my junior it's great to have you with us so is it a new start for south africa or the beginning of the end we now know for sure what the new south african parliament will look like again the a.n.c. will dominate by their grip on power a slipped the party has suffered its worst election results since the end of apartheid but it still has an overall budget and that's the spy the n.c.s. record of economic mismanagement and corruption so hold on pot going to slip. at the end of this election week president obama can claim in monday for his program of reform but will he be strong enough. if you have. so many unanswered
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questions our correspondents are in chris in cape town helps break things down. this is the parliament of south africa for twenty five years ever since the end of apartheid it's been dominated by the african national congress and also after this year's elections the a.n.c. will hold a comfortable majority of the parliament four hundred seats but ever since two thousand and four the party has been losing votes and to a halt. the a.n.c. really has to act so they can hold the majority in the future also inside this parliament the person who wants to stop the trend is. the president he promised a lot he wants to get the economy back on track he wants to stop the massive unemployment and stop corruption which has been rampant also within its own party so now south africans are watching closely if you can we walk his talk. now let's move on to a much on the reporter's story children with disabilities and their access to education the united nations educational body unesco says there are around nineteen
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million children with disabilities in the world in some places including parts of africa as many as ninety percent of boost children do not attend school but some countries like kenya are doing something about that the kenyan government has introduced new laws inductee grooving the inclusion of disabled children in schools at a moment several pilot projects have started around the capital nairobi making sure kids with disabilities get a chance. to talk about this i'm joined in the studio by frederick haga from the education ministry in kenya thank you very a time was the haga us sixteen when you lost your sight how that affects your education. i had to drop out of school last time because the levels of mounted at the time would be khloe and reading to know that i could continue with my education so to leave school seeking treatment
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and adjusting to this traditional being visually disabled so as to doubt for about seven years how difficult was that it's quite difficult actually because you tools are moving from a situation where you can see to one where you're not able to see so that affected my life completely now what's the scope of the problem in kenya must be definitely a big issue as we've looked into. the issue of disability is fish any when you comes to education. is quite a large one. we have a lot of children with disabilities but at least that now we have a new police see that is trying. make sure that all children with a disability are able to go to school and remain in school that's his quality
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education and now different policies for different disabilities. know we have what we're calling the stepped up police if a line as untrained is with disabilities and the targets on disability they can government house puts just new legislation into place what does it hope to achieve and how. the polisi. aims at making sure that all children with disabilities it will to go to school and not necessarily go to special schools we have openings fiz in the mainstream schools so the killer not able to learn alongside the p.s. with the disability. this will kind of challenge do you envisage. the police it is really revolutionary and implementing it requires
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quite a bit of planning. expertise and resources and we hope that. we'll be able to provide all that. when live from the government revenue but also working with partners. to address some of the issues that have been identified as body s. and just the other example. just to show that we've been walking with us. we really just been implementing a project with the case with c.b.s. and this is financed by the italian agency of development competition and we hope to build on such partnerships to make sure that we are able to address all of these but he has that of an identified to preventing children from going to school ok what has been the reception like i'd like to know the reception of the police yeah
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oh it's very it's going on very well because this was a policy was up developed in partnership with both governmental a non-governmental organizations and. the principle of giving no one behind especially children disability that is in line with the s.t.g. . it's also in line with the convention on that it's with us on disability so it's a very progressive policy and the reception as really been good but of course for us as a ministry it's not just about the policy but it's also about the implementation. and we've planned for that for the next five yes how or why is it so important that these kids are not left out. or yes because. first of all these children
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are just like any other children. a human rights issue that all children in can access. so i teased the business of a compliment to ensure that children regardless of their vulnerabilities able to access education because they access a good question now but the broader principle that every dimension of living no one behind so we definitely can't afford to live in that with a disability behind socially agreed frederick i got watching the education ministry in kenya thank you thank you. now do you love to dance to good music well then let's introduce you to. a style of music which originated from the outskirts of the country's capital the wanda it
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is. temple and full of energy and the residence of some in the province of the rock to its feet but it also serves as a means of making a living. creature that. was. yeah everyone is dancing to the same beat could do it is and music and dance styles that and managed in the eighty's and still plays a huge part in the life of. the home of could do is right here in the sound and an almost endless array of shabby hot one that this is also the home. to nelson. gould these is my ghetto. this is where i find the stories that inspire me stories from neighbors brothers. i meet my friends and my bros here
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that's basically what my life looks like. mars what does one a little bit about i'm not really bad in my eyes on many was coming to. cut marty milsom is one of the few people here who has managed to turn could you into a job for yes he has been developing career graffiti and putting dance groups together they perform at parties concerts and festivals my team is something that's best known could nuru ambassador. to make up for the get cut for the road but i mean the only noticed for me is the best music in the world it's really it's happiness could do is dance and movement was.
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her i was going to look at north but it's a mixture of young woman simba and techno you mix different elements and create something totally new and beautiful with me and. i this all came together in tempe sangat a huge slum with almost three hundred thousand inhabitants here there is no electricity drinking water oh god which connections but one thing these people will never go without in some use except. i think somebody is great that doesn't mean i know the negatives but to be honest i can't imagine living anywhere else will come up and the bible talks about cutting my sunday sun in slightly and culturally dynamic and come. home to plenty of musician. and dances and tom too
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could do to. keep up with a little bit of could do everything somebody sang goes you can dance the poverty and struggles away. as very and i just take shots at news africa you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page nelson mandela's home country always the final results six democratic elections we leave you now but someone may just upset off this election.
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here's what's coming up poland going to sleep a few months until tonight hear what. is coming take a look at what all that means for the type of course. the fund is legal every weekend here on w. . shifting powers the old order is history the world is really uniting itself and the media's role is to keep the topic in focus at the global media forum twenty nineteen today. one out of two people is online what we probably
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do we trust should the future at this point you believe will be good for. hello and a warm welcome to our arts and culture news i'm karen helstone and here's what's coming up in the next quarter of an hour. a new version of and frank's famous diary of a young girl and titled dear kitty is said to be the definitive literary edition and the one the murdered teen had intended to publish after the war. and we need. a virtual also on the saxophone to talk about her instruments affinity for classical music and even opera and her latest album.
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and in the lead up to the cannes film festival next week the festival's official and michelin starred chef buddha already prepares to welcome the stars. well it's perhaps the most famous memoir of jewish persecution under the nazis in occupied europe and frank's diary of a young girl and many of us have read her account of the two years her family spent in hiding in an absent an attic or at least read one of several parts of it edited versions well now a new edition is true to the one a budding writer herself intended to publish. glory no spawn new and frank she played theater with her nazi occupied amsterdam she's now ninety one but she remembers and frank's very well as bright and.


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