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and the one the murdered team had intended to publish after the war. we need. a virtual also on the saxophone to talk about her instruments affinity for classical music and even opera and her latest album. and in the lead up to the cannes film festival next week the festival's official and michelin starred chef. prepares to welcome the stars. well it's perhaps the most famous memoir of jewish persecution under the nazis in occupied europe and frank's diary of a young girl and many of us have read her account of the two years her family spent in hiding in an answer to an attic or at least read one of several possible it edited versions well now a new edition is true to the one a budding writer herself intended to publish. glory no spawn new and frank
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she played theater with her in nazi occupied amsterdam she's now ninety one but she remembers and frank very well as bright and cheeky. we also kept diaries but not when we were not at the age of eleven or twelve or thirteen as she was then she was always writing or hiding what she'd written i had no idea then . and the girl from the back of the house recording everyday life as experienced by jews in hiding from the s.s. her diary initially documents a child's observations in the worst of times but starting in around one thousand nine hundred four she began to revise her notes with a view to later publication this version has never before been available in a standalone edition the publishing house a session is now putting that right and providing an alternative to the more widespread version of the diary. this is falling it was mainly down to otto frank who put the two versions of the diary together after the war it was this hybrid
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that was then published as the standard and frank diary. on the phone talk of course for finished walnuts and frank's father combined the two versions after his daughter's death now we have what is being presented as the most authentic version of her own. it all took place in amsterdam behind a door hidden by a bookcase this is the confined space where an lived for years against the daily fight for survival and frank mature from child diarist into a young woman with literary ambitions at the point when she decided to become a writer her diary matures to the end frank foundation in amsterdam is thrilled by this piece of world literature. i think when you compare it's two or you know as a diary you will see many many many differences many changes and that exactly those changes is where you spur the talent where you see that every change every editing
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she's doing is showing what a great literary talent you us as if you can see this is definitely the version that i am frank wrote with the idea of publishing it later after the war of glee. glory enough spam who was a professor of literature is also convinced that this new version of the diary comes closest to it and frank's intention. of the. bench nobody would dream of editing bits of the original draft if together with the final version you can read the original to get an idea of how to revised improved in deep in debt and that's the way to approach and frankly too much for while i want to go on living even after my death the words of anne frank with her literature she succeed it now more than ever. it is an award winning musician and she's on
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a mission to reveal to the world the incredible versatility of the saxophone about her instrument of choice since the year two thousand the rather than stay with the more typical jazz repertoire the german ukrainian soloist is an avid pusher of boundaries that means classical music and deep explorations of period music that she approaches in a highly unconventional way. this instrument has everything and it can do anything they can dress up like a dance soloist and sergei prokofiev romeo and juliet. or like a string instrument in order to play bach. or even like a singer from on the way the files can see on a spoke. as it was invented because by the middle of the nineteenth century everything already
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existed there was symphony orchestra's there was opera then suddenly there was this instrument that had a whole family soprano tenor baritone and so on so what do you do with it and i think people tried dressing it up to sound like an oboe a clarinet a trumpet like string instruments like singing and that's how this kind of carnival mood came about. carnival is also the title of fatah of his most recent album for which the twenty nine year old had opera arias and a ballet transcribed for her instrument that kind of experimentation is a hallmark of her work. in twenty sixteen she won the eco classic award as best newcomer for her past transcriptions which convinced even purists of the versatility of the instrument. it was her father who originally wanted to learn the saxophone but then his highly talented daughter discovered it for herself. and abandoned her piano lessons for good.
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since then as if the tail of a has been a missionary for the saxophone it was invented by the belgian other sax who patented his instrument in paris an eight hundred forty six. that. day but it wasn't until the one nine hundred twenty s. and thirty's that it really took off in jazz crazy berlin with music by composers such as i don't push court via and clinic. they were later driven into exile by the nazis their music vilified as degenerate with the sax a symbol of non arian decadence. in the one nine hundred thirty s. the saxophone was really exploited and became an unfortunate victim of propaganda oh i thought this area was so wonderful and i had the idea to record music from the one nine hundred twenty s. this beautiful time a real golden age for berlin and for all of europe of to name one.
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party of his latest project takes original compositions for saxophone by so-called failed composers and orchestrates the most chamber music. here to what makes her playing so special her musical temperament paired with virtual her technique is obvious. bit by bit as he is reclaiming for classical music an instrument whose true identity continues to be obscured by propaganda and prejudice. well as the a fatty of us just celebrated
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a birthday on thursday as did. funnily enough our next protagonist and he is gearing up for the cannes film festival which of course opens next week and that's because he is the official film festival chef which means he has all the lowdown on which film star likes to eat what and he treats them to his endless repertoire of mediterranean cruise een of course and he says that fancy isn't his name concern but rather fresh fresh fresh. has to inform him on a street into a two star restaurants many celebrities at the cannes festival come to dine in the shop to screenings. for over two decades to still shed the opening going on and other official events. classic dishes from the region of providing spa served up to actors and directors from all over the world. his guest list reads like the closing credits of
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a blockbuster movie. nancy is done because you story will grow so thank you our father found you know when you read that we're doing this so they wrote. this for a video we're going to go eat ice cream. is ready to go kids so they go get lunch is a very good the regular because your book will give you the look of the brew for good or for you board so we have to be diligent. in twenty fourteen kidman start in the festivals opening film grace of monaco opening films in cannes always followed by a god i've been in. two years ago the shit organize one of the biggest banquets me events history it's seventieth and if it's read you believe. as a main cause he said lobster and green asparagus and maroon. mushrooms. before to decide whether the value of a raspberry as for those was
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a jewess but we do that for several gifted people. for this is gallatin it was there also put together three homemade variations on the simplest dish of all bread. and the people you know looking good they will go real you know that they share with you where you see only always which is really. the bread move to seize it also. one of the preferred would probably know is the property over the mouth is time and when. the first moment you know james kitchen cook with seasonal products and because the film festival takes place every year in maine attendees often see similar ingredients from year to year is always plenty of fish and
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seafood along with celery and lemon resorts have back gate bell peppers and on lips . a lot of celebrities are regular guests at the festival then knows what an lp cruise likes to ease as well as pedro almodovar spaded foods but he also has a principle never to set the same dish twice at the film festival. but of course as with every rule there's an exception in common it's a typical french cake specialty. one of i will follow this to get this right is a big but we serve it with one word event for whatever. and the people can cook a card like that and do it by them said you know we say madeleine thank you this shows you that i cannot go into that. allies if i'd be. really strict there. pfizer's business is left of. the program may change from year to year but
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there's always one thing you can count on at the cannes film festival that celebrities from all over the world and looking full it too because you know bush is delicious canary creations. a mouthwatering stuff well do stay tuned next week for lots more from the council on festival my colleague scott ross perot will of course be reporting from the quad set and we'll have lots on the website as well i w dot com slash culture and don't forget to check us out on facebook and twitter of course well that's all for now so until that fast from all of us here in berlin and.
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eco africa leaves the woman on a mission to save the environment. that one of you have seen no problem but rather look for solutions to get that nutritious pairing is a reporter in zambia she knows that nature is often pushed past its limits here because people simply don't know any better what she's determined to change that. for three minutes. story so that people over. informations of. the
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from. the screws in its trade dispute with china president trump imposes new talents billions of dollars worth of chinese coats beijing threatens to measure the impact will the standoff top on the global economy also on the program the german turkish journalist who says he was beaten and tortured in a high security turkish prison and huge case triggered
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a diplomatic crisis with. a homeless man and two thousand feet.


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