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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 11, 2019 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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let's. play play. play play. play. this is d w news like from earlier treat hostages say thanks to fallen heroes tourists rescued from captivity and workouts also pay tribute to the french commandos were killed and the daring brains that freed them will go live to bomb a go for more also coming up to. washington ratchets up the pressure on iran as a naval strike group heads to the persian gulf to back up a u.s. aircraft carrier and bombers already there washington says it's responding to threats from tehran. and football sunday it will decide the champions of the
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english premier league and will either be leaders manchester city or liverpool or trailing by just one point in the last round of the season. on a welcome to the show. french special forces have rescued 4 foreign hostages from a militant group and burkina faso 2 soldiers were killed in the overnight raid in the west african country france has about 4 and a half 1000 troops in the region its leading an effort aimed at fighting jihadist insurgents which is considered a relative success so far but at a cost $24.00 french soldiers have died since 2013. the 1st appearance in freedom after a harrowing ordeal 2 frenchmen and a south korean woman arrived at the presidential palace and the king of capsule
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from audience with the country's leader. one of the men managed to find a few. thoughts go out to the families of the soldiers and to the soldiers who lost their lives to free us from this hell give them we wanted to offer our condolences right away. the men were seized in neighboring brittany on may the 1st was touring an area france's longer advised travelers to avoid amid fears the hostages would be handed over to jihadists and mali french president manuel micro gave the green light special forces to raid their captain's camp. that raid left 4 kidnappers dead as well as 2 french commandos so to speak to people from alone on cello. the team also stumbled across the south korean and another american hostage managing to free them both.
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jihadist groups of long been active across to kenya fast in mali and the violence seems to be spreading france has some for now hof 1000 troops in the region to combat the threat and most locals back their presence. i'm joined now by thomas shiloh regional director for the sa hill at the con aga now a foundation here in germany is based in bomb a co mr schiller thanks for joining us were these people very unlucky to be taken hostage or were they foolish to be visiting the area. good afternoon from the. onset your question or answer your question a little bit with luck because. the area of move from me is considered since a long time is a very long time as a very dangerous one as a no go area if you look at the map from the foreign ministry.
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it is normally not count for french. western. tourists. they should have known that. what more do we know about the militants who took them. sorry partment them could your question what more do we know about the group who took them. there are a lot of groups operating in. separate groups small groups which take hostages initially and then hand them over to larger groups and. in this case it is thought that this is a small group from. the hostage taking and the hostages are on the way to mali that the french general command said that it was really
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the last option to. go in being able to know if they go to mali and being handed over to a larger terrorist would have been much more difficult. and he said there are several extremist groups operating in the area and jihadi milans appears to be on the rise in the what's fueling this increase. the increase is mainly due to. the nonexistence of state institutions in a lot of areas of the country if you look at the center of knowledge or the gold subpoena. the nation state is not present there and this is not only the presence of security forces which is cracking it's also the presence of basic state egyptians the territorial administration schools and all this means that a large part of the country which are not controlled anymore by the government in
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a very strong way and that of course enables us to operate. that's one reason why we have this is quite an insecure region and let me say also that it is not only jihad reason which exists or it's many many other. not not only jihadist ones which are contributing to the insecurity in the area. tom i still have the kind of adenauer foundation thanks for your analysis. thank you. the united states is deploying an assault ship and a missile battery to the persian gulf to bolster other military vessels already in the area the u.s. said the move is in response to a possible threat to u.s. forces in the region by iran but they didn't specify the nature of that threat around on the other hand has dismissed the claim the newly deployed vessels are the
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u.s. arlington which transports marines and landing aircraft as well as patriot air defense missiles they will join the u.s.s. abraham lincoln carrier that's already there. china's top trade negotiator says he's cautiously optimistic his country can still reach a trade deal with the united states weiss premier league who are made the commons after the us announced plans to raise tariffs on all remaining chinese imports the new levies targets $300000000000.00 worth of chinese products including consumer electronics that's on top of $200000000000.00 worth of products hit by a 1st round of u.s. terror hikes on friday the increase comes after negotiations between the 2 sides ended without agreement. but there's still some time for washington and beijing to resolve their differences as d.w. is all over solid explains. it was a brief meeting in washington d.c. that ended quickly after it begun with no result but that did not come as
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a big surprise as the talks already stalled one week ago after the chinese negotiators walked back several parts of the agreement the major sticking points a loss restraining american companies in china and also the question how to tackle intellectual property u.s. president donald trump made a very relaxed impression he genuinely believes that tariffs benefit the u.s. economy and he also believes that china would pay for these tariffs but economists challenge that they believe that eventually american businesses will have to pay the bill and also american consumers there's $1.00 glimmer of hope coming from washington as well and that's the fact that all goods that are currently on route from china to the u.s. on a container ship that those goods are excluded and that would give negotiators another $3.00 to $4.00 weeks time to reach an agreement. some breaking news just coming in there's been an attack in the port city of daraa in southwestern pakistan reports
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a gunman entered a luxury hotel and opened fire it's understood security forces are battling the gunmen to get the situation under control it's not yet known if anyone has been killed we'll bring you more information as it comes and. continuing now with other stories governments and europe are coming under fire from aid groups after one of this year's deadliest ship wrecks in the mediterranean involving migrants at least $65.00 drowned after their boat capsized off the coast of tunisia on friday it was able to rescue 16 people survivors said most of those on board the boat were from bangladesh they have departed from libya on thursday. in the least populous government often faces criticism for its opposition to mass migration and has long pursued a close port policy and stands accused of restricting the work of humanitarian groups on friday 30 people who work with were allowed to disembark in lampedusa the
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southernmost point of italy after other european countries agreed to take them in but italy promptly seized the rescue vessel and the far right interior minister matteo saw the need to clear it in a tweet but this would be the last trip for the ship. risk huge from a sinking ship. an italian boat the morri journey of a humanitarian charity save the. libyan coast. the 30 migrants including 2 pregnant women of 5 children according to the ngo are just a few of the 00s of people who have already attempted to cross the mediterranean this year. according to its release and he migration deputy prime minister vini italy's ports a close to illegal migrants but these people landing in lampedusa cicely a lucky italy's prime minister just a free concert allowed the ship to duck the more i join you know stuff applaud the migrants but this might have been its last mission there was
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a. move when we have spoken to sell vini about the murray journey oh and we agree on the police seizing the ship. with where the ship was already on a warning. for the job if this ship is one of the very few rescue ships still in operation in the mediterranean context said of the european union member states had agreed to take some of these people a sign that the e.u.'s migrant distribution agreements are working albeit on an ad hoc basis although far fewer people are headed to europe than at the peak of migration in 201-5000 still take the perilous journey every month and a summer brings better weather conditions the number of attempted crossings is likely to increase. south africa's governing african national congress is heading for a 6th straight term in power but with a diminished mandate with all votes counted the a.n.c. has been declared the winner with 57.5 percent but that's a low its share since multi-ethnic democracy 25 years ago the party has been
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battling corruption scandals a sluggish economy and record unemployment even so it was far ahead of its closest rival the opposition democratic alliance which trailed at just under 21 percent. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. couples have broken out in hong kong legislative assembly pro-democracy and profane ging lawmakers clashed amid high tensions over for a host long. that would allow extradition to mainland china at least 4 people were injured. cuba is introducing widespread rationing that struggles with an economic crisis chicken eggs rice and still are among the basic products affected cuba is blaming the u.s. trade embargo but analysts say the collapse of aid from venezuela i think cuba just as hard. facebook c.e.o.
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mark zuckerberg has hailed france's plan to regulate so-called hate speech on the internet after meeting president among on my call in paris my heart has been leaving efforts for greater regulation of tech companies facebook has even allowed french officials to them an inner working. sundays thing is one of the most exciting battles for the english premier league title of reigning champions manchester city are just one point ahead of liverpool who haven't won an english league title for 29 years liverpool were 7 points ahead of manchester city and january before the defending champions claw their way back. mentioned the city hope to do what hasn't been done since 2009 to retain the premier league title they are in pole position with 95 point one a head of liverpool but will cut team buckle under the pressure in a match against brighton that it is a game that everything could have been. this one mistake for i was one incredible
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performance for that was it's a mistake for the referees in. the. meanwhile liverpool are hoping for another american and manchester city slip up and they live a poor victory over vava hampton wanderers would mean a 1st title for the club in 29 years but even the believe of all believers team city unlikely to stumble. in this situation obviously it looks like wolves are bright no only like why they're there but city will win and we will win another d.n.c. december but they have to their game to play and moves with ambitions because they showed the whole year joy their football their 7th in a believe too competitive league. to sites with crafty coaches to sites with top talent but only one team will lift the trophy on sunday. as
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a quick reminder of the breaking news at this hour there's been an attack in the port city of daraa in southwestern pakistan reports say up to 4 a gunman entered a luxury hotel and opened fire it's understood security forces are battling them to get the situation under control we'll keep you updated will be back at the top.


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