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me and record unemployment even so it was far ahead of its closest rival the opposition democratic alliance which trailed at just under 21 percent. you're watching news live from berlin up next a documentary about amazon's ever growing business with user data stay tuned for that and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information on our website at www dot com right now and we have the whole team at the w. thanks so much for joining us. europe will be going to. put what's become of it. what will it look like tomorrow. evening for a better future isn't enough in europe requires our cultures attention. you
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know actions 2019 may 26th on g.w. . one day in the not too distant future. nobody ordered this package but amazon knows you it is going to need its. beauty is pregnant and amazon knew even before she did. could this be possible in the future. a company that knows better than we know ourselves that fulfills our wishes before we've even thought of them will we soon be living in this shiny new amazon world to tuck record today amazon trucks will circle people's homes and if someone needs a diaper they'll get it in 3 seconds to quit. in short he always i think we can
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only underestimate how well the system knows us. a company with a smile in its logo that provides us with everything we desire but are we delivering ourselves into its hands when it delivers things to was. driven out of fear of what it could be if we do not engage if we give up if we become complacent and since there is dangerous one power can centrally control it and that's amazon today. we go to the oldest university in england to meet this man. in his little leisure i'm going victor meyer sure and professor of internet governance and regulation at oxford his special field is data capitalism how google facebook apple
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microsoft and amazon shaped the world. from industry to the in the trains from the industrial to the data age is a very fundamental one. greater than the change from an agricultural to an industrial society in this league a sense of but he's methodical amazon is at the forefront of the radical change to this data age that we're experiencing right now amazon guns for and. then your avatar understand amazon just take a look at the marketplace amazon as one of the largest markets in the world that. so let's find ourselves a marketplace anyone will do a. back let's say for buyers and sellers made at the marketplace you'll find an incredible amount of goods here be exact they what you're looking for if you like. a traditional market like this has 20 or 30 stalls and if you only advice apples he or she might find a dozen different varieties that. an online marketplace is completely different as
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mark looked through amazon is a marketplace like amazon is gigantic with millions and millions of different products so this in the early days of the internet when many people tried to replicate the market digitally they just tried to offer a lot of products but that didn't really work out that well only amazon succeeded. so what's amazon secret it controls almost half of online trade in the u.s. its main building is called day one because on your 2nd day at amazon you might have already be slacking off a bit amazon expects its staff to keep working as hard as they did on their 1st day that's what amazon boss just base oss wants so what are his plans for the future. we would have liked to have talked to amazon about it but amazon won't allow any interviews no permission to film and says only in writing so let's get amazon's
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virtual assistant alexa to read them to us. instead of speculating about the future we prefer to focus on the things that certainly won't change for us that means the talk us to miss will always want a large selection of products a good prices with faster livery. and if nobody at amazon is allowed to talk to us what about former employees we contacted a number of them but only one is willing to be on camera. my novel is my name is under way a spike and i used to be amazon's chief scientist. he started the job in 2002. i was but i want to underfund van when i started imus on there were less than a 1000 people like you from. my office was on the same floor as jeff based on just
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meeting was it after every meeting i had with him i went out more energized than when i went to who jeff is highly intelligent he's thinking about details and the 10 year plan at the same time to go it's on that's what i think makes him stand out that's with too much to fast not. when he worked for jeff bezos they were turning an online bookshop into a vending machine for everything the everything store. and that's why i was the steve is you in for diffuser for that was jeff bezos is a vision from the very beginning amazon the one stop shop and it's all about learning from data is that nowadays recording data cost practically not they are so deciding in advance watching tanks record and then doing it is much more expensive than simply recording everything utah idaho i did off the chart. simply record everything. online marked where put up with things on an online market there were never put up with on
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a normal market. of india if we imagine amazon doing what it does on a traditional markets and then market for it would be like walking around with a little jeff bezos behind us always watching what we're looking at what they've always retry on or prizes we're comparing the qualities we want in preferences we're. writing it all down on before leaving and then he would use this information to show us which products best fit our preference those ones. based on 2nd for anything possible maybe that doesn't really sound so bad letting jeff bezos know what we're looking at in his marketplace. but not everyone sees it that way. right now and cut to the you know call a data protection activist and author. for the us national to research my
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book i did an experiment i wanted to buy as much as possible from amazon for one year and find out as much as i could about the company as part of this vast i wanted to know what information about me amazon was actually storing and not only when i bought product but also when i just looked at things without buy. the company took a long time to release the data which it's required to do under european law after some back and forth they finally sent her a cd. i found a lot on this cd the last 15000 clicks from the past year were on the rigs and if you were to print out my amazon data set on paper you get about 15000 pages of appeal. but she hadn't actually even bought that many things from amazon just looking at them was enough to. click there were 50 columns for every click
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seen on only the 2nd i clicked on something and what kinds of products i looked at but also where i was what telecoms provider i was using and which web page i was coming from. she hadn't watched amazon t.v. and she didn't have a lexer time but amazon. amazon even knew when i was on vacation because of where the searches were made also some people use amazon prime as their main streaming service too so when you add it all together it can create a gigantic personality profile that goes into frightening detail about someone to. inform information about how customers is an important part of our business we use data to make sure. products better and more convenient for our customers. amazon is a highly powerful. feature it's naive to say my data belongs to me that sounds
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good but most people aren't clear about the meaning of that. supposed to mean. andras was a chief scientist at amazon for only 16 months and that was a decade and a half ago today he travels the world as a doctor expert and a walking doctor machine anyone can find out when where and what he's doing at any time. and greetings from the lispund world financial center here in new york one of the situations of the day just to be honest. with you. fundraise is in great demand as a speaker he advises companies around the world on data matters. pacis reputation as amazon's former chief scientist always follows in and gets him
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a long way even as far as the german chancellor. extends i'm convinced our government can only keep up with developments if we continue to seek external advice and that's exactly what we're doing by asking experts from the various fields to health and advise us in the digital council. to think east andreas is one of them you will leak media one because i consider the things that interest the chancellor for much because if i can convince her that i can actually achieve more than i could at a university or in research for. the shed the good news as soon as he was appointed to the chancellor's committee. my own office you fired i think if you want data to be used sparingly then you are picking the wrong back on who's on the real battle is to the mound more for the data you
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produce the reports your cubicle for. and so he's off to bed early. but what can we really expect in return for. what's just based on giving us in return for letting him watch us. and shift business it's a constant once jeff bezos has collected all this data about what we've been looking at on the market he starts to evaluate it. he wants to use it to learn what preferences influence our surfing behavior and set himself on set and in from. the chip business. so what's he doing with all this information. he looks at which products are often bought with which other products from their range and then offers them to us he says i think people who bought this product also bought that product but again if many consumers think this is something really great. at the
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start of the school. and this is what i have seen surprisingly 30 percent of amazon's turnover allegedly comes from these recommendations they notice on realizes that we humans are much more predictable than we think we are seen as the. uni is pregnant now how could just base all know that. defeat this piece to get with the ability to find the right product is not only based on the comparison of a lot of factors but also on identifying patterns machines that increasingly learned from data over time can do this much better than humans and this allows them to pinpoint preferences that we ourselves didn't know we had. preferences that can change. it. but that's pua science fiction
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isn't it on the model of a muslim country a height can already tell whether someone is pregnant sometimes even before she knows it herself. small changes in her purchasing behavior klein unfair in the woman in coffee that mention can really do that we ask alexa. no i. know you don't think so. i mean companies like amazon are very interested in finding out when a family has a new baby because this is a point in life where a lot drastically changes. and whoever manages to put their product there might win a new long term customer. so how do you know if a customer is pregnant 10 years ago a large u.s. supermarket chain identified buying behavior patterns from a relatively small data set they even pinpointed the number of weeks.
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following it's been shown that pregnant women change their consumer behavior they switch to unscented cosmetic products they start buying cotton wool pads and when these customers then go on to buy products like baby clothes just proving that they did have a baby you can look at what they bought before and say ok people who buy things like that are most likely pregnant. it's worth the time machine or. the secret lies in the evaluation of so-called big data autodidactic machines recognize the patents and amazon is considered the leader in this field i don't know. when we look at which technologies will be important in 10 or 20 years' time a large data set is actually the decisive factor and many retailers think they can't keep up unless they start screening their customers too they want to know how customers tick just as amazon doubts. in seattle amazon is testing
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a process that may soon go global. simply go to a store. environ out. shopping. be monitored and wander out again. 3000 of these stores are expected to open next year. at amazon pick up customers can go and fetch their online purchases. and the treasure truck will take the online offer of the day to individual districts. 6 amazon book stores even sell books offline amazon also owns the world's largest organic market chain as well as its own fleece but their craft. amazon already sells insurance and medication operates publishing houses and fashion my payment systems and cloud services and produces its own films and
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television programs you can a trade areas of our lives and collect data in the process everywhere. it's made jeff bezos the richest man in the world reportedly earning him $100000000.00 a day as a hobby he has his own newspaper the washington post. his company blue origin is i need to launch 2 wrists into space. he's built a huge mechanical clock inside a mountain that's time to run for 10000 years but what does the future really look like with amazon the city of seattle on the west coast of the u.s. has already had a little taste. but a vigil was held in one of the other cities also i'm also a member of socialist and then the. chip a source made seattle his h.q.
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for a reason he hardly has to pay any taxes here. on the one hand seattle is booming and you can see this right in front of you the scar baseball fields the amazons 2 years are a testament to that booming city but does only for a few people for the rest of us seattle has become all no fordable and unlivable place to live in and the working people who. bilbies towers they call for to live in the same city the buildings buildings that. years of low wages have also cites the company money one study says that in some regions of the u.s. a 3rd of amazon employees depend on government food stamps. what we see in the last 10 years is an explosion in homelessness the regular people who go to work but their wages are so stagnant and their rents are skyrocketing to the combination of both of those things is a deadly combination and it ends up making you almost seattle city council wanted
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to introduce a tax for large companies the money to be used to build affordable housing the topic was soon dropped amazon employs 45000 people in seattle. there is no question that jeff bezos personally and amazon as a corporation entered mean they behaved like classic bullies in the schoolyard they said if you have the domestic the guts to pass this small tax on us we are going to cut in you with the closure of jobs that was what jeff bezos at amazon did to ensure that the staff did not pass instead of paying taxes amazon hands out bananas free of charge every day to anyone who wants them apparently over 5000000 have already been given away. german cities are also feeling amazon's influence at least according to people who know about retailing is the
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internet giant accelerations decline of small shops what does amazon itself think used and we do not agree to take a look at the opinion of the well known and respected industry insider professor dr garrett heineman from the need to write university of applied sciences need to hide . yes let's do that we already have a date with him. right out of school i'm carrot high and i'm on i manage the university research center and i'm a retail expert. but the professor doesn't actually say what the company would like to hear on the contrary in fact just a toy to shoot fuel or many small and medium sized towns can still supply our daily needs on the ticket but we can no longer really shop there was the sheinkopf feeling her happiness amazon will eventually be the only retailer you can still buy from if you can because there won't be any others left. i know it's like the enemy
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on the horizon creeping up towards us and we have to mobilize we can't just shut the window that will just lead to more empty shops some small and medium sized cities already have vacancy rates of 40 percent or more and it continues to rise and that's the consequence doesn't invite us would assist you for that. he doesn't even blame amazon for the disaster he just says others simply missed the boat when retail changed. under from 2 year true for local retailing still often functions as it did in the middle ages or even in the stone age matson amazon has reinvented retailing is it's a technical company and most traders don't understand this technology because it's a completely different world how much on amazon sets the course and everyone else tries to keep up or catch up with off to work like the city center is a dying so does anyone who wants to compete with amazon have to fight fire with
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fire and that's what one company is trying to do with food or draw on the internet with next day delivery. that. the customer can do their complete weekly shopping at 2 or 3 men. and we achieve this by cleverly offering certain products if you buy a certain kind of milk then perhaps you'll also buy a certain kind of pump and that's what we're trying to do here use data to make the customer shopping experience as efficient as possible sense of. quick delivery routes if you start off hardly any storage costs is this like amazon light. isn't. we're already developing our 1st fully automated warehouse and we're much more efficient in delivery and we can ultimately offer it to the customer free of charge on the amazon approach is completely different. and that's it's i mean. look
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there's currently a supply problem in rural areas because of the exodus from those areas and amazon won't go there because it's too expensive for their concept concept that's exactly what picnic is doing now moving into this niche. taking on the giant but only in many small markets picknick has some 7000 customers so far but what will happen when it becomes much bigger in the past amazon has simply bought off aspiring competitors. calm songs and seeking to mention at no time in history have markets become so concentrated so quickly the spit i know a few years we may face a situation that there is no viable alternative for people to shop online other than with analysts going to the if you mention online and took off months but amazon. jeff makes the rules his rules if you don't stick to them you're out
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jeff for the new you seek him out jemez enormous power guys which allows him to push down prices and set conditions for traders and producers on 50 posts in. nielsen media emma so amazon is also manufacturing more and more products and selling them under the amazon name for and amazon will then take over the market stalls themselves will no longer be any diversity as an aside or some kind of nightmare market with jeff bezos behind every stand. it's a planned economy with someone in the middle who knows everything and can do everything on my list come. it's not gone unnoticed. here for example. more and more money is being spent in online trading and amazon
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share is growing and so is brussels the skepticism my name is them a great estate and i'm the commissioner for competition in the european commission . it's not the fact that they grow because in europe you're more than welcome to be successful the question is of course what means are they using is this competition by the book the book or are they cutting corners we made a full study of e-commerce and europe bits and pieces you know had 2 hours electronics all kinds of things that we buy online and in that we found a number of things but one of the things we also found was a concern about amazon and that has been coming back over the last year and now we found that there were grounds also to do a more specific look into how does this work. google recently found out what can
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happen when moderator vestavia gets involved the u.s. corporation was fined 4300000000 euros the commission also made amazon pay a quarter of a 1000000000 euros in back taxes. now she's investigation with the amazon is using its dollars a pound against small online merchants we get very serious suspicion that something is wrong then we have access to knock on doors 6 30 in the morning teams come in we can take a copy of your server your laptop your phone to find your digital evidence and then we will try to find a smoking gun because of course we have to find the evidence because this is an investigation it's not gone that far yet 1st of all she sent out questionnaires to merchants who sell their goods through amazon at the same time she's also looked.
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at the ever increasing services and goods that amazon itself authors. yes that is concerning because when you are in so many different markets but you have the same customer then one very basic thing is of course how to make sure that data doesn't travel from one part of the business to the next part of the business how are you going to make sure that you don't just gets the amazon offered by amberson offered by amazon in all the markets that armisen so and this is why of course we take an interest in. the digital council is meeting for the 1st time today and on train is getting ready to meet the chancellor. yeah don't let's see what the day brings. angela merkel has called on just 10 experts to ensure that germany does not miss the digital connection there's another familiar face there too. and if you did could it be an hour before the meeting with mrs merkel victor what should we say it
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did. but by yes how are you today didn't like it i'm great. the meeting in the digital council is strictly confidential of course. but also on his agenda today posting a selfie with the chancellor and his book and even shooting a video with the late chancellor conrad. i know i'm addressed by you and then this is the end of the meeting of the 1st day off it do you get tired out digitizer bored of germany because i'm going to work at the capital morning with some interesting ideas about the value of good and i was and now we have the briefing and figuring out what shall we do the next time. andreas thinks we need better education it's way to live alongside dart of machines like amazon. could in your view if you're. used to have geography botany zoology and so on how can we
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make data real subject now have you any digital studies to equip us with the basic skills to make decisions in this digital world it was a fit. he has a different idea. of goodness than that we've got to tackle the problem at its root which is in the information in the incredible amount of data that amazon collects cent only uses for itself for vain that amazon has a huge competitive advantage because it keeps the data to itself. i'm thinking maybe it can the only way is to force amazon to share this precious data with others disagree and amazon making some of its data available to competitors and small startup companies every day. and in piles and through a few hours if we don't do that we could soon end up in a world without markets amazon would be completely unchallenged and why bother
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choosing things when amazon's algorithms already know what we want. to hear click the 3 of us have by a stroke of luck jeff bezos has only been trying to sell us products that's of a cult its current leader tools amazon has developed for the market could also be used for a completely different purpose under its real estate it could use them to aid police work for example and that's a problem with them public. the police force in washington county in the us has recently become an amazon customer. my name is jeff hawkins i'm the deputy at the washy county sheriff's office in oregon. amazon has developed new facial recognition software it's supposed to help catch criminals here in tranquil hills where a. now more than ever a lot of people have. cameras installed at their home security stores have more
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cameras installed that are better quality cameras and because of that or see the lot more crimes occur that are captured on camera with the suspects on really high quality video when we collect video or photos of someone committing a criminal act and we don't know who they are. to me and this woman has films i want to shoplift out. to go take photos of it yes. you will right here i'm going to go check we're able to take a still image from that video were able to get to our computers that we all have we have inside of our police cars put it into the system and compare it against our 300000 or so booking photos. to see used to be done manually which took an incredible amount of time then i contacted amazon.
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essentially you just take a whole bunch of pictures that you have run them through a process that creates a mathematical algorithm for each picture and that allows you to search quickly it's all done on the back of amazon takes care of all of that but essentially all i had to do was. index all of those images the mathematical representation of the picture goes to 2 amazon servers but the actual image does not. this system is already working so well that it can even identify identikit sketches with some accuracy it would be very practical if the police could search not just it's unclear. but also social media on the docket bases we have to abide by the laws so the law says we can't do it so our policy says we can't laws can be changed and so can policies but that's why we say in our policy that we abide by the law and if the law changes then that's the voice. the people saying they want to change.
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we recognize we have a great deal of power and there is a potential when you have a great deal our for abuse and we want to use this technology responsibly want to use in a way that the public appreciates expects and not break that trust me as a private citizen i have those same concerns that they have. but now thanks to amazon the police saves a lot of time. it cost us only a couple $100.00 u.s. dollars to deploy and initially develop and upload our booking photo database and our monthly bill to use a software is right around $12.00 so for $12.00 a month if we can solve gosh even one crime a month for that it is a financial win for us what if you could also troll social networks in the same way . we had a female we only knew her 1st name that she had
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a warrant and we knew her profile on facebook which was not her real name. her facebook video that she had posted on her profile take a still image from that video running through recognition and find out her true identity her 1st day match she had a warrant we later went to her house and arrested her. we have been very impressed with the technology and some photos it might seem like they're grainy or don't have a lot of quality to them how we can still find those facial features and match them to people that have been our custom before. many people on the upper hand believe the temptation to abuse the new technology may be too big to resist. i'm not on the technology and civil liberties attorney at d.c. are you of northern california. is the largest civil rights organization in the us . is often deployed 1st in places where there's
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a plausible public safety justification and where it's convenient for people and then it's expanded to encompass more and more and more of modern people's daily lives it's important to stop the technology as it is beginning to be deployed and feed carefully about whether those public safety justification is a really valid. amazones facial recognition of allows police to monitor the entire public's. this is already being done in other parts of the us too but the police there as they are in washington county and want to talk to us. to run a large cloud service and they're providing that cloud service to governments and they're also providing surveillance technology to governments and so you know what is concerning about that partnership is that the information that companies gather could be combined with information that governments gather and the power and quite
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honestly the ability to control society could become truly profound and really disturbing let's see amazon's opinion. as a technology solution imus and recognition already has many useful applications in the real world we continue to look forward to seeing how image and video analysis can contribute to the common good including in the public sector under law enforcement but. are any of these protesters wanted by the police amazon could filter this out in real time and also keep a record of who was at the demonstration today the most the misaligned i'm especially if i want to society where i can do freely and participate in demonstrations without being registered anywhere across the country you know could was here today. as just it's
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completely impossible to go through inner cities without being filmed by at least 10 cameras that monk exists to come in since there muppets on anything link facial recognition systems from amazon or another company with all of the surveillance cameras there you get comprehensive surveillance of the public space and you can't say what other systems will be linked into it in the future. if our behavior is being watched. and the things we buy online of being watched what sort of danger of problems does that really pose for us. who don't but i stop in shorts with i thought i was in new zealand in the field of data protection the amazon is asian of the world means that i can no longer find a refuge where a company isn't finding out about me. this data could also be used to manipulate me at some point because anyone who knows my concerns or my fears can also very easily
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find out how to make me buy something or perhaps even vote for someone. who's. a professor at harvard business school has even given this phenomenon a name. in my nature shyness you've often the author of the age of surveillance capitalism. surveillance capitalism also includes a mix up last year at amazon applied for a patent on software to help alexa to recognize not only what we say but also how we feel. i have had to have a little model of alexa right here so you asked me if i would have an alexa in my home. the answer is my home is my sanctuary using this conversational interface for their supply chain and her behavioral data now for
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amazon for example the ambition is what less because it wants to saturate our homes it wants to saturate every environment where we live to make it as pervasive as possible because the supply of that voice is priceless she believes the only present alexa is just a harbinger of a completely new form of capitalism one where we think we are just customers but in reality are most of them suppliers of raw materials. which means we are paying twice over. surveillance capitalism is a rogue capitalism a mutation of capitalism based on extraction of private experience for others profit others knowledge and power the economic imperatives that drive surveillance capitalism force it into the production of vast asymmetries unprecedented asymmetries of knowledge and therefore there is symmetries of power
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that follows from vast private knowledge surveillance capitalism is a profound threat to democracy in fact i call it a coup from above a market based from above. will there be a day when jeff bezos knows us better than we know ourselves and also better than all our elected politicians put together what comes then. he is a sore does syria maybe we'd be better off without democracy nimish disappear and. we could just go to amazon and facebook and google and say. the basis is us mr zuckerberg you know exactly what i want he cites i show you that every day who can't you just appoint the government for me it's misleading but there. are
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tensions are huge problems there are 2 so it could even lead us to question our own free will or we can't help but turn to our design because we believe that we can only be happy they're. completely surreal. when a single company knows what groceries will need next week when it produces all the products we like when it alone who knows what music we enjoy and when the heroes on their pedestals provide. possibles instead of freedom will we dan be in the new age of amazon. we will pay a price for this future the price we pay will be in our freedom and in our social bonds and in the very possibility of our democracy i would not like to live in or in the world birds was just one company providing the wake up call the toothpaste
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and the milk in the fridge because i think that the risks are too high and i have i have a sense of privacy that says for me and biggest thing that convenience. good luck to you good morning your day is an important date for you you were in your sixty's week of pregnancy and have a gynecological of pleasure to see 930 at the amazon health care clinic so you can try refill the milk in the fridge for you deviation from chunky to all the soldiers . whole foods.
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course yulia wants to know if that will be a white or a good. come on you or. it's blue you can see for yourself. not i can't do all that yet but perhaps one day in the not too distant future. which way is europe heading for france's president claims europe is in the grip of a civil war in italy hungary info leading politicians say that if i think to say christian souls which way will have accounts of those critics calling christians know for shoni the security council debate from me if you have column of fear in
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the hearts of conflicts so focused on g.w. . sometime in the 26th. my great granddaughter of people. of the world be like in your lifetime in around half a century. your world will be around trying to grease moment. inevitably sea levels rise by at least one meter in the central. we're going to have some climate impacts me turn greater than c o. me. it's really frightening club. play. why aren't people more concerned.
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little yellow. shorts may 31st on t.w. . such. as d w news lines. from berlin a deadly attack in a luxury hotel and pakistan at least one person is dead after a gunman burst into the hotel in the town of gawad are also coming up. freed hostages say thanks to fallen heroes tourists rescued from captivity and work enough aso pay tribute to the french commandos who were killed in the daring raid that fruit and. washington ratchets up.


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