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no holding back history slave thank you for the dog sergeant ray 273 on the w. leg. played legislate. this is the news that life lesson india's marathon election process and votes has cost that ballots in delhi and other areas in a poll that could see the governing be j.p. significantly and also coming up antigovernment protests in albania to thailand demonstrators trying to flag 5 practice on the molotov cocktail displayed to mom to
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government resign and pull to the french elections. and at 17 years old the allied planes approach to solve yet welcome to blockade of west young artists and the film is from around the world celebrate the anniversary in that southern style of. play. and thanks so much for joining us. india is holding the next to last round of its national elections with voting in dozens of constituencies today's polls include the capital delhi the governing policy the b j p is the front runner that is expected to lose some of the seats that presently holds ballots are set to be counted later this month. while is in the indian
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capsule and she's been watching people turn out to vote all of the indian national election the capital off delhi votes today i have voted today and 100000000 other people who like me are eligible to cost their votes in this for years now i've said this before while covering the selection but i cannot repeat it often enough every time in doubtless toward him a general election is the largest exercise in democracy in the history of the world so of course a massive logistical challenge in the capital alone this by the fact that elections have been largely peaceful so far there's been a massive deployment all security forces 60000 security personnel bottom military forces have been deployed all across the national capital region liquor stores have been shut down for treaty days to ensure that no election malpractise happens the candidates don't try to distribute it to their constituents to encourage boards and there's no misbehavior the delhi metro was started 2 hours early at 4 am to
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facilitate that water was able to reach their polling booths in time so of course a massive logistical exercise is being carried out all across the country another interesting aspect about this election is that while the focus has primarily been on prime minister no dreams of more these b.g.p. the party or jump up onto that is in part and the opposition indian national congress led by it all has gone the these 2 parties are far from alone in the fray there are many you'll receive regional parties all across the country that are also fighting the selection just. to give you an example 59 seats serving water for on field 6 but close to a 1000 candidates are on testing in these 59 seats and this is because regional parties have been important historically in india the prime minister in the more the government that is holding part of the center right now was given a historic mandate it was given a majority but for 30 years before them coalition governments have ruled the
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country and political analysts believe that it is ready likely let another coalition will have to form the government at the center when in doubt aside this c.r. and the general elections as well which is why many regional parties can potentially play the role of kingmaker on may 23rd is when results will finally be announced another 11 days to go to find out who will be the next prime minister of india india decides on may 23rd. thousands of people have taken to the streets in cities across albania demanding the resignation of prime minister eddie rama position policies called demonstrations hoping to force rama to resign and cool snap elections the violence is the latest info it's of antigovernment protests albania is a member of nato and it's a candidate to join the european union. protesters took their grievances
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and their molotov cocktails straight to the prime minister's office the opposition democratic party accuses the government of millipede lading election results 2 years ago opposition leader load seen by so blames the pace of talks with the e.u. on government corruption the. court did their hits a day to send the 1st and claim message to prime minister eddie rama we will not allow you to block a road towards europe anymore rama must go. now being he is one of the poorest countries in europe and many here have high hopes for a u. membership discussions about joining the bloc were supposed to begin last year but have been delayed by concerns over corruption in the judiciary. as the day went by clashes continue.
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their search but they were protesting because we're unemployed this is a government of criminals thieves they are corrupt people there's no court there are no police we are going nowhere we are left without a state without anything god save us resulting oh my. the e.u. and the us have urged the opposition to channel its passion into local elections set for the end of june. let's have a look at some of the other stories making news around the world catholic churches and have resumed sunday services for the 1st time since the terrorist attacks at security was tight as thousands attended mass in the capital colombo all than 250 people were killed on easter sunday when joe harvests bombed churches and hotels across the country. police in pakistan say at least 5 people died in a gun attack on
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a luxury hotel in the port city of security forces killed 4 assailants all guests were safely evacuated a group called the liberation army has claimed responsibility for the attack. now berlin is marking the 70th anniversary of the allied air lift that broke the soviet union's blockade of the city in 1948 moscow closed all roads to west berlin and the response was one of the biggest relief efforts in history around the clock u.s. british and french planes brought them supplies from the west and returned with products from west berlin keeping the on play alive moscow gave up its blockade less than a year later on the 12th of may 19th $49.00. now on the anniversary young artists have come to berlin to find new ways of telling the story.
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everybody's singing. johnny is a new york beatboxer who's traveled to berlin with over 20 other young artists they want to breeze new musical life into the story of the 1948 percent air lift. this is eddie. wright's work of his 92 years old. edwin shuns remembers the tons of essential supplies delivered to west berlin by pilots flying for the western allies the u.s. britain and france that's where these young visitors are from. i think. when i was. people were shooting at each other. and now we can talk together i would have been glad to be in your position. shunts was 21 when the soviets cut off supplies to allied controlled west berlin in a cold war provocation the resulting scarcity of groceries coal and gasoline
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threaten the city with starvation. the western allies responded to a call for help by west berlin mayor and. planes landed every few minutes at tempelhof airport and edwin shunts helped unload supplies the airlift lasted 11 months. until the alley after the americans and the allies enemies. we had the feeling. became our friends. the young people have been comparing notes about life in new york musée london and berlin many of them draw on difficult sometimes traumatic experiences to inform their artistic expression was. adam schantz his role in the berlin
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airlift made a strong impression on him. i think it's important to remember. moments like that because you have to like compare it to now in terms of just they got through it you know it's horrible big before though and that's the beauty of the one who says just up the things because it creates like a resilience it had here it's about solidarity isn't it i think it's really important to tell this story because other countries need help today. the former airfield where the vital aid was flown in 70 years ago is the venue of this year's airlift commemoration. the visiting news have choreographed a performance to keep the memory alive. since fox news now and in men's tennis the final pairing at the madrid open has been confirmed with novak djokovic facing stefan last sets of paths later today it's about knocked out the tournament's record champion rafael nadal in 3 sets stunning
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the world number 2 in a coming of age performance a match ended 642663 in his favor and means he will battle it out for the title against novak djokovic earlier on saturday the world number one only needed 2 sets to defeat austrian dominic team but it was a close run affair ending 7676 i and in women's tennis there's a new champion at the madrid open last year's finalist kiki betts ins had another crack at the title and this time she came out on top against world number 3 simona halep. ready and focused kiki burtons of the netherlands faced a tough challenge in her quest to win the biggest tide love her career beating 2 time madrid open winner simona halep. after a tight opening set britain's took it 64 i polyp the world number 2
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wasn't going to give up easily though after dropping her serve in the opening game of the 2nd set the romanian broke back i think it was one of 8 breaks of serve across the march but burton's managed to keep her cool and after a gripping one hour and 27 minutes to the 2nd set 64 to win her 1st madrid open and to become the only woman in the history of the tournament to be crowned champion without dropping a set i in formula one championship leader valtteri bottas will start the spanish from prix in pole position. after setting the fastest time in such a day's qualifying it will be the 3rd race in a row the boss us has started from the front of the grid and the finn will be joined by his mercedes team mate lewis hamilton who starts in 2nd a ferrari sebastian fettle begins in 1st place as the mercedes to continue that
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early season and it's. a venice ought to be an open to the public on saturday and for the next 6 months is it says will be able to marvel at the latest contemporary trends the winner of the coveted golden lion for best national contribution was lissa way nia which you can see here behind me. was for an installation that deals with climate change and how we are reacting to its growing threats. sun and sea and our dillard spot on the beach where an ecological disaster looms but everyone ignores it this installation from lithuania was awarded the golden lion at this year's venice biennale there the 58th edition of the exhibition saw a record 90 national pavilions and experts say the be annihilated was never as political as this year's event whose fitting motto is may you live in interesting
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times. if you read it did he sort of did you know. many times. can be where defined as time becoming more difficult to. germany's pavilion also made a political statement a massive wall symbolizes the 1st world's increasing isolation against migrants. the work barkha nostra by swiss artist christophe usual is also political the centerpiece is a rusting fishing boat that sank off the coast of sicily in 2015 more than $800.00 migrants drowned italy's right wing populist government protested against the installation art enthusiastic and get a closer view of these works reflecting interesting times until november when the venice biennale and. now a grandmother from arizona has taken the plunge and fulfilled
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a lifelong dream rosie johnson has jumped out of an of an airplane at 3000 meters to celebrate her 86th birthday she said she'd been determined to cross skydiving off the bucket list and after landing like a pro she said she had felt like a bird in the sky and she had an important message for her late husband to the bell you were wrong i had a wonderful time i'm still a lot going on and i'm one day's. congratulations really think you're watching news life and thanks so much for joining. europe will be going to you. but what's become of it. will it look like tomorrow. evening for a better future isn't enough europe requires a coworker purchase a patient. years in the actions 2019 may 26th on
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