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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 12, 2019 6:00pm-6:15pm CEST

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last. thursday w. news live from berlin india's marathon election process nears its end voters cast their ballots and delhi and other areas in a poll that could see the governing j.p.s. significantly weekend also coming up. anti-government protests and albania turned violent demonstrators throw molotov cocktails flares and firecrackers as they demand the government resign and call for fresh elections. welcome to the show. voters in india have been casting their ballots in the next to
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last round of a 7 face general election more than 100000000 people across 7 states were eligible to vote today including the capital delhi the election the world's biggest exercise in democracy is being seen as a referendum on prime minister narendra modi and his hindu nationalist b j p party . as india's mammoth election approached its final stages opposition leader raul gandhi took aim at the prime minister after casting his ballot in the capital one of the 2 that i read it was a very good fright render modi used hatred we used to love it seems that love is going to win. gandhi and his family have been the target of sharp attacks by prime minister modi last week he said gandhi's father who was assassinated after serving as prime minister had been india's most corrupt man. in turn gandhi blasted
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modi for alleged corruption and accused him of ignoring the problems facing the country's rural population modi has sought to deflect that criticism by talking tough on national security and in delhi there were signs of support for the prime minister. i think quite satisfactory for you isn't that the multitude problem that india fees. but we need to go along we are making we need to do a lot. and i have put in democracy. we need the right person to get down to work today even after so many years there's no running water in many villages modi has done a lot but there's still a lot more to do. the final phase of the election takes place next sunday with the votes tallied on may 23rd. for more on this namath election i'm joined now by our correspondent in a nation dies while in delhi the polls have closed now in the 6 election phase how
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did the day go well nicole polling today in the sixty's was largely peaceful 90 percent of the country has by and now watered 56 seats were being decided and close to a 1000 families this were in the running just for these 56 seats now forming all across the country like i said was lost because for bob in the state of west bengal there have been reports of violence of course there are massive security deployments all across the country 60000 security personnel were madly you're alone and now we have one feeds to go including be aborting in the crew should see joe barton a seawitch prime minister naji in the more the will be fighting him south and another 11 because he will know who the next prime minister of the country will be. this election is seen very much as a referendum on prime minister narendra modi he's a very controversial leader how will he do.
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well crime scene reigned more the is definitely controversial his critics have alleged that he has actually divided the country and supported the rising hindu nationalist rhetoric that we've seen all across and that he has not delivered on his promises of promoting development however he's also seen as a unifying force for b.g.p. supporters who still and i can and people all across the country who may not like their budget with you does have told reporters that we may not support our candidate but our vote will go to prime minister nouri and the more the now analysts believe that it's it will be very difficult for the ruling b.g.p. to come back with as strong a mandate as it had in 2014 but there is still a belief that by most americans the movie will be able to claim a 2nd term however at the head offered relatively weak a government perhaps of the head of the coalition today was all the main opposition candidate raul gandhi cast his vote how do indians feel about him.
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well the only gandhi does not to rally as much support as prime minister naji in the more the i think that is pretty safe to say however he does head the indian national congress the key opposition party which has actually led the country for more off its lows in independence his father his grandmother his create grandfather have all been prime ministers of the country supporters of the gandhi family of the gandhi dynasty definitely do have support for him however it's also important to note this is not a simple battle between rahul gandhi off the congress and prime minister nouri and more the of the b.g.p. regional parties are bound to play and of very crucial role in this election and could well be kingmaker because they are increasingly strong before the current noreen's or more the government for 30 years india was duly ruled by coalition and many of the national parties could play a role in selecting who the next prime minister will be by deciding who they will
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support by minute in the regions more the for a 2nd term or the challenger who gandhi you may judge as well in delhi thank you very much. thousands of people have taken to the streets in cities across albania demanding the resignation of prime minister eddie rahman opposition parties called the demonstrations hoping to force around much resign and call snap elections the violence is the latest and 3 months of anti-government protests albania as a member of nato and a candidate to join the european union. protesters took their grievances and their molotov cocktails straight to the prime minister's office the opposition democratic party accuses the government of manipulating election results 2 years ago opposition leader load seen by so blames the pace of talks with the e.u. on government corruption the 3rd quarter where hits a day to send the 1st and clear message to prime minister eddie rama we will not
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allow you to block a road towards europe anymore rama must go. now being he is one of the poorest countries in europe and many here have high hopes for a u. membership discussions about joining the bloc were supposed to begin last year but have been delayed by concerns over corruption in the judiciary. as the day went by clashes continue. their search but we're protesting because we're unemployed this is a government of criminals thieves they are corrupt people years there's no court there are no police we are going nowhere we are left without a state without anything god save us there's old you know my. the e.u. and the us have urged the opposition to channel its passion into local elections
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set for the end of june. now to some of the other stories making news around the world israel has reopened border cry. sayings to gaza allowing goods into the palestinian territory just over a week ago an escalation of violence involving palestinian rocket fire and israeli air strikes killed up to 30 people a cease fire has largely held since monday. catholic churches in sri lanka have resumed sunday services for the 1st time since the terrorist attacks and security was tight as thousands attended mass in the capital colombo more than 250 people were killed on easter sunday when she hardass bombed churches and hotels across the country. a passenger jet and myanmar has made an emergency landing using only its rear wheels the myanmar national airlines plane was approaching the airport and mandalay when the pilot was able to deploy the front landing gear none of the
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passengers or crew were injured. here in germany women who are members of the catholic church have begun a week long strike they're refusing to carry out voluntary work in their churches and protest against the male only priesthood and foot dragging by bishops over sex abuse scandals. these women are standing outside in front of amidst a church the group calling itself mary 2.0 is celebrating mass in its own way with its own songs instead of communion wafers throughout spread the aiming to set an example for catholic women across the country. isn't it also in front of us we're here outside and we're celebrating mass here because we want to show that we're always outsiders anyway half the world's catholics are kept outside because they're women we're not involved in decision making we want to play a decisive role in the church. began here in the historically catholic city of
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minster 5 women members of a bible reading group who are angry with the church they want to change. following in martin leaves his footsteps they stuck their demands to a church door an open letter to the pope mary 2.0 is demanding reforms a harder line against sex abuse and the ordination of women as part of the executive it's clear the church can't go on the way it is in society equality is increasing but the church still lags far behind. today i was told women can do so much in the church there's so much room for us that makes me furious there's so much room for us but apparently not enough for us to carry out religious duties and . even in mass inside the church has significantly fewer worshippers than the mass outside despite that the priest says he's on the side of the women. there's no theological reason why women cannot be ordained and that's why we should
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do it even if the pope and the bishops don't approve at the moment we have to make the church more credible it's essential to renew the church little by little and that's not possible without women on the phone but that would be too fast for the official church hierarchy in a statement made in rome a spokesman for the german bishops conference appealed for a slow approach. george bush if the german bishops understand the upset they understand there needs to be changes that's also noticeable in rome and in the vatican wish we need to dialogue step by step i don't think a boycott is the right means. what began as a small grassroots movement is quickly gathering pace tomorrow these women will meet again to hold a vigil in other parts of germany to the church boycott is set to continue. but one is legal still has one match day left but england the premier league season has just and with manchester city winning the title they hammered brighton $41.00
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on the final day to retain the league title it's the 4th time city have won the premier league and the 2nd under coach have already left they also won the league cup and will compete in the final of the f a cup next weekend. to bring us up to date on the premier league showdown i'm joined now by ed make a marriage from v.w. sports and incredibly close title race how did 30 edgett ahead of liverpool go it was an incredibly close title race the 1st place in the league actually changed hands $32.00 times over the course of the season which is a record so no boxing from start to finish but manchester city knew going into this final day of the season that if they were to be brought into her home albion they'd win the title regardless of what was going on in liverpool and they did that with a 41 victory to get 98 points the 2nd most in premier league history falling short only of their tally from last season in which they also want a league of course and consistency has been the key for manchester city all year they have been relentlessly brilliant and every time it has looked like liverpool
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might get away with it they've caught them up and that's the one crucial game against liverpool in february which drags the title race back into their favor there were a lot of question marks about pep guardiola who you just mentioned he'd hit achieved a huge amount of domestic success by munich here in germany and barcelona and people wondered whether or not he could do that in the premier league and the answer is of course a resoundingly yes he has shown that over the last 2 years and now the attention turns the f.a. cup final which is next saturday and they could achieve an unprecedented domestic trouble they've already won the league cup league secured today maybe an f.a. cup next week to liverpool came so close though they actually drove home the 3rd best point all in all of league history how bitter is this for them it is of course a bit defeat to get $97.00 points in the premier league and not win the title is frankly ridiculous it just goes to show the level that you have to be at these days to beat teams like manchester city and this is the 1st time ever the runner up as amassed more than 90 points i make clear that by some distance and still didn't win the title so of course is a bit it's
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a bit of pill to swallow for them all but rest assured it's not all doom and gloom for liverpool fans they actually do have a chance to get their hands on some silverware they may not be champions of england but they can console themselves with the possibility of being the champions of europe at the champions league final against spurs on june 1st so we'll see what happens there and making ridge thank you for your elf. lose how it has taken the lead in the formula one drivers championship after winning the spanish grown prix and barcelona hamilton start at the race and 2nd place and successfully over took his mercedes team a voluntary botts us to cross the finish line 1st max 1st stop of red bull was 3rd and hamilton's 3rd victory of the new season the mercedes drivers have finished 1st and 2nd in every race so far they're watching d.w. life from berlin coming up next is a report on elephant rights in thailand fun or animal cruelty so that's on the conflict for me and the entire team here at c w thanks for tuning in.
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to. hear what's coming up for the book go to sleep you have plenty to talk about your. legal every weekend.


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