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this is the news live from berlin india's marathon election process approaches the finish line. voters cast their ballots in delhi and other areas in a poll that could see the governing be j.p. significantly weakened also coming out. as you government protests in albania turned violent demonstrators throw molotov cocktails flares and firecrackers as they demand the government resign call for fresh elections. and 70 years after allied planes broke a soviet blockade of west berlin young artists and performers from around the world
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celebrate the anniversary in their own way. i'm max foster welcome to the program. voters in india have been casting their ballots in the 2nd from last round of a 7 phase general election more than 100000000 people across 7 states were eligible to vote today including in the capital delhi the election is the world's biggest exercise in democracy and it's being test seen as a referendum on prime minister narendra modi and his hindu nationalist b j p. as india's mammoth election approached its final stages opposition leader raul gandhi took aim at the prime minister after casting his ballot in the capital. it was a very good french modi used hatred we used to love it seems that love is going to
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win. gandhi and his family have been the target of sharp attacks by prime minister modi last week he said gandhi's father who was assassinated after serving as prime minister had been india's most corrupt man. in turn gandhi blasted modi for alleged corruption and accused him of ignoring the problems facing the country's rural population modi has sought to deflect that criticism by talking tough on national security and in delhi there were signs of support for the prime minister. i think quite satisfactory for you isn't that the multitude. but we need to go along we. can we need to do a lot. and i have put in democracy. we need the right person to get down to work today even after so many years there's no running water
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in many villages modi has done a lot but there's still a lot more to do. the final phase of the election takes place next sunday with the votes tallied on may 23rd. earlier we spoke to our correspondent in delhi mr jaiswal and i asked her about the 2 leading contenders to be the next prime minister prime summary and more of the is definitely controversial his critics have alleged that he has actually divided the country and supported the rising hindu nationalist rhetoric that we've seen all across and that he has not delivered on his promises of promoting development however he's also seen as a unifying force for b.g.p. supporters he still and i can and people all across the country who may not like their beauty does have told reporters that we may not support our candidate but our vote will go to prime minister nuri and the more the now analysts believe that it's it will be very difficult for the ruling b.g.p.
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to come back with ass stronger mandate as it had in 2014 but there is still a believe that prime minister noting the more they will be able to claim a 2nd term however at the head offered relatively weak a government perhaps at the head of a coalition well the only gandhi who does not to rally as much support as prime minister and 19 the more the docs i think that is pretty safe to say however he does head the indian national congress the opposition body which has actually led the country for more off its lows in independence his father his grandmother his creed grandfather have all been prime ministers of the country supporters off the gandhi family of the gandhi dynasty definitely do have support for him however it's also important to note that this is not a simple battle between romney gandhi off the congress and prime minister nouri interim or the of the b.g.p. regional parties are bound to play and a very crucial role in this election and could well be king maker because they're increasingly strong before the current noreen's or more the government for 30 years
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india has it all ruled by coalition and many of the usual parties could play a role in selecting who the next prime minister will be by deciding who they will support by minutes in advance more the for a 2nd term or the challenger on the ground here. thousands of people have taken to the streets in cities across albania demanding the resignation of prime minister 80 ramma opposition parties called the demonstrations hoping to force trauma to resign and call snap elections the violence is the latest in 3 months of anti-government protests albania as a member of nato and a candidate to join the european union. protesters took their grievances and their molotov cocktails straight to the prime minister's office the opposition democratic party accuses the government of manipulating election results 2 years ago opposition leader load seen by blames the pace of talks with the e.u. on government corruption. or to the way hits
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a day to send the 1st and claim message to prime minister eddie rama we will not allow you to block a road towards europe anymore rama must go. albania is one of the poorest countries in europe and many here have high hopes for a you ma'am or ship discussions about joining the bloc were supposed to begin last year but have been delayed by concerns over corruption in the judiciary. as the day went by clashes continued. december we're protesting because we're unemployed this is a government of criminals thieves they are corrupt people there's no court there are no police we're going nowhere we're left without a state without anything god save us there's old you know my. the e.u.
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and the us have heard the opposition to channel its passion into local elections to set for the end of june. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world. gunmen have killed 6 people in an attack on a catholic church. the attackers set fire to the church and several shops in the northern town of diablo before looting the local health center it was the latest in a series of attacks against christian churches throughout the country. and catholic churches in sri lanka have resumed sunday services for the 1st time since the recent terrorist attacks security was tight as thousands attended mass in the capital colombo more than 250 people were killed on easter sunday when jihad is on churches and hotels across the country. israel has reopened the border crossings to gaza a lot of allowing goods into the palestinian territory just over
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a week ago an escalation of violence involving palestinian rocket fire and israeli airstrikes killed up to 30 people most of them palestinians a cease fire has largely held since monday. berlin is marking the 70th anniversary of the allied airlift that broke the soviet union's blockade of the city and that seen by many historians as the start of the cold war in 1988 moscow closed all roads rail and water access to west berlin the response was one of the biggest relief efforts in history around the clock u.s. british and french planes brought in supplies from the west keeping the enclave alive nearly $13000.00 tons a day moscow gave up its blockade less than a year later on may 12th $949.00 on the anniversary young artists have come to berlin to find new ways to tell the story. everybody is saying.
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johnny is a new york beat boxer who's traveled to berlin with over 20 other young artists they want to breathe new musical life into the story of the 1948 percent left. here . this is eddie. white's work of his 92 years old. edwin shunts remembers the tons of essential supplies delivered to west berlin by pilots flying for the western allies the us britain and france that's where these young visitors are from i think. when i was your age people were shooting at each other. and now we can talk together i would have been glad to be in your position. shunts was 21 when the soviets cut off supplies to allied controlled west berlin in a cold war provocation the resulting scarcity of groceries coal and gasoline threaten the city with starvation. but it is. a feverish but
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the western allies responded to a call for help by west berlin mayor and. planes landed every few minutes a tempelhof airport and edwin shunts helped unload supplies the airlift lasted 11 months this. until the alley after the americans and their allies enemies were there not that we had the feeling we were. enemies became our friends. the young people have been comparing notes about life in new york musée london and berlin many of them draw on difficult sometimes traumatic experiences to inform their artistic expression. edwin chances roll in the berlin airlift made a strong impression on them. i think it's important to remember. moments
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like that because you have to compare it now in terms of just they got through it you know it's horrible. and that's the beauty of those who says just up the things because it creates like a resilience. it's about solidarity isn't it i think it's really important to tell this story because other countries need help today. the former airfield where the vital aid was flown in 70 years ago is the venue of this year's airlift commemoration. the visiting new theft choreographed a performance to keep the memory alive. to sports now the english premier league season has just ended with reigning champions manchester city retaining its title they hammered brighton 41 on the final day to win the league again is the 4th time city have won the premier league
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and the 2nd under coach pep guardiola they also won the league cup and will compete in the final of the f.a. cup next weekend in sunday's only been this league game frankfurt's hopes of reaching the champions league took a hit after they lost at home to local rivals mights anthony scored both goals as mines headed home with a 2 nail victory the result leaves frankfurt one point off of the 4th and final champions league qualification spot with one game left to play. on saturday byron munich missed the chance to wrap up the title as they failed to beat rb leipsic the record champion's huffed and puffed but left frustrated as the bulls stood for firm on their home patch. a win in light sig would be enough to give by and their 7th bundesliga title in a row and a 1st as a coach to the impact told me kokoda. but it quickly became clear that light seek
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were determined to keep buying it by by any means necessary when they did manage to break through the ranks they found a resolute pizza girl achieving goal he kept out surged in every from close range. and then again from a corner making sure the scores were level at half time. but early in the 2nd half it looked like their resistance had broken gorecki scored the goal to give guy and the championship 5 or so it seemed until the referee checks with his video assistant and ruled the goal out all because robert levon dubs he was offside by his breath in the build up to the goal a matter of millimeters with massive ramifications. by and were firmly on top now and hunting the goal they still needed to wrap up the title in our hit the bar before 11 dusky lined up a free kick that flew just past the post and early title when our light on the
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dortmund result the ball from here we were playing against a top team in light seconds we were unlucky on 2 or 3 occasions and it finished nil nil we just have to take it this way if i wasn't in the school i means rough running sleights unbeaten in their last 15 league games and that by and missed their 1st chance to put the title race to bed. a grandmother from arizona has taken the plunge and fulfilled a lifelong dream. rosie johnson jumped out of an airplane at 3000 meters to celebrate her 86th birthday she said she had been determined to cross skydiving off her bucket list after landing like a pro she said she had felt like a bird up in the sky and she had a message for her late husband collected the bell you were wrong i had a wonderful time i'm still on the common and one piece.
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you're watching the news live from berlin coming up next the documentary about the mighty river amazon stay tuned for that on nick spicer for me and the entirety of your team thanks for watching. europe be going to you know. put what's become of it. what will it look like tomorrow. camping for a better future isn't enough europe requires our purchase of patience. european elections 2019 may 26th on d w.


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