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the fact that. the but. this is g.w. news live from berlin india's marathon election process approaches to the finish line. voters cast their ballots in delhi and other arrows to areas in the poll that could see the governing be j.p. significantly weaker also coming up. 17 years after allied planes broke a soviet blockade of west berlin young artists and performers from around the world marked the events with the with the arch. and gay rights activists defy cuba's
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authorities to march through the streets of havana police intervene but activists claim victory. public spicer welcome to the show. voters in india have been casting their ballots in a 2nd from last round of a 7 phase general election more than 100000000 people across 7 states were eligible to vote today including in the capital delhi the election is the world's biggest exercise in democracy and it's being seen as a referendum on prime minister narendra modi and his hindu nationalist movement b j p his main challenger is the leader of the congress party. as india's mammoth election approached its final stages opposition leader raul gandhi took aim at the prime minister after casting his ballot in the capital while the tonight it was
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a very good fright render modi used hatred we used to love it seems that love is going to win. gandhi and his family have been the target of sharp attacks by prime minister modi last week he said gandhi's father who was assassinated after serving as prime minister had been india's most corrupt man. in turn gandhi blasted modi for alleged corruption and accused him of ignoring the problems facing the country's rural population modi has sought to deflect that criticism by talking tough on national security and in delhi there were signs of support for the prime minister. said is that all you is that the multitude problem that india. but we need to go along we. need to do a lot. and i have put in democracy. we need the right
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person to get down to work today from after so many years there's no running water in many villages modi has done a lot but there's still a lot more to do. the final phase of the election takes place next sunday with the votes tallied on may 23rd. thousands of people have a team. in it to the streets in cities across albania demanding the resignation of prime minister id rama opposition parties called the demonstrations hoping to force trauma to resign and call snap elections the violence is the latest in 3 months of anti-government protests albania is a member of nato and a candidate to join the european union. protesters took their grievances and their molotov cocktails straight to the prime minister's office the opposition democratic party accuses the government of manipulating election results 2 years ago opposition leader load seem basho blames the pace of talks with the e.u. on government corruption. could never hits
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a day to send the 1st and claim message to prime minister eddie rama we will not allow you to block a road towards europe anymore rama must go. now being is one of the poorest countries in europe and many here have high hopes for a you ma'am or ship discussions about joining the bloc were supposed to begin last year but have been delayed by concerns over corruption in the judiciary. as the day went by clashes continued. december we're protesting because we're unemployed this is a government of criminals thieves they are corrupt people there's no court there are no police we are going nowhere we are left without a state without anything god save us as old you know normally. the e.u.
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and the us have urged the opposition to channel its passion into local elections to set for the end of june. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. gunmen have killed 6 people in an attack on a catholic church in brooklyn a fast so the attackers set fire to the church and several shops in the northern town of diablo before looting the local health center it was the latest in a series of attacks against churches throughout the country. and catholic churches in sri lanka have resumed sunday services for the 1st time since the recent terrorist attacks security was tight as thousands attended mass in the capital colombo more than 250 people were killed on easter sunday when jihadist churches and hotels across the country. israel has reopened border crossings into gaza allowing goods into the palestinian territory just over
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a week ago an escalation of violence involving palestinian rocket fire and israeli air strikes killed some 30 people a cease fire has largely held since monday. cuban gay rights activists have held an unauthorized independent pride parade in the capital have anna despite government warnings against it calling it subversive more than 100 people carrying rainbow flags marched nearly a kilometer before police intervened. a coal for a diverse cuba but activists marching in an unauthorized pride parade the march was organized after cuba's state run center for sex education council would have been the country's 12th annual parade you can so my phobia. over $100.00 gay rights activists turned out for the unlicensed event despite a government warning calling subversive security officials shut the march down after it had progressed just 8 blocks through downtown advantage at least 3
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activists were arrested found you all know that as much as not authorized. we try to tell you why so why does it have to come to this right you'll know this much as well approved i mean to me not that. the activists aren't just protesting the cancellation of their annual pride parade the cuban government had been due to add same sex marriage laws to the new constitution but then scrapped the plans at the last minute thanks to pressure from evangelical groups. but o'donnell. and it is here also what i want to see. a new constitution was supposedly going to take a step forward was rights and a constitution and. they were going to the sale and also no doubt was not achieved so no all of the sudden disheartened that it don't want to give us this platform and i think we cannot commit to it i think it's unfair. we just want equality for diversity to be respected just that too much hand in hand and in peace this much is
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not against anything it's in favor of us. many activists are calling the march a victory short lived as a was they're proud to have organized and staged this unsanctioned protest in the face of significant government interference. they have to understand that the country is changing civil society is organized and that these things are going to happen in the normal of arrest of the modern world. to see. whether or not this march turns out to be as historic as some involved hope they manage to get their message out not just to keep his government but to the world. berlin is marking the 70th anniversary of the allied airlift that broke the soviet union's blockade of the city and i've seen by many historians as the start of the cold war and $148.00 moscow close all roads rail and water access to west berlin the
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response was one of the biggest relief efforts in history around the clock u.s. british and french planes brought in supplies from the west keeping the enclave alive nearly 13000 tons a day moscow gave up its blockade less than a year later on may the 12th $949.00. on the anniversary young artists have come to berlin to find new ways to tell the story. everybody's. johnny is a new york beat boxer who's traveled to berlin with over 20 other young artists they want to breathe new musical life into the story of the 1940. and. why it's welcome he's 92 years old. edwin shunts remembers the tons of essential supplies delivered to west berlin by pilots flying for the western allies the u.s.
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britain and france that's where these young visitors are from. when i was your age people were shooting at each other. and now we can talk together i would have been glad to be in your position. shunts was 21 when the soviets cut off supplies to allied controlled west berlin in a cold war provocation the resulting scarcity of groceries coal and gasoline threaten the city with starvation. that it is. a feverish but the western allies responded to a call for help by west berlin mayor. planes landed every few minutes a tempelhof airport and edwin shunts helped unload supplies the airlift lasted 11 months this. until the al if the americans and their allies well an enemy's well then. we have the feeling.
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became our friends. for. the young people have been comparing notes about life in new york musée london and berlin many of them draw on difficult sometimes traumatic experiences to inform their artistic expression. edwin chances roll in the berlin airlift made a strong impression on him. i think it's important to remember. moments like that because you have to compare it now in terms of just they got through it you know it's horrible they. do it and that's the beauty of the one who says just up the things because it creates like a resilience. it's about solidarity isn't it i think it's really important to tell this story because other countries need help today. the former
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airfield where the vital aid was flown in 70 years ago is the venue of this year's airlift commemoration the visiting news had choreographed a performance to keep the memory alive. let's turn to sports now the english premier league season has just ended with reigning champions manchester city retaining the title they hammered brighton 4 to one on the final day to win the league again it's the 4th time city have won the premier league and the 2nd to under coach pep guardiola they also won the league cup and will compete in the final of the f.a. cup next weekend in the bonus league dortmund needed a win on saturday to keep their title chances alive with fortunate dusseldorf their opponents they didn't make it easy for themselves but dortmund got over the line eventually to take all 3 points. before kickoff fans pay tribute to the departing
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christian who are sick the usa captain joins premier league side chelsea this summer after 5 years in black and yellow a league winners' medal would be the dream parting gift. to send off though we're hoping to spoil the party and don't you come back you know got him off to the perfect stops after 90 minutes my goal so he fools the slightest of offsides rolling this one out. top and finally sprang to life just before the break thomas de laney said pussy michael runs english with no chance and go one nil at the break . just 2 minutes after the restart fortuna hit back thanks to this clanger from marvin hits a moment forget for running bookies replacement between the sticks all of us think the score a. dortmund re took the lead in the 53rd minute delay me with the goal this time by different goals defense all at sea runs english with no chance once again. but this will go off once about to go quietly this challenge
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from hits on looking back you know gave the referee little choice but to point to the spot on the on loan what that man backed himself to finish the job he shouldn't have 5 am just a little midfielder adam bugsy ended his own season in the 82nd minute receiving his marching orders for a cynical challenge on jane sanchez. and dortmund made the extra man count mario goodes are giving his side room to breathe in injury time by his 7th goal of the season maybe 31 game over the ball perhaps not have it covered nazis 95th minute strike made things hairy for the hosts again. with don't touch the hooks hanging by a thread in the dying moments my mother kanji came to the rescue with this off adult book dramatic to the very end don't lend just got there 3 to the final score that title hopes are still alive. you're watching
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news live from berlin coming up next a report on the elephant rides in thailand fun for tourists or of cruelty to animals stay tuned for that next peiser from me in the entire interview team thanks for watching. what secrets lie behind these. findings in an immersive experience and explores fascinating cultural heritage sonics. d.w. world heritage 360.


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