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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  May 13, 2019 1:15am-1:31am CEST

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guy action frankfurt crashed out of europe and heartbreaking fashion during the week now they had to bounce back to their local rivals minds coming to town about plenty more coming out on the put to sleep. or. what secrets lie behind these moments. find out in an immersive experience and explore fascinating brut cultural heritage sites. d w world heritage 36050 up mount. what's the connection between bread flour and the european union dinos guild motto w correspondent at the baker
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john stretch this 2nd line with the rules set by the team. cuts. staffing recipes for success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on d.w. . the food. welcome to the brand as they get here on the w is one of the most exciting and so season in years as mustang 33 we still have a champion and 6 teams are in the running for europe it's going down to the wire. after the heartbreaking semi final defeat against chelsea in the europa league midweek frank for are back on home soil and ready to find themselves into another season in european competition only local rivals might stand in that way. will be
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bringing. the one step closer to the top flight with the big boys next season. welcome to the show with just one. of the season is still plenty to be decided and discussed to help me through some reinforcements in the form of not just one but 2 of the crew's best brightest to my left and expects and to my right at mccambridge welcome to you both. let's start our coverage with the only topflight game left this weekend and it said juicy one at that frank for home against local rivals minds everything is on the line for the eagles a win would see them back in the champions league places with a 2 point question and superior goal difference going into the final match day what could possibly go wrong. frankfurt and mines players took to the pitch amid a backdrop of pirate techniques on track fans are known for putting on a show but on the final home game of the season and with points needed to breach
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the top 4 they took things up a notch down on the pitch things were less fiery in a draft 1st half mines forward joined felipe tator close with this point blank volley. kevin traps 4 in saves for nothing however was played pulled back for offside. thankfully the 2nd half was different minds came out hungry for goals and were rewarded thanks to some to nature's work from a taper and the coolest of finishes from antony usia. the strike partners linking up she purposely to give minds unlikely. than usual doubled his tally soon after this time putting in the work himself to swivel and find a home in the 57th minute. just the nigerians 3rd and 4th goals of this campaign. frankfurt's front line has won praise all
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season but with the clock ticking there was little sign of the old magic. on say read it she's body language saying it will lead. the minds fans were singing now and as the final whistle blew frank for players slumps to the ground in defeat. a loss which means champions league qualification is now out of their hands. was that for result for france that means that for seams are still in the running for that coveted final champions league place. did either of you expect for that to go to the why it's not with you at all i actually did think it would probably go to the wire i mean every year we see the title race is a bit of a procession for buying especially in recent years but there has been a lot of drama in the race for the champions league sports in recent years it's been a lot of fun to watch that so i thought there's a good chance that would happen that a few surprises i didn't expect to be in amongst the clubs involved in that 4 way race the champions league sports but we have got them we've got frank we've got live accuse and i'm back now personally i think that last day frank frank for has
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really hit the top of the champion's league hote very hard and i think laver cuban might sneak in there next week 1st question to you then i mean this 4 teams the last of the season we've had we've had 2 teams let's be fair but 14 that's kind of crazy isn't it yeah i mean it usually is the case that the 4th champions league place is up for grabs i think usually the top 3 acquired cemented but this year has been particularly good because there's 3 teams in particular that very very strong leverkusen have come back on the pitted in the bush playing really nice attacking football and as ed said i think they're the favorites take now but then you've got club who put a little bit concerned more conservatively but on the day to heck in the been a really really sold outfit and got some lovely players like tobin is in the form of their lives. it's a tough one to pick i think i think what the form of want to think of for the last 6 or so was got back in front foot i think they're getting some todd legs in them
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of the moment next week exactly very very difficult that's actually in the us we're going to look at the table to see why they're difficult. all of my physicals are in i'm actually 33 now if you pull that up you'll see of course that there are 2 points between by an indictment by dorman play and frankfurt next week that's why it's so difficult. glatt buffalo who is in frankfurt involves begins to qualify for the champions league most book although with a minor miracle because of the goal difference while hoffenheim in burma can only qualify for the you were open league if you have a look at the bottom half the table there's nothing left to be decided here got will definitely be in the relegation play off against a team from the 2nd division one of a number going out definitely down. so having talking talked about who's going down let's talk about who's going up and who's not going up let's talk about all our old friend hamburg well indeed hamburg will not be going up this season and they slept for 41 defeat against part of born one of their fellow promotion hopefuls as well so it's a very big loss against a rival of theirs. obviously this means that they have that they've now with no
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chance of going up was whether they were hoping for a win to take the drama to the final day of the season as we can see some very disappointed fans there and they've been really let down by a woeful goal difference which means even though they can still potentially match some points the other teams which are going for it next week there's actually no hope the goal difference there is not compatible hamburg there with them with that win that are 2nd in the table. they were there really promoted so pettable could join them but there's also a 3rd team in the mix who is a yeah there's one more sane left and that's on your ballin. they have been there in their bets for the whole season in the top 3 along with cologne and humbug but i mean the past few weeks it looks like they had thrown the chance away one win in 7 matches but then they came up in this match against the book who relegation threatened actually confirmed today that they're going down and they put in a great performance for a new victory really really like put in a good performance that showed that they're serious about getting up whereas you so
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humbled not quite serious i think the completely folded and so it's going to be a tough one for known but they've got some passion of support they're going to buckle next week massive game for them they need a win and they need possible to drop points in their match against you know address that one interesting factor is d.m. address an. arch rivals so will dress and do them a favor or will they try and maybe bottle it will say quick answer from both of you for the relegation play offs always been very difficult for the 2nd division team can say part of the only will make it a star with unique. look i think it's always against the. 3rd place team in the 2nd division to go through i mean it's skewed against them but when you improved in the past few years they had they took. extra time in the day of paper call and they took them to penalties a couple of years ago on the day of book all so i think it is possible over 2 legs for you to make it work yes or no from you it i'll tell you when you're on a good chance of the to think you know right and of course who are in the
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relegation playoffs next week when you go to both of you just said impossible to dress and i'll be the final results then from $34.00. now as you can imagine we do spend a lot of time discussing football it is our job after all but when we know and there is a lot of banter in discussion that's what bring bring the office to you today home with something which we're going to call the week end game is a working title so bear with us. quick answers from both of you if dortmund don't get a proper keeper will they ever be serious contenders for bion well i'd say that to to be a serious contender against a team up on you have to have the whole team firing and it has to be more than just one game as they go on all season we see the goalkeeper problems that dortmund had of the week and marvin hits involved in a couple of absolute clangers so i think you know if he puts on another performance this weekend and it's hot as over and certainly going for the future they don't need a very good goalkeeper between the sticks whether that's burkey whether somebody else wants to be c. mr speight i don't think than in u.k. but i think remember he has been absolutely fantastic this season he made
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a claim last week in the draw against bremen but i think he's been a good keeper and the problem is in front of him they need more defenders they need better defenders of head injury problems but defense is good enough and when it doesn't matter how good a cape you are when you have bad defense all right let's move on to by munich by their standards this season has been great and there's been continued speculation about the future of the club is that justified i would say it is if you're if you join a big club like to coach them you come into criticism then then you deserve it i mean their standards are so high. when any of these big european heavyweight clubs of course if you go on a bad run of the league if you don't perform well in the champions league you going to come under fire and it's the way you deal with that. it depends whether or not you can be a success at that club now he is in there in pole position to win a title this season but that's not going to be enough in future so unless you can get by him playing really good football week in week out with any without any of these wobbles and perform well in the champions league next season then he's going to come under fire again and we'll just have to see how we deal with it now if
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there is speculation on it on what grounds because when you're all right but i mean he's not had an easy no i mean it's. if he goes it's because he hasn't delivered in the champions league i feel and of course dropping the ball in the blood is a good how with that's what i mean this is this is the thing i don't think the school is good enough i mean i don't think they put in the money in the offseason to support nico vege in the way that he needed they didn't give him any new players really and they didn't support him in the general transfer window so what you expect i think he deserves another season he deserves a transfer window where he can pick players to come in and replace players like rob and rigorously and see what he can do with an actual school that he's on well let's see what we're saying on match day one of next season let's move on to life siggraph granik will not be coaching next season because you're not going is coming in are these 2 new power doing i would say so i think it's a perfect match i mean obviously running the club anybody has been coaching them this season and so bring in a coach like novelty man who's one of the bundesliga property your props young coaches fantastic most motivated it's the best out of was been
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a pretty poor bacha hoffenheim players of the last few years he likes youth players which is perfect for the philosophy at the club and i think him with runyan they're just looking after things behind the scenes i think they could be a real force next season yeah 100 percent i mean nearly enough as man is probably the broadest young coach in world football at the moment in my opinion what he's done off and on is nothing short of a miracle taking them to the chairmen's they twice in a row almost a 3rd time with that squad is quite a feat and you know with the money that the lovesick have this is the club that you can really actually say challenging but i mean it for the for the bundesliga dominance over the next few years thinking of titles in the last time the title we saw how tight is in the table the loss in total went to the final day of the season it was actually this close was 10 years ago what we used to doing back then quickly was i just finished my a levels and i was planning a trip to the greek island of cavil's but if you don't do not tell us any more yanick fees tell us you have to say i was working in
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a hostel in london about to go to euro trip around eastern europe so i think we're in a similar boat. well at least delivers that day of force made they want to talk in 2000 and that was the team who picked to buy into the title so no more questions then that is all from us this week i would like to say thank you to both of my guests thank you also for that quick fire round us was good to try something new here on the bonus think i will be back next week for match day 34 when the title will be decided the rest of the year play in places will be decided and we'll see that from all of us here thank you thank good bye.
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