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well we were proud when we were now out 80 percent of americans in some point in our lives will experience hardship listen up. the. top. lines and action packed life class anything is possible as long as up to coffee and his friends can dream it is movie theater the dom refugee camp. his life story ran around to. 27 years ago but there's no holding back his dreams. thank you for the system adopted starts may 27th on the w. .
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nestling between the slopes of the bomb can and this thread now go to a mountain ranges will gary is a rose valley is a sweet smelling national treasure. its climate and fertile soil offer perfect conditions for the cultivation of the damascus roads. precious or oil extracted from both gary and roses is sourced by the world's leading perth you makers from the poorest country in the european union. but increasingly people here are finding ways to claim a share of the money that can be made from their valleys fragrant resource.
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it's 5 o'clock in the morning right custom is setting off for her job in the flower fields. her husband and 2 children are still asleep. it's a half hour walk from her home in the small village of stiletto volt to the rose field where she works as a picker. at all the thought macarthur when we hear the word rose we immediately think of vogue
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area it's my country my home my family and even if life doesn't look so rosy the rose is the symbol of focus area you need to fill it up while got it. right come loves getting up early and arriving at the rose field in the freshness of the morning. she's always the 1st to arrive. the 39 year old always looks forward to the harvest in may and june the 3 week window is a special time of year. i mean i'm from the countryside as a child i grew up with a view on to mountain ranges of the balkan mountains and the stretching a gore our border although thought up well enough i feel at one with nature of them and. i carry it in my heart. through it all the. way
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a lot of the 3rd of the 2 mountain ranges and close the valley to the north and south creating cool nights and high humidity ideal conditions to bring out the roses heady scent. you can't describe the fragrance it's a unique inspiring scent with its freshness and energy. when i'm out here in the rose fields i feel light and forget about anything negative in my life. through. red capek's the flowers at their base they have to be removed at exactly the right time not too early or late in their bloom reckon knows exactly which ones she can pick and which ones to leave for another day she's been taking for many years and isn't deterred by the tough
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conditions. of the go to bed i'm a simple homemaker from the village i'm not spoiled or afraid of hard work all of the bull the boys this come over the border i'm used to rural life and can't sit down at home doing nothing at all roast picking isn't my profession. i only do it during the season the mold via national says normal what i am in the. morning sun coaxes the fragrance from the roses after midday it gets hotter and the oil begins to evaporate the petals grow limp. red guy has to rush to complete her day's harvest. roses are the very reason beside a path of return to the valley. to. me but with notable that i was
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working abroad but i decided to return to bulgaria after friends encouraged me to try cultivating roses or what i like the idea so i started learning about agriculture with the monsters i'm a bit. all the way right about how are the roses looking today. well it's try. driving under a low number about well you know we didn't water them this year. look they're falling apart a good thing you came early hopefully. through a program and one friend would visit lived in france for a number of years but the cost of living was high and it was hard to find work today he farms his own rose fields. their religion may often be something up the beach and i'm fond of my lad i like the peace and quiet i love working in agriculture was thinking up will be need be and over the past few years i've discovered there are opportunities here to make a living. with us to theo and i can build
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a future for myself here because the girl. rucka has filled just one bag of rose flowers from visitors' field the huge won't be any bigger today. normally she manages to fill 3 or even 4 sacks by midday but today she's already picked all she can by 10 o'clock. other laborers appear to have a similarly meager crop. the workers are paid by weight one kilo earns them one lends the equivalent of $0.50. worth of. cars are going to die but that conform to the status quo bondage i'm sure i don't have any problems. going to have nothing to complain about while i wish there were more flowers without
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a little. 14 and a half kilos yes ok. just. after toiling away for 5 hours takes home a little over 7 year olds. to me. the flowers travel in the opposite direction to tortilla small town further east in rows valley. and a delay glow cation in a picturesque setting. in . torino is home to alexandra dragon office distillery. and this is where the blossoms that brad capek today end up alexander that i got
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off own is one of a total of $39.00 distilleries operated in rose valley he used to make wine before switching to bros oil. is this from a different field no these are left over from last night most. of them i'm. sure all that the rose has a very special significance to me personally. it's. not just a business why not. the equipment that is still fleet in the roses one of the natural wonders that bulgaria is famous for around the world cup. you put the sex over there if there are more here. how many more of the bad is full . say it takes about 3 and a half tons of flowers to produce a single liter of distilled rose on oil for food
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the distillation is a simple process the rose petals are placed in a vat with water which is heated to discharge low pressure steam through the flowers which in turn releases the essential oil into the vapor and the oil separates and floats to the surface of the water i think. it's. the old who did it that is the new problem our distillery is built to perfection you know what i mean we're very proud of it the prebuttal from good to go for that part business partners from france were here and said they'd rarely seen such a modern distillation facility in france you. could get everything here is rust free and all the vapor passes through special softening equipment we did is to give
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people all of our measuring instruments are exact but we ourselves are the key to our success and everyone here is part of the team that no one works for themselves our motto is together as one you are in love for. although only designated employees are allowed to extract the rose oil will carry us liquor. gold it's a question of responsibility alexandra dragon of clients include chanel and dior and other leaders of the global fragrance industry. it's believed the 2 men merchants brought the damascus rose to bulgaria in the 18th century from syria. and today the rose is not the only flower that thrives in the valley it's fertile soil also
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offers ideal conditions for the cultivation of poppies and lavender. when right because the founder of our returns home from the fields she still has a little time before her children arrive from school records work as a picker is only a morning job and it never pays much. she once spent a season in germany picking strawberries. or it's horrible to what most people go abroad to earn money in to improve their living standards all. they're often disappointed as they look for job opportunities and have to adapt to a new culture a new country but all that really matters is in a piece it's a pity that we can't find in a peace at home and have to go out into the world in search of security. and there's our new business going. the.
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right kind is a trained cook but can't find work in rose valley her husband occasionally earn some money as a day laborer in construction they inherited their house. record doesn't want to leave again her home and her family are more important to her than money she now knows. with its soft light and lush landscape rose valley is her home. capturing the essence of that home in fine fragrances is what leukemia china does for a living even as a child he had a very fine sense of smell today he has his own manufactory for him creating perfume is like composing music. simple it was. there was a symphony consists of 7 main you know that which when combined produce
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a melody. so the same is true of curfew making. but a perfume contain 3 to 400 notes. to give it. it's the fragrance creators job to combine all these notes. like an orchestra conductor the most of these that is it not the supporting actor it is. his wife marina is always the 1st to test a new fragrance. because now you like to try our new fragrance through a new mood it's a somewhat sweet scent. oh i can clearly detect the rose oil but it's more intense don't you agree. with it's a scent for party girls. but if it was a vacation fragrance. it's lovely you can sense nature it
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smells like flowers after a rain shower. and other get the news. all the time must be the center of rosario from bog area is much more intense than oil from china to turkey or other countries. that's why it's so sought after by leading perfume mouses a small drop of rose oil and caps relates the fragrance and the more intense the fragrance the longer the central last rose or lose the very heart of a perfume that. he has developed his own line of perfectly and fragrances designed with different types of women in mind. gap to some of the other thread when i'm in a good mood and summer holidays are on the horizon. i think of exotic beaches and sensual brazilian women but if you look at the prevent the chaotic a good time. and. if we create
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a fragrance that smells like the sea with exotic fruit nuances. combined with the sweet floral scent. then the result is inevitably a summary for a quote. when putting together his compositions you know 1st needs to find the right base now and he's in the perfect place to source it from his lab in cousin luck it's just a 20 minute drive to alexander that i don't know if distillery into idea. but that i feel that all right here can select exactly what he needs he samples the different grades of oils from different distilleries us.
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soldiers could almost all fit but all that's great only the walkie all the things are rows or as components not found in other roles oils. breath is ordered that all in addition to being used in fragrance rollers or all is also diluted for use in food supplements medicine. and it helps against diabetes doctors beauty's growth within the middle of it lowers cholesterol and high blood pressure. and prevent stomach cancer the ball but it's good for the kidneys. so in a word rose or lose simply priceless that the law of law must law where the one leader of rose oil sells abroad for about $6000.00 euros. leukemia china doesn't have to pay that much but of course he inspects the quality of the new oil before deciding on a purchase. the threat is live with. the.
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fragrance creators around the world covet bulgarian rose oil. but demand always outstrip supply that drives prices up but the profits haven't trickled down to the locals the gulf between rich and poor is wide and rose valley unemployment is high there's no style just for the communist era when jobs were secure and many here were financially better off. the poorest of the poor are often from the roma ethnic minority. many feel marginalized their plight ignored by the government. there's little sense of bulgarian national pride in their community and. in early june the people of cousin luck turn out to celebrate the rose harvest. that was the bulgarian president himself comes to join in the festivities.
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the highlight of the festival is the crowning of a local roads clear and a colorful parade through town it was. members of the roma community do not generally attend such events. but in toria prose cultivation has succeeded in bridging the ethnic divide. even ups are a roma family who have been working on an extended that i got off the rose fields
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for 15 years. almost. you know. soon and his relatives are among the fastest pickers in the whole valley was for. oleksandr do not enough supports the evenness. whenever he has work there his 1st choice because he knows he can rely on him for. the right now are you out of 8 there was a growing. with the harvest growing you want it will be no no no it's going really well. and you my friends. the corporate peeping through the filter are working hard some of the motive of the day because he gave up anything for. the entire even the family is gathered here today because it's sunday for us
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and it's important that his children attend school during the week. and the political news i was a boy if my kids have a better education then they'll have a better life and not just a blog area but anywhere in europe. and europe will only fare better if children have a better education field than one could with live near good. i don't know why other roma don't want to work here or don't build welcome here in rose valley. we have virtually no contact with such people i insist that our family works for a living that we don't beg and live honest lives everyone bears responsibility for themselves. even nobs feel fortunate that on extended that out and off employees then all year round not just during the rose pick. season there's always work to do the jobs and financial support he provides have
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given the family new opportunities. but this year they too are affected by the arid season today they finish work early there simply aren't enough flowers bloom alone could play it's not a whole lot. normally you could get more socks on to the scales in the same amount of time that's just the way it is this year the year isn't great lamentable. little bit of. the weather has impacted bros pickers and farmers alike this spring was cold and there's been too little sun and too much more easter during the harvest season conditions that have stunted the bushes growth. most farmers can't afford irrigation systems.
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almost a bit it's hard to pick roads flowers today the yield azzam satisfying that's also the case for the pharma one example is a bit like a chain. but the chain has been torn apart i think you know. if the flowers are to dry their oil content is low and they don't weigh as much for a red car that means filling the same sized sack requires the same amount of work but less pay. they look how much you have i can see you tell me 7 happy lowers ok well they're hoping if. i'll just get. individual. matric work when the pedals are moist from the morning dew and the sack is full it
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weighs between 17 and 20 kilos. when up i see a nice but because of the weather conditions this year it weighs 15 kilos at the most of it because we've had such little rain. this season has also been more than disappointing for rose farmer be set apart love . you more going out with a little navel. where we had bad weather in early april. which was the bottom of these of the governor the frost froze the buds that were just developing them obviously there and you see here in the companion state of flowering they're still buds you should believe it with the family a bit if they don't they are thin and i expect our yield to be down by 50 to 60
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percent this year. that will be all we are going to benefit all she said within the model that will. bisa is eager to get the last socks of the day to the distillery as quickly as possible for him every kilo of paddles counts. the money he earns is the only way to ensure his independence as a rose farmer in the years to come. with. me via. the promise of a better future in rose valley has turned this mother and daughter into a pair of early birds live yanno and 14 year old catch up from coloe fat have big
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plans they purchased a field and are cultivating their own roses you can have my but it's a wonderful feeling to go to your own field and work on that. this is the 1st year where harvesting our own roses and we're extremely glad that we planted our own fields demographics and i used to find it hard to get up early in the morning. but this year i'm really enjoying going out to my own rose field at 5 am this is very. good to have tears are a half an hour's walk from their village for 2 years they nurse their young plants this year they flower for the 1st time. together with the young as mother christina they're bringing in their 1st harvest and their 1st earnings. yesterday we picked 24 kilos but today we won't get as much it was very sunny
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yesterday. i brought sacks with me. video ram if you did back then i didn't. know what 2 we don't get your statistician or got the nomination you being the worst you clearly have gotten us. really good. mostly yana and her mother are widowed the 3 generations of women have to fend for themselves they offer each other encourage meant especially when they face setbacks. the year we planted our seedlings i prayed they would turn out while the stand in the soup was a lot of the good and we were lucky but they got off to a good start would be able to drift out of the wood you know but spring at the latest the nice thing about last year was so wet nothing but rain for 20 days so again we lost a lot of plants so we had to replace them. god is
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just wise but the same isn't always true of nature was your method because of the flood risk. using. kucha has remained optimistic outside of school she likes being her own boss. i mean as much as i picture roses for neighbors for 45 years and enjoyed it i always dreamt of having my own rose fields when we had enough money it was exactly the right moment to start doing my own roses. you knew they were very me this here is a dream come true you know many of the. the standard that the mormon status of. liliana used to be a child care worker she received severance pay when her job was terminated she was tempted to spend the money but her daughter persuaded her to invest it in a rose field as
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a possible source of income. the center of roses the fresh air he has birdsong the view of the balkan mountains in the midst of nature but you know that there you can be feeling low and sad almost but all this brightens your mood and your heart feels joy that are pretty apt that sit. blue skies as far as the eye can see. i love being out in. initially the 3 women were ridiculed by many locals but this year they know they made the right decision. my sincerity and we'll manage alumina we're no worse off than any of the families that do have managed to benefit now and i'm sure my father and grandfather are protecting us from above and giving us the strength to carry on a monument which is made up a bridge. visit by the middle of these
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2000 square meters are enough for one person but probably not more than a study i'll only know for sure once my bushes are as big as the one of a neighboring field. and i'm not sure how long my mother will be able to help him given her age. of the river so i'm only counting on myself and my daughter somewhere just because i hope it will be enough to support my family some are just amazed but it's an inch of what it is that the kitchen. and her mother can't conceal their pride when they bring their day's harvest to the weighing station in a color. you. are right it's books were. certain but they're not discouraged that their debut yield isn't exactly abundant they didn't have high expectations they were just glad to be
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harvesting at all. with the little money they've made kucha has been able to fulfill a big wish taking dance lessons and she likes showing off what she's learned. growing out of over we've moved taking rose if i'm dancing and don't really have anything in common you want. nova scotia but they both give me the same feeling with their question that well you know they make me feel alive that's just on the story which is that with the sunni should work. today pakistan's group is performing on the main square in cairo 5 events are held here every year during the rose harvest.
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a stage has been set up for local ensembles to show off their talents. as group is 1st up. * many people and rose valley are driven by a desire to make their dreams come true. is no exception. he works hard to keep his dreams alive and has ambitious plans for the coming year he's not content just harvesting blossoms as a rose farmer bees are wants control of the entire process from cultivating the plants to oil extraction. he's leased to plot and started a rose nursery. beef when it looks a bit chaotic here but are seedlings are in these boxes and we're getting them ready for next year before there's all of the water since the harvest was poor this
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year the price of seedlings is going to go up significantly if that with the odd nick you get the perfect. these it isn't just investing in seedlings next year he wants to begin extracting oil in his distillation vats. that of. all. my own distillery would ensure that even in years when the rows are was just poor that this i don't use all my investment as a rose from the old. because when the rose yield is low the price of rose oil climbs so if i can't make profits from rose farming i can at least have an income from the distillation. job with the me the. these are is motivated he feels confident that he's on track to becoming independent not just financially but also from the whims of the weather. the
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many locals in rose valley are trying to improve their lot and some have managed with income from the rose growing industry in carnival at the western edge of the valley many roma families no longer live in poverty. either but this is where us and even though it and his family live after a morning out picking roses they've returned home to their neighborhood where families own their own homes and earn a regular income. yes . that's a sense family built the house themselves. all of the men know how to build.
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for generations live under one roof. everyone sits down for a snack after the morning's work in the fields. you know that's. for the even us nothing is more important than spending time together a mark of the girl who got a. job. over there that we visited your we've worked hard our whole lives with. that award it's always been our goal to settle down to a normal family life so to your little modest edition. the even all of us are a family who have worked hard to achieve a standard of living that sets them apart from most roma in bulgaria and unlike many roma they wouldn't dream of leaving they feel at home in bulgaria truth that
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is a hold over little boy better go to law school we're happy. that you want it but if we don't face disrespect or repression with this maybe it's true there's a lack of social integration but we haven't encountered discrimination. or may avoid it. but i would and the family has lived here for more than 50 years. not one of them has ever left bros valley. the 3 new rose farmers live yanacocha and christina have also spent their entire lives in the valley.
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every week they go to the small russian orthodox church in cologne to pray for their roses and for the men they have lost. all. little yana gets no state support but as a half orphan her daughter kucha is entitled to welfare payments. pooled with a small pension her mother christina receives they manage to make ends meet.
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the only. although their 1st harvest of roses hasn't been a bumper crop than the 3 women are satisfied with the earnings will allow them to buy a few things they wouldn't otherwise be able to afford but little more than that for the time being. on the east 1st cut lost her father 10 years ago he died of heart disease her mother can't offer her a carefree life but she's doing her best to secure cutlass future. how long till school's out. yes it's out the next week plus the following monday you put it don't you know that's after summer vacation kucha will attend high school in the
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city louisiana will be able to pay for her daughter's bus rides with the money she's made from the rose harvest and perhaps even accommodation she's hopeful that her roses and her business will continue to flourish the sums that i want above all i hope to stay healthy so i can continue looking after the rose field got the right to stand tall and that our yields improve in 2 or 3 years that i both. my father always said rose fields are a joint venture with nature you're not the one who determines its fate its nature is a lot of credit. this year nature hasn't been kind to the roses and the many people whose livelihoods depend on them but in the village of tortilla they're celebrating today nonetheless. aleksandr diagonals has invited pickers rose farmers friends and acquaintances for
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a get together and i'm happy no matter how good or bad the season has been he won't let a bad year deprive him of the chance to throw a party. because you. read custom and her family are among the guests. as are even off and his family. everyone is proud of the harvest of the roses and of the valley world famous for its fragrant flowers. in addition to being a source of income the roses are also
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a symbol of national identity and an integral part of traditions and culture here in the valley. which is why for alexander devout and a celebration is complete without folk music and dancers in traditional costumes. for me it's important to see my people happy even after a bad harvest of the water you've got with you know what i'm here at the table we can take stock of the season together discuss where we stand and what we'd like to improve next year. this traditional celebration is part of our work we're celebrating the end of the rose artist. every. year that are at. and no traditional bulgarian celebration would be complete without an appearance by
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the kooky these groups of dancers don intimidating masks and elaborate costumes driving away evil spirits with their loud bells and wooden sticks to invite good fortune for the gathered guests. the rose pickers and farmers hope the ritual will help improve the outlook for next year's harvest. this year was really tough for us rose because you can't help but feel dissatisfied but you also come. i'll be back on the rose field next year. and gary as treasured flowers will bloom next year too when it does it will again awaken new hopes and dreams
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among the people of the rose valley. because. it's all up for grabs. at the bottom it's. just one game left in the season here and back and have a happy man occasion not to take the time. to claim a champion human needs.
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some time in the 26th. my great granddaughter. what move the world be like in your lifetime around half a century. the book when i was born there were 3 of. you will share the planet with. your world could be around 2 degrees more. evidently sea level rise by at least one year in this century. we're going to have some climate impacts returned greater the more pretty place we call. the earth. why are people more concerned. with yellow. shirts recruiting 1st g.w.
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. this is good of you news live from berlin sri lanka poses a curfew after deadly violence against muslims angry mobs have killed one person and attacked mosques and muslim owned businesses the communal on rust following the deadly easter church attacks by islamists also coming up. a number of protesters and a police officer are shocked at.


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