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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 14, 2019 9:00am-9:30am CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin sri lanka poses a curfew after violence against muslims angry mobs have killed one person and attacked mosques and muslim owned businesses the communal on runs follows the deadly easter attacks by islam must also coming out. a number of protesters and an army officer are shot dead in sudan as protests in khartoum turned violent as the deadly clashes erupting despite an apparent breakthrough in talks between the military government and opposition groups. and the california court awards
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$2000000000.00 in damages to a couple who say monsanto's roundup we've killer calls their debilitating caps. germany's fire has to foot the bill after buying monsanto last year. and remembering the screen legend doris day. you will be in the performer who can do spirit of postwar america has died it 97 she leaves behind a cinematic legacy from hollywood's golden age. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us anti muslim mobs in sri lanka have killed one person and attacked mosques on muslim owned businesses the government
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imposed a nationwide overnight curfew to contain the violence sectarian anger has been building in the country since the easter church bombings by islamists left more than 250 people dead. the justice in sri lanka was angry and impatient some sri lankans have rioted and taken to attacking muslims after is the missed terrorists carried out the easter sunday bombings killing over 250 people. police struggle to contain the anger with one muslim man dying from stab wounds shops run by muslims are being torched all ransacked and the owners targeted. because. they came with the sword and tried to attack me. about 15 people came in several taxis. they threatened to kill me i ran away through the back door.
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the same group attacked my brother shop mosques are also being targeted in response the sri lankan government has imposed a nighttime curfew and many muslims are staying at home the government is also blocking several social media platforms hoping to stem the anger but most days there sporadic anti muslim fallen it's becoming clear the sri lankan government has to step up its efforts to contain the anti muslim violence let's get more less story now a journalist. joining us from colombo good morning to you can you tell us who's behind this violence and are authorities doing enough to stop it. then i left now what we do know is that home isolated the chance of being called is going from town to town causing that's why i'm seeing some big. things
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protect those early days of going public anger that the government is not in much to commission a calming the country and most exactly what. i meant and yes to be. further away. but what exactly is a constant headache. i am all taking the bus miles at this point that is going to be go over my glass as. well yesterday as it did not feel much from the government 7 months i had a dream to be and they're urging the government to step up their efforts. between the countries. generally what are people saying about what needs to be done if they don't believe in the government's ability to step in here about what needs to be done to ease the tensions between the longer buddhist respectable majority of course and the christian and muslim minority. christians didn't say is not
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much faith in the government because they have been seen with silence more than we actually need to see these guys have been having getting together expected from a need to use a you get me that me because of the strain for a while and to maintain calm to maintain a peace about obviously this is not helping much because if they don't want to work the actual right now must be our whole thing is that the religious leaders in fact up there. you can discuss communicating with each other much i beg of you common sense or was there some one test for this specific class and he said you're not actually saw at least information because the psycho social media bent a lot of people actually thinking. we don't know if there's a lock up here because they're coming now so i think that really is i'll have the fear of my software or the. journal thanks so much for that jamila national dean
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from colombo for us thank you let's check in now with some of the other stories making the news at this hour whatsapp has discovered a vulnerability that allows remote spyware to be installed on phones and other devices the class of times newspaper reporting that the israeli security firm and s. o. group developed the surveillance software whatsapp as urging its $1500000000.00 users to install the latest update as a precaution. yes president trump has met with hunger in leader viktor orban at the white house the president praising were gone for his hardline anti immigration policies a top democrat criticized from for embracing authoritarian figures over democratic allies. a blast in the western pakistani city of coeds has killed at least 4 policemen and wounded more than 10 others and improvised
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a motorcycle apparently targeting a police vehicle the pakistani taliban has claimed responsibility. in australia some 13 environmental activists have been arrested after staging a protest under the sydney harbor bridge greenpeace supporters called on the country's government to declare a climate emergency the protest comes less than a week before australia's general election. it's to the us where a california jury has awarded more than $2000000000.00 to a couple who say on santo's roundup weed could kill or cause their debilitating cancer alva and alberta. say that they used life as a chemical for more than 3 decades the german chemicals giant acquired monsanto last year recent lawsuits have found the company liable for illnesses linked to the lead till says decades of studies have found that roundup is safe for human use.
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from did a view of businesses following the story for us good morning to you aaron can you tell us what the 12 members of the jury decided well basically the jury decided that monsanto and by extension buyer had failed to inform its consumers of the potential carcinogenic or cancer causing risks associated with his life was safe products now this is a point that's been debated for several years now you know the american e.p.a. has maintained an agreement with months anto saying that glass was likely does not cause cancer however there are many voices in the national community which says that's not exactly true a world health organization report found that glyphosate products probably cause cancer and that's actually the side that the jury came down on in this case ok now this isn't the only lawsuit months out of buyer facing in the united states no it definitely is and in fact they're facing an entire wave of litigation there are some 13000 cases currently pending in american courts and so far they're not really
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on a winning streak i mean monsanto here i mean they've already lost 3 such cases in the last several years and this is resulting in millions in damages that the company could eventually potentially face if not billions if if an appellate court actually upholds today's decision so right now they're really kind of on the losing side of this wave allegedly of lawsuits ok don't stockholders are not the only ones asking how did buyer manage to underestimate the risks when they bought monsanto well from buyers perspective it was actually a good decision i mean they're looking at the future here you know some estimates say that we could be looking up to having 10000000000 people on the planet in the near future and they're maintaining that the patents months and to has will be key to actually feeding the population however yes with all of these. all these lawsuits facing them it really does seem like they underestimated some of the risks and as your mentioned stockholders there they've been fleeing the company i mean the company's lost half of its stock value since going through with this purchase.
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and in a recent stockholder meeting they actually censored borum the company management with a vote of no confidence so it does seem that buyer and many of its investors feel that they underestimated the risks with buying and selling with so many lawsuits pending it looks like the story is not over at all that it definitely isn't ok erin thanks very much look into the story. to sudan now where 5 protesters and an army major have been shot dead in the capital khartoum this comes just hours after protest leaders reached a breakthrough agreement with the ruling generals over a power structure where the country's political transition protesters want a civilian led transition on monday they blocked roads in the capital after security forces used tear gas protesters have continued to protest and demonstrate since an uprising that ousted longtime president omar al bashir. w visited one family who has paid a very high price for sudan's oil tickle transformation. sheriff
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fights back tears when she cooks white beans with rice that was her son patrick his favorite dish. died in clashes during saddam's uprising sheriff misses him terribly i just see him up. i can't eat this i can only prepare it for others. it's really hard for me. all i can say is god be with us. this is the last family photo together now because sheriff is only son his sister is still in shock as well as his father who works as a legal advisor in saudi arabia every day sheriff a spends hours gazing at the photograph. so i did no work for them but i
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miss him so much his jokes the way he looked after his sisters my whole life revolved around him and from one moment to the next everything changed he's gone i never got the good the bad i got the but i was that. this video shows how doctors and because friends tried to save his life. in fact he was a doctor himself treating wounded demonstrators in the very quarter of khartoum. abacha had left the clinic asking security forces to clear the way to let injured people through. eyewitnesses say that's when he was shot in the back i mean attempts to keep him alive failed he died of his injuries a short time later. this is the daughter back because room his mother hasn't entered since his son's death marches on him or how young they even had i was nothing will change until the guilty are held accountable we
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have to see this through for everyone who's lost a loved one well nothing those in power and must be brought to justice as yet and then daniel in his room yes dental go in was sheriff adjoins the other demonstrators to shout shame on you in their demand for justice. was. as a show of support for because family sealed via a coffee tea artist has sprayed a photo of him on the wall outside his house. the only thing that moves it's not here yet i love you florida that's what i always called him i thought i means friend. yes my best friend that's what my son was to me. he only got me my way they couldn't sleep. now in this state rising tensions over iran u.s. and russian leaders are set. meet for high level talks today russian president
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vladimir putin will be hosting u.s. secretary of state pompei 0 in the black sea resort of sochi now this is the latest stop in pump ayos european tour yesterday he was in brussels where it ended a meeting of e.u. foreign ministers they warned him of the risk of war erupting by accident through a further escalation in the gulf iran and the u.s. . here's eve foreign policy chief federica moga renae on what the foreign ministers had to say to. we are living in a crucial that a good moment where. the most relevant. activity to take the most responsible attitude to take is should be and that is not sinister maximum restraint. any escalation on a military site. let's get some analysis now with cornelius. from
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the think tank the german council on foreign relations he's in our brussels studio mr author bar thanks so much for being with us eve foreign ministers have expressed concern about the possibility and i'm quoting here of an accidental military confrontation between the u.s. and iran in the gulf is this a real danger. well what we saw last week is the continued military buildup by the united states in the persian gulf there was a briefing by the pentagon of sketching out options for a military escalation including more than 100000 troops u.s. troops which would be needed in such a conflict so there is real and serious planning being done on the u.s. side as it appears and this is what worries everyone else the europeans in particular but also the other signatories of the steel the russians and the chinese and certainly everyone in the region so yes we should not discount this possibility and that's why it was important for the europeans to show once more their position
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to the u.s. that is a position of what they call maximum restraint as opposed to maximum pressure which the united states is trying to put on iran ok the beans might be calling for maximum restraint but the u.s. secretary of state is pushing europe to toughen its stance on iran will this impact the e.u. position. by what happened yesterday judging by what happened yesterday not so much i mean it was a surprise visit was only a couple of hours before pompei landed that the european foreign ministers were told about his visit they tried to accommodate him in the sense that way he would not get the photo opportunity with all 28 which that could be used signaling support because if you just look at pictures and don't know what was being said it looks as if the europeans and americans would be on the same side so they were
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trying to accommodate their own schedule with his presence in brussels they had one on one meetings with the british the french the german foreign minister with federico mcgreevey the high representative and they all delivered the same message that there is no room for escalation and they should know there should be no room for an arrow for a mistake an escalation which which just happens because of so much military in the region ok now pompei is continuing his shuttle the poem diplomacy he'll be in softly russia today for talks and sergey lavrov his russian counterpart what will pompei will be looking for from russia when it comes to iran. well with russia the picture is a bit more complex its 1st visit to russia since he has become the foreign minister secretary of state so they have an entire range of issues to talk about from venezuela the situation to the arctic to iran also. of in advance of the meeting
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said that he doesn't he would like to understand what is the u.s. . behind this military buildup the russians are certainly not supportive of it they see the pressure as counterproductive and in that sense they are on the side of the europeans russia is part of the agreement russia wants to stay in the agreement russia wants iran to stay in the agreement to prevent a nuclear bomb from being build so it will be. a conversation between 2 sides who disagree on the most things and find little agreement including on iran ok we'll see what comes out of the meeting over later today or nearly as other bar from the german council for foreign relations thanks so much for being with us thank you brian. this is news still to come on our program.
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you will be saying goodbye to the golden girl of a golden american hero doris day dies at the age of $97.00. but 1st here in germany the country's environment minister has called for radical action to tackle climate change speaking at international climate talks here in berlin she backed calls for a tax on carbon emissions the proposal puts her at odds with chance or all america who dresses that conference later today a carbon tax is one of the possibilities on this is gushing for countries to meet commitments made in the landmark paris climate accord the petersburg climate dialogue service a preparation for the next un climate conference that's planned for december. let's talk about this more now at the political correspondent report vito vald good morning rupert the petersburg dialogues they've been around for 10 years now but
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this time around the climate that they're happening in is very different from the 1st 110 years ago absolutely this meeting him bill in shows what obstacles have to be overcome for this real united nations climate change conference at the end of the year the idea of this petersburg book dialogue is one supposed to to set the frame for the for the bigger conferences of the united nations to prepare them and to form a coalition of the willing but now this coalition of the willing has been more or less fall apart b.c. the united states have left the powers climate code brazil is thinking of leaving it and several other countries all thinking if they are leaving why should we still take part in even germany is not reaching its own goals so many obstacles have to overcome have to be overcome and there's much to be done at this meeting here in berlin so that the meeting at the end of the year. is really right to prepare ok
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not only is germany not meeting its own stated goals but there's no agreement emerging right now as to where the country goes from here absolutely germany promised once to cut 40 percent of its carbon dioxide emissions by next year this is something that will be reached this is already clear and several of the goals of very highly in question right now and several. politicians for instance the environment minister saying we have to do more but the government up till now has that become too very much more because then we would endanger our economy for instance the calm making industry one of the biggest sectors but nothing has been breached so far ok and this puts environment minister at odds as we've been saying with with allah machall who was referred to once upon a time as the climate change. but actual record on that issue has left a lot of people disappointed. you can see here. in 14 years
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as german chancellor angela merkel has giving a new year's speech each year but only mention climate change and 8 of them nonetheless in 2007 the media begin calling her the climate chancellor and shortly thereafter she took advantage of a photo op in greenland in front of melting glaciers. here today and seeing the urgency that confronts us will give me strength to work together with the environment minister to get something done. america has declared internationally that global warming is a crucial topic under her chairmanship government leaders of the 8 biggest industrial countries agreed to a 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050. but in germany things moved very slowly the goal of reducing emissions by 40
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percent in the following year was not met by a long shot. merkel was too timid in approaching the transportation and car industries. instead her government decided to continue using coal and stop the expansion of renewable energy. nonetheless her image remained that of the climate chancellor despite the meeka results and her 29000 years speech she included aerial images of hurricanes and draws for the 1st time. on the one hand you have this unbelievable beauty on the other hand you see how vulnerable the basic necessities of life are so dealing with climate change is absolutely vital. but young people are losing faith in muckle those who take part in the friday 52 demonstrations every week where only 2 or 3
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years old when michael was declared climate chancellor the c o 2 emissions in germany have hardly been reduced since then for these kids the american fairy tale has a sad and doing. ok in the issues at the core of that will be addressed during the speech later today rupert it comes at a time when the coalition government is looking for some kind of a way to move forward some kind of agreement among its all those members absolutely already heard about the proposal from the environmental minister who says we need to support the french proposal to cut down old emissions by 2050 to 0 which is something i'm going makeovers that this is not going to happen the environmental minister wants to introduce some sort of a carbon tax here in germany something i've always said this is not going to happen especially as there's the label tax on it but even knows that climate change is going to cost something for the people and you already said there is going to be
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a price tag but we don't know which already so something is going to come up we old very good to know what she's going to propose ok and everyone should be looking at that possible price tag as well richard thanks very much for that call doris day the hollywood actress and legend has died at the age of 97 a movie star as well as a successful singer she embodied the energy and enthusiasm of a post-war america her career was marked by blockbuster movies where she played alongside hollywood's leading that. doris day and rock hudson from the 959 romantic comedy pillow talk the most popular film of days remarkable career she was one of hollywood's brightest stars in the 1950 s. and sixty's a multi-talented blonde starlet with german roots day who was born dog was fun couple half checked all the boxes acting singing and dancing.
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at her peak day embodied a stereotypical american dream girl wholesome charming and stylish she was often cast as a sunny housewife a loving mother doting wife. but this pristine image didn't reflect the more messy reality of her private life which had many ups and downs doris day married 4 times after a final divorce a 981 she devoted herself to her longtime passion animal welfare her hollywood career began to ebb in the late 1960 s. when the wholesome image she stood for became one compatible with new trends in hollywood. but it was her great talent singing that made her immortal the new jersey man to see. a stand. what will be will be up next the highlights from the bundesliga that's
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a kick off after the break i'm brian thomas with the entire news team thanks for joining us.
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tom it's almost. at the bottom it's. just in the season. can have a happy man occasion not a top. player. needs. a. w i.
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do you know that 77 percent. are younger than thinks. that's me and me and you. think you know a lot of time the voices. on this 77 percent talk about the issues. from politics to classes from housing boom boom boom time this is a way. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend d.w. . the old order is history the world is reorganizing itself and the media's role these keep shifting power the topic in focus at the global media forum 2019 the laboratory for the digital age. who are we following do we trust debate and shape the future at the georgia village
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