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patterson with about a bus driver who writes poetry like barks and later you hear there's a 4th dimension of. time. the dead don't die takes viewers away from that day late world a return to the shadows for a director who's always seem to thrive in the dark. that she just. you know she did and why thus they doubly business africa is next to monica jones well last point i'll be back at the top because. sex make. raring to free. if there is any erotic it's remember you have to find it between the lines. the literature just 100 german must reads. for.
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reliable. news distance for. others. it's time to boost africa's digital economy to transform africa's summit is under way with more than $4000.00 participants our reporter in kigali tells us what they're talking about. so coming up next i like to give my no poachers making the object of desire less attractive. welcome to do business africa i want
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to get jones in berlin good to have you with us and is africa a consumer or drive off digital technology well. while than $4000.00 technology policy makers and investors are currently gathered in the rundown capital for the this edition of the transform africa summit over the next 4 days they will be discussing how to boost africa's digital economy. in kigali is convention center for policy makers politicians startups and entrepreneurs have come together to discuss the opportunities digital innovation is creating for africa and how it can close the gap to the rest of the world. africa's no legacy that's where we see it can leapfrog because there's no impediment if you take it technology exactly as it is in north america or in europe you want to apply it in the african context you may feel that you need to be thinking african
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solutions with the technology and this is why africa has digitalisation has to speed up the african union's goal is to digitally connect every individual government and business in africa by 2030 and i'm bases vision already called a moon shot. this is a global initiative to say we have about 4000000000 people who are connected they are left out we cannot afford to ignore them and so while it might be difficult it is not easy business case it's important for us to sit in china and figure out how we can do it together africa has largely been able to catch up with other regions and mobile phone use and internet access successfully he prodding the era of desktop computers and lamp lines using mobile money for financial transactions is today part of daily life in wonder like in many other african countries. with money paying support my kids jump
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a taxi jump. maybe once and for televisions everywhere you want but money is very easy to use it in africa today for example in a country where i come from in ivory coast the mobile money came from 0 within 3 years to be making $30000000.00 u.s. dollars transaction a day now africa wants to move on the future is about artificial intelligence blocks chain and east services. 10 years ago there were only the 2 main reference points as tech ups in the continent in now we have 120 with more to read to achieve the aim now is to make sure that no one gets left behind in the future. reporters on the cause is after that summit in kigali for us is an africa is of course again continent with lots of young people ready to embrace new technologies the great ideas need financial backing don't say exactly your rights when you
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work there could guy really capital know you can see that more and more startups pop up and there's a very vibrant scene of tech savvy young people who are innovative and skilled and there are very interesting ideas for example how digital application can help farmers to calculate irrigation schedules and have better crops or how mobile applications act and have students in school for better on line education but they are challenged to find financial support now the vote bank will invest 25000000000 africa's digital transformation between now and 2030 but they hope to mobilize at least 25000000 more from the private sector so it is about bringing together sprains these young brains governorates with global tech and telecom chance as well as regional players and to get them to in the west yeah ok and this is all a something that can happen at this summit and a big topic there i believe is inclusion oh but he should be lift our to that's
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what he hear again and again but how realistic is that. yeah besides. encouraging and developing and used to get here on such a summit there's also discussion going on is there's. also a digital so divide happening so if you consider that the among the $25.00 police connected countries in the 20 are in africa and in africa only a quarter about 24 percent are actually connected to the internet so that means if you go outside of the capital of kigali if you go outside in the countryside and meet people in the villages they still cannot afford being connected to the internet they maybe not even half the money to afford a phone so you might also face. a porch you vote which is on the a small chunk of the population and what they said today the 2 to you vote so those people who are left out and we're talking today how you can.
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how you can can meet that challenge and they see a big responsibility and the telecom chance that our costs to drop internet prices to drop. you have crisis and to have people actually access internet. the summit kicked off today there's lots more coming what can we look forward to. tomorrow a head of states will write and discuss how this station can become a pan-african movement so the idea is actually to have one single digits on the market which will go along with a plan to have a continental free trade area so you want to harmonize for others to use between countries and yet that makes it then attractive to businesses and also investors to come to the continent because they then can act across countries there's also a session happening called face the gorilla at the capital of fundraising arm where
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startups and aspiring african enter printers to get the chance to pitch their idea in a 5 minute session and simply so that i can i can tell the desert a lot happening and thank you so much for reporting from this event for us this is on the calls from kigali thank you jimmy chemicals joined by has lost some of the rules they did to the killer roundup made by the recently acquired monsanto a jury awarded to pay $2000000000.00 and while any payout is likely to be far less than that there are many more lawsuits in the pipeline. elva and alberto say round up caused their cancer so they sued even though a lot of people believed they wouldn't stand a chance against fire in court. we've been finding cancer for. 9 years now. and it was caused by a round of. it's changed our lives forever. we can't do the
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things that we used to be able to do and we really resent monsanto for that. their lawyer told the jury and turned all documents prove to monsanto wasn't interested in determining how dangerous its product is now by a has been hit with $2000000000.00 in compensation an astronomical sum even by american litigation standards and things could well get much worse for the chemicals giant this is not the end of this litigation this is the beginning there are tens of thousands of people out there probably 203040000 people and i've continuously told bayer and monsanto are coming after them investors seem to have come to the conclusion that buyers woes won't end any time soon since its takeover of monsanto back in june of 2018 by a shares have plummeted by more than 40 percent the company says that it will
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appeal the decision and continues to deny that round up causes cancer but increasingly it appears by a might have seriously underestimated the long term cost of its monsanto takeover. iran is marking the 40th anniversary of the islamic revolution it comes at a time of economic and diplomatic tensions and months as hasn't improved since the u.s. quit the international nuclear deal and put fresh sanctions on iran. life for ordinary people in iraq is getting harder here in tehran central bazaar it's clear that sanctions are biting and discontent is growing. as i know after matters don't come from china just the latest come from london why should sanctions affect what we pay for products that come from here what does it have to do with the dollar at issue. unemployment is hovering around 12 percent but
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the youth unemployment rate is closer to 30 percent businesses aren't able to hire . saturn i gave the employees a handful of people in her small business selling water purifiers but she's struggling to stay liquid. their upper left corner value with national currency drops it doesn't just affect business it affects the standard of living and the way of life. people have to change their priorities. iranian businesses had hoped for some relief through the instax mechanism created earlier this year as a channel for e.u. companies to bypass the u.s. sanctions and trade with iran but so far that's fails to deliver the budget and it has not met iranian expectations some newspapers say it was much ado about nothing and he's ineffectual european actions have been a total disappointment not just for the government but for the country as
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a whole which wants to preserve the nuclear deal. february the international court of justice ruled that iran had the right to recover $2000000000.00 in assets that are frozen in the united states under the sanctions regime that might easy rounds economic plight but the court has no power to enforce the decision. to south africa which is home to the world's largest rhino population the rhino horns are in high demand and certainly attract poachers in droves of this despite there being an international ban on the to vittie one organization hopes that its technique will cause poachers to think twice. apprehended tranquilized and filled with poison this rhino isn't being poached it's being saved that's the hope at least the south africa based rhino rescue project wants to make rhino hunting less attractive by making the horns themselves less attractive. and that's why what
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we use is a is a combination of toxins and a colorant die so that the dog would prevent people from using it for a stated purposes but the toxins with them dissuade them from using it as a medicinal product illegal trade in rhino horns is worth an estimated $20000000000.00 u.s. dollars and has put tremendous pressure on rhino populations. dr linda hearn co-founder of the run a rescue project says that the process poses no threat to the rhino her technique isn't cheap costing roughly $600.00 u.s. dollars per rhino and needing 2 repeated every 4 years to remain effective and investment to run a rescue project is confident will pay off in the future. and that's it for me and the business africa team here in berlin thanks for keeping us company.
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1st day of school in the jungle. listen to the band doris crane the moment arrives. joined during a training on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary the story coming into returns hong kong dot com. the enemy. this is deja news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes rebels they can get it on a tree. centers in north eastern congo with the violence showing no sides of facing up to we are scoured lightly is it that the out free will spring beyond the 2 congolese provinces it's currently breaching it. and the small community taking on big developers how cape town book or incident saw fighting to save their lives from
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breath page urbanization. then in his skin we meet tanzania's.


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