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i mean. this is a problem years live from violent deadly violence in sudan's capital khartoum people are killed during clashes as a demonstration calling for civilian protesters accuse ousted president omar al bashir of dividing the country also on the program. u.s. warns russia no meddling in the 2020 presidential election secretary of state delivers a message during a meeting with his son counter russian counterpart saying any interference but only make relations between the 2 countries worse. on top of the a list to send out as
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the annual film festival gets underway opening the movie showcase is a zombie film by our house favorite jim john bush dodes di features the style study cast led by bill curry. i'm from welcome to the program 5 protesters and an army major have been shot dead in sudan's capital khartoum this was just hours after protest leaders reached agreement with the ruling generals to transition to a new elected government protesters have been demanding a civilian that transition have kept up precious since the uprising that led to the removal of longtime president obama al bashir. i deny time khartoum congress met with a show of force i notices conference security forces who are branching guns they're
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not afraid to use yet i do have. these images show the moment a tense standoff turned violent. terrified civilians ducked for cover as uniformed men fired into the was evident at. the time tensions escalated when security forces began clearing out blogs i read line for demonstrators who had been defying the military for weeks of the i am caesar not just warning shots some of the bullets hit their mark a number of sudanese processes and an army major question that the time was at the protests have been up all day to increase pressure on the military council took over after president omar bashir was forced from power i am of the law i get a month ago and the old regime has not fallen yet so we're staying you've seen with
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your own eyes the oppression we've escalated our protests because we reject the decisions by the transitional military council we've blocked now street to pressure the government we want to ensure our voices are heard we hate what they're doing they even use whips on us. a little bit afraid that. on monday sudan's march a council and opposition groups finally agreed to a power structure for the country's transition. process is one civilian rule but the makeup of the governing bodies has yet to be agreed. at a news conference on tuesday during general bashir supporters within the security forces for the violence the monies that the situation has been exploited by other factions and by sleeper cells of the old regime and others who are still targeting us revolution either way you were of the heightened tensions between the. in protest of too plain to see. the demonstrations refused to go quietly talks between the 2 sides continue because one and karim has recently returned from
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a 40 inch down a welcome. so i know that you've maintained your contacts there what are you hearing about this latest situation what i heard is i talked to one of the people i trust on him hard to him and he's also at the sit in area and they were yesterday really surprised when suddenly people shooting at them and suddenly having chaos all around and actually till now it's not clear what happened you know that till now they don't know who are the people who are shooting because the military says it's not us we're doing it some of the protesters according to what my contact told me they think it's the military but the military is saying no it's our supporters of. our bashir so they are still questions but actually different opinions but this till now there is no facts the situation. has been intensified over the last couple of weeks despite the talks between protesters and the military what's driving this
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intensification i would see i would say like this the protesters they want to civilian counsel military is still the one ruling today they did different concessions for the protesters but the protesters saying no you have to hand over power to a civilian council. some are talking it's not fact this analysis is people on the ground telling me there might be also be a division among the military where some of them are saying it's enough now we have to act and others are saying no let's calm down and be and continue ruling and listening to what the protesters want so actually it's they it's a circle they want a civilian council the military council says. who should we hand over to because the protestors among its among themselves are not united you don't have
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a group of people who say we are like example 5 people and we are representing today the end military side that's not the fact they are not united they are divided and that's again what the military is taking advantage of and the shooting is succeeds is significant i would guess because if you have. civilians who have to pose the president and you have a military council who who is in charge yes essentially by permission of the mob you don't really want to start shooting them no actually not by you till now we don't know again you know different analysis but no you don't know because till now it is it was peaceful to sit in area i was there to sit in the area it is peaceful people so when you talk to the protesters say the military is protecting us the military is responsible for our security we want the military but we want one military that is ruling us they should hand over the power so the military to now
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didn't shoot until now they say we are we are not the one responsible for it but at the same time they should be the one responsible also because they are taking care of security and that's why they should be taking care of the security of the protesters so the big issue as far as the military is concerned to say ok who do we hunt power to what else is holding up these 2. i think that's them. that's the biggest thing like to hand over to whom do we want to hand over and the other side some say also that the military themselves have interests in ruling the next the transitional phase of 2 or 4 years because we just look to the neighbors to egypt and we know what's happened in egypt today you have a president who was part of the military and that's why in khartoum a tradition the military is part of the ruling structure and you never know to know if they are just being nice or really they have their own strategy but they taking
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it step by step but i think. till now when you see how persistent and how determined the protesters are it won't be easy for the military to take this next step and say we want to stay because the 1st the protests as we see it in pictures i felt it there i saw this i saw it in the eyes of the people there really determined after 30 years they saying it's enough and they don't want the scenario that happened in egypt to happen again they learned you know people learned the arab spring among each other they learned when you look to geria sudan are saying we want twitter now we want things happen again there are clear data because politics kareen thank you thank you. and we'll take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world turkey's military has launched a massive exercise in the mediterranean sea and black sea fleet the 2nd time this year the defense ministry says $130.00 board ships and almost $26000.00 members of the armed forces are involved the drills come amid renewed tension to uncurse plans
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to extract natural gas off the divided island of cyprus. and venezuelan security forces have surrounded the opposition controlled congress building members say they were refused access to head of a planned debate the national assembly has come under increasing pressure from the president a majority since the opposition appealed for a military uprising on the 30th of april. u.s. secretary of state mike pumpin and his russian counterpart sergei lavrov have met in the russian black sea resort of sochi despite disagreeing on most topics on the agenda from ukraine venezuela to russians meddling in u.s. domestic affairs and they describe their talks as constructive and expressed the hope that relations between their countries could warm and despite recent tensions between us and in a moscow asked by a russian reporter about the united states' policy towards iran is to pump
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a response was cautious but we're looking for iran to be of like a normal country and that's our ask and we have applied pressure to the leadership of the islamic republic of iran to achieve that we we fundamentally do not see a war with iran but we've also made clear to the radio. that if american interests are attacked. we will certainly respond in appropriate fashion. around history reacted to that statement by saying that they will not be at the wall between them and the united states and i've been speaking with these correspondents in moscow me a truck saw it and i asked him how the u.s. and russia are planning to improve relations. well phil bumpier and lover of said that small steps are necessary to improve the relationship lara said it's time to work together constructively whatever that means and on feel on so that we are committed to improve the relationship with russia but what does it mean in
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practical terms of president trump maybe committed to improve the relationship with mr putin but what about democrats in congress who are not and will not lift sanctions against russia and below mentioned that during the press conference when we talk about russia moscow is of course not willing to give back crimea sorry for saying of course but this is from my point of view the realistic term that must be used right now and pierce said that washington doesn't want war with iran but at the same time i'm asking myself is washington willing to come back to the negotiating table respect the nuclear treaty with iran that america russia china and of course europe have signed that i don't think so right now so sorry phil for being so pessimistic right now but i don't expect any breakthrough today so. given that the 2 are on opposite sides who is going to need to make a concession in order to bring about this is flaring the villains
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i think right now america has to step back a little bit and say what compares saturday during the press conference we don't want war we would like to come back to the negotiating table right now i'm not sure whether the hawks are stronger in washington and charioteer around and then the one who would like to come back to the negotiating table it's hard to tell but from from moscow but moscow of course doesn't want any war in this area and iran is a close ally to moscow in iraq so rich in moscow thank you. now the cut goes up on the cannes film festival the saving in the south of france so busy holding up the red carpet for tonight's guests $21.00 films have been chosen for the competition section of the opening film is the official u.s. director jim jarmusch comedy horror of the dead don't die. because he might
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seem like a rabbit choice to have such a glittering gallery but before you judge is it a look. peaceful. street. something terrifying. something horrifying. is coming. close to. the dead so it's an all star group of cops including bill murray. the hipster icons including iggy pop the living was band together to survive this is really awful maybe the worst thing i've ever seen. so. i'm thinkin zombies wife you know the undead ghouls
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jim jarmusch is a classic american outsider filmmaker. he started making offbeat movies in the $1980.00 s. going against the periods bright colors and conspicuous consumption his stars were far from the mainstream and his films showed eccentric characters on missions often without a hollywood happy ending. it worked his taste in stories and casting as well as his dry wit endeared him to a generation of critics and viewers who were looking for something different. over the years and sharma's broaden his appeal and developed a stable of actors this includes adam driver who starred in his previous film patterson with about a bus driver who writes poetry like parks and later you hear there was a 4th dimension. time. the dead don't die takes viewers away from that day late world a return to the shadows for a director who's always seem to thrive in the dark.
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and she just. you know she did. just you're watching 3 w.'s life from both business africa next. news of the tough cookie i'm good. with different languages we fight with different things that's fine let me all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of the press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters w made for minds. to the news your romex you tube channel.


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