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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 14, 2019 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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d.w. . this is g w news live from berlin tonight the u.s. warning russia no meddling in the 2020 presidential election u.s. secretary of state my campaign of delivering that message as he holds high level talks with russian officials including russian president vladimir putin's russia still denies it ever interfered in any u.s. election so he is moscow listening also coming up deadly violence in sudan's capital khartoum protesters killed during clashes at a demonstration calling for civilian rule protesters accusing alstad president omar
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al bashir of dividing the country. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us we begin with the u.s. russia and iran u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo has visited the black sea resort of sochi he held meetings with his russian counterpart sergey lavrov and russian president vladimir putin now speaking ahead of those talks putin found words of praise for the recently published a report on russian meddling in the 26000 u.s. election russian leader also expressed his desire to completely restored the bad relations between his country and the united states a feeling that he said that he sense is reset for kate by donald trump people are this talk about that. a bit more joining me here the big table is sarah palin she
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is a political analyst and russia expert with the german council on foreign relations it's good to have you on the show so let's talk about what we're looking at the u.s. in the russia and russia they disagree on many things still they value to improve their relationship how are they going to do that they're probably not really going to do that as leverage and they want to they want to improve their relations again because it at an all time low basically but they do not have a lot of how to make that happen most of the iris are talking about are conflicting areas so areas of conflicting interests like. like iran like arms control so it's unlikely to happen actually the alleged russian meddling in the 2016 u.s. presidential election it did a lot of damage to the little trust there already that there was between washington and moscow russia's foreign minister he has responded to these allegations that russia was culpable for the interference which take
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a listen to what he said today i gave mike and on official a non paper and on official memo. and it lays out the. relevant to actual inference information of. us interference in the domestic policy of the russian federation including the notorious law in support of freedom in the ukraine it was adopted by the congress where the secretary of state is instructed in he's obligated to promote democracy in russia directly through working with russian and geos. so he's saying i gave my pompeo a list of examples where the u.s. has meddled in russian affairs so that doesn't sound like the 2 sides are planning to kiss and make up you know so actually the russian viewpoint on this whole affair
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is that russians just are now to the ass what us have been doing for decades actually to other countries so they're still stating that they're not responsible for any meddling in the us. elections but still that's kind of kind of a way to also say you're doing the same so we're just do what you're doing is the prince of the us is ever trying to interfere in a russian election. the viewpoint of. election meddling from in russia is quite different so all the funding for example by you say by other. funding or a funding organizations for parties for a civil society organization in russia is seen as election meddling. interesting way that the perceptions are different we're talking about the same thing which is elections let's talk a little bit about iran u.s. secretary of state mike hump a cautious words for the u.s. strategy on dealing with the increasing tensions when you take
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a listen to what he said but we're looking for iran to be of like a normal country and that's our ask and we have applied pressure to the leadership of the islamic republic of iran to achieve that we we fundamentally do not see a war with iran but we've also made clear to the iranians that if american interests are attacked. we will both certainly respond in appropriate. so when we're dealing with iran another case the u.s. and russia are on opposite sides they are right. not regarding the ultimate goal both sides want to prevent a uranian nuclear program but the strategy in achieving that is totally different while russia still see. rainy and deal like the e.u. as worth it and they want to uphold it yes quit the deal last year and won it wants to put more pressure on iran to to to get another deal and is it possible to say
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that the us is actually pushing tehran and moscow into each other's arms because of what has happened with the iran nuclear deal because tehran you could argue that they are closer than they've ever been. yes for example in economic terms as we have u.s. sanctions again of course tehran turns to moscow because they are one of their remaining big allies but still russia is not powerful enough to make up for all the all the elect us influence your lack of us for foreign and economic power sarah palin with the german council on foreign relations i thank you. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the british government is going to put the e.u. withdrawal agreement bill the braggs plan to parliament again at the beginning of june u.k. lawmakers have rejected the deal that prime minister theresa may agreed to with the european union last november they've rejected 3 times this will be parliament's 4th
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vote on that breaks it plain mexican authorities have discovered 142 migrants crammed into the back of a truck in their recruits many of them are children activists say the clamp down on illegal migration is causing many central americans to take more risks in their bid to cross the border into the u.s. rescuers are searching for a boy swept away by a swollen river in northern bosnia scores of homes have been swamped and hundreds of people have had to be evacuated after torrential rain neighboring croatia has also been affected by flooding. turkey's military has launched a massive exercise in the mediterranean a g.n. and black seas for the 2nd time this year the defense ministry says 130 warships and almost 26000 members of the armed forces are involved the drills come amid renewed tensions over an korea's plans to extract natural gas off the divided island of cyprus. 5 protesters and army major have
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been shot dead in sudan's capital khartoum got this just hours after protest leaders reached an agreement with the ruling generals to transition to a new elected government protesters have been demanding a civilian led transition and have kept up pressure since the uprising that led to the removal of longtime president over all the shia. in nighttime cut to him and this met with a show of force. purchases come from security forces who have brunch and guns they're not afraid to use yet i mean look. at these images show the moment a tense stand off times violent. terrified civilians ducked for cover as uniformed men fired into the right side up until the. tensions escalated when security forces began clearing wrote blogs i read line for demonstrate has that been defined the military for weeks of the. season not just
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warning shots some of the bullets hit their mark a number of sudanese processes and an army major was shot dead that was one of the power to subpoena all day to increase pressure on the trick council took over after president omar bashir was forced from power of the law to get a month ago and the old regime is not full and yet so we're staying you've seen with your own eyes the oppression we've asked protests because we reject the decisions by the transitional military council we've lost no street to pressure the government we want to ensure our voices ahead we hate what they're doing they even use whips on us. a little bit on the flip out. on monday sudan's march a council and opposition groups finally agreed to a power structure for the country's transition. this is one civilian rule but the makeup of the governing bodies has yet to be agreed. at
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a news conference on tuesday during general spent bashir supporters within the security forces for the violence so much is that the situation has been exploited by other factions and by sleeper cells of the old regime and others who are still talking this revolution i believe. tensions between the military and civilian protests to playing to see. the demonstrators refused to go quietly talks between the 2 sides continue. hate crimes which are often motivated by religious or in tight forward sentiment are an increasing problem here in germany new figures say that hate crimes increased 20 percent last year that includes semitic crimes and the government says the far right is to. demonstrate to us buttoning a self-made israeli flag an attack against a jewish restaurant. and same bull these are signs of
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a worrying problem in germany and one that is growing according to new figures released by the interior ministry. anti semitic crimes have increased considerably by 19.6 percent in the last year. majority and this finding is important for the evaluation of these offenses namely 89 point one percent can be attributed to groups on the right wing of the political spectrum. parties described as far right such as alternative for germany have been accused of downplaying germany's nazi past and normalizing hate politics something that they reject. german chancellor angela merkel's government meanwhile has vowed to fight the rising problem of antisemitism. last year it appointed its 1st anti semitism commissioner félix kline and it set up an office to document hate crimes this isn't
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it this is a very problematic development and it's therefore good for the government now has an anti semitism commissioner. and i will discuss this with him and by ministry. you know what we can do in the way of prevention so that we can reduce these problematic numbers in germany. but officials have added that given germany's troubled history fighting anti-semitism is not only a challenge for authorities but for society as a whole. our sports news now germany has announced its squad for the women's world cup which kicks off next month it will be coach martina voss tekla 1st tournament in charge and there were few want expected players in the 23 woman lineup there were however a few pleasant surprises during the team announcement wall. to germany squad
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announcement fronted by coach martina. started located it was soon result with an eye catching promo video it outlined the difficulties women face in the football world. that distance things for the taking i mean sometimes people fall into that. sounds and so connect. and indeed. yeah much of this but new insight into what. it was a tongue in cheek message to germany and the world that amending respect as they talk of the 3rd world cup toddle and what the fans behind the move engines want guns and we wish with all our hearts that many fans come to the stadium far less friendly match and that we can take a world cup mood with us. now that the world cup is approaching more people know that we're playing. the squad so held few surprises. was included despite injury problems alexander paul was named as the team captain.
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is confident germany can handle the attack as one of the favorites isn't new months my in the here number 2 in the world rankings we know that on the one hand there is an expectation for us to do well but we also know that it's a positive things because i don't think many teams want to play against us. woman inking once now it's up to germany to show the world what they can do. all right lights camera action the 72nd conk film festival as kicked off french british actress charlotte gainsbourg and the spanish actor. bardem officially opened the event they were joined on the red carpet by fellow celebrities and this year's jury $21.00 films have been chosen for the competition the opening film is the official premiere of u.s. director jim jarmusch is comedy who are the dead don't die. they just become zone
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art here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you good secretary of state mike pompei i was in russia for high level talks including with russian president vladimir putin. among the issues up for discussion in russian meddling in the us elections and pompei 0 warning against any interference in the 2020 presidential vote which. you're watching news coming up next you know you business with stephen beardsley stating for that he'll be right that. i'm scared that. that's hot and in the end it's the me you are not allowed to stay here and we will send you that. are you familiar with this. new smugglers went by and said. what's your story ready ready. i mean when i was a women especially in victims of violence.


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