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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  May 14, 2019 11:45pm-12:01am CEST

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and artificial flowers for the queen top fashion houses and hollywood movies old maid in a small german village nightingales fascinate professor david rothenberg a musician and philosopher who has concerned himself with the relationship between humanity in one thing for most of his professional life he's here in berlin because he likes to jam with nightingales of which there are many in the city at this time of year it join me in a minute but 1st let's hear a short clip from his documentary. the biggest thing is to play this listen listen most retire. the space take something you've never heard before.
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and this is the accompanying book to go with the documentary film that you sort just a short clip of and david rothenberg is here with me in the studio so 1st of all i have to ask you david why the nightingales flock to the city they're meant to flock to buckley square if people know the song but they they really do felt above it in recent years berlin is full of nightingales and it's the 2nd biggest city in europe it's rather astonishing. and i think it has to do with the fact that there's a lot of greenery in this city and a lot of unkempt greenery in the parks the kind of shag kind of brush next to the ground and this is where they live rather you know. whereas in more elegantly trim manicured parks the nightingales would have nowhere to go but in berlin they fit in with the shagging yeah i mean we must despise the myth that
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they are melodious it's not actually they're not very melodic. but they sing in the dark nightingales now why is it that they sing in the night good question in a way scientists say they're not really sure why except they get the opportunity to communicate without any conflicting bird sounds it's all kinds of human partying sounds and trains noise but they have the natural acoustic spectrum all to themselves where they can fill the night the night air with these along credibly drawn out songs they can sing for hours and hours at a time why do they need to do that other birds make do with a song that's just a few notes like. this is this is you but the nightingale is just beginning when it will be you know for sure now you're a you're a musician you're clarinetist in a jazz musician so you're. improvise and we did see
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a little bit of improvise ation there but we'd like to do a 1st on television if we may we have gone nightingale sounds and if you would pick up a clarinet if you were ready you ready to i'm ready for this well we're going to have a bit of improvise ation. mean wonderful wonderful stuff like you so much while you get your breath let's just hear begin here a very short clip with again from the documentary just a few seconds of when there are more musicians playing with you you know with
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a night ago we could see that. you. do you think i mean it maybe is too big a question but is this where music originally comes from from nature did prehistoric man hear these sounds and sort of try and build menstruate to it imitate it is that the way you think it is of course i mean humanity evolved in the context of these musicians from other species who've been making music literally for millions of years longer. you know this is the oldest most classical music really know it there must be something right about it just the birds do it for millions of years and do you believe you all communicate with the 90 and go well i believe that the nightingales are making music and i'm making music with them like trying to reach beyond what our species can do alone and make the kind of
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music that takes 2 species to create now nightingales the only music partners you have now let's have an example with whales this is extra i find this extraordinary that our list your. error message. 6 that was a really nice just
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a chance thing by the way david we've run out of the car but thank you very much for being with us on so much during this intense for vikings loring at large still outside connection between the everyone should go out and hear these nightingales for themselves if they're here in berlin otherwise just where everyone listen to whatever creatures are singing around your faces thanks for inviting me. the. some of the best preserved archaeological sites of the ancient world this is maybe because it's largely been uninhabited for thousands of years except for the occasional archaeologist and day trippers visiting the sacred places now greece is contemporary arts organization known as commission the british sculptor antony gormley to add the 1st ever sit aside the existing ancient. greek mythology was the birthplace of the day and. now scattered ancient ruins and sculptures stand. by
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antony gormley this cold side and it's being developed across the island so we have 29 sculptures. commissions specially made to. correspond with the history of specific sites and locations on the. first time since 5000 years ago an artist takes up a new narrative on the island. who won the prestigious premium imperial 2013 is known for among other things he's an outdoor sculpture they encouraged us to focus on the surroundings rather than distracting from. the project has been a special one well it's extraordinary privilege but also a responsibility to be the 1st artist. living artists on this island
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for over 2000. but at the same time what an extraordinary place. to think about the human project in general. and in a way. for me this is a this isn't an exhibition this is the call of a conversation about. the bad attitude towards the project is what convinced authorities at the local department of antiquities that was the right person to entrust with the commission. as a world famous song where the visitors come to the island and it's like time travel . was clear through this artistic creation of antony gormley off the visitors a new way of reading the past. is of an
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exchange reaching across the millennia between the modern and the ancient visitors have until the end of october to take part in the conversation. now when the british queen appears in public she always wears a hat and off with brightly colored fly these artificial flowers come from a small company in the village an address in eastern germany the company also provides top fashion houses and hollywood movies with us to. find out and get old style may not look like typical deal customers but the top fashion houses liked your depend on them. mr and mrs produce artificial flowers at their factory in eastern germany flower was sought after by top designers. they regularly show the collection at trade fairs like this one in paris. to
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flounce a handful and. all but i don't think there is a collection as biggest this anywhere in the world. on so many crowned heads the british royal family especially loves the striking hat creations. and it's the flowers that often grab the most attention bark even small flowers can have a big impact daisy's a very popular at the moment. in the plot if i think we're the only ones in the world who have the right equipment to make these cuts that it's. far away from the fashion capitals the time seems to be stood still at their workshop new tristen. each bloom individually by hand just as they would have more than a century ago. very few people in the world have this know how and that has its
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price these roses cost $80.00 euros a pace the most difficult step is dying a fabrics. as customers who include star designer philip treacy very demanding. chasing by philip treacy makes is have to match the color i dyed the flowers he does a lot for the duchess of cornwall command it's mostly rose a on to they say a color like this makes a face beautiful and i think one can confirm that with camilla by coming back among the 50 and. their flowers are even in demand with costume designers in hollywood do you really think so nice to see jackie particular interest to you what's currently is made. with the fantasy or drama the shires flowers set the turning off in the shires find out only by chance which celebrities and wearing their flowers although the order books are full they have their eyes on retirement and
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they're hoping to pass the business on to a successor while it's still in full bloom. it's all for this edition of arts and culture more on the web site at v.w. dock. com slash culture all musical nightingales all those and soon a gold leaf sculptures and also on the cam film festival that is on the way i will be reporting all mark quite a lot in the next 10 days but for now for me and all the crew here above and. the fun.
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they live from hunting know they are being hunted by. the indigenous mother now the people of north east brazil. their reservation is shrinking as farmers encroach upon their land. the authorities are trying to protect the indigenous people but for how much longer. than 3000. 30 minutes on w. . her 1st day of school in the jungle. first gloominess of the.
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band doris crane moment arrives. join during a taping on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. tour on the rainy tame returns home on d w. dot com bring it tangs. to.
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frankfurt. international gateway to the best connection self road and trail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. biala guest at frankfurt airport city managed by from. u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o has met with his russian counterpart sergey lavrov and president vladimir putin in sochi despite recent tensions and disagreement on key issues discussed in their meetings all expressed a desire to restore the bad relations between the 2 countries. muslim mobs in sri lanka have killed one person and attack mosques and muslim owned businesses the
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government has extended a curfew to a 2nd night hoping to contain the violence.


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