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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  May 15, 2019 8:30am-8:46am CEST

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you. know what time of course is. the 77 percent who talk about the issues. from politics to flash from housing boom boom town this is where. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend d.w. . optimism on global exchanges asian markets tick up u.s. president donald trump sounds like a trade truce could be round the corner but analysts warn of more volatility. where does work and when you're always connected and you. could force employers to define
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what's work and what isn't. and the object of desire less attractive south africa steps up the fight against rhino poachers. i mean 1st of all and it's your business sometimes it just takes a tweet financial markets have been heading north since donald trump tweeted that a trade deal with china could come any time that is if the time is right but the u.s. president probably won't meet with his chinese counterpart until the end of june and they've both just hiked a whole lot of tariffs. big juicy american steaks sizzling on the grill in shanghai it seems that regardless of donald trump's beef with the chinese over trade chinese consumers have no beef with american meat. but exhibitors peddling american foods at asia's biggest food fair say that what trump calls a squabble has been disastrous for business and. our business has him being
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that impacted by the trade war by almost 30 percent. and the but as a company and we are impacted but we have options to go to $100.00 other countries but they are the biggest impact is going to is the consumer in china or the consumer in the u.s. they're both more impacted because of higher prices some u.s. exporters have decided that they can absorb some of the cost of the trade war in the short term in order to keep their markets but it's not a situation they'd like to see continue for long that there's a way to gets out that it's an all good thing you'll buy sometimes out sweets borne some of the increased cost and so have had dealers and sellers so you consumers won't have to pay 25 percent more for our products that's the one we're now hanging on here we still hope that that's the trade tension can be solved soon prices and that prices can get back to normal as soon as possible right if you don't see how
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much out of place open with. american farmers keep out of trump's political base are increasingly frustrated with the failure of the 2 sides to resolve the dispute trump has promised around $15000000000.00 in aid to farmers affected by the chinese tariffs. so tung han joins us now from taipei and so as far as the chinese go couldn't they just boycott american products. well we do hear hard line nationalists saying that china can't buy anything from the u.s. because china has a weak hand in the traditional tit for tat way when it comes to raising tariffs probably won't be a great option for example with all the farm products u.s. soybeans are the most competitive on the global market plays of course trying to say that it wants to buy it from other countries for example like brazil but brazil
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doesn't have enough good quality soybeans to make up the shortfall for the u.s. so it's really limited revenue for china so that probably reasonable when in chinese policy is to really think of what kind of retaliation they want to do because it can only goes that far before it backfires and i guess the juicy american steak just sounds so much better than a chinese steak doesn't it. well yeah well a lot of. chinese people they really like u.s. products just as we measure in the soybeans and us steak for sure so where does this dispute between the u.s. and china leave taiwan which is where you are i mean europe for example is stuck between a broken hot place because of its relations with both countries. well ban the trade war really leaves taiwan in
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a very complicated situation because on the one hand the taiwanese government would like to see the us curbing china's influence because of democratic degeneration from china's infiltration by on the other hand there are so many enterprises that depend on the chinese market and at the same time the copper ration between the 2 sides so deeply intertwined that when the chinese economy is hit taiwan might also face the downturn so it's really hard for tolerance just pick a side so really quickly do you reckon this meeting is going to happen between trump and she next month or with we think it's very possible that it will happen and this time for this ask a lady in trade battle it probably would take that high level of interface vention to get the ball and discussion rolling again so thank you very much for your analysis from taiwan. this is ironic tech savvy san francisco is banning facial
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recognition technology once signed into law it will be the 1st american city to make it illegal for local government agencies to obtain retain access or use the surveillance official say this is about having security without becoming a security state of the cities could follow as a backlash to the otherwise unregulated technology intensifies research as a facial recognition can result in discrimination and often mis identifies dock askins people and women. and italian bank is considering a takeover of germany's combat spunk that's 2 weeks of the merger talks between comments funk and budget bank failed inside is a unique credit has been looking at expanding its german operations for some time as it seeks to lessen its dependence on the italian market but any mojo or acquisition plans would also have to be okayed by the german government it holds a 15 percent stake and called its banks for a bailout
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a decade good. thing and let's talk now with pandey joins us from the frankfurt stock exchange 1st of all i should just tell us more about the german government's position on this where does it stand. well ben i feel the german government will be far more responsive walk considerate to such a move this time around remember in 2017 they have a they had actually rebuffed similar moves by uni credit this time but things have changed in german governments hopes of creating a good german german national banking giant has almost been shattered after the talks failure between a budget talks failure between dutch a bank and commerzbank to things have changed this time around and also that this could perhaps be the next best thing to a german champion because you needed it also owns high bank now that's a german lender with predominately branches in southern part of germany bavaria and
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body in which emberg they'll be far less overlap of branches as far as branches a concern because commerce where branches are all across germany and they'll be far less overlap but selling a deal that dies a german bank debt laden italy would be difficult in berlin a consolidation away sounds great to the investors what about the unions the unions the unions cut of the previous dealer that could have happened with such a bang this time around they're going to even pause a stiffer there's a stance that's because they don't want the german that german bank to actually be taken or by italian and italian banks it's about national pride and also the fact that they've indicated that they would be more amenable to a foreign bank buying a german bank but shifting its headquarters to germany and that is something i from the from the netherlands has already indicated as a transponder for us in frankfurt. you allegations are coming to light there for
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the grounding of boeing 737 max 8 according to information obtained by the new york times pilots from american airlines raised safety concerns with boeing following the 1st crash last year it's unclear what if any action the company took boeing $737.00 max aircraft are currently grounded around the world after a 2nd crash both claimed over $300.00 lives exact cause of the disasters is on the very best a geisha in. south africa is home to the world's largest rhinoceros population right over what is in high demand and sadly attracts droves of coaches this despite there being an international bad one organization hopes this next idea will make poachers think twice. 5 apprehended tranquilized and filled with poison this rhino isn't being poached it's being saved that's the hope at least the south africa based
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rhino rescue project wants to make rhino hunting less attractive by making the horns themselves less attractive. and that's why what is a combination of toxins and the color die so that the dog i would would prevent people from using it for. a stated purposes but the toxins with them dissuade them from using it as a medicinal product illegal trade in rhino horns is worth an estimated $20000000000.00 u.s. dollars and has put tremendous pressure on rhino populations. dr linda han co-founder of the run a rescue project says that the process poses no threat to the rhino her technique isn't cheap costing roughly $600.00 u.s. dollars per rhino and needing 2 repeated every 4 years to remain effective and investment to run a rescue project is confident will pay off in the future. now where is the separation between work and your free time it's
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a line that keeps blurring with mobile access to email a continuous drumbeat of social media well a judgement from the european court of justice may force employees and employers to find that line but not everyone's pleased with the decision. just to work for how long in some companies working hours are recorded down to the minute but it's not legally necessary until now only overtime had to be documented. but the european court of justice the e.c. j. says that's not good enough in future employers across the e.u. will have to record exactly how long employees actually work unions are thrilled. it's a step towards better health and safety for marcos of course and the move towards an effective way of limiting working hours and towards compliance with marking time directive such as for. the lawsuit was brought by a spanish union it wanted germany's deutsche bank to record the actual errors
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people put in in spain about half of all overtime work does not documented the e.c. j. says it is impossible to calculate overtime pay accurately when even workers regular hours are not recorded a lot of professions welcome the new c j verdict those like doctors who regularly work exceptionally long hours in hospitals critics though fear a mountain of red tape that will prevent flexible working hours they say it would make working from home more difficult as emails and phone calls would need booking as working time to start up scene is also up in arms claiming the tightening regulation throttles their creative process and is an obsolete concept. eyestrain business i think.
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sometimes books are more exciting than real life. referring to. what if there's no escape. list. than most streets what's the connection between bread flour and the european union
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dinos. w correspondent alan baker can stretch this cocaine line with the rules set by the. no. smoking recipes for success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on d w. welcome to news from the cultural world i'll be talking to a man who jams with nightingales on his clarinet lin also coming up an unprecedented exhibition of contemporary sculpture on a greek island by britain's greatest living sculptor antony gormley. and artificial
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flowers for the queen top fashion houses and hollywood movies old maid in a small german village nightingales fascinate professor david rothenberg a musician and philosopher who has concerned himself with the relationship between humanity in nature for most of his professional life he's here in berlin because he likes to jam with nightingales of which there are many in this city at this time of year it join me in a minute but 1st let's hear a short clip from his documentary. the biggest thing is to play this listen this is. the space. never before.
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and this is the accompanying book to go.


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