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this is the news live from berlin the u.s. plays down speculation is heading for war with iran secretary of state mike on tayo saying america is not seeking conflict although the u.s. would respond if its interests were attacked. touched on the issue of talks with russian leaders also coming up san francisco becomes the 1st american city to ban the use of facial recognition technology but it stopped short of banning private businesses from scanning the problem. and sectarian tensions mounting in 3
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longer refugees seek protection from weeks after easter sunday bombings our correspondent visits a police station that's become a shelter. and critics say it is a song contest in name only this year's year of vision is set to be one of the most political yet saturday's final takes place in tel aviv israel and this calls for performers and visitors to boycott the event in solidarity with the palestinians. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us u.s. secretary of state mike pompei 0 has been reassuring russia and the e.u. that washington is not heading for a conflict with iran as comments came during his 1st official visit to russia
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a key backer of to iran iran has blamed the current crisis in the gulf region on washington's decision to pull out of the iran nuclear deal. dorman and mike pompei was on a mission a mission that didn't go quite the way he planned pompei has been on the road for the past week rallying support for washington's iran policy last wednesday he abruptly pulled out of a scheduled meeting with germany's chancellor angela merkel instead he met iraqi leaders and warned them that iran's threat to american interests in the region was growing he then postponed a trip to russia to share iran intelligence with european leaders in brussels but they didn't offer him that backing. the european union side on the understates of the european union site that's full determination to do all we can as i said with all instruments to implement it for our part of the nuclear agreement as long as it makes compliant next stop sochi in the russian black sea resort pompei i
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met president vladimir putin and foreign minister sergei lavrov but again he got very little. people good we didn't support it and we consider it a mistake that the u.s. exit did the iran nuclear deal eager to win my game so we hope to find a political solution to the situation in iran and we'll try to assist you steve so that the situation doesn't turn into a military scenario. for you mr marty in recent days the u.s. has considerably increased its military presence in the persian gulf but palm pale denies that the trumpet ministration is preparing for war we're looking for iran to be a buck a normal country and that's our ask and we have applied pressure to the leadership of the islamic republic of iran to achieve that we we fundamentally do not see a war with iran iran's leadership also tonight is it's heading for conflict now
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pompei a has returned to washington on his european tour allies and rivals alike warned him against war. well let's get some analysis now as social loman america expert at the german institute for international security affairs welcome to the show thanks for joining us having is this is start of a deescalation in the gulf well i feel know these processes hardly controllable and it's a huge potential for misperceptions so steps on both sides are perceived to be offensive even if they essentially meant to be defensive do you think it's reassuring tehran nonetheless that pompei as been out there talking to people talking to russia talking to the e.u. well i think it's kind of reassuring that he's so far unsuccessful unsuccessful to garner support for the so-called my small precious strategy but at the same time the u.s. is deploying new military assets in the region and i think that's highly unstable lazing for pulse of the rein in the leadership what do you think about this shuttle
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diplomacy on behalf is it a one off effort or do you think america will be keeping up the pressure for this maximum pressure strategy that that you just mentioned will basically pay was trying to garner some of them see from allies in europe but also from partners of the remaining parties among the trees if you lay but he must not be successful necessarily because the u.s. can and has not backed sanctions unilaterally and they are pressuring to run regardless of what the others do in their efforts at trying to save the deal so far have also been proven not successful at all ok well the administration in washington believes that the sanctions will strengthen the opposition undermine the regime of the mallos could they though wind up strengthening the hardly liners in iran. sure i mean those are the 2 theories and it looks like as the 2nd theory that it's strengthening the hard liners the so-called rally round deflect theory as
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actually what's happening on the ground in iraq ok as part of that rally around the flag theory in tehran we've seen a deployment of iranian assets in the gulf as well putting the the elite units of the republican guard what are the iranians doing off for their side now to to strengthen their position in the gulf militarily well they're trying to put some pressure on the u.s. at the same time because they cannot match up militarily on the scale with the u.s. navy in the persian gulf so what they're doing is that they are trying to somehow retaliate asymmetrically and that's why they're deploying some assets so-called proxies in the region and this also heightens the potential for escalation because of the proximity between u.s. forces in syria. and iraq and these back forces just this morning we have reports coming in from iran that iran has indicated the country has already stopped some of its commitments under the nuclear deal what impact do you think there could have
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well those faily small steps and they are also only pertaining to these areas that the u.s. reimposed sanctions on so these are actually steps which indicate that the iranian leadership is still interested in maintaining the deal and we will see the so-called ultimatum to the europeans to 60 days what they will do afterwards because it's not really likely that the europeans can actually deliver economic benefits to iran because u.s. sanctions are prohibiting european companies even in europe to follow e.u. law and with the economic threats and pressures increase you know with the military threats and pressures increasing as well what needs to be done right now to cool the situation off to get in effect of the escalation well as a. these processes are hardly controllable and what needs to be done is there needs to be an actor might be able to deescalate the situation but in this kind of environment it's really hard to actually send signals of deescalation because the
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potential for misperception is so huge so i think this is kind of what's really dangerous about this whole situation that there's hardly a kind of space for for deescalation ok briefly if you could who should be the into look user you just mentioned could it be the europeans well prefer plea to europeans but so far they're really cautious and kind of. getting the united states to really accept that they want to maintain the deal and kind of put some put some money where their mouth is such a loman america expert at the german institute for international security affairs thanks for coming in this morning's it's to britain now where prime minister theresa my has promised to put her breakfast the old before parliament again in the 1st week of june she hopes that if it's passed britain can formally exit the european union before lawmakers head off on their summer vacation in july but the terms of britain's divorce deal have already been rejected of course by politicians
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3 times so she's currently talking with the leader of the opposition labor party jeremy corrigan trying to find a way out of the impasse but the right wing of her conservative party which was a hard bracks a deal or no deal is suggesting that again it will not support her. and maybe it will be reintroducing her bracks a plan of support for her conservatives plummets to a record low level percent of opinion polls just days before the european elections where with charlotte potts covering the story for us from london good morning charlotte why is threesome a choosing to do this right now. well prime minister theresa may is determined to bring her withdrawal agreement through parliament in the week of june and the 1st week of june. to then get the great britain out of the european. before the break here before parliament goes on at some a break in order to do so she has chosen the only way that is left cross party
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talks with the opposition labor party they've been talking for around 2 months now very little movement so far but they are both determined they say to find a compromise to find a way forward and to change the political declaration of the deal so that would define the future relationship the labor party wants to remain in a customs union with the european union and to rescind may obviously see some hope that they will find common ground 0 so she might be moving a little bit towards set so this is something that there is some hope that they will pass it deal with the help of labor votes at some point in parliament but we have to also say both are under tremendous pressure from their party so from within the charlie and labor party especially to resign may from the right wing off the paci and at the moment it looks like this would be wishful thinking that she would
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get now all the votes that she could really pos her deal done in june it certainly does look like a wishful thinking when you consider how the political sands are shifting in britain right now just days ahead of european elections certainly looking at the opinion polls what's the mood in the country ahead of these european elections which britain was not meant to participate in. well it certainly seems like british voters are very tired of the bricks and cause chaos of the past 3 years we've seen that in the local elections where the vote really pretty much voted out the incumbents of tory and labor party and chose parties so that was a big blow for the 2 main parties for labor and tory and we're thinking that the european elections are going to be some kind of mini referendum a protest vote that we are going to see there's a new party on the horizon here in great britain the brics
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a party under the leadership of nigel farrar she was the architect of the leaf referendum they can painting extremely successful throughout the country we're seeing crowded rooms when nigel frosh takes the stage and they are polling highest at the moment in those european elections followed by the labor party the liberal democrats and then in false place only teresa mayes conservatives and of course that would be a tremendous blow for the conservative party and so after the european elections there will be pressure on may if if they. really resist that many votes of course it will be more pressure for her to resign and make it even more difficult than for her to put that deal and front of parliament again and and get the votes this time to force time around some real question about her choice of timing right now. thanks very much. let's preview now some of the other stories making the news this
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hour sudan's governing military council saying it has agreed with the opposition alliance to a 3 year period for the country to change to civilian rule a spokesman for the military council said a final agreement on the balance of power would be reached within $24.00 hours. venezuelan opposition leader juan wydow has accused president maduro government of trying to silence congress after security forces stopped opposition lawmakers from entering the national assembly building he said legislators would reconvene for another session on wednesday meanwhile the country's supreme court as charged for lawmakers with treason relating to last month's attempted uprise. amid some angry seems the senate of the u.s. state of alabama has passed a near total ban on abortion with a majority of $25.00 to $6.00 senators voting to make performing an abortion at any stage of pregnancy a crime punishable by life in prison as now up to the state's governor to sign the
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ban into law. and staying in the u.s. and san francisco is banning facial recognition technology once signed into law it will be the 1st american city to make it illegal for local government agencies to obtain retain access or use that surveillance official say it's all about having security without becoming security state other american cities could be following suit as a backlash to the otherwise and regulated technology gathers pace researchers say facial recognition can result in discrimination and often then if i was women and darker skinned people in correctly. and joining me now from the business desk is ben good morning ben civil disobedience civil rights groups rather in a city famous as a trailblazer. are hailing this as a major breakthrough it's an extremely strong signal to the tech companies to the
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politicians and also to the public so far the tech companies have been given free rein with this sort of technology it's made the regulated and they can do what they want they can try it out as they want and it's great for the development of these programs but take a country like china do you want to live in a secure was state or a security state and in china's example shenzhen the city of shenzhen is using these technology to nab jaywalkers for example but also count how many pieces of toilet paper you use what you could to a public toilet ok so this this issue of security and privacy is one of the big issues of our era isn't it but it's but it's ironic that sanford city the san francisco that's a city that's the global capital really for tech innovation should be the one putting the brakes on one of its own major innovations it's totally ironic i mean and and it could backfire i mean this could put the u.s.
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even further behind china which is the global leader in facial recognition technology if it's not able to you know experiment with this this type of stuff of course we're talking about experiments on our lives and following our lives but governments do want this sort of thing do need this sort of thing too to create a secure state and ones like the u.k. for example and other governments are already looking at the chinese technology are interested in buying it london for example is talking about using it at heathrow airport instead of possible it's using facial recognition technology and just take a look at london alone and it has half a 1000000 c.c.t.v. cameras it could follow you every minute of your day ok there are some legitimate issues there for law enforcement they can use facial recognition to track down dangerous criminals terrorists i mean it's an important tool as well for law enforcement but the question is how accurate is it because. at the moment it's not all that accurate in many cases women are mistaken for men. people with dr skin as
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well they're the accuracy suddenly drops down really low and that's really concerning when it comes to the police who are accused often of being racially profiling people in these programs i've created by people so the same thing could happen. to take a look at the accuracy i was trying out facial recognition at home and clicked on my mother in law or and what came up a picture of a stout ancient cambodian statue i mean it didn't really look like didn't didn't really work did it so some accuracy issues as well as an ethical legal issues ben thanks very much in. ok we're off to sri lanka now threats the muslim minority there have been mounting since the easter sunday bombings by islamists the left some 250 people dead now many of the country's most visible muslims are refugees who've fled violence in afghanistan there are also christians
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among the refugees they have escaped persecution in pakistan. visited some of them in a community now living in fear. nightmares don't compare to this ordeal more than 150 people are crammed into this makeshift shelter so the off is only 12 but a spear for her life before in afghanistan it was was a chair was like those things and cars off that we leave afghanistan really we have a country and a week come here and your friends a lot of problems and so we come get blessed and people. and their implicit station. they came to this police station for their own protection all had been renting homes in the gumbo for years as they waited to go to 3rd countries they say locals had generally been friendly but after the easter sunday bombings some call them terrorists several refugees were attacked at home and on the streets there was some people they were standing. on the. ground after
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going. after one while i was there not. to leave the house because we count together and we don't have any responsibility about you know landlords scared of being targeted themselves ask the refugees to leave but others from lankans have come to their aid activist ricky fernando has been helping them but feels more needs to be done so i think the government needs to take the initiative to inform the local people particular only got more that these are refugees and asylum seekers who are free in their countries that they have prospered through we've all been about the countries that have been off for a moment in research. and foster. some families have now been in this space for more than 3 weeks a space meant for police vehicles parents with small children there's little protection here from the intense heat and conditions are only getting worse i am
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worried about their children not i would my only marginally about all the children what will happen to them if they get very serious sick. if we lose money off him it will be right no the commission is really getting back to their tricks go straight on. we couldn't believe that the real fairies such kind of strange and there are just a few toilets for everyone to use and these stalls are also were people being killed by your feet and doing what he does for you and deportation is a reality for this catholic family they say they face death if sent back to muslim majority pakistan. must be worn save over life so no one knew. that the government says they're not going garments rejected people will be sent back to pakistan but to be gone that we don't have any more time so please do something put us. nearby saddam sits with her mother in the parking lot
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instead of in a school with her classmates. actually i am really worried about my future because i have lots of games for my future that after those things that happen in here i really don't have a i just want to say that i utter the dreams that i had to become a doctor. it's. just. that. actually it's good tutor ok. it's really hard to leave yet. and there's much more on the issues affecting refugees globally at our website that stood up. now to a euro vision song contest and israel being overshadowed by politics the final
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takes place saturday in tel aviv among the finalists this year are czech republic south iceland and australia which is represented by the classically trained school . with their song 0 gravity. thursday sees the 2nd round of sammy's before the big event although we. are israel correspondent gives us now a sense of the atmosphere in tel aviv. beach sun and music as the e s c as it's known to its legions of follow was hit tel aviv on the beach a mix of tourists and fans with such a day's grand finale with anticipation to levy visit this city when it's it's always fun and when people from the whole europe come here to see something i think it will become more fun then it's always be to.
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go in the big stage here. i am happy to represent my counter albania and read this there they go. israel is hosting this year's here edition song contest because of this single minute about silly one in lisp and last year she would perform her new single man a banana at the final on saturday. making people come here and see how amazing israel is giving us a chance to show how how how big of a party we can make and how amazing and genuine it can be energy wise. wow. $41.00 nations are competing to win europe's oldest song contest it's the 3rd time isabel is hosted it security has been beefed up along the beach promenade but the ever glitzy event has not escaped country of the sea. the event
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has been highly politicized from the beginning there have been some calls to boycott the event because of israel's military occupation of the palestinian territories. international palestinian and israeli artists sign petitions to urge others to stay way from the event now that it's arrived they still want to highlight what they see as the political reality. let's stop for a 2nd try to look at reality for a bit higher perspective not only this you know the speech is really beautiful and everybody is happy and smiling and the beer is the city. but just a few kilometers from here really. crazy things are happening here at the eurovision press enter politics couldn't be further away the organizer of the contest the european broadcasting union has said strict rules spending politics from the stage among bloggers and journalists covering the event it's all about who
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is going to win this year's contest the dutch entry is one of the favorites lawrence duncan with kind of a cheesy nice ballad isn't 1st place but my favorite and my bad hopefully is neither french singer 19 years old muslim gate and he's now climbed up to 4th place in the odds hopefully he'll win sweden with john ludwick in 2nd place so it's within france holland that's the big battle fewer foreign visitors than expected have turned up but this pop icon madonna making a guest appearance the final on saturday is still sold out. let's get you some sports now and germany has announced its squad for the women's football world cup goalkeeper schultz has been included for the tournaments in france is june that despite a shoulder problem fribourg. from this has been called up as a back up for shoulder coach martina fostex limburg is preparing for her 1st
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tournament in charge. forward. has been confirmed as the captain she could rack up 100 caps if germany makes it far in the turn up to. tennis now in an upset at the italian open in rome world number 5 alexander got knocked out of the round of 32 after a fine performance by rome native. reached the final last year but has been in a bit of a slump the season winning only 6 matches in his last 8 tournaments 13 and beat the germans 7575 much. of the home crowd there. your mind are now what we're following for you at this hour u.s. secretary of state michael pale is playing down the prospects of war with iran begin talks with russian leaders he said the u.s. was not seeking conflict although it would respond if attacked. coming in as the
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rising tensions in the gulf region. this is news live from berlin ahead of european elections we asked people around the continent about the future of the european union that's up next for now though that's all from the news team i'm brian thomas thanks for being.
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who still needs the e.u. . and journey across 4 member states. critics and advocates of the e.u. speak out over the little what are people expecting. how is the e.u. doing as the european election approaches to. close up next on d w.
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