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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 15, 2019 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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this is news live from berlin the u.s. plays down speculation is heading for war with iran secretary of state my a.o. says america is not seeking conflict although the u.s. would respond if its interests were attacked. the issue for the talks with russian leaders also coming up. san francisco becomes the 1st american city to ban the use of facial recognition technology but it stopped short of banning private businesses
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from scanning the public. ukrainian women becoming surrogate mothers to make ends meet they aren't thousands of years to carry babies for couples in western europe including from germany. and critics say it's a song contest in name only this year's your aversion is said to be one of the most political gaffes saturday's final takes place in tel aviv israel amidst calls for performers and visitors to boycott the event in solidarity with the palestinians. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o has played down the prospects of an immediate conflict with iran tensions between iran and the u.s. have intends. in the past week with the u.s.
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sending ships and bombers to the gulf region also said that iran may be behind the lead sabotage attacks on shipping in the region pompei i was circumspect of talks in russia after an intensive round of shuttle diplomacy dorman and mike pompei is on a mission a mission that didn't go quite the way he planned pompei it has been on the road for the past week rallying support for washington's iran policy last wednesday he abruptly pulled out of a scheduled meeting with germany's chancellor angela merkel instead he met iraqi leaders and warned them that iran's threat to american interests in the region was growing he then postponed a trip to russia to share iran intelligence with european leaders in brussels but they didn't offer him that backing. opinion inside the states of the european site this fall determination to do all we can as i said with all instruments to implement it for our part of the nuclear agreement as long as
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he remains compliant next stop sochi in the russian black sea resort pompei i met president vladimir putin and foreign minister sergei lavrov but again he got very little. we didn't support it and we consider it a mistake that the u.s. exit did the iran nuclear deal. we hope to find a political solution to the situation in iran and we'll try to assist you through so that the situation doesn't turn into a military scenario all right here mr marty in recent days the u.s. has considerably increased its military presence in the persian gulf but pump aoe denies that the trumpet ministration is preparing for war we're looking for iran to be a working normal country and that's our ask and we have applied pressure to the leadership of the islamic republic of iran to achieve that we we fundamentally do not see
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a war with iran iran's leadership also denies it's heading for conflict now pump aoe has returned to washington on his european tour allies and rivals alike warned him against war. but let's get some analysis now as sasha loman america expert at the german institute for international security affairs welcome to the show thanks for joining us having is this is start of a deescalation in the gulf well i feel you know these processes hardly controllable and it's a huge potential for misperception so steps on both sides are perceived to be offensive even if they essentially meant to be defensive do you think it's reassuring tehran nonetheless that pump ayos butt out there talking to people talking to russia talking to the e.u. well i think it's kind of reassuring that he's so far unsuccessful unsuccessful to garner support for the so-called my small precious strategy but at the same time the u.s. is deploying new military assets in the region and i think that's highly unstable
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ising for also the range of leadership what do you think about this shuttle diplomacy on behalf is it a one off effort or do you think america will be keeping up the pressure for this maximum. pressure strategy that that you just mentioned well basically pompei was trying to garner some of them see from allies in europe but also from partners of the remaining parties among the g.'s if you a but he must not be successful necessarily because the u.s. can and has not backed sanctions unilaterally and they are pressuring to run regard most of what the others do and their efforts at trying to save the deal so far have also been proven not successful at all ok well the administration in washington believes that the sanctions will strengthen the opposition undermine the regime of the mallos could they though wind up strengthening the hard liners in a round. sure i mean those are the 2 theories and it looks like as the 2nd theory
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that it's strengthening the hardliners the so-called rally round the flag theory is actually what's happening on the ground into russia ok as part of that rally around the flag theory in tehran we've seen a deployment of iranian assets in the gulf as well putting the the elite units of the republican guard what are the iranians doing off for their side now to to strengthen their position in the gulf militarily well they're trying to put some pressure on the u.s. at the same time because they cannot match up militarily on the scale with the u.s. navy in the persian gulf so what they're doing is that they are trying to somehow retaliate asymmetrically and that's why they're the ploy some so-called proxies in the region and this also heightens the potential for escalation because of the proximity between u.s. forces in syria. and iraq and these ukrainian backed forces and just this morning we have reports coming in from iran that iran has indicated the country has already
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stopped some of its commitments under the nuclear deal what impact do you think that could have well those faily small steps and they are also only pertaining to these areas that the u.s. reimposed sanction. zon so these are actually steps which indicate that the iranian leadership is still interested in maintaining the deal and we will see the so-called ultimatum to the europeans to 60 days what they will do afterwards because it's not really likely that the europeans can actually deliver economic benefits to iran because u.s. sanctions are prohibiting european companies even in europe to follow e.u. law and with the economic threats and pressures increase you know with the military threats and pressures increasing as well what needs to be done right now to cool the situation off to get in effect of the escalation well as i said these processes are hardly controllable and what needs to be done is there needs to be an actor
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that might be able to deescalate the situation but in this kind of environment it's really hard to actually send signals of the escalation because the potential for misperception is so huge so i think this is kind of what's really dangerous about this whole situation that there's hardly a kind of space for for deescalation ok briefly if you could who should be the into look cute or you just mentioned could it be the europeans well prefer play the europeans but so far they are really cautious and kind of. getting the united states to really accept that they want to maintain the deal and kind of put some put some money where their mouth is such a loman america expert at the german institute for international security 1st thanks for coming in this morning's preview now and some of the other stories making the news at this hour the british prime minister 3 some may says she will put her breck's of deal to parliament in the 1st week of june this will be the 1st time the house of commons has voted on the agreement with the you all makers from
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the program faction of our own conservative party have already said they will vote against anybody. the wife of the former president of interpol has been granted asylum in france grace mang reported that her husband going home way missing last october after he returned to china days later and interpol said he had resigned this month chinese prosecutors charged language abuse of power and of taking bribes . the senate of the us state of alabama has passed a near total ban on abortion with a majority of $25.00 to $6.00 senators voted to make performing an abortion at any stage of a pregnancy a crime or. punishable by life in prison it's now up to the state's governor to sign that back into law. and staying in the u.s. the city of san francisco is banning facial recognition technology one signed into law this will be the 1st american city to make it illegal for local governments
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agencies to obtain retain access or use the surveillance it does not apply federally or to private businesses other cities could follow as the public backlash against the unregulated technology gathers pace civil rights groups have condemned condemned it as a massive violation researchers say visual rights recognition often this indent of fires women and darker skinned people. and joining me now from the business desk is ben fizzling good morning ben civil disobedience civil rights groups rather in a city famous as a trailblazer are hailing this as a major breakthrough it's an extremely strong signal to the tech companies to the politicians and also to the public so far the tech companies have been given free rein with this sort of technology it's mainly on regulated and they can do what they want they can try it out as they want and it's great for the development of these programs but take a country like china do you want to live in
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a secure was state or a security state and in china as example in the city of shenzhen is using these technology to nab jaywalkers for example but also count how many pieces of toilet paper you use what you could to a public toilet ok so there's this issue of security and privacy one of the big issues of our era isn't it but it's but it's ironic that sanford city the san francisco that's a city that's a global. really tech innovation should be the one putting the brakes on one of its own major innovations it's totally ironic i mean and and it could backfire i mean this could put the u.s. even further behind china which is the global leader in facial recognition technology if it's not able to you know experiment with this this type of stuff of course we're talking about experiments on our lives and following our lives but governments do want this sort of thing do need this sort of thing too to create
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a secure state and ones like the u.k. for example and other governments are already looking at the chinese technology are interested in buying it london for example is talking about using it at heathrow airport instead of possible it's using facial recognition technology and just take a look at london alone and it has half a 1000000 c.c.t.v. cameras it could follow you every minute of your day ok there are some legitimate issues there for law enforcement they can use facial recognition to track down dangerous criminals terrorist i mean it's an important tool as well for law enforcement but the question is how accurate is it because at the moment it's not all that accurate in many cases women are mistaken for men. people with dr skin as well they're the accuracy suddenly drops down really low and that's really concerning when it comes to the police who are accused often of being of racially profiling people in these programs i've created by people so the same thing could
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happen. to take a look at the accuracy i was trying out facial recognition at home and clicked on my mother in law read what came up a picture of a stout ancient cambodian statue i mean it didn't really look like didn't didn't really work did it so some accuracy issues as well as some ethical legal issues ben thanks very much for the. it's ukraine now where the country's desperate economic state and week full of all have led to a boom in women becoming paid for surrogate mothers the practice is outlawed in many countries forcing infertile couples from western europe for example to look abroad for women willing to carry implanted embryos but it's a process of course the set with ethical issues one that exploits the desperation of affluent couples and the plight of poor women alike. whenever the baby moves i speak to it at night when i read my children stories it's
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for the baby to the. cause of. the talia is 8 months pregnant it's a go but it's not hers the tahlia is a surrogate the baby's parents live in germany. such a happy moment when you hold your baby in your arms for the 1st time you know what i'll be happy for them. to tell his own children only with her for the day for the final months of the pregnancy she's moved to be closer to the clinic now too. natalia took the decision to become a surrogate to help family finances so that her kids would have it better she tells us her partner earns just 200 euros a month working full time. this clinic on the outskirts of hard to attract childless couples from around the world among them the german couple whose daughter an italian is carrying they were unwilling to be interviewed even
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anonymously the fear of being recognised is just too great. it's a different story with this woman from germany we're calling her anna she's in her early forty's and has 6 failed attempts to get pregnant by idea behind her adoption wasn't something she has been willing to consider so sorry to see an exile donation was the only option remaining a procedure that's illegal in germany anna says that is pure hypocrisy. surrogacy is illegal in germany but you see celebrities and those who can afford it doing it all the same it's when you get back to germany that social services treat you like a criminal. surrogacy is big business and one that's growing in this clinic in how to give couples pay upwards of 30000 euros for a package i think ludes the surrogacy and egg cell donation there are no official
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statistics but insiders estimate that many hundreds of children are born to surrogates every year in ukraine. it's a month since we last met natalia now she's back with her partner and children the child she carried for the past 9 months has been with its new german family since it was born. course there all the day it was a bit confusing emotionally after the baby was born on the one hand you understand that it's not your baby but you still want to know everything about it you've carried that child for 9 months but i wouldn't call it a maternal instinct you feel very clearly that it's not yours. the baby's new parents say they want to stay in touch with the talia but what does natalia take from it would she do it again for now she won't rule it out but one thing is clear the demand is there and it's growing. now to
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a euro vision song contest being overshadowed by politics the final takes place saturday in tel aviv among the finalists this year the czech republic san marino iceland and australia which is represented by the classically trained soprano miller with her song 0 gravity. thursday sees the 2nd round of sami's before the big event on the weekend. or pro palestinian activists artists and visitors alike to boycott the euro vision our israel correspondent tanya kramer went to tel aviv to find out more. beach sun and music as the e s c as it's known to its legions of followers hit tel aviv on the beach a mix of tourists and fans await saturday's grand finale with anticipation to levy visit this city when it's it's always fun and that when people from
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the whole europe coming here to see something i think it will become more fun then it's always. to. go in the big stage here. i am happy to represent my counter albania. read this there they go. israel is hosting this year's here edition song contest because of this single minute about silly one in lisp and must hear she will perform her new single nana banana at the final on sunday. making people come here and see how amazing israel is giving us a chance to show how how how big of a party we can make and how amazing and genuine it can be energy wise. wow. 41 nations are competing to win europe's oldest song contest it's the 3rd time is violence hosted it security has been beefed up along the beach
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promenade but the ever glitzy event has not escaped the country of the sea. the event has been highly politicized from the beginning there have been some calls to boycott the event because of israel's military occupation of the palestinian territories. international palestinian and israeli artists and petitions to urge of this just a way from the event now that it's arrived they still want to highlight what they see as the political reality. let's stop for a 2nd try to look at reality for a higher perspective not only this you know the speech is really beautiful and everybody is happy and smiling in the beer is the city. but just a few kilometers from here really. crazy things are happening here at the eurovision press center politics couldn't be further away the organizer of the contest the european broadcasting union has said strict rules spending politics
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from the stage among bloggers and journalists covering the event it's all about who is going to win this year's contest the dutch entry is one of the favorites lawrence duncan with kind of a cheesy nice ballad isn't 1st place but my favorite and my bad hopefully is below for sunny the french singer 19 years old muslim gate and he's now climbed up to 4th place in the odds hopefully he'll win sweden with john ludwick is 2nd place so it's weird in france holland that's the big battle fewer foreign visitors than expected have turned up but this pop icon madonna making a guest appearance the final on saturday is still sold out. to be astonied cramer put that report together for this she joins us now from jerusalem good morning to you tonya can you tell us how much are politics right now
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overshadowing the music this year. well if you could see in the report i mean there's of pens really. very early on when it was clear that israel will host this music event there were at kohl's football i caught one of the main groups boycott divestment and sanctions come pain approved posting in groups arguing actually that this bringing this event here which why it was israel's policies in the occupied palestinian territory and they had called on both cost as the artists and also on the fence not to take part in that and also they have been petitions by international artists also palestinian and israeli artists to highlight human rights human rights violations by the israeli army and the palestinian territory but at the same time you also at the titians who said this boy this event shouldn't be boycotted also by international artists and having said that the e.u.
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has set up very clear rules that this is not a political event and called on at this event to go ahead and none of depart because this actually have followed these calls so people we have to wait and see a bit if some of the local protests that have been happening in the past days they continue also and so the grand finale. ok there wasn't only the increased pressure from the b.d.'s community but there are also huge security concerns especially since last week's rocket attacks by hamas on israel how is that affecting security for the contest. yeah this is certainly added at the time more security concerns. between gaza militants and the israeli army the time had been ended by understanding. broken by egypt and those understandings are now slowly being implemented but the test really comes this week because it's also coincide
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actually last like last round to your vision again with anubis reese today and come in the race since today palestinians are commemorating the nakba day it's the day they commemorate every year. when sisters had to flee from their homeland $9048.00 during the arab israeli war so they are always in every year demonstrations and protests we also hear their protests being had again along the gaza border and last year just to remind you it was the day when. the u.s. embassy was moved from tel aviv to jerusalem that coincided also with your vision at the time well the 50 protesters were killed by israeli sniper fire so all this acts of course to some of the tensions but having said that you saw it in the report security has been beefed up along the beaches and also the main euro village
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where all the fans will be watching those who are not having tickets will be watching on the big screen the events so security is certainly heightened around the event for the whole week talking just a few seconds left but don is appearance could not be a bright spot for this event. but she has already said she will come no matter what . she doesn't want to hear any calls for but i could and she said she wants to bring a message of peace to this area and that she doesn't really care about what's happening so that will be her message she says thing at the grand canal on saturday tony kramer for us thanks very much for that we have some sports for you now and germany has announced its squad for the football women's world cup which kicks off next month it will be coach martino boss tech lindbergh's 1st tournament and she's hoping for both success and for more recognition for the small sport. the
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germany squad announcement fronted by coach martina forced started located but was soon result within our catching promo video it outlined the difficulties women face in the football world. that this is pretty sure they can summon 5 people fall attack. plans and so connect. the need to bash christian yamato new inside cuba. there was a tongue in cheek message to germany and the world they're demanding respect as they talk of the 3rd world cup toddle and want the fans behind the move engines from guns and we wish with all our hearts that many fans come to the stadium far less friendly match and that we can take a world cup mood with us. now that the world cup is approaching more people know that we're playing. the sport itself held few surprises on the shoulders was included to spot injury problems alexander park was named as
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the team captain then forced to convert is confident germany can handle their time as one of the favorites it isn't you know much my in here number 2 in the world rankings we know that on the one hand there is an expectation for us to do well but we also know that it's a positive things because i don't think many teams want to play against us who feel a month off woman inking one spear now it's up to germany to show the world what they can do. let's get you up to date now with one of our top stories today u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o has played down the prospects of war with iran speaking of talks with russian leaders he said the u.s. was not seeking conflict although it would respond if attacked as we came in as rising tensions in the gulf. all next as business with ban and you're looking at the latest on the trade war today and exactly what these next juicy. american stakes have to do with the trade war between the us and china
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d.d.l. like a good us a great battle when you go to a food soul and you see you would be you know it's like yeah you've sold me already but if it's a chinese steak on sale what would your reaction to a well question maybe australian ones maybe a stranger was it. then we'll be looking at that straight ahead with d.w.i. brian thomas for the entire news team thanks so much for being with us.
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to. focus areas for a great treasure. from the. country's become luxury goods. there oil and simply priceless. rose or oil is the heart of the park. until now others have profited from de lay there but now growers want to benefit. themselves treasure blossoms into
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a garrulous rose valley 35 minutes. where i come from we have to fight for a free press i was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and if your newspapers when official information as a journalist i have walked off the streets of many cantors and their problems are almost the same for doing social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. or gun afford to stay silent when it comes to the fence the human seen a right to fold who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is johnny carson and i weren't a d.w.i. . only order is history the world is reorganizing itself and the media's role is keep
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shifting powers the topic in focus at the global media forum $29.00 team a laboratory for the digital age. who will respond knowing whom do we trust to debate and shape the future at the georgia village global media forum 29 t. the place may for minds. banning facial recognition technology tech savvy separate cisco says it wants to create a secure stage not just security states. most asian markets to the u.s. president don't trump reckons a trade truce could be around the corner but analysts warn of more volatility. and making the object of desire less attractive south africa's stepped up the fight
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against rhino poachers. i've been fizzling let's do business.


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