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you know it's going to explore fascinating blond cultural heritage sites. w. world heritage 360 to 00. 0. 0. 00. this is news live from berlin alabama becomes the latest u.s. state to clamp down on abortion there were public and loud legislature bands to practice in almost all circumstances including in cases of rape and incest lawmakers admit the crackdown as part of a bid to overturn women's constitutional rights. also coming up the u.s. plays down speculation that it is heading for war with iran the state department
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also tells embassy staff in neighboring iraq to return told. also coming up hollywood a less listers to descend on the town of the annual film festival gets underway kicking things off and zombie films by art house faber jim jarmusch the dead don't dock features a star studded cast led by bill murray. and why of old gary and boxer has been bad a rash move. won't be able to find it in california until july. i'm sumi so it's got it's good to have you with us lawmakers in the u.s. state of alabama have approved the country's toughest abortion law the state senate voted 25 to 6 to outlaw a. for sure that any stage of pregnancy even if that pregnancy resulted from incest
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or rape it would also send doctors who perform abortions or prison for life outside the legislature women's groups protested the bill it will now go to the state governor for her approval now the minority democrats denounce the law but the majority of republicans supported it and they say they want this bill to end up in the u.s. as top court so that it will rule on whether abortion is legal hopefully get to the supreme court and have them revisit the actual decision which was is the baby in a womb a person why do i want to control our bodies our will never ever know. all right our reporter peter dollar's been looking into this story for us and joins us here in our studio thanks peter so the alabama legislature as we saw has now passed this legislation it's headed to
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the governor's desk what is going to happen next well the governor has said she will wait for the final bill before signing anything but she's known as a strongly religious and staunchly conservative republican and in fact it was one of the central issues when she ran for governor this is what she said as part of her campaign. i believe every life is precious as a pro-life governor always fight to protect the unborn so it does seem likely that she will sign the law also she does have the backing of a majority of alabamans just last november's voters. in that state voted overwhelmingly to amend the state's constitution to recognize the rights of the unborn and also to not fund abortion care 59 percent of alabamans voted for that law ok so they stand behind it as well now we have to say this is really
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controversial peter we saw there was a heated debate on the floor of the state legislature in alabama and this is also kind of really triggered an outcry across the u.s. and online tell us more about the criticism yeah i mean this has long been a shift divisive issue in the u.s. not just one line and it's one issue that's very much. divided the we're seeing the division along partisan lines so democrats including several prominent. presidential candidates have come out strongly denouncing this bill and it is all but certain to go to the courts these civil liberties organization the a.c.l.u. . tweeted just moments after the bill was passed let's see that right here. abortion is not a crime it's a constitutional right we will sue to stop this law from ever taking effect. so far such challenges have been successful in the past and that's because abortion is
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a constitutional right in the us that was guaranteed by the 1973 landmark decision in the supreme court roe v wade and so the a.c.l.u. does have a good case here and yet we have to ask if you put this in in a larger context alabama is only the latest of several states that have passed legislation to restrict abortion rights further so what are we seeing where is this headed yeah that's absolutely right i mean just last week georgia became the 4th state just this year to pass a so-called heart bill that means bans abortion after 6 weeks that is approximately when doctors can detect a fetus as heartbeat. none of these bills are likely to to stand a constitutional challenge at least that's the way it's been up till now because of the way the supreme court of the balance on the supreme court. that calculus changed when donald trump became president he had the opportunity to appoint 2 new
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supreme court justices both of them both very conservative and who've also in the past questioned the constitutionality of roe v wade so what we're seeing right now is a concerted push to get to the supreme court in hopes that they'll be able to over turn the conscience right and effectively abort or been abortions in the u.s. all right our reporter peter dahl looking to story for us thank you very much thank you so much. q. craig now where the country struggling economy in a weak rule of law has led to a boom in women becoming paid for surrogate mothers now the practice is being outlawed in an increasing number of countries ukraine however is among a shrinking group of nations where couples from abroad can hire women willing to carry implanted embryos but there are major ethical questions that come along with the process. whenever the
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baby moves i speak to it at night when i read my children stories it's for the baby to be. because of. the talia is 8 months pregnant it's a go but it's not hers the tahlia is a surrogate the baby's parents live in germany. it's such a happy moment when you hold your baby in your arms for the 1st time i'll be happy for them. to tell his own children only with her for the day for the final months of the pregnancy she is moved to be closer to the clinic and hard to. natalia took the decision to become a surrogate to help family finances so that her kids would have it better she tells us her partner earns just 200 euros a month working full time. this clinic on the outskirts of hard to attract childless couples from around the world among them the german couple whose daughter
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an italian is carrying they were unwilling to be interviewed even anonymously the fear of being recognised is just too great. it's a different story with this woman from germany we're calling her and she's in her early forty's and has 6 failed attempts to get pregnant by i.v.'s behind her adoption wasn't something she has been willing to consider so sorry to see an exile donation was the only option remaining. a procedure that's illegal in germany anna says that is pure hypocrisy. surrogacy is illegal in germany but you see celebrities and those who can afford it doing it all the same it's when you get back to germany that social services treat you like a criminal. surrogacy is big business and one that's growing in this clinic entirety of couples pay upwards of 30000 euros for a package i think ludes the surrogacy and egg cell donation there are no official
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statistics but insiders estimate that many hundreds of children are born to surrogates every year in ukraine. it's a month since we last met natalia now she's back with her partner and children the child she carried for the past 9 months has been with its new german family since it was born. there all the day it was a bit confusing emotionally after the baby was born up on the one hand you understand that it's not your baby but you still want to know everything about it if you've carried that child for 9 months but i wouldn't call it a maternal instinct you feel very clearly that it's not yours the baby's new parents say they want to stay in touch with the talia but what does natalia take from it would she do it again for now she won't rule it out but one thing is clear
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the demand is there and it's growing. for more on the story we can speak tomorrow debil bookie q. she is the un special rapporteur on the sale of children thank you very much for joining us on our program what is the worldwide trend we've been looking at a special example of ukraine but what is a larger 20 when it comes to legalizing surrogacy well 1st of all there is an increasing awareness that this is happening and it's happening across borders and countries beginning to realize that they need to legislate and to create a framework to avoid abusive practices now that trans globally it's difficult to say that there is one single trend there are different trends there are countries who fully priya but both commercial and altruistic susteren see countries who permit both. countries who permit altruistic cannot remember shoot under countries who do not regulate it also this is the situation in which these practices are now
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want to ask in your leisure care your interest for the children so you're saying there's a risk for the children and in your latest report you warned that children risk becoming commodities as this practice of surrogacy spreads what do you see as so worrying about surrogacy in the report that we just saw it seemed that both sides of the equation were had benefited from this process. well i mean i think the basic principle which is in trying to in the convention of the rights of the child pictures most rented treaty in the world is that children are rights holders and there is no right to a child and what it means in practice is that in all these arrangements whether on the basis of contract or whether in the legal framework of the base of legislation what matters is that the rights of these children are respected their right not to be trafficked their right not to be discriminated because of the way they were conceived and born and specially very important issue is the right to nationality
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and identity. because because of the conflicting situations in some countries who are prohibited with prohibitionist and other countries who are permissive where permissive children risk to become a fall into a legal back room a legal limbo effect to limbo and can be abandoned not to be allowed to to return with the intending parents there are whole series of the issues which need to be addressed also issues which affect the surrogate mothers ok so given those risks and the rights that you say children need to be guaranteed what is the u.n. doing to regulate surrogacy. well so far my report to the. un was the 1st report at the u.n. level with an independent expert who doesn't bind the un so far to raise the issues and to promote regulation because i am not against surrogacy in general that it
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requires a review regulation and it costs the review of the best interest assessment of the charge bost birth all of this is necessary and that can only be done through regulation now as i said i have raised the issues there has been an interagency meeting of different agencies of the u.n. discussing it but without a specific scope might intimate hope is that there will be one day at a convention and there's a short but it is a very controversial issues states have moral views political views which are not easy to reconcile but it needs to be discussed and debated and i think this debate to date and hopefully can be done is a reflection of right mind develop a kicky of the un special rapporteur on the sale of children thank you so much for joining us it's a pleasure. let's catch up now on some other stories making news around the world british prime minister theresa may says she will put her brakes
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a deal to parliament in the 1st week of june it will be the 4th time in the house of commons has voted on the agreement with the new lawmakers from the pro breaks a faction of her own conservative party have already said they will vote against it . venezuelan opposition leader accused president government of trying to silence congress after security forces stopped opposition lawmakers from entering the national assembly she said legislators would reconvene for another session on wednesday meanwhile the country's supreme court has charged for lawmakers with treason relating to last month's attempted uprising. the u.s. state department is ordering all non-emergency government staff in iraq to leave the country the announcement comes as tensions with iran have been running high the order covers staff at the u.s. embassy in baghdad and the consulate in air bill normal visa processing and both posts will be temporarily suspended last week washington said it had detected urgent threats from iran and its proxy forces in the region targeting american and
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u.s. interests now that evacuation of u.s. staff in iraq comes despite assurances from secretary of state might pump a 0 on tuesday he played down the prospects of conflict with iran even though the u.s. has sent ships and bombers to the gulf and says iran might be behind a legend sabotage attacks on the region's shipping company it was speaking in russia after a trip to brussels sale to convince european allies to abandon the $2015.00 nuclear deal with iran. and mike compares on a mission a mission that didn't go quite the way he planned pompei has been on the road for the past week rallying support for washington's iran policy last wednesday he abruptly pulled out of a scheduled meeting with germany's chancellor angela merkel instead he met iraqi leaders and warn them that iran's threat to american interests in the region was growing he then postponed
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a trip to russia to share iran intelligence with european leaders in brussels but they didn't offer him that backing. opinion insight on the member states of the european site that's full determination to do all we can as i said with instruments to implement it for our part of the nuclear agreement as long as it relates compliance next stop sochi in the russian black sea resort pompei i met president vladimir putin and foreign minister sergei lavrov but again he got very little. the producers we didn't support it and we consider it a mistake that the u.s. exit did the around nuclear deal eager to win the game so we hope to find a political solution to the situation in iran and we'll try to assist with you so that the situation doesn't turn into a military scenario. where you're mr markey in recent days the us has
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considerably increased its military presence in the persian gulf but pump ale denies that the trumpet ministration is preparing for war we're looking for iran to behave like a normal country and that's our ask and we have applied pressure to the leadership of the islamic or republican rand to achieve that we we fundamentally do not see a war with iran iran's leadership also denies it is heading for conflict now pompei a has returned to washington on his european tour allies and rivals alike warned him against war. san francisco is banning facial recognition technology once signed into law it will be the 1st american city to make it illegal for local government agencies to obtain retain access or use the surveillance the ban does not apply to federal facilities or to private companies. san francisco home
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to many of the world's techno new years is blazing a new path it's restricting the use of facial recognition technology by the local government. it's psychologically unhealthy when people know they're being watching every aspect of the public realm out on the streets in parks that's not the kind of city our lives of this as the differ whether the technology can still be used by the u.s. federal government and private businesses in san francisco rapid. facial recognition technology is already in use the world over at airports on social media at sporting events and even in smartphones. big players like amazon facebook and i.b.m. make billions helping both private companies and governments utilize their software the $4000000000.00 industry is expected to quadruple in size over the next decade. here in berlin the german government has started experimenting with the technology at public train stations after a terror attack at
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a christmas market in 2016. and companies maintain facial recognition software can improve consumers' lives. like at this market in china where cameras automatically identify consumers and charge purchases to their account. saying exactly how is it critics of the technology say china's extensive use of facial identification software should serve as a cautionary tale. the country's camera surveillance systems tracked millions of its citizens automatically. the government has even outfitted taxis with cameras that automatically identify passengers and log their trips in a central register officially to improve consumer safety however critics warn such uses are an invitation to government abuse germany has managed to dodge recession official figures show the economy expanding by 0.4 percent in the 1st quarter domestic consumption and
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a boom in the construction sector helped drive the economy a trade war and brakes it had been putting the brakes on further growth the german government and leading economic institutes recently scaled back their growth forecasts for the year as a whole. let's bring in our financial correspondent standing by in frankfurt so some good news for the german economy i should tell us more yes absolutely the news the figure for 0.4 percent definitely dispels concerns about a prolonged economic slowdown in the country as was been feared 2 quarters back now but having said that germany's not yet out of the woods because there is this specter of that of by president from on the auto industry or auto has been a major export for german economy and it is almost a conversation the percent of the. autos the order of vehicles that are imported by
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the u.s. from the euro zone so that's going to be huge then the other concern is of course the escalating tensions between china and the u.s. both of them are crucial markets for exports from germany so there are clouds on the horizon so is 0.4 percent really something to get excited about than. it is yes of course i mean most definitely the investors are any day going to latch on to this number especially when you see where the german economy is coming from just 2 quarters back germany was looking staring into recession the german economy was in a contraction territory then the next quarter the 4th quarter of last year the german economy was flat so they don't want 4 percent is certainly a number to be excited about they're also for a possible green shoots that we see the unemployment is at record lows the wages are solid and that means that the household spending is going to remain solid. but
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there is a major caveat it totally depends on how president trump and president xi are going to act in the near future because that could totally did in this good. speaking to us from frankfurt good to talk to you. now a top boxer who suddenly kissed a reporter on the lips during an interview has been suspended for fighting in california until july gary and pull up attended a special hearing or further allegations were outlined against him. so this was the moment in march which shamed boxing pullover just won a fight and then did this. reporter jennifer rivaldo said she had not given consent 2 months later was ordered before the california state athletic commission. ravello was there too and she detailed over allegations against the bulgarian boxer yes
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well as i was grabbing my backpack he reached and grabbed both of my buttocks and laughed. and how did that make you feel humiliated and scrubbed my stuff and laughed. because it's really upsetting. life so all law i do not want him to kiss me from within his bulgarian pop star girlfriend watching on who lives punishment was handed down you suspended until late july and has to attend a sexual harassment prevention class a 2nd incident with will prompt a life down even california he's sorry for any upset that he calls and he certainly acknowledges that he made a mistake but he never meant any harm and in the context of this very informal interview just minutes after a huge fight a very important victory as he said he was euphoric he didn't have his wits about him just because of boxer headed off girlfriend in.
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tennis now and an upset at the italian open in rome world number 5 alexander said it is knocked out in the round of 32 by rome native my tail better teammate said i've reached the final last year but it's been a slump this season winning only 6 matches in this last 8 turn of a. better teenie beat the german $7575.00 much to the delight of the whole crowd i. now the 72nd cannes film festival has gotten underway french british actress charlotte gainsbourg and spanish actor happy about them officially opened the event last night they were joined on the red carpet by fellow celebrities and this year's journey 21 films have been chosen for the competition selection the opening film was the official premiere of u.s. director jim jarmusch as comedy horror the dead don't die.
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peacefully. to. create. something terrifying. some pretty horrifying. news coming. we were close to. the day since an all star group of cops including bill murray. zombie hipster icons including he called the living was band together to survive this was really awful really the worst thing i've ever seen was the wall they showed you think. i'm thinkin zombies what you know the undead. ghoul's jim jarmusch is a classic american outsider filmmaker. he started making offbeat movies in the $1980.00 s. going against the period's bright colors and conspicuous consumption his stars were far from the mainstream and his films showed eccentric characters on odd missions
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often without a hollywood happy ending. it worked his taste in stories and casting as well as his dry wit and dear to him to a generation of critics and viewers who were looking for something different. over the years and sharma's broaden his appeal and developed a stable of actors this includes adam driver who starred in his previous film patterson with about a bus driver who writes poetry like a shoe box and later you hear there was a 4th dimension. time. the dead don't die takes viewers away from that day late world a return to the shadows for a director who's always seem to thrive in the dark. to choose just a short you know she did. a reminder now of our top stories here and interviewed republican lawmakers in alabama have cost the united states strictest abortion law
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advance a practice in almost all circumstances including new cases of rape and incest and the u.s. state department is pulling non-emergency staff out of iraq amid rising tensions with neighboring iran that is despite assurances from secretary of state by com pale that the u.s. was not seeking a war with iraq. coming up next saving the current camels and goods you talked that's coming up on our show eco india don't go away.
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you go to india. on the camel trail. amazing dromedaries protect the desert ecosystem. in ghouta lot the real camels. do far more. their owners tell us about their incredible value.
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next on. dr de sac. medicine tree point. the biggest development since the discovery of consent to. use it instead of going to the doctor artificial intelligence instead of private consultation. personalized pills instead of one kind it's all a big business with risks and some task. made in germany 60 minutes t w. some time in the 26 to you my great granddaughter of people. but little world in your life time in around half
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a century. your world will be a true degrees one. inevitably sea level rise by at least one meter in this century it's really frightening well. why aren't people more concerned. storms move through 1st on t.w. . welcome to eco india a sustainability magazine that brings you face to face with some of the biggest problems on our planet today and introduces you to the people who are dedicating their.


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